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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • I have experienced lots of problems with over-heating. I have a 99 Durango. However, I've never had the engine shut down. I first had the thermostat changed out. A year later to the day, I had another thermostat changed out. About 3 months after that, the car was over-heating and I had the water pump replaced. Very soon after that, it was still over-heating. The garage found a leak (after completely removing the engine) and the whole problem seems to have been resolved. Fortunately, the car was under warranty. Hope this helps.
  • I know that my overhead console takes about 5 minutes or so to adjust...and that is normal. It's specifically designed to adjust slowly, since the temperature probe is in the engine compartment and the slow adjustment is to ensure that the engine temperature doesn't affect the reading. My understanding from speaking to a friend who works at the Chrysler technology center is that there is no specific time frame within which the temperature reading will adjust. It's kind of like the 'low fuel' warning light. They're all installed the same way, but some light up with 2 gallons left, some light up with 1 gallon left, some with 5 left. It's apparently in the computer console itself... and varies from unit to unit to some extent.
  • how do you get that shield off so i can get to the radiator plug
  • I have a 2004 Durango with the Hemi engine. Last week my check engine light came on. Took it to the dealer, and they told me one of the cylinders had carbon deposits in it. It only has 10,000 miles on it! I asked the service guy what I could do to prevent, like different grade of gas, or gas treatment, and all he could say was, "Well, if you didn't drive like a granny and step on it once in awhile!" I wasn't amused. Then, when I go to take it home, the light came back on. They had the truck 2 more days, and told me they replaced a map sensor. I then drove a couple days to have the light once again come on! Now, they say Chysler told them to run a check on the cylinder heads? Has anyone heard of this type of problem with so few miles? I'm leasing this vehicle, so, so far they have paid for all of this. But isn't there a lemon law or something? What should I do? It doesn't seem like they know what is wrong with it.
  • Which fits with what's happening now. Each time I try to dim, or put my brights on, the windshield washer and wipers come on. The dimmer does not work. If you slap it around a few times, it might work, and stay that way for days. Then the problem re-appears. This vehicle has some serious electrical problems!!!
  • Well, my truck has been in the shop all week. They had to switch out a cylinder head. At 10,000 miles!???? Unbelievable! I'm picking it up today. Well see if it still runs the same after having the engine ripped apart. They say it was a factory defect. I just wonder if anyone else has this problem?
  • Picked up the truck today, but the service dept didn't give me a receipt of what they did to the truck. They gave me a story that their computers where down and they would mail me one. Sound weird? It did run good. But I'm worried because I have no proof that they did anything. They said they replaced a Cylinder Head. I've been reading alot about warrenties and such and alot of them won't cover things without receipts. I keep every one! I'll wait a couple days, and if I don't receive one, I'm calling Chrysler!
  • I just had the same thing happen to me. I am trying to figure out what the problem is. I think I am going to take it to the shop and see what they say about it. I will let you know what they say. If you have any other info. , please let me know

  • read my #47 then #58. Dodge dealer replaced the head on my 1999 Durango. Had it back for about 4 weeks now after replacing the head and it seems to be running fine now. bought it with 32K on it but can see by the previous owners paperwork it started at about 10,000 miles. Out of warrenty when I got it. Now at 8oK and cost me $1400. Runs good now and no check engine light
  • I've had it back for a week now, and no engine light. But it's running really rough when it's cold. Almost to the point of stalling when I brake. I think the idle is off. When it's warm it runs good. Do you think I should bring it back, or wait a bit?
  • My '04 Durango manual says:
    1. Enter your vehicle
    2. Put on your seat beat
    3. Put key in ignition
    4. Key key to ON position - not start
    5. Press and HOLD the UNLOCK button on FOB
    6. After holding the UNLOCK button for 4 seconds, also press the PANIC button within 6 seconds.
    7. When asingle chime is heard release both buttons. The chime in an indication that you have successfully entered program mode. All fobs that are to be programmed must be done so within 60 seconds of when chime was heard.
    8. Using the fob to be programmed, press and release both the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons.
    9. A single chime will be heard.
    10. Within 4 seconds of hearing the chime, press and release the UNLOCK button on the fob.
    11. A single chime will be heard.
    12. Repeat 8-10 for each FOB

    It worked for me just a few minutes ago.
  • I've been driving my Hemi for a couple of weeks now. Still runs rough. On Sunday, yet another light came on. This time its the Electronic Throttle Malfunction. It went back off but who knows! I don't know what else to do. It's been in and out of the dealer's shop, and it hasn't run the same since they took apart the engine. Thank god this is a leased truck, and I can hand them back the keys in 2 more years!
  • I have a 99 dodge durango 4.7 engine. The check engine light came on and we found out that one of the codes was saying "system to lean". another code said power steering pressure out of range. also the o2 sensor slow response. One o2 sensor was replaced and the power steering switch. We had to get a new catalytic converter because the dumping of fuel clogged it. None of this fixed the problem. It continued to dump the fuel. We had it in and out of the shop and finally took it to the dealer. Here is their diagnosis: POWER STEERING SWITCH IS LEAKING FLUID THROUGH ITS TERMINALS, THE OIL HAS WICKED UP THE SIGNAL WIRE TO THE PCM. (UNSURE IF PCM IS CONTAMINATED) THE POWER STEERING SWITCH ALSO SHARES THE SAME GROUND AS THE OXYGEN SENSOR. THIS COULD ALLOW FLUID TO ENTER THE OXYGEN SENSOR THROUGH THE WIRING. THE OXYGEN SENSOR HAS BEEN CONTAMINATED BY OIL FROM POWER STEERING SWITCH THE POWER STEERING & OXYGEN SENSOR NEED TO BE REPLACED.
    AND THE 02 HEATER GROUND WIRE NEEDS TO BE SEPERATED FROM THE POWER STEERING SWITCH GROUND. They do not gaurantee this will fix the problem. Anyone have any similiar problems? If we put another 600 into this and they are not correct are we required to pay them for it?
  • There is a loud noise when locking and unlocking the door locks. It happens everytime. Two of the door locks have to be pulled up manually cause they wont work by the remote or the buttons in the car. Anyone have anything similar?
  • This is my third post of problems with my 1999 durango. My radio went out. It went from working fine to being stuck on a channel to working fine to the volume going down on its own to not working at all. All in one week. The time doesnt even work. There is no lighting at all. With all these mysterious problems i will not buy a dodge, chrysler or plymouth ever again. Anyone have and ideas about the radio/clock?
  • The same problem occurred with my 98' Nissan Pathfinder. Well, almost...I filled the truck while it was running, which triggered the check engine light. It stayed on until the dealer reset it. I would guess you'll have to visit the dealer also.
  • just bought 03 durango oil light comes on sometimes on first start up goes off if i shut off and restart..sounds like oil pressure sending unit to me anybodyelse?
  • briguy1briguy1 Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone has taken out a radio out of a 2003 Durango, if yes how complicated is it? I ask because I am connecting a amp convertor to it. I just need to know how to do so. :confuse: Thank You for your help.
  • Does any one know were I could get a used coolant overflow resevoir for 98 Durango thanks for any help in this matter
  • bigezpbigezp Posts: 1
    i have a 1998 durango slt 5.2 started running rough,got diagnostic and found #1,#2 cylinders missing.replaced plugs,wires,cap and rotor.problem still occurs.sometimes it smooths out after driving for a while but soon as i turn it of and come back to start up problem there a solution to this.thanks
  • How do you find out what size gears a 98 Durango with a 5.2 V8 it does not have a tow hitch
  • 360fan360fan Posts: 1
    deffinatley a problem that all too many durangos have .. the motors are rough on oil. specially when people run cheaper oil through it... the slude is a problem but not a problem that will park the truck for ne time at all.. get a motor flush.. like 40 bucks at any local oilshop. and change your oil every 2000 or 2500 ... i started runnin high milage oil and i only have 40000 miles.. tell me how it goes
  • I have visited many forums and all I hear about is sludge in the durango. I think that anyone with a durango should use a synthetic blend motor oil. It gets pretty pricey if you don't do your own oil changes but that's the price of not having a blown engine on the side of the highway. :)
  • sdholdensdholden Posts: 1
    I was driving down the highway and all of sudden the durange starting running bad and the check engine light came on. We had it scanned and it came up P0201, P0202 and P0208 which is a injector malfunction. We replaced the injectors and had no change. We have replaced the TPS sensor, the Map sensor, the IAC sensor, the plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor and the PCM, nothing has help. We have tested the injecters and they are firing. It is dumping too much gas into the cylinders, stong gas smell. It has good oil pressure and it was running great until that point. We are at a loss. Can anyone help?
  • When driving down the road the steering wheel has a clicking noise like the steering wheel is loose. I think it might be the steering box? Does anyone have any ideas. :(
  • On my wife's 2002 Durango, on several occasions, the steering column won't unlock so the car can be started. It won't come out of park, we turn the steering wheel, push the car back and no avail....AAA has had to tow it twice....(of course it worked when it got to the dealer, LOL)....

    Any ideeas??

  • On my 2002 Durango 4x4 my front end started creaking when I stop or start moving sounds like a creaking floor in your house,also hear the noise when I turn sharply.Any suggestions what it could be?
  • dmykuladmykula Posts: 2
    I have a '99 Durango that has been really great to me. no real problems ever. All of a sudden when i drive over about 30 miles an hour, I get a much loader sound and some vibration from what sounds like the front end. When I take a turn, the noise is greatly reduced. I thought it might be something with ball bearings....but not sure. Has anybody had this problem? I think its this part
    FRONT HUB and BEARING, Durango, w/Four Wheel ABS, Right + left
  • paulg2paulg2 Posts: 1
    2002 Durango. When I have to make sudden stop and slam on the brake padel, the truck slows down, but then it sort of lets go as if the brake is non-functioning for a second, and then the brake kicks in again, and then lets go... over and over until the truck comes to a stop. I noticed this as a brand new car. Is this Dodge's idea of anti-lock brake system, or is there something wrong with my brakes? Any thought would be greatly appreciated.
  • hey micahael, im having the same problem right now with my durango. i just got it out of the shop today, and 20min later it did the same thing. i had the upper and lower radiator hoses changed, system flushed, and thermostat changed. do u remember what you had done to fix your problem? i'm in need of help!
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