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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • ellisroadellisroad Posts: 2
    Premium, Conv., Versatility, Climate, Temp SP, AWD, 7 passenger, 2.5T 5 cyl.

    The deal I've been offered is a 24 month lease for $499 / mo. with 16,500 miles per year. They told me orally a money factor of .0004. Residual, if I recall is 71%. Zero down (other than sec. deposit, etc.), and $45,610 sticker, $44,110 sale price.

    Is this good enough?
  • ecloueclou Posts: 17
    I just negotiated this deal on an 06 XC90 V8 AWD with touring (non-chrome), climate, Xenon, Nav, IAQ, rear entertainment:

    Sticker was 55030
    neg price 52400
    Acquisition 795
    0 down
    74% residual for 10,500 miles
    24 mos
    .00001 money factor (.02%APR)
    Got a tax credit (crucial in TX) with a fee of 1.2%

    Payment is $559/mos. All I have to pay is 1st mos and security deposit up front.
  • diyediye Posts: 45
    Just leased an Ocean Racer for $442/month * 24 months, 12k/year, with $2000 total out the door, here are the details:

    MSRP: $50,555
    Sale price: $47,441 ( $3114 discount )
    Residual: 73%
    Money Factor: 0.00001 ( yes, four zeroes, equals to 0.024% )
    Acqusition fee: $595

    Downpayment: 600 ( since I rolled the Acquisition Fee to the monthly payment, essentially my Down Payment is zero )

    Monthly Payment: $442 + tax

    The sale price for the national advertisement is basically
    $1200 off MSRP, mine is $3114 off. I was able to beat it by almost $2000.

    One thing to note, the TOTAL interest I will pay for the whole lease ( not just one month) is a whopping $20! Thanks to the super low money factor: 0.00001 .
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    Seems that Volvo is dealing left and right with the ramaining V8s. You did pretty good, around $600 less for the lease term if compared against the current national promotion. The money factors Volvo are near zero due to the rebates and incentives that are now available. All of them are kept by the dealer.
  • diyediye Posts: 45
    Thanks. But believe me, it's much better than $600.

    The difference between mine and the National lease is $53/month and (lack of) $2500 downpayment.

    Out of the $53,
    $20 is due to the difference between 12k and 10.5k/year.
    $6 is due to the Ocean Racer being $500 more expansive.

    That leaves us at $27, which is equivalent to downpayment of $650, in other words, if I were to arrive at the same monthly payment of the national AD, I'd only need to put $650 down, instead of $2500 down.

    The above is just a quick estimate.
  • pkh540pkh540 Posts: 24
    Sounds like a pretty good deal especially for the special edition XC90. I took my wife to look at an Ocean Racer today to see if she liked the color. After seeing it she reminded me that perhaps the reason I liked it is because I'm color blind... That was good for a laugh and she was only giving me a hard time of course but I had a feeling it wasn't "her" color and since she'll be driving it well I guess she has a say.

    But none the less, there are deals to be made and clearly you made a good one... congratulations! BTW, where did you pick yours up?
  • Hello dpjoachim. While it is difficult to predict what manufacturers' future lease programs will be like I suspect that Volvo's deals on the XC90 in September will be close enough to the level that they are at today that you don't need to waste your final three payments on your C-Class. If I was in your situation, I personally would wait until September to get something new.

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  • Hi kaitlynangel. The only free maintenance that Volvo offers on its vehicles is a complimentary Factory Scheduled Maintenance service at 7,500 miles. You will have to perform any other maintenance that you feel your car needs on your own. On a lease though, you really only need to change your car's oil, which isn't very expensive.

    Once you sign a lease on a vehicle, you are petty much stuck with it until its scheduled end. Banks will not renegotiate the terms of leases part of the way through.

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  • Hi pkh540. The selling prices of leased vehicles are absolutely negotiable. Dealers never HAVE to charge the price that manufacturers are using in their advertised lease payments. Many manufacturers do have cash incentives that are not compatible with their special lease programs though. As a result, the prices that consumers are quoted for vehicles that are financed or paid for with cash are lower than the prices for leases.

    Volvo Finance's current 24 month, 12,000 mile per year buy rate lease money factor and residual value for the 2006 XC90 V8 are an amazingly low .00001 and 73%, respectively.

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  • Greetings ellisroad. Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factor for a 24 month lease of any 2006 XC90 is the lowest possible .00001. Make sure that this is the factor that is used to calculate your truck's lease payment. $1,500 off is not a bad price for this model, just make sure that you are being given any cash incentives that are available on it in addition to the $1,500 dealer discount.

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  • ellisroadellisroad Posts: 2

    What cash incentives can be combined with a lease? I thought that the rebates were available only for a purchase. Does the dealer get to keep any rebates if I lease through Volvo?

    - ElliSroad
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    You have a point Car_man, but September might be late to find an 06 XC90 with the current leasing deals. The residuals are gonna change by september, and regardless of the amount of incentives an 06 might have, the lower residuals will probably bring up a higher payment.

    What dpjoachim is gonna spend in the next 3 payments might be the difference between and 06 leased right now and an 06 leased in September, with the advantage that he will be driving 2 cars during the timeframe.
  • diyediye Posts: 45
    The dealer is Shelby Volvo in Orange County, CA.

    Interestingly, my wife absolutely loved the color of the car.
    I almost leased a regualr V8 Titanium Grey, with MSRP of 51.3k. But changed mind at the last moment. The titanium one has a better value for the money, but I just liked the styling of the Ocean blue so much better.
  • pkh540pkh540 Posts: 24
    Ha! She likes the Titanium! If I still lived in Newport I could've called Shelby and sought the same deal!

    All the best to you and enjoy.
  • pkh540pkh540 Posts: 24
    Car_man, thank you for your help. I figured the selling price was negotiable but having never leased a car I wasn't 100% positive... and when the salesman started asking me if I was calling him a liar I figured that it would be a good time to leave and find a different dealer.

    This was on Friday so the next day I sent an email to a couple of internet sales mangagers at different dealers. They kept quoting the details in the national ad, said to come in for a test drive and avoiding any sort of negotiation. In hindsight it's probably because there was more opportunity over the weekend with customers in the showroom and perhaps now, during the week, they'll be more willing to negotiate.

    Without question the residual and money factor are very attractive; just want to complete the package by getting a good deal on the sales price. Looking at TMV on it shows, on average, 500 below invoice for the V8 XC90. Is this resonable on a lease or it that due to the purchase incentives? Do you have a suggested target for the sales price?

    Again, many thanks for you help and advice!
  • I saw earlier posting this sma equestion, but it has seemed to disappear. Are there any incentives avaialble that CAN go toward the lease, we are going tonight to get one and wnated to know before we leave (in about 2 hours) 4:00 EST.

    Thanks alot.
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
  • We are in the process of trying to find the best deal to lease a XC90 12000 miles per year.

    Sorry to join the discussion so late. What are the latest deals? Can we do $0 down with a decent monthly payment? Tax and tags additional is fine.

  • leonarca1leonarca1 Posts: 2
    I too would like to understand any incentives being offered or rebates on a 2006 XC 2.5T 7 passenger.

    We were given a lower finance vs lease price because of the low lease rate. But I want to ensure before signing a deal we have received all cash, incentives and rebates available.

  • leonarca1leonarca1 Posts: 2

    Can you please confirm the Volvo financial lease rate on XC90 2.5T 7 Passenger?

    In addition ae there any incentives or rebates that can be combined with the lease rate?
  • drdudedrdude Posts: 3
    Is there a tax credit available on this in TX? 1.2%?
  • ecloueclou Posts: 17
    Volvo financial will make tax credits available to dealerships. It is most useful in TX and Illinois where on a lease the tax on the full price of the vehicle is paid, not just on the partial value under the lease. Most dealerships in TX can give you this. You just need to insist on it. They will charge a 1.2% fee to allow this usage. Far better than paying 6.25% or more.
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    Are there any loyalty-type incentives for repeat Volvo purchases/leases? I'm coming out of an XC90 lease in Sept. That lease was not through Volvo Finance, but I did lease a 1997 850 sedan through VF if that matters.
  • ursusursus Posts: 128
    It's $500 or first 3 scheduled services free. I believe it does not matter who you financed it with, as long as it's Volvo.
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Posts: 45
    Haven't seen this question answered above -- on a XC90 V8 24 month lease, what (if any) are the cash incentives?
  • ecloueclou Posts: 17
    I was told the $2k conquest money was not applicable to a lease
  • zamozamo Posts: 122
    You are right, but only if you are using Volvo Finance.
  • cowhidecowhide Posts: 2
    Is the current lease offer (0.00001 money factor; 73% residual) good on the 2.5T?
  • ecloueclou Posts: 17
    It is very close to the V8 offer from my understanding
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