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Mazda5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm looking at the various posts and I seem to be getting better offers for a Mazda5. I prefer to pay cash for it and I am not going to trade in anything. I went to a dealer last Wednesday 11/26 and they offered me a 2009 Mazda5 touring edition for 17k + TTL with 0% financing. My wife went to a 2nd dealer yesterday at 12/1 and they offered the same car for 16.5k cash straight up. But the dealer there was pushy and wanted us to pay cash up front on that day so we walked away. My wife is going to the 3rd dealer to see what they are going to offer. After that, we are going to go from there.
  • Wow, sounds pretty good. May I ask which area/state you are? I am in California.
  • As I explained above, I paid $19.3K for an '09 Sport but that was after an ordeal involving an '07 that we had for a few days and traded back, and a VW trade in. We took the 0% so I guess if we hadn't done that we could have gotten it for 18.3K. Considering we lost a lot of bargaining leverage giving back our '07, I have no doubt you could pick one up for 17K. Clearly some people are. But if you look at Edmunds TMZ values or Kelly Blue Book new prices, the average of what people are paying for this car is 19.2 - 19.6K. So going by that, even I got managed to get an average deal. It just means that some people are paying a lot more, and some people are paying a lot less. I think some of might have to do with what a particular dealership has in stock, and how long they've gone without selling a car. If they are offering to sell one for $16.5K cash if you take it now, they probably are probably desperate to make a sale. The is also a lot more competition between Mazda dealers at some locations on the mainland. There are only two dealers here in Hawaii.

    After the ordeal with the key on our '07, Mazda USA ended us sending us a $300 gift certificate to get a new one. Since we got a new '09, we're going to use the gift certificate for the Mazda seat covers. We're happy.
  • I live in NYC and there are 4 dealers within the 5 boroughs. Consequently, my wife went to the 3rd dealer and couldn't match the price of $16.5k. I rather not get into the juicy details until we sign to buy the car. I'm going back tomorrow to the dealer who is offering $16.5k and to see if we can close the deal. Perhaps our leverage is that we can pay cash straight up and no trade ins.
  • In Ft Lauderdale was offered an '09 Sport Auto with compass/HomeLink mirror for 17,500 +TTL + 400 fee. (MSRP 20,050) To get 0% 36 month financing they add 1,000. Was under the impression the no interest financing would add only 500. Another dealer contact me and quoted 3,200 off MSRP, would make it 16,850 +TTL but did not say what their fee is. I am close by, will stop see what their fee is.

    Do the prices quoted seem in line with what is going on? TMV and CarsDirect are higher, but I guess they do not reflect the dealer engagement money.

    Also, any idea what the MEPP Total Care extended warranties go for? I am hoping to purchase today.
  • Just came back from the dealer that quoted $3200 off MSRP, making the 20.050 price 16,850 + TTT but they had an 800 dollar service fee. So the cost ends up being 17,650 +TTT as opposed to 17,900 + TTT the other dealer was charging.

    I figured I had a better deal, when I sat down and asked for the 0% financing, they went back on their promise that they would add only 500 to the price, and stood at 1,000 additional. Still a better deal by 250 from the first dealer, but I dislike being lied just to come into the dealer. I'll give the other dealer a chance to match the 250 and if they don't, I'll end up buying from the ones that "misquoted" me.

    No one wants to quote a price on the MEPP because "there are so many factors, we need the computer." What computer? I know the plan I want, the miles and time frame, there can only be one price!
  • I bought a 09 Touring for 19538+Tax and Fee with 0% financing back in the middle of November with dealer bidding for my business. If I pay cash, then the price would be 18538+tax and fee. I am in SF Bay Area.

    P.S. Anyone figure out what the deal is with the owner incentive program (Is that a dealer or the manufacturer program? If it was a manufacturer program, I think I missed out. I have another Mazda.)
  • What's with the $500, $750, or $1000 "service fee" if you take the 0% offer???? If there is a fee for taking advantage of the 0% APR, then the question is where is the benefit or the savings of taking the 0% APR offer?????
  • Here in Florida, the "Dealer Service Fee" is charged by most dealers on every transaction. It varies from what I have seen between $250 and $895. This is added after you negotiated your "best price" on the car, and if you challenge it, they say that they "have to" add it on, because they do that to all customers. Sometimes they will reduce the "best price" you negotiated by the amount of the fee if you walk out, but many more times, they will offer to be "generous" and "split" the difference with you.

    When you choose the 0% financing, you do so "in lieu" of (instead) the $1,000 "dealer engagement" money that apparently Mazda has on the 2009 Mazda5. The 2008 has $1,500 "dealer engagement" money.
  • Okay, so let me get this straight. In Florida you pay an additional fee to the dealership besides the normal (Tax, Tittle, License, and Doc Fees) or are those the fees you are referring to? Usually is:

    Price of vehicle + Tax + Tittle + License + Documentation + Tire + Financing (if applicable) = Total Out The Door Price

    You mean to tell me that in addition to this, Florida resisdents have to pay an adittional fee?
  • You might have missed out. The Owner Loyalty is an additional $1000 that is available for Mazda owners, and I don't believe it excludes other incentives. It's on the MazdaUSA website. I think the dealer used it on the '07 I owned for a few days to get me into the 09. They make more profit on used and they would have had to give some of that up when I made the switch.

    Like I said above, I paid more than I needed too by 1-1.5K - more than I would have if I would have decided in the first place I wanted new, and if I had found out what people were actually paying on this forum, rather than using TMV or KBB which apparently is not including the dealer incentives.

    But I don't think I got totally screwed and we're happy with the car. Probably the best thing for those of us who didn't get the killer deal is to stop reading this thread and just go enjoy the car!

    They gave us a discount on the set of Mazda5 set covers so the $300 mazda gift covered the price. Ordered them this morning :).
  • As explained already, the dealer can offer $1000 off as an incentive, UNLESS you opt for their 0% financing. It's similar to "cash back, or low rate financing, take your pick" deals. They don't explain it as a service fee if you take their financing - they don't add it to the invoice, or MRSP, or anything like that (like TTL). Unless your financing from another lender is really low (under 4% on $18,000, for example), you'll pay more than $1000 in interest over the life of the loan.

    Now, I'm always being told of a different fee that some in this thread don't seem to have to deal with - the processing fee, or delivery fee. This is independent of how you finance the car, and the dealer's quotes I'm getting always say "with all incentives, not including taxes, tags, and processing fees."
  • We pay Tax 6% in Broward County. Tag around 150 to 225 for a new tag. Tire disposal 6.50? and the "Dealer Services Fee" which ranges from what I have seen from 250 to 895. The 895 is at the Eddie Accardi dealerships.
  • The never-ending story continues:

    Because we have a fraud alert on our credit report, the financing never went through with the dealer. I went back to the dealer today and they applied the $1000 to my balance. I'm going to pay cash so I just saved some more $.

    Thanks for letting me know the 0% APR deal has another option.
  • Just got back from the dealers on our 09 Mazda5 touring and it didn't turn out so good. For the second dealer who says that they can offer the car for $16.5k 2 days ago, we went there today and they said that it was offered as their month end and now they are only offering it for $20k for the touring edition, so we walked out. For the 17k car from the first dealer, they said it was available then they tried to force me to buy an 7 year 100k mile extended warranty for $3.5k and bulk up another $2.5k in other charges. When I asked questions, the salesperson treated me like an idiot. I had to pull out my wife out from the dealer because she is emotionally attached to the car and she was kind of glad later that we got nothing. The car dealer which tried to offer the 17k mazda5 touring edition is Giuffre Mazda at Bay Ridge Brooklyn so just a warning for you out there not to go there. I might go to the other 2 mazda dealers in the end of the month to see if they want to sell. I have nothing against buying a new mazda5, but I wanted a decent low maintenance used car but I can't convince my wife to buy another car...
  • Thanks. I discovered the incentive on the owner part of the Mazda website, which I forgot about it for like 3 years. Well, the dealer did not get the money directly (because they need my title of my old mazda to authorize the owner incentive, according to Mazda website). I guess they might get a bonus because they save the manufactuer money.
  • a101a101 Posts: 9
    New to this forum.
    I purchased a used 2008 Mazda 5 Touring with 15k miles on it for $14,800 over the weekend. I think I am happy about the deal although its not as great as I (initially, before visiting here) thought before. :shades:
    This is from D. Dahle Mazda dealership in Salt Lake City, UT. The sticker price on the car was over $17k.
    The dealer was OK. Nothing too special about their service. Salesman was appearing too busy on the day of sale. The guy who had to print all the sales documents took sometime as well. He was offering $1100 for extending the warranty to 6 years and 75k miles. If not used, the money will be refunded at the end of the warranty coverage period. What do you guys think of that deal? Should I get it?

  • I've never heard of an extended warranty that would be refunded if not used. Sounds too good to be true to me. Read the fine print and google the warranty company.

    I think conventional wisdom on extended warranties, if you're going to get one at all, is to buy them from someone other than the dealer.
  • Just purchased a 2009 Mazda 5 Sport AT November 26 for $16888. Got the financing through the credit union for 4.74% for 60 months. This was from Herzog-Meier Mazda Beaverton, Oregon. I don't know if I overpaid, but it's a price I can live with, about $3000 below MSRP.
  • a101a101 Posts: 9
    Congrats on your purchase...

    I think you got a good deal. 2009 brand new for under $17k can't be bad.
    Did you get the offer for the warranty? I was offered that by the dealership. It is extension of the factory warranty offered by Mazda. I did not see any papers for fine prints and those details but it made sense to me. They charge you a little extra upfront for the option of paying back. But what it does for them is that now you (the owner) won't go to them for little little thing (probably anything costing you less than $500). You won't get those small things fixed under warranty to keep the $1100 cash back at the end of the 6 years. Saves Mazda some money as the warranty essentially becomes not bumper to bumper but only for major components -- because as I said, you won't go to get small issues fixed under warranty... that's how I think they can offer the option to pay back the warranty money... :confuse:
  • a101a101 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your comment "oahumazda5"!

    You say buy it from someone other than the dealer because of price or service? Shouldn't a warranty from Mazda be the best one to get for a Mazda car? And the dealership is there and they can do the service and handle the claims with the least hassle. With the online warranty companies its always a few extra steps to get the authorization for work etc.

    Is $1100 for 3 years extension a good price?
  • a101,

    I dont want to be a party pooper, but here is my $0.02 The price you paid for the extended service is about average of what people have posted here. I had never heard of getting a refund if you did not use the extended service either as oahu mentioned. My understanding has been that you can get a full refund only if you cancel it before the original warranty (3yr/36k) runs out. After that, you can still get a refund if you cancel, but it will be a pro-rated amount. Reasons for canceling would be a change of mind, sold the vehicle or a total loss. Most people forget about their E.S. when they sell or trade in the vehicle and/or when they experience a total loss, thus extended service companies keep the money and make out like a bandit, unless of course you remember to cancel.

    Also, an E.S. contract is just a peace of mind thing. It will only be of value if it is used past the premium paid for, in this case $1100. So if you have trouble-free ownership after the normal warranty period or only use the E.S. plan for less than the amount you paid for it, then it automatically becomes a waste of money. It is really a gamble you take whether you purchase it or not, it is strictly a peace of mind unless it is used and taken advantage of its benefits.
  • I really don't know much about extended warranties, but my general feeling about them is well summarized by vg33e. If you want the peace of mind, I have read that after-market warranties are a better buy. The paperwork might not be as easy, but significantly cheaper. For example, my credit union (PenFed) offered me an E.W. that could be rolled into the finance deal, and it was several hundred dollars cheaper than what the dealer offered. I prefer to take the gamble that my car won't need significant repairs, and if so they won't cost more than the price of an E.W. I can see why others would want the peace of mind.

    The strange thing to me about the deal they offer you is to take the point of view of the EW company. If you need no repairs, they give you your money back and make no money. If you need $1100 in repairs, you break even and they make no money. If you need $2100 in repairs, you save $1000 on getting your car fixed and they lose $1000. What's in it for them? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • a101a101 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your responses.

    I'll call the dealership again and try to get clarification on the money-back part of the warranty. I agree, it doesn't make much sense... except that they get to keep the $1100 for 5 years and can make some money off of that.

    I have not bought the warranty yet... but looking in to it...
  • That's looks like a pretty good deal. After almost being ripped off trying to buy a new 2009 Mazda 5, we decided to try to get a slightly used 2008 Mazda 5 thru a dealer auction. I agree with the others and you should not buy a warranty from the dealer and you should buy on your own like from
  • ziffoziffo Posts: 2
    I am getting email offer from various dealer in SoCal. The best so far has been $20,221 which includes the $1000 cash incentive. This is a for a 2009 Mazda5 GT in Crystal white with no additional options.

    Is this a good deal?

  • I'm getting quotes for around the same (just under $17,000) for the 09 Sport AT, but the wrinkle is, the price is minus the $670 Mazda destination charge. Mazda's MSRP includes the destination charge, Mazda dealers don't include it when quoting their price. So if your price of $16,888 was for everything except TTL, that's great. For me, it's not really $3000 below MSRP, it's more like $2300 below, due to the game they play with destination charge.
  • Finally did it - bought a 2009 Sport Automatic with no options other than wheel locks, for $17,100 before TTL and other fees.

    Other fees include: destination charge (freight) and processing fee. I dislike how Mazda quotes MSRP with freight included, but dealers quote the price without it and you add it back onto your "best price". When I asked a dealer why they did that, he said so they could be aggressive with pricing (as, they can make the price seem like a better deal than it is!).

    So, freight on the car was $670, which is standard for Mazda (but it's now gone up for the Sport AT). The dealer processing fee was a whopping $349. Other dealerships in the area charge the same.

    When I was getting quotes for $16,995, I was forgetting the $1000 ownership loyalty incentive, which I don't qualify for, so even without that, I got close. I stayed under $19,000 for the total out the door price, so I can live with that. Looks good in the driveway!
  • ziffoziffo Posts: 2
    I just took delivery of my new Mazda 5 GT in Crystal white.

    I paid $21,810 out the door. :shades:
  • speddyspeddy Posts: 16
    Just wondering, in an earlier post, you said you had a much lower deal worked out at 20,200 or so. Why did you go ahead and buy at 21,810? That's quite a bit higher. I am in the market to buy a grey GT mazda 5 and I got the Consumer reports new car report that said the bottom line price should be 21,445. There is no mention of any rebate on the consumer report. I was at the dealer the other day and the sales man mentioned a 1000 dollar rebate for mazda owners, but we don't own a mazda. I think he is just offering me dealership money off and calling it a mazda owner rebate. What do you guys think?
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