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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lab88lab88 Posts: 24
    My husband's truck was financed through Ford credit back in 2000. We had direct-payment from our checking account, but they somehow made numerous errors during a 90 day period and seriously messed up our credit for about six months until I could get everything cleared up and their ERRONEOUS dings on our credit removed. It took many unpleasant phone calls before they made good on their mistake. We always pay bills on time, have a great FICO, and have never experienced anything like that. I would never finance through them again. EVER.

    I have been looking for a van and test-drove the Mazda5 today. They have 0% for 36 months right now. I was considering that, but now that I know it's Ford Motor Credit, FORGET IT. If I do buy the car, I'll stretch the payments for 60 months and borrow from a regular bank. Or, just buy the Toyota or Honda.

    I've financed two cars through Honda and never had any problem.

    I was quoted approx. 21,500 on the 2009 Mazda5 Grand Touring. I didn't even try to bargain as I'm still researching at this point. They told me that they really need my business and were up front about being very willing to negotiate to make me happy.
  • lab88,

    I would research the financing a little further, last time I heard as of November Chase was going to be Mazda's bank when it cam to their financing and NOT Ford anymore. Don't quote me on this, but that is what I had heard last month.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    That's what I've heard as well..

    Chase also acts as Subaru's finance arm..


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  • Bought in san diego - out the door at 20,600.
    Basic car, pearl white paint, no extra options and no financing. is quoting these numbers at the moment:
    msrp 21,395, invoice 20,062, market (blue book) 19,460.
    Not clear to me if the blue book is out the door or not; if yes, we overpaid.
  • Bought from Fremont Mazda California
    2009 Mazda5 Grand Touring w Navigation
    Price paid: $22248.22
    Total with Tax/fees/surcharges etc: $24423 (Car is registered in San Francisco county where sales tax is 8.5% )
    Buying experience was just OK. They made us wait for almost 3.5 hours to do the paperwork. (This was after the price had been negotiated!)
  • We're in the DC metro area hoping to buy a 2009 Touring. The latest offer we've received is $19,600 plus taxes, tags etc. This sounds a little high from what I've read here and elsehwere - any suggestions on what to press for?? (I'm still a little clueless about what if any extra options might be worthwhile to get them to throw in.)
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    Sounds like a good offer to me. I bought a 2008 Touring for $20600 including the homelink mirror and the rear bumper guard. If you load a lot of stuff in the back, the bumper guard protects the top of the rear bumper. Good luck on your purchase. I love mine.
  • I spoke with Cypress Coast Mazda in Seaside, CA.. Negotiating strictly over email, I was able to get them to $15,500 + TTL for a 2008/2009 Mazda 5 MT Sport.

    Didn't buy one yet - can't decide between that or the civic yet.. Just thought I'd give my input. Don't want anyone overpaying.
  • Since your a noob here we'll cut you a break and give you one freebie. Never mention the word Civic, Accord, Honda, around here, we all love our MZ5 way to much LOL!

    Go with the MZ5, more room and lots more standard features then Civic for the same price.
  • The 2008-2009 mazda5 does not exist. It is either a 2008 or a 2009. I've owned a Civic before, boring and small cars. Mazda has a much better driver-car engagement.

    Now, if they are selling it for that price, for sure is a 2008.
  • I wrote 2008-2009 simply because I didn't care what year it was - as long as it was brand new.

    I don't think it's really that hard to get the Mazda 5 in the $15k range anymore - no matter the year. With the economy in such a slump - everyone's slashing prices to get rid of inventory.

    The deals out there are only getting better.
  • are you going for the Civic or the MZ5? I've had Civic's as well in the past, three to be exact, a 96 Civic 4-door LX, 99 Civic Hatch CX, and 02 Civic Si Hatch. All were very nice cars, but indeed pretty small, plus not much room to fit big items like a possible TV, bikes, etc, much less six people. You can fit five, pretty tight I may add specially with one or two car seats. Plus everyone and their mom has one. Just my $0.02
  • I'm leaning towards the 5. I currently have a 2000 civic.. My wife has a 2006 Corolla. We're looking to get rid of the Corolla. It's a good car, but we're not fans.

    I think the older Civics are fun to drive - but the newer ones are getting "fu-fu."

    We're basically wanting the wife to have more room with the kid - plus something that we're able to haul stuff around with - basically a glorified grocery getter.

    The only thing that I'm don't like about the 5 is the mpg. It seems low - for such a low output motor.
  • You know, that was one of my concerns when I gave up my 03 Accord 2.4L in place of my MZ5, but to my surprise my little wagon gives me 1-3 more mpg's (depending how I drive it) over the claimed mpg. I average 22-24 in city driving and gotten 28-29 on longtrips at 75-80mph. Mine is a 2006 Touring Automatic, I hear Manuals are even thriftier in gas. So far I am glad with my decison, and I second your comment on the Corolla. IMHO, Toyotas are great vehicles but score low in the styling department, they are just plain and blah.
  • Yeah, economy is bad, but out of all the Mazdas the Mazda5 is the fastest moving vehicle in the lots (it is not a Dodge Durango), so I still believe you are dealing a 2008 not an 09, and it does not matter if both are new, it is just how things work. Anyway, good luck, post here if you get the 15K deal

    Oh, and my Civic was a 99, it was nice but not fun to drive, the Mazda5, even as a grocery getter model, it is quite fun to drive, test drive one (and if its manual even better)
  • We just got a black 09 sport for $16769 this weekend. Loving it so far. A few minor design features I miss from our forester like the over head sunglass storage and in dash storage, day time running lights so you don't have to turn on/off lights, a dome light within reach of the driver (why is it way in the back? how about a switch to access it from the front?)

    And why did they go to the trouble and expense to put second row vents but not connect them to the heat? Why just AC? Weird.

    Love the controls on the steering wheel - especially the stereo mute! Love the space inside. I swear it is bigger inside than outside!

    But the worst is the headlight angle. GOT to get in to the service dept and get them fixed. We live on rural highways and can't see more than a couple hundred feet ahead if that without the brights on and there is too much on coming traffic to keep them on. I am really afraid I am going to hit a deer!

    But overall we LOVE it!
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Can you advise on what transmission and what options your '09 Sport has? Also your general location.

    I'm in eastern PA and have been shopping for an '08 Model with my first quote being very impressive without much negotiating: Automatic '08 Sport with Pearl Paint, All Weather Mats, and Bumper Guard:

    MSRP: 19,923
    Invoice: 18,758
    Price: 17,058

    I know there is $1500 of dealer engagement cash on the '08 models and it looks like they're giving up ~$200 of holdback as well. I think the dealer engagement cash for the '09 is $1000. If it's only a few hundred bucks difference, I guess it's a smarter move to go for the '09 model year.
  • I just got an 09 Sport (manual). Paid about $125 over the invoice price. Added a few accessories (roof rack, bumper guard). I am fairly pleased with it so far.
    I have disliked the unreachable rear dome light and missing sunglasses storage. I was also unthrilled that the rear vent/blower does not send heated or cooled air to the passengers. It just sucks whatever is nearby. Kind of cheesy.
    Otherwise my wife and I are really pleased with it. It has been said many times before, but the microvan parks like a motorcycle. I swear, it maneuvers around a parking lot like my Sentra. Plenty of power and extra easy access to the middle seating area. I have even sat in the third row for around-town driving and haven't been unhappy about the experience. (I am 5'10", might be less happy if I was a few inches taller.)
  • hi,
    New poster here. Sure wish I had found this forum last friday. I now realize that I could have had an '09 Mazda 5 for what I paid (~17K) for a used 07 with AT. The TMV prices on the website must be stale. We paid about $500 over Used Private Party price and got it from a dealer so I thought that was acceptable.

    I guess the dealer incentives and desperation to sell new cars has not caught up with TMV, which shows people paying 20-21K for a new 09. Some of you are getting them for a lot less than that!

    The one I bought has only 4500 miles and still has new car smell. The dealer was calling it a Sport based on VIN but everything about it indicates Touring. If it is a Sport, it has had all the upgrades that a Touring has.

    Part of the reason for the crummy deal was we had a trade-in of a 99 VW Jetta. Our 17K price for the Mazda5 is based on getting 4K for this car (private party blue book is about 5K assuming repaired water pump). It was going to need some repairs soon. If you had told me before all of this started that we could get 4K for that car doing no more than washing it and handing over the keys we would have jumped at it. So we got rid of the old one but ...

    It gets worse. We get there Friday night after haggling for hours the night before and I had talked them down to what I thought was reasonable. They finally produce the CarFax I had asked for earlier. Turns out it was a repo. Okay. We'll still do it. Go through more paperwork and time. My 30 weeks first-time pregnant wife is going from excited to very tired. Then we found out since it was a repo, it only has a single key and no remote entry. Why we didn't walk out right then is something I'll ask myself forever. It was late and we signed the papers. Got it in writing that they would give us keys and a remote entry "at cost".

    Now we have to shell out ~$400 for new keys! Oh, but it gets better (not!). We apparently have the "klunking" problem due to bad bushings in the 06-07s. And the automatic locks (with the one key we have) are tempermental. I'm going to check tonight if we have the AT "stall" between 2nd and 3rd gear. We are scheduled to go into Mazda dealer service on Thursday. The "klunking" and locks should be covered by the warranty. The keys we have to shell out for. Does anybody have any idea how to find out what "cost" for these items actually is? Their quote for new keys is only about 15% off retail price.

    I can not recommend Cutter Mazda in Honolulu. I can't claimed they ripped me off when I knowingly signed the papers, but I didn't get a good deal (as I now know from this forum) and they pretty much told me after the deal, hey that's what you get for buying a used car - go see the service department.

    On the bright side, I'm confident we'll get the keys, get the locks and klunking fixed under warranty, and will go on to love the car. Even in spite of all the problems, my wife loves the car and we think it is going to be great for our new family. And as dumb as it sounds (and believe me I'm feeling pretty dumb!) it's got this silver color with a green tint that we think is really cool.

    Thanks for reading. Venting has been good therapy.

  • Aloha, there oahumazda5, dont feel to bad about your purchase. When you buy a "used" vehicle it is the risk you take on getting a vehicle delivered that may have one or a few issues. Luckily you have plenty of factory warranty left on your MZ5. I also bought a used MZ5, mine is a 2006 Strato Blue Touring Auto with 41K miles, so I had a lot less time to get anything fixed under warranty. Fortunately I work for the auto business in a dealer selling wholesale parts, so I have lots of people I know in possibley every car line. I was able to get replaced so far on my MZ5 under warranty both outside mirrors (glass shook a lot), two rear shocks (leaking), PCM update (hesitated from a stop), right outer a/c vent (it was seized open), two front sway bar bushings (knocking noise), and still pending from DSM approval a complete rear hatch replacement or repair (cracks at both hinges on hatch).

    So you see buying used is not nessesarily bad (unless you got reamed) you just have to take care of what the previous owners did not do or keep up with. I got an awesome deal on my MZ5 ($12,495 out the door including all fees) so I could not pass up the offer since I needed a bigger vehicle for my growing family as well (wifee has one cooking in the oven).

    Also, about the keys, tell that Mazda dealer to shove it and pick up a couple of them on ebay, You can get them for about $50-70 shipped each instead of the $300 the dealer wants for them.

    Finally, make sure you make that dealer pay back all the agony they made you and your wifee go through and bug them to replace anything that comes up under warranty. Payback is a female dog and working for a dealership myself I know that there are ways to get stuff covered under warranty, you just have to either make a good (and I mean good) friend at the dealership or bug the crap out of them to the point that they will do it just to not hear you nag. Sad but true!

    Anyway, welcome and aloha!
  • hi vg33e,
    thanks for the welcome and reply. We'll I can say one thing: it's a good thing that it's me that's angry and my pregnant wife who is happy instead of the other way around!

    Believe me, they are going to get to know me real well down there at the parts and service department. We're making a list.

    I'd love to pick up a couple of remote keys on eBay, but unfortunately you have to have a working one already to get a second programmed, and we're starting from zero. Any idea how to find out what is "cost" for this part?

    thanks again
  • Unfortunately, these parts are VIN specific due to the frequency used for the keyless transmitter, but for my specific wagon part# G2YA-76-2GXB is for the key and part# CC43-67-5RYC is for the transmitter. Both employee cost (cost plus 10%) is $180.16 plus tax. Hope this helps you.
  • Yes that helps. Thanks.
  • model: 2009 Mazda5 Sport with AT (blue with tan interior)
    price paid: $19390 + TTL (based on $3500 kelly blue book value for a '99 Jetta trade-in, buying an '07 Mazda5 and trading it in too)

    I've been at the Cutter Ala Moana Mazda dealer every day the last 10 days except Sunday. First to look casually, then to look at a low mile '07 (post above), negotiate on the '07, buy the '07, argue about the cost of making me a key, ask them to undo it and put me in an '09, come back and ask again, and come back and ask again, all to no avail, and then I get a call today. The original salesman I had worked with the first time 9 days ago called me this morning to ask how I liked the car! I told him I had just dropped it off at the dealership a half hour ago to get a new key made for $400, fix a klunking sound due to bad bushings, get the locks fixed ... I was definitely not happy!

    He took it to the dealer General Manager and also got a different sales manager involved than the one I had been dealing with for the past week. By phone we got closer to a deal. I came in and haggled for another hour or two to get the deal posted above.

    The first night I walked in the dealership I could have had the car for 18K + TTL although I doubt I would have gotten blue book for the trade at that price. I figure the whole deal (buy an 07, trade it in 6 days later, buy an 09) probably cost me $1000-$1500 more than if I had just bought the 09 in the first place. But at least now I'm happy. I'm going to save $1000 compared to buying used by using 0% APR financing this time. Car will have more value down the road because it's 2 years newer. 5 speed AT, other little things they improved over the '07 made it a good deal.

    I went through hell and I put that dealership through a little hell too. Obviously I have mixed feelings about Cutter Mazda in Honolulu but all's well that ends well. I have nothing but great things to say about "David". I know I'm not supposed to post names but he's been great to work with and saved the reputation of Cutter Mazda in my eyes.

    Now I can get on to simply enjoying our new Mazda5!
  • Well, 10 days at the dealer, hours of price haggling, two MZ5 (07 & 09), and tired pregnant wife later you finally got what you really wanted to begin with. Congrats on your addition for your coming family addition. At least your very happy now!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • I'm in the Washington DC area and have been getting quotes for a 2009 Sport Automatic in the low to mid $17,000 range "with all incentives", not including tax, tags, processing. That means not using Mazda's advertised 36 month, 0 percent interest financing, otherwise they tack another $1000 on the price. I calculate that I'm better off getting their financing in terms of total money paid. When I look at what people here say they paid, few mention if they took the Mazda financing deal. I'm wondering how low dealers will go when I opt for their financing. Seems mid $18,000's is high for a stock Sport with auto, considering time of year and the economy. Am I expecting too good of a deal?
  • Has anyone purchased the extended warranty for their car? My warranty runs out very soon and was thinking of buying the extended warranty as the transmissions have failed on quite a few of mazda's after it has expired. How much have you paid etc. I bought mine in may 05 and had the warranty extended because of the fire recall.
  • EnoEno Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2009 Mazda5 Sport, no options at all in Easley, SC for $18,477 inc tax, title, tags. When I mentioned I wanted the 0% financing for 36 months they said that would increase the sales price so I said forget it. I plan on paying off by the end of March or April 2009 so the 0% financing wasn't important to me. I don't recall how much 0% financing would have increased the price.

    I traded in a 2002 Saturn L-100 with 61.5K miles on it for $3800. I felt like I got took a bit there. I felt $4K was more appropriate but they said they go by Black Book Values, not Blue Book, Edmunds or always seems to be some one else they base their offer on. Fortunately their final offer on the Mazda5 was a couple hundred dollars lower than what I thought they would settle on so I figured the lower Mazda5 offer made up for the trade-in offer.

    I also put down $4500 and will be clamping down on all expenses until I get it paid off. Not going out to eat gives the wife an incentive to agree to hurry up and pay it off so we can resume that activity again.

    I did a lot of searching and I think getting a Mazda5 out the door for $17K might be optimistic unless they come up with some rebates next month but given the sales for the Mazda5 are on of the few vehicles that have increased I don't think there is much of a chance of rebates being offered for the 5.

    Good luck
  • I took the plunge. Ended up getting the 2008 Mazda 5 Sport, MT for 15k even + TTL. So far so good. Just hope we don't run into the suspension problems that so many have run into.
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