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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • renayzrenayz Posts: 1
    Purchase Date: 8/27/08
    Dealership: Nelson Mazda Rivergate
    Location: Madison, TN (Just outside Nashville, TN)
    Purchase Price: $21,900 + TTL (ended up out the door $24,000 + change)
    Options: None
    Color: Copper Red Mica

    We had been researching the Mazda 5 for a few weeks and test drove a Silver Touring at this dealership last week. They also had a Copper Red GT, which we loved, but thought it would be out of our price range.
    We got quotes from the Mazda dealerships in our area through the Edmund's TMV request. One dealership had a Galaxy Gray GTand a Black Touring, and they gave us a quote of invoice price on both. The difference between the two was only about $1800, so we figured why not? We called the dealership where we test drove the Silver Touring, but it had already been sold. But they still had the Red GT. We asked if they would match the invoice price of $21,900 that the other dealership gave us and they did. Oh, and they're tinting the windows at cost (approx. $150).
    The dealership had all our paperwork ready for us, we had proof of insurance faxed over to them before we came in, and we were in and out with our new Mazda5 in under 30 minutes. :)
    The dealership staff were extremely friendly and helpful and the experience was a very pleasant one.
    On a related note, we came from a 2003 BMW 325i and are so happy with all the room and features of this car. We have 2 kids (one is 18 months, so still in a carseat), and after stowing a stroller and all the other accoutrements that come with having a baby, the trunk of a BMW leaves something to be desired. We are so excited to have a car with so much space, but doesn't look like the typical minian! :shades:
  • Bought our new white Touring 5 in New Orleans on Tuesday from Paretti Mazda. Started process on internet, the salesman was GREAT! Test drove the 5 and 3 just to get a feel for the difference. The 5 just fits our family better and the white really looks sharp! There were no Touring 5's in Baton Rouge, so New Orleans was the nearest dealership, which is about 60 miles away. Took advantage of the 0% financing, you just cant beat that. Only took off $1000 MSRP, but felt it was worth it and besides the next nearest dealership was another 3 hours away in Alabama. Needed a new car right away. So far so good. It may be just me, but the 5 seems to get alot of looks. :)
  • Been trying to buy a used car for a couple of weeks, no luck with a couple of deals that fell through. My wife wanted to seat 6.

    Woke up yesterday morning, 8/30, my cars newspaper section has a small ad, with a price for a Touring, $18,869. Salesman called us after I sent an email, and I told him I considered the ad to be a real ad. He said yes, it's real.

    Boom, no BS, no add-ons, no problems.

    2008 Copper Red Touring, $18,869, no destination charge, no other charges of any kind other than state required TT and L.

    Zoom! Zoom!
  • melbyemelbye Posts: 2
    I just bought an '08 Touring w/ remote engine start, cargo cover, and roof rack for $20,055 in Dayton, OH. I thought that was a great deal, but $18,869--wow, that's incredible. Congrats!

    I used the web to get quotes and to start a bidding war among dealerships. Matt Castrucci Mazda in Dayton was great--fast, friendly, honest, and detail-oriented through the whole process. We wanted the galaxy gray cover, but there weren't any left on the lot. We could've ordered one, but the dealer said he'd knock off $300 if we took one of his lot. Fortunately, my wife really liked the golden sand color once she saw it in person (the car's for her). Depending on the lighting, it either looks gold, tan, pale green, or all the above. People seem to love it or hate that color. So long as my wife's happy, I am, too.

    I think I read every last consumer comment on this car before purchasing, including this forum--thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. We couldn't be happier with this car.
  • melbyemelbye Posts: 2
    In researching what I should pay for an '08 Mazda 5 Touring, I found this web site, which includes a free spreadsheet for figuring what the dealer actually paid for a new car, and what you should pay for it:

    link title

    Eye-opening, and very handy--this assured me that I got a good deal on our purchase. The web site has a lot of useful info on other aspects of the car-buying experience, as well.
  • We bought a 2008 Mazda5 at 17,700 before TTL yesterday with POPULAR EQUIPMENT PACKAGE.
  • Got it for 18000 out of the door with FL taxes on 08/31/08.
  • 2008 Mazda5 Grand Touring
    Stormy Blue
    Wheel nuts, Cargo net, All weather mats, Rear bumper step plate.
    MSRP $23403

    Got it for $21400 + TTL @ 0%APR for 3 years in Newport, Rhode Island.

    Dealer was great to deal with via email. Came in, signed papers and drove off the lot incl test drive in under 45 minutes.
  • Purchase Date: 9/10/2008
    Dealership: Anderson Mazda
    Location: Crystal Lake, IL (near Chicago)
    Year: 2008
    Trim: Touring
    Price: $20,420 (including dest charge) + TTL, and 3.9% financing for 48 months
    MSRP: $21,595 (including dest charge)
    Factory-Installed Accessories: Compass/Auto-dimming mirror
    Color: Stormy Blue

    After having a horrible experience with Schaumburg Mazda, I submitted an Internet request to three other dealerships on Sunday morning. Anderson called me that afternoon and after a 2 minute conversation and call-back in 20 minutes had located a car and quoted me a good price. They sent a spreadsheet showing how they got from MSRP to out the door.

    I submitted a list of 8 accessories that I wanted to purchase at the same time and install myself. MSRP was $530 and they offered to sell them to me at $465, which is slightly over invoice. This sealed the deal. The rest of the process went pretty well with a 2-day wait to dealer trade the vehicle and some waiting during the closing process (mainly at the handoff between sales and finance.)
  • Sorry guys, mine was used.
    August 19, 2008
    2006 Mazda5 Touring Auto Strato Blue
    42,000 miles
    $12,495 out the door (including T,T,L and Gap Ins.)
    Moss Bros. Dodge San Bernardino, CA

    Love it!
  • we are picking up our copper red 09 grand touring 5 this afternoon. Great experience with Sussman Mazda in Willow Grove, PA. Price was $22400 +ttd including the following:
    Sirius radio, ipod attachment, remote starter, door guards, wheel locks, rr bumper guard, removable roof rack and bicycle rack. My research tells me that is about $200 below their actual price. Sounds good to me.
  • Wow, that IS a good deal! We paid $22,600 + TTL for our 2008 GT 2 months ago... and that only included the rear bumper guard and cargo cover.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    I have also purchased the "Mazda Total Care" extended warranty (with ZERO deductiable) for 100,000 miles or 6 years. The GOOD thing is... if I do not use the extended warranty, at the end of the contact, I will get 100% money (the purchase price of the warranty) back. It is stated in the contract. That is the reason I go for it.

    But...if you use the warranty for one thing you won't get anything back from what you paid on the warranty. So if you paid $1000 for the warranty and you need $500 in warranty repairs, if you use the warranty you won't get the other $500 back. More than likely you'll have a few minor (less than $1000 repairs prior to 100,000 miles at which point you'll either have to pay the repair cost or lose the purchase price of the warranty.

    BTW, what did you pay for the warranty?
  • For this "Warranty", I think of it as an "insurance". I will need to use it if the Mazda5 need "major" repairs :sick: (which will cost me more than the purchase price of the warranty).

    Also, I had a Lexus before. It was EXPENSIVE to bring the car to the Lexus dealer to do any services or repair. Just a 30K major service cost me easily $1200. Therefore, for me, it make sense to purchase this "warranty" for the Mazda5, especially, when the car is about 4 and 5 years old, the problem may start coming out.

    Anyhow, it is all about personal preference.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    You're's personal preference. As long as you don't use it for the next 7 years you'll be good, but the dealer is betting that if someone has a $500 repair, then they'll use the warranty, which voids getting the $1500 refunded back (or whatever was the initial cost)...what did you pay for the warranty?
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I know I'm late with this posting, but I purchased my Touring with the bumper guard and the auto dimming mirror with home link and the price was 20680 + 7 % tax and other fees. I bought it in April but have used it very little - only have a little over 1000 mi. on it. So far I must say I love the car - handles great and it's just the right size for me and my wife.
  • After having a terrible experience with Malloy Mazda. I just picked up a White 2009 GT w/o NAV from Fairfax Mazda, VA this evening.
    Paid $21600 with free Roof rack, Moon Roof deflector and remote engine starter. I think it was a wonderful deal. We finished the deal over emails ( I didn't feel like sitting in the showroom and bargain for hours). Robert didn't give me any hassles at all.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    I was offered one of those deals on extended warranty and the 100% money back guarantee. The problem was that 3-4% of inflation compounded over 6 years meant I would lose between 20% and 25% of the money even without using it.

    Another consideration when getting those kinds of warranties are the cancellation clauses in case of theft or total loss on an accident. Some contracts state that you can get your money back pro-rated from the day you bought the vehicle rather than from the last day of the standard warranty.
  • smk124smk124 Posts: 11
    Been driving my red GT 09 for almost a week and I love it. Drives beautifully. Has much more pickup than I expected. Quality seems perfect so far. Love the bluetooth phone. I've been yelling at my wife for years to use a earpiece. Now she can drive with at least one hand while putting on her makeup.
  • smk124smk124 Posts: 11
    Also, I did purchase the extended warranty. Original quote was $1758 for 7yr/100K. I showed her a quote from Ford/Mazda that I got over the internet for $1035 for 8yr/100k. She brought the price down to $1378, then added a $50 coupon. So for $1328, we'll feel safe for 7 years. Also zero deduct. if service is done with that dealer.
  • Can you please share the site that offered the warranty for $1035? I am interested in it. Thanks!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    If you had a quote for 8 yrs/100,000 miles from the Ford/Mazda website for $1035, why did you buy the 7yr warranty for $1328?
  • smk124smk124 Posts: 11
    I didn't purchase the Ford warranty because as of today, Ford no longer owns Mazda, according to the finance person at the Mazda dealer. Mazda is apparently a subsidiary of Chase Bank. If you look at the link below, it still says Mazda at the top, but you can no longer purchase Mazda warranties. As of yesterday, Mazda was still available. Considering the banking world today, I hope Mazda sticks around for a while.
  • smk124smk124 Posts: 11
    I didn't purchase the Ford warranty because as of today, Ford no longer owns Mazda, according to the finance person at the Mazda dealer. Mazda is apparently a subsidiary of Chase Bank. If you look at the link below, it still says Mazda at the top, but you can no longer purchase Mazda warranties. As of yesterday, Mazda was still available. Considering the banking world today, I hope Mazda sticks around for a while.
    Also, I prefer Mazda people working on my car rather than Ford.
  • mz2008mz2008 Posts: 1
    I wanted to pass along info on how I bought a new 2008 Mazda 5 Sport Silver Automatic. Warning – long post. I purchased it $17K and out the door with processing, tax, tags came out to $18,001. It did have over 500 miles on it, and was told that this was usual (unfortunately, we had already agreed on the price and was in the middle of the paperwork before I realized this “excessive mileage” and may have walked out...wondering still if I will kick myself for this oversight). It was not a deal breaker for us, because we thought we were getting a deal, anyway. The price was about $500 cheaper than at least three dealers for a similar car. I did what everyone recommended which was to do a search on, Consumer Reports, etc. on new cars, specifically looking only at 2008 Sport or Base models within a 200 mile radius. I got emails within 24 hours from most of them. I then checked out each dealer’s inventory to see the colors and options. We did not want or need any options, so did not look at leather or upgrades. Many cars had cargo cover, wheel locks, cargo net, etc. Our model ended up with cargo net, wheel locks, and rear bumper guard and msrp of $19,855. There is a $1000 dealer engagement rebate in October, which some dealerships shared this info and some did not. Many emails were sent back and forth, with some dealers insisting I come into the dealership BUT I remained firm and did not go to the showroom, until they gave me an offer on a car. Bought at Brown's at Chantilly, VA. Their emails "promised" a great deal because they are a new dealer. I got competitive offers from several dealerships who want to unload their 2008 models. There are still some cars available in many dealerships when I looked last week. Entire research, emails and purchase was two weeks.

    I wanted to thank everyone who posted on here because it really helped me make a decision between a RAV4, Kia, and Hyundai. I thought the M5 was the best deal for a car that offered carry more than 5 people and was under $20K. I've been driving a 98 Pontiac so driving the M5 has been smooth and easy.
  • I am planning to buy a new 09 Mazda5 GT. I am eligible for a Ford employee discount through a family member. Does anyone know if that is the best deal going or could I still get a further discount off the MSRP by inviting dealers to bid online? Also of note: so far availability with the options/colors I want has been somewhat of an issue. Perhaps I would have more of a choice by going this route? Thanks for any input.
  • eth72eth72 Posts: 1
    Got quotes from as many NH dealerships as I could. Prices ranged, (not including title & admin fee) from $17395 - $17895. The lowest quote was from Werner Mazda in Manchester, NH where I purchased my Tribute a few years ago (under the Talarico name). The quote was for their gray model, however. My wife insisted that the gray color looked a little like lavendar under certain lighting, so the only other choices for a base model was red (no way) or silver. They also had a silver for $17695 but had an aftermarket DVD player installed. The sticker MSRP with this rear entertainment system was revised to about $19800 (vs 18655 w/o it). Not sure how they got number considering MSRP for the system is about $699 - maybe they factored in the labor to install it. Nonetheless, $300 more to keep my son quiet in the back once he can face forward will be worth every penny!

    The buying experience was relatively painless, quick and almost enjoyable! Since I wanted to put no money down and therefore needed financing, I was at their mercy. Except for 2 minutes wasting my time with the "gap insurance" and fabric protectant sell(I know they have to try), the finance manager was great too... It's nice going to the dealership with a price you're satisfied with. Very much recommend them if you've done your homework ahead of time. Hope that helps!
  • I made some calls this morning and have a bidding war going on for our sale with dealerships in the portland/salem area. I have a current offer of $15988 on a 2009 Sport MT. Unfortunately, we still don't have our other car sold for sure and probably couldn't make it in to do the deal today anyway. Hopefully we will be able to get a similar deal in November! Other offers I got today were around $16500. Had two of those as well. Today is the day for a good deal.
  • I say jump on that $15988 deal today and when you sell your other vehicle send a big lump sump to your loan. Sounds like Halloween might be the day for you to make the deal.
  • dfz1dfz1 Posts: 6
    In September I made my Mazda 5 lease payment. The company mis-posted the amount and processed the check for $90.00 less than what it should have been. I made my October payment.

    In the last 24 hours I have received four phone calls from very rude individuals who each have given me a different story as to why I was late $90.00. I responded to the first call prior to researching the issue and stated I would send the amount immediately. I was then called three more times after that and was told they did not have an automated system to record the first calls.

    I asked to speak to a supervisor and was given the name of an individual who does not even exist in the company. I was given a fax number and faxed a copy of the check to that number. When I went to call the person I had faxed it too I was told he did not exist in the company. Eventually after four more calls I found that in fact the fax was received and the issue was being researched.

    Conclusion undoubtedly the most rude, arrogant and dishonest company I have ever done business with. I personally would not buy any product from Ford Motor company in the future including Ford, Volvo, Jaguar, Lincoln etc. If you do I would strongly recommend not financing through either Ford credit or Mazda.

    While the financial future of this company in tenuous they have decided to abuse the customer probably as a strategy to maintain a dwindling cash flow. I also will not do business with the dealer Scott Mazda in Allentown PA.

    I have filed a report with the FTC re the harassment by Ford Motor Company by telephone. The number of calls especially given the amount was excessive. The manner of the call agents varies from passive aggressive to out right hostel. These are cruel nasty people. They seem to find pleasure in harassing their consumers.
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