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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bbork10002bbork10002 Posts: 6
    Thanks, prosend. I left a message on his voicemail to e-mail me the quote. If he doesn't call back or e-mail, that's it for that dealer :).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,727
    Edmunds adds the destination fee on the 2nd page, where you choose the options..

    I haven't checked your numbers, but make sure you click through to the 2nd pricing page..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bbork10002bbork10002 Posts: 6
    Yes, thanks, kyfdx, I did go to page 2. All the prices I mentioned in my post (MSRP, INVOICE, and TMV) are Edmund's "National Base Price". After "regional adj" and "dest. charge", Edmund's TMV comes to $18,939.

    Another dealer I just spoke to would only give an estimate over the phone, not a quote. His estimate is $19,000 (which is close to TMV $18,939) + NY taxes and fees would be about $21,200. I forgot to ask if dest. charge is alread included. He agrees the first dealer I spoke is just trying to "wake" me up with his low $17,200 quote.
  • bbork10002bbork10002 Posts: 6
    I received e-mail (and message on my home answering machine) with the quoted $17200 for the Mazda5 sport auto. The e-mail doesn't list any options -- I didn't ask for any options other than what comes standard. But the e-mail states what was quoted on the phone, that is, "2008 Mazda5 sport auto" with an "e-price" of $17200 "valid ONLY on purchases made directly through our Internet Department". Destination fee not yet included. The price quote also expires after "48 hours".

    The e-mail also has what I feel are "come ons" like btw-we-have-other-similar-but-less-expensive-models-to-choose-from and a-five-minute-phone-call-from-you-would-prevent-days-and-days-of-e-mail and we-are-the-largest-mazda-dealer-in-the-nation which I think are all meant to generate excitement.

    The third dealer I called yesterday said (with a tone of disbelief IMO) that if I can get it at that price, go for it.

    I'm planning to visit the store on Saturday which is about an hour's drive away. I know the quote would be over 48 hours by then but I'd call before I go also to ask what is meant by "Internet purchase".

    It sounds too good to be true -- 17,200 is 2,445 below MSRP of 19,645 -- and it may well be especially since I know he's trying to make money and not save me money so if anyone knows (or smells) any gotchas please I'd appreciate knowing. Thanks!
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    Are you going for the special 1.9 APR financing? Make sure your dealer knows that. Some will say, "oh since the price is so low, we can't do MAZDA financing. blah, blah, blah." And force you on their own financing.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    An 07 mazda5 sport auto wholesales used for about 13000 or so with average miles on it. This is about the same as the 07 Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe (same cars) both with msrp's of about 19000 and change. The 08 vibes and matrixes were sold in the last few months for the low to mid 15000's. Your target on the mazda should be in the high 15000's. ( eating 2500-3000 1st year in depreciation for a common auto in this price range is enough)

    You could probably get a well equipped -09 Vibe or Matrix now in the low 17000's, even lower in the next few months.

    Good luck
  • jschnerjschner Posts: 4
    GTs seem to be getting tough to find in California. We really wanted Pearl White but there were no white GTs within 600 miles of us, except a fully loaded one and the crazy dealer in Modesto wanted $31K for it.

    Mid City Mazda in Eureka had no 08 GTs but had a Black 07 and they offered it to us with Nav and Sat radio and a bunch of other smaller oiptions for 22K.

    Mazda of Oakland came right out and offered 22k for an 08 GT with no other options.

    Team Mazda of Vellajo offered $21500 for a white GT w/Homelink but did not have a delivery date for the vehicle.

    Autowest of Roseville matched Oakland and tossed in wheel locks, cargo net, rear step, dealer tint, full tank of gas. We ended up taking this deal with a blue GT and getting the 3.9% financing as they gave us an ok price on our trade too. Great expereince there especially with their top salesman but my only gripe with them is the whole car buying process should not take 5 hours long.
  • case1936case1936 Posts: 2
    what have been your experiences dealing with carsdirect .Are they on the level? Good or bad ? Thanks.
  • mrs_tmrs_t Posts: 7
    Yesterday dh and I finally made the decision between the Kia Rondo and the Mazda5 and we are getting a Mazda!!! We had been working with Morrie's Mazda of Minnetonka, Minnesota because they had the ONLY 2008 Mazda5 to test drive in the state. The other three Mazda dealerships in the Twin Cities area are expecting shipments in the next two weeks but we wanted to test drive it, obviously. They gave us a quote of $1555 off of the msrp of the Sport automatic. After test driving the Kia Rondo one last time and being offered a not-so-fabulous price, we decided to call up the saleswoman we were working with at Morries Mazda in Minnetonka and tell her we wanted to reserve one of the Sport automatics she was expecting to get in next week. She had been amazing- taking us for a nice long test drive on Tuesday, bringing it 30 miles to our house on Thursday so we could try putting our carseats and stroller in it and see the fit in our smaller garage, etc. She and I were emailing all day Friday. But when I called to set up a meeting for yesterday afternoon, they told me she "no longer works at Morries Mazda"!!! SO... instead of driving 30 miles south to that dealership, we went to the Luther Brookdale Mazda and I told the internet manager who had emailed me a price quote (but didn't have one for us to test drive) what happened with Morries. He said he'd give us $1600 off msrp so we sat down and looked at what he had coming in. We settled on a Brilliant Black Mazda5 Sport automatic with the popular equipment package. The vehicle was $18,485 after our $1600 off. We opted for the crystal fusion window treatment, the 7 year / 75,000 mile extended warranty, and the Midwest Protection Plan (anti-rust coating, interior protection, etc) and with all that plus taxes and licensing fees, we paid $20,600. We went with Mazda's financing at 3.9% for 60 months. We really ended up liking our experience at Luther Brookdale Mazda more than the Morries Minnetonka Mazda- it was far more relaxed and laid back than the salespeople at Morries. We did like the woman we were working closely with at Morries but the other salespeople were really uptight so when she suddenly "disappeared", we decided to take our business to Luther. We expect our new Mazda5 to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday! Very excited!
  • mommytu2mommytu2 Posts: 1
    Purchased a new 08 Mazda GT today. Submitted about 8 requests for dealer quotes via the Edmunds website. Also researched the dealer inventory on the Mazda website, so I already knew who had what. My local dealer had virtually nothing at all - one Sport model. The dealer I purchased from, who was about a 90 mile road trip up the interstate was the most responsive and informative AND the only dealer anywhere near here with a GT on the lot, which just happened to be in the color I wanted (Copper Red) and had the features I wanted AND on top of that, he quoted me the invoice price right off the bat (which I confirmed via Edmunds, of course). Of note, he only had one other Mazda 5 on the lot & none of the other dealers in the area had more than 3 or 4, most of which were the sport version with a Touring package here & there.

    The car I purchased had extra options as follows: Navigation system, DVD player, compass auto dim mirror with homelink, cargo cover, cargo net & rear bumper step plate. The MSRP was $25,880 & the invoice price was $24,805 (includes the destination charge), which was below Edmunds TMV! There was an additional cost for sales tax, tag fee & an "administration" fee to process and file the registration with the DMV, but the salesman told me about it up front and there were no hidden costs.

    Now, we wanted the DVD for our kids, but my husband really wanted the navigation system, which I thought was a waste of money and something I (who will be driving the car on a daily basis) would never use. I was wrong! The dealer programmed it to lead me home and it took me on the shortest route in the shortest time (my husband drove our other car home the long way)! The navigation system is based on a DVD program, but operates off of a built-in GPS system. IT IS AWESOME! It tells you when your turn is coming up (how many miles) reminds you before you get there & tells you at the moment you need to turn. It tells you the street you're turning on to and you could use it in the dark and get to where you were going without ever having to look for a road sign AND it will show you all of the restaurants in the area, etc.,etc. Also FYI - the DVD comes with "2" infrared head phones that work without cords, so your kids can listen to the DVD and you can still enjoy the radio, your i Pod or any of the 6 CD's you can load.

    Also, another cool standard feature on the GT is the blue tooth - if your cell phone is compatible. The salesman programmed it for us and the car knows which phone is in the car!! If it just me, just my husband or both. When an incoming call comes in, the phone number comes up on the CAR display and you mash a button on the steering wheel to answer. You can hear and talk to the caller over the car speakers/mic without having to touch your phone!!!

    Because I had read some of the Edmunds reviews, I was concerned about the oil change issue and asked the salesman about it. He told us that it is best to let a dealership change the oil, due to the special oil filter (you can only buy them from Mazda), but the owners manual recommends that you only change the oil every 7500 miles (regular driving in normal conditions), so that may make it a little more tolerable. He also suggested that you may be able to purchase the filters from Mazda and take them to another reputable service to do the oil change. Otherwise, he said that you risk the fast lube places not replacing the filter (possibly unbeknownst to you) and only changing the oil.

    I didn't calculate my gas mileage home, but the car rode very smoothly and I have to say, downsizing from a 5.3 liter Tahoe, the power is actually pretty good and I didn't feel like I was sitting as low to the ground as I thought I would. When we got home, we took the kids for a short road trip to test everything. The car seats (one baby seat, one booster seat) fit pretty well, although with the baby seat behind you (rear-facing), the driver and/or passenger can't really move their seat back very far - not an issue for us, but would be for someone taller. Also of note, with the rear seats up - there is NO cargo space, which is also not an issue for us, but may be for someone who regularly needs seating for six.

    It would be nice if the side slider doors opened automatically with the key, but they area easy to open. It would also be nice if there were safety door controls at the drivers fingertips, like the safety window controls. Our 4 year old opened the slider door while we were going about 60 mph (it unlatched, but didn't actually come open)! The safety door controls are where you can't get to them from inside the car - you have to open the door & manually set them, so if you have them set for your kids and adults travel with you (like to lunch), you will have to either remember to manually unlatch the door or let them out when you reach your destination.

    In all, for the money this is a GREAT car! A new, large SUV with all of these features would have cost $50K and this car still meets the space needs of our family, will get much better gas mileage, is very sporty looking and with the back seats down has a lot of cargo space. Given that I did all the research on the car via internet, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the car met up to my expectations. I'm really looking forward to driving the car and using all of the "toys."
  • gschulzgschulz Posts: 17
    You may purchase the oil filters and O rings as a kit at: better price than the dealer but add shipping, I ordered several to help offset that cost.

    You also might want to check out this website on changing the oil.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    After re-stumbling (always knew about it, but forgot) on the Mazda 5 due to seeing the name mentioned again, it's become one of the big contenders in my search for a new, fuel efficient, stylish, high quality, and practical vehicle. Was really astounded to see a 5, even as a 6 seater and with great features, is priced right at the same level as a midget 3...another Mazda I love, but definitely a less usable vehicle.

    Poked around some local inventory on and found a--theoretically--desirable Galaxy Gray Sport with only all-weather mats and wheel locks. Even for the MSRP for $19723, I'm still amazed at that. Fired off a quote request to the dealer (who I've never dealt with, especially always buying GM for so many years), and am already thrilled with their response.

    The quote was great (I think):
    Vehicle: '08 Mazda 5 with All-Weather Mats and Wheel Locks
    MSRP: $19,723
    Discount: $1,888
    Final Price: $17,835

    With an invoice apparently around $18,500 or so, this seems like a GREAT deal. No rebates, of course, but teamed with the current lower Mazda financing...even more so. About $800 under invoice, on the first try and with a email response in 10 minutes.

    I still need to sell my current old boat of a car and want to drive some different things, but I'm so interested in the 5 now especially because of the price, it's in the lead. Other top pick is the Honda Fit, which is a bit dorky but very high quality and efficient--and a quick seller, with very tiny discounts. Given the economy it seems the 5 also can actually get, more power to it.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Read my last few messages in this forum. Both the 07 vibe,matrix and mazda5 wholesale for about 13000 or less ( This is what your 08 will trade for in 12 months. $18500 is mediocre, hardly great. That said the Fit is overpriced and you are probably looking at a 09 vibe or matrix, (preferably in the low 17000's) 08 mazda5 or mazda3. (preferably in the 16000's for the 19000 msrp models) Of course $1500 or so towards favorable financing helps. I imagine 1.9% for 60 months would be worth about 2000 or more, if your credit is good. More if your credit is nicked.

    Good luck

    With an invoice apparently around $18,500 or so, this seems like a GREAT deal. No rebates, of course, but teamed with the current lower Mazda financing...even more so. About $800 under invoice, on the first try and with a email response in 10 minutes.

    I still need to sell my current old boat of a car and want to drive some different things, but I'm so interested in the 5 now especially because of the price, it's in the lead. Other top pick is the Honda Fit, which is a bit dorky but very high quality and efficient--and a quick seller, with very tiny discounts. Given the economy it seems the 5 also can actually get, more power to it.
  • joeli1joeli1 Posts: 1
    I went to few dealers last weekend, the lowest deal I got for the white pearl mazda5 sport a/t no options is about $17300 not including ttl, does it looks like a good deal? Should I wait for the 09 model? The biggest concern is the Mazda doesn't has good rating on mechanic (maybe because it is ford engine), but all the dealers claims this a very low supply high demand car, is this true or just B/S???

    you can check it here:
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Mazda5 within the past six months and whether it had anything to do with gas prices. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.

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  • 5speed manual sport with no other options. Silver/Black Interior

    $16,995 including destination at Wellesley Mazda in MA. Very pleasant transaction with no sleaziness or unexpected fee's. Price quoted over email to match a price I had gotten from Wayne Mazda in NJ. Next closest price I had gotten locally was $17.700 at Ira and they were very confrontational and seemed to think they were doing us a favor by selling us a car. We've had it for 2 weeks and are VERY pleased. It is replacing a 1st Gen Scion xB. The Scion was great but we just outgrew it and needed the 3rd row.
  • hh1799hh1799 Posts: 8
    Quoted $16.989 on email by dealer including dealer fees for manual. Went to closer dealer (Eddie Accardi in Ft. Lauderdale area) who would not match first dealer's quote, low balled on our trade, and was totally rude and obnoxious. Would not recommend Eddie Accardi Mazda under any circumstances.Contacted original dealer in Palm Beach County who honored their quote with no hesitation, games, gimmicks or add-ons, and could not have been nicer. No manual transmission locally. Car is being delivered from Orlando area for no additional charge, and will take delivery tomorrow of 5 speed Red Mazda 5 Sport at $16,989 plus tax and actual fees for title. After delivery I will provide name of selling dealer.
  • pcantorepcantore South FloridaPosts: 77
    Congrats on your new 5!! I'm also a S. Floridian shopping for a new 5 replacing my wife's Sienna's, that the lease will be up soon. So, thanks for the heads up on your experience with the good and bad dealer. I'll certainly consider Palm Beach County when quoting a Red Mazda 5 Sport, although my wife insists on an automatic transmission.
    Assuming that the $16,989 total amount includes the $635 destination charge, you actually may be at $495 below invoice price ($17,484) which is great! Did you get any MAC cash back?

    Drive safe,
  • jimmyminjimmymin Posts: 1
    emailed a bunch of dealers in the metro Atlanta area via edmunds and only got 2 replies (1 with an actual quote - Mazda of Roswell). bought our red copper w/ sand interior mazda5 at around 18900, which the salesman said was 500 under invoice. finance guy said i only qualified for the 4.9@60mnths. i told him i was gonna shop around and gave us the 3.9@60mnths!

    traded in my scion tc (good by sports car, hello sports wagon!).

    loving the 3rd row/cargo space and ride height of the back, esp with a 14 month old girl.

    what do you guys think? did i pay too much?
  • hh1799hh1799 Posts: 8
    Hi pcantore,
    We bought the car from Palm Beach Mazda on Military Trail in West Palm. The price of $16,989 DID include destination charge. Dealership honored the 3.9% 60 month financing promotion. In addition we received $500 in gas cards on top of the deal. We picked up the car tonight; it was swapped from Ed Morse in New Port Ritchy. Palm Beach Mazda could not have been better. The copper red/cloth sand 5 speed manual car came through with pin striping, side and rim guards. No extra charge for 200 mile delivery or unexpected extras. Palm Beach Mazda was a pleasure every step of the way. Hope I will continue to be as happy with the car as I am with the dealer.
  • pcantorepcantore South FloridaPosts: 77
    Sweet deal!

    Enjoy your new ride,
  • thecsthecs Posts: 7
    We were quoted $17,500 for an automatic '08 Mazda5 Sport. There are no options added on to this vehicle. In your (well, anyone's) opinion, is this a good deal? This, as far as I can tell, includes the dealer fee. I am really excited about this vehicle. Had to trade in my minivan a while ago ( :cry: ) and we bought a Honda Civic. The Civic gets great gas mileage but doesn't handle kids and dogs well. My 16 year sits behind my husband with his knees pushed up against the seat.
  • hh1799hh1799 Posts: 8
    Sounds like an excellent deal. I've had my Manual Mazda5 for little over a week, and we've taken 2 long drives; one to Central Florida and back for 600 miles and another down to Key Largo and back for about 200 miles. No complaints; roomy quiet, handles well, and feels stronger than 153 horsepower. We traded in a 2003 Pontiac Vibe GT 6 speed manual with the 180 horsepower Yamaha engine, and the Mazda 5 feels like it has the stronger engine.
    If the offer does include the dealer fees and you like the car, and they're not going to take the deal away from you with high interest or extra fees in the finance room, I would say, go for it.
  • willis3willis3 Posts: 76
    Hello Mazda5 owners,

    I'm helping a friend purchase a Grand Touring model. They have a quote of $20,740, which is slightly below invoice. I do not know if this price includes the destination charge (hopefully will find out soon), but if anyone knows what the dealer holdback is, could you please let me know.

    Do you think this is a good price - or can we do better?

  • athenasiusathenasius Posts: 118
    What are rim guards?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Look up your vehicle in its used 07 version with 17000 miles and avg condition. The 19000 msrp sport auto barely wholesales for 13000 so the GT probably has a trade in value of about 15000. This is what your vehicle will be worth in 12 months. Do you really want to eat almost $6000 first year to drive this? A good price would be somewhere in the mid-high 18000s. I've know that the higher mpg vehicles may be in higher demand now, but I would certainly want to do better, in more off or favorable financing.

    Good luck

    Hello Mazda5 owners,

    I'm helping a friend purchase a Grand Touring model. They have a quote of $20,740, which is slightly below invoice. I do not know if this price includes the destination charge (hopefully will find out soon), but if anyone knows what the dealer holdback is, could you please let me know.

    Do you think this is a good price - or can we do better?

  • willis3willis3 Posts: 76
    Dealer holdback is $450.

    Here's the deal my friend got on his Crystal White Pearl Mazda5 GT.

    $20,740 + $635 Destination + NJ Sales Tax. Car included the the Electronic Dimming Mirror with compass.

    0% financing for three years, but the did purchase the extended warranty from Mazda.
  • signtimesigntime Posts: 2

    How did the dealer make a decent profit on the GT?
    dealer's true cost = invoice ($21698) - Dest - holdback + $160 (mirror) = $20773
    your friend paid = $20740
    $33 below cost? How is it possible?
    Is it a brand new car? Or is it a test-drive car?

  • willis3willis3 Posts: 76

    Although the dealer sold the vehicle less than invoice, they reached into the dealer holdback amount. The dealership, Wayne Mazda also appears to move a high volume of cars, so I think they are more concerned with the sale rather than how much they make on each vehicle.

    Dealer invoice on the Mazda5 GT is $21,063. My friend had already received the quote via internet prior to us going into the dealership. The internet salesman was not there, so a regular salesman was assigned to us. When he brought the van out, it already had the mirror installed. We thought they might try tacking on the price of the mirror, but they honored their quote and sold the van for what they quoted.

    The vehicle was brand new, only had 10 miles on the odometer.

    Also, the white vehicle should be $200 more, for their Mica paint. They got a good deal, however, they purchased the extended warranty, so Mazda made some good money here.
  • tonyecommtonyecomm Posts: 5
    Edmund shows Crystal White paint have $33 minus the whole value. so it is not $200 plus. but anyway, the $300 below invoice and $200 for the mirror=$500 below invoice still good deal. By the way, how much is the extended warranty? is it bumper to bumper?
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