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2013 and earlier Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • nickc3nickc3 Posts: 16
    Just got offer for 36/36 lease...

    Rav-4 Base with Options Package
    for 296/Month nothing down except MV Fees.

    Sounds very decent to me...what do you think? Going in later today to get Money Factor, etc. from quotes I received, all local toyota dealers arrive around the same price range on monhtly payment.

    I was going to buy an Outback, but I figured I can't go wrong with a lease of a RAV-4 for my purposes (hauling the kids aronund town)....last months' lease price wasn't worth it....this (I think) is a no brainer. THoughts?
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    don't know where you live but its almost like toyota is giving the rav away on a lease right now. in the chicago area its $179 a month with a $750 down payment plus ttl-i think the cost was a little over $6400 for a 3 year lease. but, are these cars safe?
  • nickc3nickc3 Posts: 16 latest offer is

    Rav 4 SPORT No money down - just DMV and 1st Payment = $270 Seems like a steal to me.
  • cjkbme2wcjkbme2w Posts: 82
    What dealer are you getting this from?

    $270 per month with only first months payment is a steal.
  • ygthomasygthomas Posts: 1
    I have a Toyoto 2007 Rav 4 leasing. Can I make a deal on a lease car to buy?
  • ksuh2000ksuh2000 Posts: 5
    Just got a 2010 RAV 4 basic with AWD for
    $285/mo with NO MONEY down even incl DMV fee, tax, GAP ins and 1st payment.
    36 mo with 12,000 mile per year.
    The dealer is in NJ
  • va77va77 Posts: 2
    Looking for a RAV4 V4 Sport lease deals , online I found $300 down and $199 PM this must be for BASE . Can I get $199 for RAV4 Sport ?
  • bergenbergen Posts: 7

    Could you let me know which dealership was this? I was looking similar deals in Northern NJ/Rockland-NY area.
  • nickc3nickc3 Posts: 16
    I won't make him feel bad and share the sick deal I just got on Limited. I also had gotten quotes for the Sport that blow that deal away.

    Get an internet quote from Rockland'll be impressed at what they can come up with. I closed my deal the other day...
  • cg27288cg27288 Posts: 4
    Hello - I just got this email from a dealer regarding the lease of a 2010 RAV4. I live in Connecticut. Thoughts on this? All I requested was a quote and I received it pretty quickly. The quote I asked for is the Sport version (4 cyl, AWD) with the Extra Value Package. Here's the email...anyone know what "excellent" credit is? I think that's a score above 720? Last I checked mine was 729 so it's close. Anyway here's his response feel free to weigh in I would really appreciate it:

    **Thank you for your interest in a 2010 Rav4 sport. I figured a lease on 36 months 36000 miles, with excellent credit and $1500 down. The MSRP is $26343 I will sell it at $24866 and the residual value is $24866. Using all these numbers the monthly payment is $221.**
  • nickc3nickc3 Posts: 16
    That sounds about what they offered me (I ended up getting a limited for about $45 more)

    If you roll in the tax, it will be about $249/Month - a steal.

    I was there over the weekend to close the deal. Perfect. No visits from Sales Manager or Finance guy. Just sat down and closed the deal in about 30 minutes. I'm still waiting for the "gotcha" - but hasn't happened yet. They tried to sell me Gap Insurance, but didn't push it after I said I had to look into it. Very nice - too nice. I'm a New Yorker so I'm always suspicious. :-) I pick up the truck later this week. I get the feeling that Toyota is really telling dealers to do whatever they need to do to get vehicles on the road. Every Toyota dealer I dealt with seemed very desperate to make a deal and I was floored at some of the quotes I got without negotiating and how willing they were to match eachotehr's low offers.
  • vuaskewvuaskew Posts: 1
    Hi. In Memphis, looking to lease a 2010 Base Model by the end of the month.

    $1299 down and 199/month looks nice, but hoping to do better. Credit isn't an issue.

    Any advice on what I should push for?
  • va77va77 Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    Getting following offers
    2010 RAV4 BASE 4WD 4CYL +EVP = $1000 Due and $220 OTD price
    2010 RAV4 SPORT 4WD V6 +EVP=$1000 Due and $299 OTD price .

    I think it can get better ?
  • cg27288cg27288 Posts: 4
    I live in CT

    $ 1500 down
    $ 222 month (includes everything - this was even the quote I was given over email which was nice since most people thought that the $ 222 quote included tax, title, gap, etc.)

    2010 Rav-4 Sport Edition w/extra value pack, mudguards, and floor mats. The car is SHARP and I highly recommend the Black Forest Pearl color if you can find it.

    I couldn't be happer with the purchase. The money factor worked out to be .00004 or .00001 (can't remember which).
  • Just got this deal in MA for 4wd 6 cyl base model.
    $365 down, $240/monthly includes everything with GAP. MF 0.00002
  • ananthgananthg Posts: 1
    Confused about pricing -

    Edmunds and Toyota's own website says the following for 2010 Rav4 Base 2wd 4cyl Auto transmission -

    MSRP = (Base Price) $21,675 + $800 (Dest Charge) = $22,475
    [So, this MSRP includes dest charge]

    Now, when you look at announced lease deals for the exact same model -

    Lease a new 2010 RAV4 for $229.00 per month for 36 months*
    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price:Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes the Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee of $750 for Cars and $800 for small/medium Trucks (Sienna, RAV4,

    Disclaimer:*Due at signing includes $0 down, first $229 payment, and no security deposit. Tax, tags, and insurance are extra. Customer is responsible for excessive wear and excess mileage charges of $.15 per mile in excess of 36,000 miles. Your payment may vary based on final negotiated price. NOT ALL CUSTOMERS WILL QUALIFY. 2010 RAV4 Front Wheel Drive Model 4430, MSRP $22,420. Lease offer is not valid with any other Cash back or APR offer

    So, the * points to a disclaimer which says what the MSRP is but does not say if that includes dest charge. And a generic para about MSRP says it excludes Dest Charge. So, let's assume the MSRP does NOT include the dest charge. Then the total MSRP including dest charge = $22,420 + $800 = $23,220

    But their own website ( says the MSRP including dest charge = $22,475.
  • I'm a dealership group manager here in NYC (non-Toyota). Heard about the ridiculous RAV4 lease program (179 per month with 1279 out of pocket) on the base model 4x4 but wasn't sure what it looked like on the Sport & Limited. Anyway, my girlfriend wanted one so I called all my Toyota friends and connections. I found out the programs: Base: 69% residual .00001 money factor; Sport/Limited 65% residual .0002 money factor. 15 years in the business and I never saw what is essentially a 0% interest rate on a lease before COUPLED WITH a subvented (artificially jacked up) residual before. But I couldn't find a RAV4 Limited V6 4x4 with NAV the way she wanted it anywhere in nearby NY/NJ/CT. Finally had a friend run a locate on one with NAV and found it in PA.

    Bottom Line on top-of-the-line:
    2010 Toyota RAV4 Limited V6 4x4
    Limited Extra Value Package 2 (Integrated backup camera, Daytime Running Lights, power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade, touch-screen DVD navigation system, AM/FM CD player with MP3/WMA playback capability, leather seating surfaces, 8-way adjustable power driver's seat with power lumbar support, driver and front passenger heated seats and 120V AC power outlet, Tow Prep Package)
    Floor Mats & Cargo Mat

    $300 per month with $500 total out of pocket (first payment and about $200 cap cost reduction)

    Add NY Tax it's $326

    I even added the Toyota remote start and Toyota mudguards which brought me up to $349 total per month with $500 out of pocket for the top of the line with V6 and Nav. This is a sick program and anyone who qualifies should jump on it. My car is fully loaded except for a few items I chose not to add like XM, Bluetooth handsfree, and a few other nicknacks. But even if I put EVERYTHING in there it would be hard to reach a $400 a month with $0 downpayment. Just for comparison (I was going to get this car last month, I'm glad I waited) a normal program on the $400 car I mentioned with stellar credit and $0 down is about $550. That's $150 per month saved! Way to go Toyota!
  • Okay, we got totally screwed with our last Toyota lease (2008 Matrix -$270/month, 4 year lease!). Looks like they're willing to let us out of it with no money out of our pockets and we'd like to lease the 2010 Rav 4. For base model, 4 cylinder we got the following quote from Westchester Toyota:

    $179/month with $1,299 down for 36 months - 12,000 miles/year
    $99/month with $2010 down for 39 months - $10,000 miles/year

    10,000 miles/year seems really low, so I'm wondering what you all think of the first option. They said they couldn't tell me the residual payment over the phone -- we are definitely interested in the possibility of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the lease. What should that magic number be??????

    Also, they said with excellent credit we could end up putting much less or nothing down... Sounds great, but where is that money coming from? Do they just tack it onto the end residual payment?

    So confused! Please help! Also, do you all recommend GAP coverage?
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    1. - Get OUT of that Matrix deal! 2. Try for nothing down at, say <$300/month. Remember, upfront money is lost if you total the car. Also, make sure GAP insurance is included - Toyota usually charges extra for it. Also, NO turn-in charge at the end. 3. Don't worry about buying out at the end - who knows what the deals will be 3 years from now? 4. It sounds good; like they're kinda desperate - but, be ready to walk if they try to raise the price, etc. JMEVSHO.
  • wooohaaawooohaaa Posts: 33
    Here is my RAV4 deal in Ohio (North East- Cleveland)

    $295 (includes 7.75% tax) a month with first month paid at drive off.
    35 payments of $295 left to go.
    3yr / 36,000 miles lease
    2010 Rav4 Limited V6 4X4
    Extra value package which included NAVI.
    Blu Logic, Carpet floor mats
    MSRP 32,179.
    Residul 20,100
    Money Factor .00002
  • sam1978sam1978 Posts: 4
    Toyota Dealer in Boston, MA is offering:

    RAV4 Base 4cyl 4WD Forest Black Pearl with Extra Value Package (17inch Wheels, Roof Rails, Privacy Glass etc); Tonneau Cover; Floor Mats

    MSRP: 24,284 + 6.25% Tax
    Sticker: $22000 (approx)
    Residual: $16,000
    Money Factor: 0.00002 (0.48%)

    Lease: They are offering sign and drive out the door for $0 (no fees, registration, title etc, first month payment etc) then $199/month (inc tax) for 35 Months. They are also throwing in first service @ 1000 miles

    This includes $1000 college discount

    I've done a lot of research and visited a number of dealers, but this seems like a no-brainer?

    Anyone have any thoughts?
  • When negotiating a lease, should you pay taxes up front or in your monthly payments?
  • wooohaaawooohaaa Posts: 33
    edited March 2010
    I think you should never pay more then you have to with a lease. Say the lease is total 6000 over the 3 years. You will not benefit from paying anything up front say you put 1000 down to cover taxes up front you still end up paying 6000 over the 3 years. Yes your monthly payment is lower 1000/36 = 28 dollars less a month but that is just because you paid $1000 bucks down. And in the event the car is totaled next month then you loose the 1000 you just put down. A lease is different from a regular loan in this way. If you put 1000 dollars down payment then the total amount you financed would be less and the total interest paid would be less so there would be an advantage to say pay off taxes on a loan but not on a lease.

    Hope this helps.

    When compairing lease deals you need to have these figures given to you by the dealer. Don't just go by Monthly Payment.

    Length and # miles in the lease: example 3yr/36,000 miles.
    MSRP of the vehicle AND does this include destination charge.
    Selling Price of the vehicle: Price lease is calculated on. This is the most important value and can make a big difference in your monthly payment and tot al for the entire lease. This can be negotiated just like if you were going to buy the car outright.
    Cash due at signing: This should be as close to ZERO as you can get.
    Tax rate for your address
    Money Factor of the lease
    Residual Value of the vehicle at lease end: Usually a % depending on trim level and # miles in lease. GET EXACT NUMBER from dealer and ask how they calculated it.
    Acquisition Fee to lease vehicle: Toyota charges 650
    Diposition fee to return if you do not buy the vehicle: Toyota Doesn't charge this

    List all this or call dealer and tell them to give you ALL these figures and I can work out what your payment is and if it is a good deal or not.
  • ksuh2000ksuh2000 Posts: 5
    How did you get this deal? I just signed a lease deal on 2010 RAV 4 Base for
    275 per month including tax, registration and GAP ins with 0 money down in NJ.
    36mos/36000miles. I have not picked the car yet b/c they haven't got it.
    Your limited RAV4 has much higher MSRP but the payment is jus little over mine.
    Is it possible to walk away from the signed contract since the vehicle has not been picked up?
  • ksuh2000ksuh2000 Posts: 5
    Does your quote on 179/month with 1,299 down from Westchester Toyota include tax, title and aquisition fee? or you have to add to the monthly payments?
  • Hi

    For the benefit of all, do these numbers look ok for negotiating a Lease on a
    Base 2010 Rav4 Base 4x4 4-cyl 4-speed Automatic ($23075)
    + EVP ($120)
    + Carpets ($199)
    + $800 dest Fee
    ==> Total MSRP : $24194
    ==> Edmunds TMV Price : $22,618
    ==> Incentives : - $1000 (College Credit)
    Negotiated Or Sale Price = $21618

    Acquisition Fee : $650
    Sales Tax : $1131 (5% of $22,618)
    Dealer Processing Fee : $379
    GAP Insurance : $350 (I am not sure exactly)
    Total Cost : $21618 + 650 + 1131 + 379 + 350 = $24128

    Residual : 0.69 of MSRP = $16,694
    Money Factor = 0.00001 (0.24% APR)

    So, that's around $196/month with 0 money down + Title and Registration fees (which is around $250)

    Does this seem right?

    $196/month for 36months + 250 = $7312 (With $1000 college credit)
    $179/month for 35months + $1299 = $7565 (pretty close, but this should include $1000 college credit)
  • Residual is high
    Money Factor is pretty much nothing

    Wow, this is a very very good deal. I am not in the market for a new car, but I always follow the new car industry. Do I dare say this is the best lease deal in years......?????

    Remember folks, Toyota is hurting. Always fight for a better deal because they aint selling their cars to anyone right now.
  • evahnulahmevahnulahm Posts: 19
    edited March 2010
    Hello everyone, I am just wondering why everyone seems to be getting awesome residuals and MF rates. I called some dealers here in south carolina and I am getting MF of .00053 and residuals of like 52% on a V6 Limited (MSRP 29800), lease payment of 299 with 3348 down which includes tax tag and title. This doesnt seem like a good deal at all. Am i missing something that I should be asking about?
  • bigdeegbigdeeg Posts: 1
    I've been doing a bunch of research for the same in the Boston area and this sounds like the best deal yet. What dealership did you get this quote from?
  • nyigornyigor Posts: 57
    Hello Car_Man,
    I am looking to lease 2010 Rav4 Fwd Sport Base in Florida.
    What would be money factor/residual value?

    I am currently leasing 2007 Rav4 AWD Base ($299 a month, few months left) and I hear about very good deals.
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