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  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    One last try for information concerning rubber to metal squeek in front drivers side of CC 4x4. It is somewhere in the suspension stuff (thats technical talk). Haven't had a chance to take it back to dealer.

    Lewac et al ... Just a note of caution about your new computer to network connection. Be sure to turn off your computer when you're not using it. It will be tempting to leave it on to save time, but please read on. Since you are hooked to the Internet full time thru your service provider, you are open to hackers getting to your computer. Hackers can place programs (viruses or trouble causing)on your hard drive. They can also get to valuable information such as bank data, passwords, account numbers, etc. without you knowing about it. Experts with the proper software have monitored their computers and have had up to 200 hits per month on their computer from hackers from around the world. I know this isn't a computer board but since everyone gets to it via their computer .... it is relevent. I have worked with computers all my life and just want to warn everyone to this fact. You can purchase firewall software to 'try' to alieviate this problem ... but nothing is safe from hackers. Best to just get on line, do your stuff, then unhook or turn the power off. I'll get off the box now......

    Still loving the Super Duty .... wish we could get some more snow for the 4x4. Happy Motoring!
  • dbarbee1dbarbee1 Member Posts: 13
    mine is in but dont have yet. Ford screwed up they put the wrong rear end in mine. So now I have to wait till they get the new one in.Hope this week sometime
  • pistoleropistolero Member Posts: 52
    Your old pal Gossamar posted info on this at super duty IV topic 1356, post #518 of 834. Hope that's what you're looking for!!
  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    Thanks for the help ..... that's exactly what I was looking for .... and thank you gossamar. I just knew it was in here someplace. I wish I had time to go back over all the posts starting from Super Duty I. 4 1/2 years until retirement ... maybe then I'll have time for more important things in life than WORK! Happy motoring!
  • quikdrawquikdraw Member Posts: 6
    I've read some discussion on the Ford accessory fog lights. My dealer quoted $250.00 for the kit with no installation. That's a bunch o' money for those dinky little lights! I noticed that I too have a pull out position on my headlight switch as others have discussed. Has anyone purchased the lights and installed them? Has anyone researched the switch and wiring harness to see if it is wired under the hood and has an indicator? Surely the setup isn't too complicated and if wired correctly, will save a alot of money.
  • jraskejraske Member Posts: 131
    There are two F250 XLTs With V10s at Robbinson Ford in Calexico Calif, one is a short bed crew cab, the other is a short bed super cab , both are white with a nice list of options. and both are about $32000 MSRP.
    I know this might be a long haul for some of you but for those in Calif it might be worth checking out while they are still there.
    Hope this helps someone.
  • gossamargossamar Member Posts: 106
    Well, about that front squeak...I had the TTB done about 1-month ago...but now the squeak is BACK and almost worse than before. From what I can tell there is two possible places that need to be checked. First is the front leaf spring shackles, second is where the front sway bar attatches to the frame under the drivers foot area. I will be making an appointment with dealer soon and will PERSONALLY take them for a ride so they can hear first hand what noise I am talking about!!
    LEWAC...I STRONGLY AGREE WITH WILDSIDE1 about getting a firewall protection for your DSL service. I have had the DSL for a couple of months now and the firewall gets hit almost every day. I have it set on MAXIMUM protection so it blocks everything!! Go to and you can download one for about $40.00. Well worth the protection, cause as I am typing this...someone is scanning the network now!!
    ...Still loving the truck!! Pulled my 2nd semi out of the loading dock the other day...V-10 POWER!!
  • dave84dave84 Member Posts: 75
    Yes, the factory installed light switch does pull out at the headlight position, but unfortunately the rest of the switch is not set up to accommodate fog lights- there are no contacts on the back of the switch to tap in to. The Ford fog light kit you mention includes a new switch that has the contacts and does (obviously) fully function. As far as I know, this switch can not be purchased separately from Ford. A check of salvage yards may yield a lucky find, though.

  • bigbluebigblue Member Posts: 4
    I got the same info. regarding the fog lamps and the switch last week when I asked about them at the parts dept. I guess Ford supplies a new headlamp switch in the kit that will actually turn on the fog lamps. The price they quoted was about the same as for Dave84.
    BTW, my truck arrived at the dealer last Friday. Ordered 12/01/99. That was just about the length the salesman had told me I'd wait when I placed the order; 8 weeks + a couple for the holiday shutdown. I can't wait to pick it up this week. I've been by the dealer every day to check it over. The salesman let me take the owners manual so I could educate myself before delivery.

    Mainecowgirl, I will let you know about my line-x experiences after I get it sprayed. Sorry to hear that you're "on hold". That's just more time to think about those options. I would still go with your V-10 choice. I grew up in Lexington MA which is next door to Arlington, and I only live about 20 min. from there now.
  • bigbluebigblue Member Posts: 4
    I meant to reference post #5 (quickdraw) for the price of fog lights, not Dave84. I would think for that price Ford must include wires for the lights with an easy hookup to the existing harness.?
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    Congrats on your truck, you lucky fellow. Although I'm a "Maine" cowgirl now...I was born in Lexington! Please do let me know about the Line-X. I was thinking about it today as I was shoveling 5 inches of rain-soaked snow out of my F150 truck bed before it freezes tonight. I have a bedliner now with all the ridges, and it's a pain to get the ice out of it.
  • sdmansdman Member Posts: 65
    Bigblue: Congrats and welcome to the "haves". We are sure enjoying the heck out of our new truck. I feel for everyone still waiting - hang in there, it's worth it!

    On the subject of spray-in liners, I am planning on heading off to the line-X dealer in the next few days. I have three to choose from that are in reasonable driving distance. My question - what's a reasonable price that I should expect to pay?
  • tracyotracyo Member Posts: 72
    As I understand it for 2000 the psd has all new injectors- all 8 are a new design.
  • duckfoot1duckfoot1 Member Posts: 3
    I was at the Northwest sportsman show on sat. and a linex dealer there was advertising 360.00 for a LB SD truck. My neighbor was able to save 15.00.
  • longhairlonghair Member Posts: 72
    with my 99 CC the extra strap was not included, but was free from dealer when you asked for it. supposedly can install it yourself. I keep forgetting to go ask for it since pickup (no kids of my own) but intend to since I drive my sister's kid from time to time
  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    Got my $500 check from Ford yesterday for being a Farm Bureau member. They sell insurance of all sorts and Ford has a deal with them. It took about 6 1/2 weeks from time I got my Super Duty until I received the check. Now we're at $549 under invoice. Guess I'll take it and fill up the gas tank ...... if I could just get the duffle bag and get rid of the squeek, my life will be complete .... Happy Motoring!
  • mthmmthm Member Posts: 4
    Wildside1 - My Ford dealer informed me in early Dec 99 that the deal with the Farm Bureau had expired and was not being renewed. I feel that I was misinformed by my dealer since you were able to use the program. Wonder what gives? Anyone else out there been told something different by their dealer.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    I paid $375 (plus tax)for my Line-X under the rails in October 1998 in Texas. The price range appears to be $350-$450 for under the rail. Not sure about over the rail.
  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    I believe the Farm Bureau/Ford deal does go off and on periodically and may change by region ..... but I don't know. I'm not sure what date Ford uses .... order date or delivery date .... to determine eligibility. I ordered my F-250 on September 25, 1999 and it was delivered December 29, 1999. You can use these dates if you want to .... if you talk to your dealer again about it. All I gave the salesman is a copy of my membership card. He then called it in and put the wheels in motion. If you need any additional information I'd be more than happy to help. I would recommend going back to the dealership and trying to talk to someone in finance ..... $500 is nothing to sneeze at. Have a Happy!
  • gtt1gtt1 Member Posts: 63
    I have the 2K f350 4x4 CC LB SRW with the 4" blocks (measured at 3.5"). What is the tallest tire I can get on the stock Lariat wheels? I am looking for a 265-85R-16 but my info show that size is not availiable til April or May. I don't want to lift it or go to 315's because of loss of milage, I just want a taller tire not wider. Anybody have suggestions on size, fitting, milaege, etc. For all those ordering, the A/S tires, Firestone Steeltex, are not worth anything in the mud.
    BTW the Excursions come with a rubber pad in the cubbyhole to the left of the socalled cupholder, I checked yesterday and it's $6.15 from ford and the Dallas warehouse has them in stock. It will keep your cellphone from sliding out and getting lost on the floor:)
    One last thing, any smokers out there, do you use the ashtray or have you found a replacement one, maybe a sandbag type? Thanks
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    My 92 F-250 came stock with 235 tires on it. The next set I put on were 265s. The final set was BFGR A/T 285s.

    I sat higher with the 285s, but I definitely used more power to move the truck and it showed in my mpg. The 285s probably looked the best because they were taller and wider, so they filled out the wheel wells better. Still, they weren't the most practical. They didn't scrape on turns, but if I had done any off-roading, I would have had tire rub.

    The 235s were probably the most practical, but in my opinion, they were too thin from an appearance standpoint. I felt the 265s were the best all around fit. I didn't notice an mpg drop, and I didn't notice a need to use more power. They had a fuller look in the wheel wells than the 235s.

    My current truck (99 Superduty) has 235s, but it's a dually. I plan to run the same size tire as long as I own the truck. No problem filling the rear wheel wells with four tires on the rear axle.
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    okay, here is the reason i've found out for all the delay on filling orders, and we can all probably compare notes to see if this is accurate.
    my "source" says the following:
    1. the true cause for delay in ordering time is the lack of automatic transmissions.
    2. it makes no difference to the factory what cab you order, or whether you get a psd or gas
    3. thought that 6-8 months (the time my dealer told me) was very pessismistic, and thought that 4 was a conservative estimate, regardless of sales region.
    4. fomoco is making a concerted effort to get internet order monitoring ability to us consumers in the near future.
    5. the tranny problem (we are competing with the excursion buyers, who are getting preference because ford is trying to get established in that line) is likely to be alleviated by april as more tranny capacity comes on line.

    this may be old news to some of you, but it was the first i've heard from what i would consider a credible source. i'm curious if any of the long overdue "havenots" are waiting for a manual transmission? anyway, it's food for thought, and i would love to know if we can disprove this info, or if maybe this is the real reason for our long delays.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    It would be interesting if you could describe your source. (Fomoco rep, family friend, dude at the track, etc..)
    Much of what you describe I've heard others also speculate on other forums, so its probably not far off.. A few of my comments on your points:
    1. (delay due to autos): Sounds reasonable. Also might explain why there are some incentives (500 factory->dealer rebate) for dealers to sell PSD+6sp..

    2. (cab type, etc): True, it makes no difference to the factory, however, this is a dealer allotment category and the factory is setup to meet dealer allotment numbers. So if a dealer does not have allotment, it is likely to cause delay.

    3. (6 to 8 month): There are people who have waited, and still are waiting in the 6 to 8 month range to receive their trucks.. Again, this is likely due to trucks being ordered by a dealer which fall outside their allotment numbers.

    4. (Ford on internet): First I've heard, but it would not suprise me.. Everything is going web based these days even for 'internal' applications.

    5. (increase production on trannys):good news for fomoco.
  • adubahbiadubahbi Member Posts: 24
    Ordered 12/21/99, still clean and unscheduled
    2000SD250 CC 4x4 LB Lariat v10 auto 3.73LS 265's etc, Green/Gold

    no news about being put on hold. DORA says price code 17, does this mean they can't stick me with the price increase?
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    My dealer called today and much to both of our surprise he had a 250 there with my ordered color combination (Dk. Toreador Red with Black two-tone). I jumped in my car and quickly drove over to take a look. The truck was set for it's new owner to come pick it up (three months since order), and I am really glad I went to see it. As hard as it to say that I looked at an F250 and didn't like it, I did decide that I didn't particularly like this combination. It was a little too "tough" looking for me. So I took out the two-tone option and went with all Dk. Tor. Red. It was nice to have a hands on look at a Lariat as well. I am looking forward to all that leather!...and vinyl...I knew you all had been hanging on the edge of your seats to see if I made at least one change during my wait!
  • randyb7randyb7 Member Posts: 3
    This is my first time
    onthe superduty post.I
    just had to let everyone
    know that on 2/4/00 i
    ordered a f250 sd sc
    xlt,5.4 , cd, tt
    pck.,wht/slv. at.I sat
    back expecting a long
    agonizing wait. Yesterday
    i decided i would rather
    have a taller tire so i
    called my dealer to my suprise he
    said my truck was being
    built today! He said he
    had comformation of a
    first week of march
    delivery and would call me
    back tomorrow with my vin#.I could'nt
    beleive it.That would make
    it right at 4 weeks from
    order to pickup.I will
    keep everyone posted on if
    this miracle really
    arrives on time.
  • ffd804ffd804 Member Posts: 20
    I don't know if I believe the automatic transmission is the cause of all the delays, for the following reason.
    I stopped by a local Ford dealer on Saturday and they had no less then eight 250's & 350's on the lot all with automatic transmissions, some 4x4's,some V8's, some psd's but no V10's. this would lead me to believe the auto transmissions are not the culprit. Most post seem to indicate the long waits are for the V10's
    Anybody interested the dealership is Wadsworth Ford 45 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio in Wadsworth. Father in law wasn't able to make a deal on a 99 F150 4x4 some time ago, but they have a good service department.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Congrats on the truck. (also don't hit enter at the end of a line, just keep typin.)
    I have a similar combo as you and my truck also arrived much faster than normal.. You'll love it!

    Y2K F250 XLT SC 4x2 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS white + several options. Arrived in just over 7 weeks.
  • jjones673jjones673 Member Posts: 28
    Friday will be three months since I ordered and I don't have a build date yet. 250 V-10 manual crew cab.
  • duckfoot1duckfoot1 Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone have mpg info for a 4x4 psd cc with 315 tires?
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Adubahbi, price code of 017 means the truck was ordered under the old price code. If this is a decent dealer, they won't stick you with the increase. If they're on the sleazy side, they can do what they want... they have the truck, you have the money but they can sure get the money from someone else if you walk away. :) (You'd have to have ordered a pretty odd combination SD for someone else not to buy it.)

    Soon as I heard about the increased I checked with my dealer and he said old price (and I have a paper in their writing stating what I was paying for the truck off the lot).
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    sherwoodfor: All those reasons sound plausible to one degree or another. I see a LOT of manual trannys and PSDs sitting around. I still that the more rare the combo, (i.e. CC,V10,3.73ls) or the more similiar it is to what you might find in an Excursion, the more likely you are to wait.

    My config: V10,CC,auto,3.73LS,4x4,SB,265s,trailer pkg.,etc. ordered 10/19/99.

    Scheduled to be built about now. ETA from the CAC on Monday the 14th was an ETA at the dealer the first week of March. It wasn't there yesterday. Still a have not.

    mainecowgirl: If you're thinking of two tone,I saw a dark blue/silver CC and a dark green/gold CC on a lot last week. Those look really fine! If I'd seen them a month ago, I'd have changed, but the red clearcoat (and all the solid colors)look good too. :)
  • rghowerghowe Member Posts: 2
    Ordered '00, 250, xlt, cc, sb, sw, v10, 5-speed, 4x4, harvest gold on 1/14; built week of 2/7; now "on the train" from KY to Denver. Expected arrival 2/28, but I'm thinking it might arrive there sooner.

    Order from O'Meara Ford in Denver at $100 over invoice. I live in SLC and will fly to Denver to pick up. Only screw-up was them not faxing the DORA to me soon enough to catch them leaving off the ESOF. By the time I caught it truck was being built. I can live with the manual transfer case. And they admitted that it was their error.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    ordered 01/10/00 f250 sd cc v-10 5sp sb harvest gold 4.30ls still c/u. v-10 is the problem.
  • bobh12bobh12 Member Posts: 140
    I agree with deleting the Black. However, here is something to think about. How about Toreador Red over Silver/Platinum (whatever they are calling it today), with the color keyed fender flares? There is a picture of one in the Ford Truck Accesories Catalog on page 4. Really sharp truck.
    Happy Thinking,
  • jct9841jct9841 Member Posts: 7
    Dogwood and all,

    I live in Tennessee. Haven't seen many snow plow optioned trucks. My dealer suggests adding the camper package to stiffen up the suspension a little. On the info list I see that it adds heavy service front springs for 4wd models. Are heavy service springs the same as 5200 lb springs? I just want to be a little tighter than what I had (standard suspension, 4wd, diesel). I'm ordering 2000 sd, v10, auto, 4wd, 158" wb, trailer, and trying to decide on a suspension option that will give me less mushy handling.

    Any opinions appreciated

  • ibsmurfibsmurf Member Posts: 24
    If I'm not mistaken, mainecowgirl is getting a Lariat. The silver trim is only available from the factory on XL's and XLT's.
  • sunscreensunscreen Member Posts: 22
    I was wondering if someone on this board can host a web site where we all could post a picture or two of our favorite SD trucks with specs and other stuff to share. It would be cool isn't it?

    I have a cable modem at home so i can host a web site if anyone is interested.
  • lomitalomita Member Posts: 7
    You are probably right, but we like to travel so we will take the slow way to get there.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109 has a photo section on their web page. No advertising, member supported and tons of great information. :)
  • bobh12bobh12 Member Posts: 140
    I must have missed that, thought you could get Lariats in two tone. I am pretty sure you can do the Harvest Gold lower, or have I totally missed the boat?
  • dbarbee1dbarbee1 Member Posts: 13
    I will be picking up my sd tomorrow finally. The dealer had to replace the rear end. Ford put the wrong one in it.
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    bess, in answer to your question, my friend is a fomoco employee i've known since we were kids. i made a very general inquiry concerning whether anything which i ordered might slow my delivery date. i spared my friend all the infinite questions and scenarios (i.e., CAFE,allocation, etc.) which this group has posed/answered concerning the same topic. quite simply, my friend called ktp and asked. their expertise is not in production. and while i certainly don't think i learned anything too earthshaking, i wouldn't want to get my friend in any trouble in case someone else at fomoco takes exception...

    on an unrelated topic, i had earlier asked if anyone had any experience/opinions on the difference in ride between 250's and 350's. i live in a fairly rural area, and there isn't anyway for me to compare the two. my vehicle needs are probably serviceable by the 250, but i wanted the extra capability of the 350. could anyone help me with how much difference there is in the ride? i'd appreciate it - thanks.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    When I bought my '93 F150 it was the year before forest green became really popular. I was so set on getting that color that I ordered a gray truck and immediately had it painted a dark green metallic upon arrival. My dealer thinks I am a bit crazy, but color is important to me. Why doesn't Ford make all the colors combinations available in a brochure or something? Their brochure is a bit lacking this year. The build-a-truck sites don't show the two-tone when you add it.

    bobh12- You didn't miss the boat at all, however, Lariats for some reason don't offer the silver as a two-tone option. They offer either Black or Harvest Gold as the lower color option. I was so disappointed to find that out when I upgraded to the Lariat at the last minute. I was all set to get the Dk. Tr. Red with the silver. Now that is a great color combo. I am curious about your suggestion of fender flares. Can you get those on this truck? Also I admit I am lazy and don't feel like growing old looking back over all the posts. Now that I am over the ordering hump can you tell me...where can I get a Ford Truck Accessory catalog? Thanks for any help.

    lilelmo-I did see the XLT with the Island Blue and Silver combination. They accent that with a maroon stripe that is really sharp. I am just stuck on the dk tor red. Hey, did you see the Great Dane (you have those right?) at the Westminster Dog Show? What a big, sweet mush..if you didn't see it the dog was "relaxing" in the show ring waiting his turn laying flat on his back while his handler rubbed his stomach. That dog had no show jitters for sure! My dog of choice is an Australian Shepherd, who is going to be very disappointed that I'm getting captain's chairs in this truck instead of a bench. Sunday drives to the dump will never be the same without his head in my lap! But I digress..sorry all.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    I repeat that is a DOG'S head in my lap...
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    Naw, that's crazyelvis that has the Great Dane. I have a chocolate lab (90#), a German line German Shepherd(105#), and some sort of a terrier/shepherd mix (about 50#). All adding up to about one big ol' Great Dane. My mixed breed looks sort of like that reddish orange terrier that was in the "best of show" final last night. I'm glad you cleared that up about the "head in the lap." I thought about cowpokes' 1300# "dog" and had a moment of panic for you.

    Oh yeah, truck stuff, now. I had a call from another area dealer today. They have a truck just in with my ordered profile, but it's in black not red. If it's two tone, I might go take a look at it. 250,V10,4x4, Lariet (mine's XLT),etc. I wait four months and a week before my unit's supposed to come, someone waves another one at me. Decision, decision.
  • racingracing Member Posts: 3
    Hello All,

    It was suggested that I should post here to get a better response to a rather common and debatable question. Fuel economy on the Powerstroke......

    I would like to get realistic figures on the
    following truck:

    Powerstroke (Turbo)
    4:10 axle (Ford, will not let you order
    the Limited-Slip diff in 3:73.....)
    8' Bed

    I've heard a variety of figures from the sales
    folks at the dealer. Now I'd like to get some real
    numbers from people who actually own a "like" rig.
    If you have a rig that's of a similar
    configuration, I would appreciate hearing from you.
    I would like to get figures such as what the MPG
    is with it unloaded, flat terrain, no head-wind,
    cruising at about 70mph, and within about
    five-hundred feet above sea level. I would also
    like to get some examples of MPG in various other
    situations, loaded, mix of hwy and city driving,
    high elevation, etc,etc,....
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank You,


    ps: I apologize if this is a topic that has
    already been discussed.
  • racingracing Member Posts: 3
    Sorry about the convoluted time I'll refrain from using the copy/paste buttons :-)


  • smithrl1smithrl1 Member Posts: 12
    Got my 00 SD SC LB V10 3.73LS five weeks ago, and I'm already looking for ways to beef up performance. Specifically, I'm a little sorry I didn't go with the 4.30 rear end. My question: Can I significantly increase towing ability by adding an aftermarket header/muffler combination? I've seen ads (to be taken with a grain of salt, I'm sure) that talked about a 10% to 20% increase in torque, horsepower etc. Obviously, the book specs on the truck would not change, but would responsiveness from a start, accelleration etc be materially improved?
    I'm a little hesitant to buy a fifth wheel that comes to the book limit (11,000#), even after subtracting for options, passengers, tools, luggage etc until I know how big a comfort margin I have.
    Any input would be appreciated.
  • sprintnutsprintnut Member Posts: 10
    I ordered 2000 F350 10/8/99 and received it 2/8/00.
    The original order sheet had price code of 17 but a updated copy made in January after adding Camper Pkg. had a price code of 19.
    When the truck was picked up the dealer wanted to charge me a extra $200. He said there had been a price increase from Ford. I complained that we had made a deal in October so he split the difference with me.
    I feel if the deal was made in October any price increase from Ford should not apply. Did I get ripped off or? It's not the lousy $100. but the principle here that bothers me. Share your opinions.
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