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Mitsubishi 3000GT help



  • I have had this problem also. You can try moving the shifter up and down a few times and you can also try moving the steering wheel left and right while trying to get the key out.
  • I would like to find a publication that would help me r and r my injectors in my 1991 . Please let me know where I can buy a manual or other guide. Thank you
  • go to you can get anything you want 4 ur 3000gt
  • the wesite is 3SX.COM. I hope this helps.......alaska11
  • The key is still stuck in the ignition. The key will not rotate to the "off" position. It will only go as far as the "accessory" position. Has anyone had this problem to this degree? I have moved the wheel and the shifter too many times to count. I have adjusted the shift cable at the transmission to no avail. I have disassembled the console, but still can't grt to the shifter. There is a "security cable" that runs pb the steering column. Is any one familiar with this cable? Thanks, alaska 11
  • Alaska 11,

    Try this.
    Turn and hold your steering wheel as hard as you can to the left. At the same time, push in your key as you rotate it backwards to the off position.
  • OVERVIEW: I have a 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT with a DOHC V6 and a 5 spd manual transmition. I noticed my car started running a little ruff, check engine light came on and my battery gaudge showed, if i ran my heater while my headlights are on and come to a stop/idlle, the battery gaudge will drop considerabley and my lights dim. Ofcourse,1 if its day time, heater can be ran without dechargeing the battery. I noticed the crank pulley has some in and out movement to it. Is it supposed to do that? So then this morning 1 of my 2 Serp. belts shredds off and now long shraplings of my belt are wedged inbetween my block and the pullies.
    QUESTIONS: How can I get that belt out and are there and tricks to putting the belts back in. Could I have possible engine damage judgeing by the play in the crank pulley? Someone please help me!!
  • waliswalis Posts: 35
    Hello all! I'm new to the forum. My big problem led me to seek help. My '93 3000GT (base, manual) won't move when put in gear. It all started one morning when I was driving my son to pre-school. As I took off from my parking lot I noticed it was jerking and struggling to move. It got me to the school fine and on my way back, it worsened. It really struggled to move.I stopped and try the reverse and it was working until suddenly it stopped. It'd go on gear fine but it won't move. I had to push it home (luckily I was 2 blocks away).
    Here's the problem in a nutshell: Car goes in gear but doen't move. My mechanic thought it was the clutch. He took the tranny off to find a relatively new clutch in there. So before he starts guessing,I thought I should research on my own.

  • I own a 93 3000GT, I am wondering if the 92 body is compatible for parts. I have found a 92 3000GT and I need a passenger door and passenger front-side(over the wheel well) panel. Would the 92 body parts work on my 93? I love my car 3000GTs are the best!!!
  • mw3000mw3000 Posts: 24
    91 to 93 models are the same. i think 94 is close with a different hood and headlights mainly. also if you need parts the dodge stealth is the same car with diffrent trim packages. :shades:
  • mw3000mw3000 Posts: 24
    hey hows it going, find a better shop and tell them to check hydraulic slave and master cylander. that was my problem when the same thing happened, and it was cheaper than a clutch
  • How do I change the tail light bulbs on a '93 3000 gt?
  • My 94 did the same thing. It turned out to be a sensor on the engine. I can't remember what it's called but has something to do with the fuel flow. It has an electrical wire coming out of it and is held in by 2 screws. It costs about $ 350.00 at the dealer but can be had online for about $180.00. Hope thia helps, Good luck.
  • mw3000mw3000 Posts: 24
    To change the bulbs, there are some plastic panels on the rear inside the trunk, just pull the covers of and you will see the light bulb holders, twist out nad there are the lights
  • advanceadvance Posts: 1
  • car23car23 Posts: 1
    I have a 3000GT. My alarm system had problems and now my dealer said there is no indication with the alarm system that I am activating my alarm (such as horn beeping, lights flashing, etc.). I know there was a sound. Does anyone have a 1997 3000GT and have information related to the alarm system.
  • redcurlzredcurlz Posts: 9
    :blush: Im afraid im not to knowlegeable on the a/c unit in the 3000GT.
  • stunna2stunna2 Posts: 13
    Alright, so I have a 93 vr4. I changed theoil and started it after it. It started right up. Then I shut it off. Came back and tried to start it and it wouldn't start. I had the computer sent off and ran and it came back clean. So now I think it is the power transister unit or the p.t.u. But I'm not sure. So what do you think and if it isthat how much is it.
  • mw3000mw3000 Posts: 24
    Hello, I have a 93 and i had to replace the ignition switch, I have since given the car to my sister, and she has no problems.
  • leonchinleonchin Posts: 10
    who can tell me that the price of oil filter in you market?
  • alaska11alaska11 Posts: 7
    About $3.79 zip code 29687
  • bmossbmoss Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me what all I need to remove to change the back 3 plugs on a 3.0? This is my wifes car and Im not sure how to go about it. I have always owned and built american iron and this is kind of new to me.
  • duy_gtduy_gt Posts: 3
    i just got the mitsu 1993 3000gt but something wrong with the auto trans,it starts at gear 2th and run very slowly when it begins accelaration, please help me or any one have manual trans for sale ,please let me know :sick:
  • duy_gtduy_gt Posts: 3
    the car starts with the second gear and i dont know what wrong with it,is electrical problem with the transmission ? or the gear problem ? please ,i need help?
  • I bought a 1996 VR4 with no modifications (Hardly driven, brand new everything with 12,500 miles) done to it. I was thinking of putting a different exhaust and a blow off valve. I'm not really much into the car world, so I don't really know what sorts of parts I should buy. I was looking through some blow off valves, and found HKS ones, but there's about 5 or 7 to choose from. If cost wasn't an issue, what kind of blow off valve could my car handle at the stock 320 whp level.
  • roll_18roll_18 Posts: 5
    I have a 95 mitsubishi 3000gt, there's no sign of it being a Vr4 so does that mean i have a base type? And if i do, will Vr4 and SL parts fit my car?
  • chgodchgod Posts: 1
    No direct experience, but from what I hear a real beast. The rear motor mount has to be disconnected, the engine/trans slightly lifted up and the plugs changed.

    You might be able to with a socket set and some u-joints snake a plug socket on it.

    When you do get it, put REAL GOOD plugs in it so you don't have to bother again for a long, long time.
  • jinstasijinstasi Posts: 10
    as far as blow off valves go check out it reall depends on how much you want to spend and how loud you want it to be the exhaust is easy borla baby expensive but very nice sound i have one but cant sell it on here awsome sound though
    when you do the exhaust you should at least get a k&n air filter also ">
  • jinstasijinstasi Posts: 10
    do not use the bosch platinum +4
  • jinstasijinstasi Posts: 10
    throttle position sensor or fuel pressure regulator
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