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Infiniti G37 Lease Questions



  • mickylongmickylong Posts: 29

    That helps. BTW, any feel for when the manufacturers start shutting down production for current year in favor of next year's model? In other words when do I start believing the "short supply" and limited inventory comments? I am assuming that given the recent restyling of the G37 probably not many changes planned for 09 (not sure when Infiniti releases the 09s anyway). Just had a dealer in TN decline to provide an Internet price saying he didn't have anything in stock that matched what I wantd (Journey w/ Premium and Nav) and nearest inventory he could locate was in Florida two states away. I'm thinking he realizes that since I'm in Atlanta he'd really have to get aggressive on price to get my to travel 100 or so miles for this. Too bad.

    Thanks again.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    When I was looking last year the dealers could not find the car I wanted (6mt SEDAN) so they were going to try to order me one near the end of June - but it was too late to get an 07 so they had to order an 08. By the time it came in the lease rates were terrible so I did not take it. With the G made overseas there is a pretty long lead time from order to delivery, but you should have maybe 6-8 weeks to order one now.

    Did you check with Harper in Knoxville? I got my G37 from them and with the $0 doc fee and no lease rate mark-up makes for a nice deal.

  • mickylongmickylong Posts: 29
    I requested a quote from them but haven't heard back yet. Hopefully will this weekend. It's car show weekend here in Atlanta so that will keep me occupied for a bit but I need to do this thing soon -- time to stop researching and start driving!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Send me an e-mail via my profile and I can send you my guy's contact info.

    If you are not going to lease, the sedan is a much better buy - everything is about the same for thousands less and easier to find. On a lease, the coupe is close to the same price due to its higher residual. I ended up with a coupe because I am leasing and it is easier to find a 6mt coupe than a sedan equipped like I wanted. "Easy" being relative since they had to get the car from GA, the closest sedan was FL or VA IIRC .

  • mkadams9mkadams9 Posts: 25
    I am shopping for a G35x AWD with wood trip and premium package. I was told the invoice price was ~35100, and it I could get it for 35200. I worked with him about a month back and the invoice was lower. He told me the invoice went up? could that be true? Before it was closer to what says (34,672).

    Either way I want 15K, 36 months. For a sign and drive (nothing out of pocket) I was offered $526. If I paid the fees and taxes of about $2000, it would drop down to $472.

    Do these numbers look in line?
  • What NJ dealer gave you this great deal?
  • rlbjr2rlbjr2 Posts: 84
    brodway and plym rock,

    Sorry took so long to respond. I do not have a deal with any dealer yet. All of the numbers in my posted "deal" should definitely be achievable by anyone in the NJ area. I can get the car for invoice through my works VPP, but from reading others posted prices paid on this and other forums most people are paying from invoice to a few hundred over invoice for a G35x. The other numbers(MF and residual) are directly from IFS. With so many dealers in the northern NJ area it should be fairly easy to get the same "deal" as my numbers.
  • mkadams9mkadams9 Posts: 25
    Ray Catenia in Edison. So this is a good deal? I would love to get it down closer to 500 with no money out of pocket. Do you think that is possible?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Infiniti raised G prices starting with those made/shipping in February. If you find a G that was made before then it should still be at the old price. The max increase was $250 at MSRP but that would be for a loaded car, most went up $200 or less. I don't think any went up as much as you quoted. Check over at and see what they show for invoice, I know they have the new prices. Also, just check the MSRP of the car you car looking at to make sure it matches the MSRP show online - if so, then the invoice should match what is shown online. If the MSRP is more or less, you will need to adjust the shown invoice.

  • ajb723ajb723 Posts: 55
    when calculating lease payments, where do I put acquisition fee, doc fee, reg fee- do these go in the negotiated price field? Does destination charge get added to MSRP?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You can put the numbers any place you want to - do you want to roll them unto the lease? Then add to the negotiated price. Want to pay them at signing? Then do not.

    Residual is a percentage of full MSRP including destination.

  • mkadams9mkadams9 Posts: 25
    Thanks for pointing out carsdirect. Their invoice price was within $50 of what I was told.

    Has anybody been good enough to get a price under invoice?
  • ybz1ybz1 Posts: 2
    Hi there,

    When calculating the residual value, is that calculated from the Adjusted Capitalized Cost? If so, than paying a larger down payment would not make any sense since only a percentage of the down would actually be applied to the payment. If however the residual value is a ‘fixed’ amount independent of the Cap price, than I guess it does not matter…

    Also, what is Acquisition fee and is there away around it? How much is it usually?


  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Residual is a percentage of MSRP including destination - so once you pick a car it is fixed for a given term and mile limit. The lower you negotiate the price the less the difference is between your net cap cost and the residual so the lower your payment. The same is true for a "down payment" (cap cost reduction) - the more you pay the lower the payment. It has a direct effect - you save all that you put down plus the interest on it.

    Note that it is a bad idea to pay any of your money into a lease. If you car is stolen or totalled your insurance will settle with the lease bank for what is the current buy out on the car - leaving you with nothing.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Has anybody been good enough to get a price under invoice?

    With the $500 that was offered on coupes and sedans at various times, yes. Without the $500, I have not seen anyone post a deal below invoice for the car, destination, and dealer fee. If you have a nice trade they can rip you off on, then I am sure you could deal under invoice on the new car :D .

  • lonaldlonald Posts: 6
    I just got back from the dealership and left a deposit on a G35X. I have to put 1700 down, which includes first payment, bank fee's, some New york State fees, DMV ect.... I got a price of 500 with 12000 a year for 24 months. I got sunroof, no ipod, no navi, no tech package.
    ALso, I they are spliting the remeaning lease of my jeep with me at 405 a month for 8 months. So we are each paying for 4 months of that lease as i am just about over on milllage.

    What do you think?
    I got the blue with gray interior, they said i had to choose what they had left in stock.

    thanks in advance.
  • Right now I still have 6 months to go on my leasing of a 2005 Murano. So I'm trying to check out cars I might be interested in ahead of time. Pricing on the new 2009 Murano is high so my wife and I went to see the new Infiniti's. Test drove the G35 and loved it...since we wern't buying right(Nisaan won't let us out of our lease) then they really didn't want to give me any pricing. Anyway I've been leasing cars for the last 10 years. After reading this sight I realize I know very little about what I'm doing.
    The G35 I liked had the prem/nav/tech options plus splash guards and cargo netting .
    The MSRP including destination charges comes out to $40,825 I live in NYC.
    So whats my best plan of action to lease this car? The cost per month depends on the final price correct? I can live with 10k a year in mileage. I just retired so the least money down and monthly payments are what I'm looking for . What would be a good price to settle for with the options I wanted? And appox what do you think the monthly payments would be? I can put $3,000 down to start. I'd really appreciate any help you can give me...thank you in advance.

    PS since I have to wait until Oct (although the salesperson said to come back in a couple of months , that they might be able to get me out of the current Nisaan lease). Should I wait for the 2009's to come out (when do they come out) ?

    Thanks again.
  • drjustindrjustin Posts: 50
    seeking lease education assistance please.

    i'm in the market for an 08 g35 sport edition. i know exactly what i want in the car. that being:
    black w/stone interior
    premium package
    splash guards
    (obvious sport package)

    i've looked around online and have "read" the things to look for etc. i live in tulsa, ok and have entered what the invoice should be. i know my fico is fair enough to lease the car(673) but as far showing up at a dealer, or calling them via phone to get the best deal, i'm still not confident with my grasp of all the details.

    even if i had the money factor, i wouldn't know what to do with it etc. is there a resource anywhere that can help explain how to sort through the details?

    any help is very much appreciated.
  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    Try the lease section on the Edmunds site for some of the ins and outs of leasing. You can also check out for more info and an easy to use lease calculator. As always, first negotiate the best price for the car.
  • lonaldlonald Posts: 6
    I just got back from the dealership and left a deposit on a G35X. I have to put 1700 down, which includes first payment, bank fee's, some New york State fees, DMV ect.... I got a price of 500 with 12000 a year for 24 months. I got sunroof, no ipod, no navi, no tech package.
    ALso, I they are spliting the remeaning lease of my jeep with me at 405 a month for 8 months. So we are each paying for 4 months of that lease as i am just about over on milllage.

    What do you think?
    I got the blue with gray interior, they said i had to choose what they had left in stock.

    thanks in advance.
  • brian62brian62 Posts: 31
    While a lease can be complicated to calculate, it is basic math. There are however several different ways that a dealer can mark up the lease and make additional profit.
    When I am shopping for my lease, I don't really care if they want to mark up the money factor or charge me a large doc fee, AS LONG AS THE PAYMENT is where I want to be.

    For example, if Dealer 1 is offering me $485 a month with a car sale price of $32,000 and Dealer 2 is offering me $475 a month with a sale price of $35,000, I am going with the lower payment (assuming same drive off, miles, term, etc.)

    So, if you don't want to learn the math, do some quick research and determine what you would like to pay and don't worry about anything except the payment.

    Now, how do you determine what is a fair price ? Here is what I do...

    1. Go to Edmonds and price your vehicle, you want to see the MSRP and Invoice Price. For this example I will use the G35 Sport with the Prem Pkg. MSRP is $35,865 and Invoice is $32,900. Here is a link to the web page I am referring to. - n=2

    2. Now you need the residual and money factors, which Dennis has posted in the past. See post #2742 of this thread, these are for Tier 1 or better, not sure if 673 credit is Tier 1 or not. On a 36 month, 15k miles per year lease the Residual is 58% and Money Factor is .00178.

    3. Go to Edmunds lease calculator and plug in the numbers.
    1. Select Basic Lease.
    2. Vehicle Sales Price = to Invoice 32,900
    3. Input your tax (I am using 8% for this example)
    4. Input your estimated title and Reg (I am using $600) or leave it blank and just expect to pay those in addition to your best deal.
    5. Leave the next 4 blank.
    6. Input 36 months
    7. Residual value equals MSRP * Residual % (35,865 * .58 = 20801)
    8. Input Money Factor.
    9. Leave miles per year at 15,000
    10. Acquisition fee of $595
    11. Leave security deposit at zero.
    12. Calculate

    4. This gives you a payment of $515.84. So what does this mean? If you where to lease the car at invoice (I am not saying that invoice pricing is realistic or even the best deal in your area, just using it as a reference point) and include your license plates, registration and acquisition fee with ZERO money down and NO other dealer add on fees.

    IMHO, I don't care if they charge me a doc fee or not. If you start comparing anything other then monthly payments, it will get confusing.

    Your next step will be to e-mail several dealers to get price quotes. I usually e-mail 8-10 dealers (go out of state if necessary). To try and keep things on the same playing field with the quotes, I send them something like this...
    "I am interested in leasing a G35 Journey with Prem Pkg, 12k miles per year for 24 months with $1,000 drive off. Tier 1 credit. Open to any color except black"

    I suggest you include a color choice, or you will immediately get questions on what color you want. Often they will send you quotes not using your terms, for example with $4,000 drive off, or not including tax etc. Just reply and ask, what about with $1,000 drive off and including tax?

    If you follow this, you will only have to keep track of the terms they offer you (length of lease, miles per year, drive off amount and monthly payment). If all of these are the same, go for the lowest payment.

    Good luck!
  • bdabbdab Posts: 7
    I just discovered this forum yesterday & the info was really helpful in shopping for a G37 Sport today. It was my first time in an Infiniti and I just LOVE the car. I like it better than the BMW 328 coupe I was also considering or the Saab Aero Convertible I currently have.
    I am curioius about the references to 0 down / up front, in such cases, how is the first month's payment handled?
    Is that rolled into the lease and if so, how is that calculated?
    Also, I am in NJ. Has anyone heard of adding sales tax to a 595 bank fee and a 249 doc fee when they are paid up front (minor I know, but just trying to understand all the little charges that add up.)
    I see a lot of these cars in the Central NJ dealer inventory - Is this typical for Infinitis? I would think there would be some great deals around. I have to wait about a month more to make mine, as my current lease runs through June - any thoughts on where lease factors will go w/in the next month?
  • brian62brian62 Posts: 31
    The first months payment is added into the cost of the lease along with the doc, acq, and other fees.

    With money factors as low as they are these days, it makes a lot of sense to put zero down. I even had a deal where I was going to put zero down and the dealer was going to cut me a check for $1,300 to cover my remaining lease payments on my BMW. They were rolling in the $1,300 into my new lease so I was essentially borrowing the money, but at a very low interest rate.

    Just a reminder for those thinking of putting money down on your lease. If your new car gets stolen (and not recovered, or totaled in an accident) on the day you drive home your new G35, you will lose 100% of your down payment. The insurance company will take care of the rest of your lease payments, they will NOT reimburse you for your down payment.
  • ct1211ct1211 Posts: 56
    Hi everyone here is the deal I just worked out on a G-37 MT-6 Black on Black, with premium, Nav, Tech, 4 wheel steering, splash cargo net and mats the car is loaded I think.

    MSRP 45045
    Invoice 40934
    Price of car 40934
    Money factor .00194
    Residual 72%
    Zero down (just start ups equal to 1600.00)
    24 months 15K miles
    6% Michigan tax
    Monthly payment = $526.36

    Did I miss anything? Should I buy it at this deal or do you think May might bring better terms?

    Thanks so much for any input guys!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    To make your long story short :D :

    You deal the price down on the car just like you are buying it. You want to be within $500 of invoice for the car, destination, and dealer doc or prep fee - less any customer cash (none right now).

    You make sure you get the lease buy rates - as published here and other places each month.

    You roll in the taxes, bank fee, tags, title, etc into the lease if you want to - or plan on paying them at signing.

    With whatever you want to finance added to your price, you plug the numbers into a lease calc, add taxes as needed, and you have your payment.

    Pretty simple this way. None of that "dealer a says $xxx with $qqqq down" and "dealer b says $yyy with $zzzz down" stuff. Much easier to just deal the price down and lease at the buy rate. If everyone would learn how their state and local taxes work and how much the local and state fees are, you can work your whole deal to the penny and instantly know if the dealer did it right or added something to it (those sneaky dealers). The goal is not to compare the offers from a couple of dealers, the goal is to lease your new G for the least possible amount.

  • ccc4ccc4 Posts: 4
    Hi Dennis,

    I have been reading your posts for a while, very helpful. One thing I'm not very clear is when you said invoice, did you already include the destination charge? Usually the two are listed separately, for example invoice is $36000 and there is $715 for destination. Every dealer I talked did it this way: quote price first, then add destination on top of it. Your invoice seems to combine them together. If so, it means we should be able to get the car a couple hundred dollars below dealer’s invoice, after adding the destination charge, it will be in the range you specified ($500 over invoice). Is this true? Also I noticed most of your posts are for leasing. Do you think there will be any price difference between leasing and purchasing?

    Thanks a lot
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It has to be paid and the "wholesale" and "retail" cost of destination is the same - no markup. So when I say "invoice" (as do many other folks and sources) this is for the car and destination.

    Get your quotes to include the car, destination, and any dealer doc or prep fee. Then when you compare quotes from various dealers you will be comparing apples to apples. Since many Infiniti dealers have high doc fees making sure that is included is a must.

    You should be around invoice (including dest) + $500 for the car, destination, and dealer fee less any customer cash (currently none).

    Leasing or buying should make no difference to the dealer at this time. AFAIK the cheap finance offer nor the current lease rates change the dealer's cost at all. Normally that only comes into play when there is dealer incentive money on the line, so they can (let us say) knock the price down $1k more OR give you a really cheap lease or loan - but not both.

  • mkadams9mkadams9 Posts: 25
    I was offered a G35x, with premium and Nav (sticker is $39,725) for $526/month. The invoice is ~$36300.

    Bottom line, 15k/month for either 36 or 39 months (not sure which off the top of my head) with NO money out of pocket for $526 month. I think this is a really good deal but wanted to make sure
  • drjustindrjustin Posts: 50
    just curious to know any experience anyone has had, positive or negative with "leasewise." looking for a good deal on a g35 sport in tulsa and considering using leasewise.
  • ct1211ct1211 Posts: 56
    Hi, a second party will never get you a better lease than what you can get yourself through IFS. You need to find the buy rates for your car in these forums for money factor and locate the residual for the term and miles you want to lease for. finally, build your car here at edmunds giving you your MSRP and Invoice price. You are now armed with the info you need to work your own lease with solid numbers you can simply walk into a dealership with. Then use a lease calculator to structure your deal. It just takes a little work. Any third part is going to be marking up what ever you might be saving as they need to make a living too!
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