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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • howardc44howardc44 Posts: 8
    Time for me to feel like a dummy. I pulled spark plugs, boy were they black. So changed the spark plugs, wires, also changing the distributor and rotor too. Had to get a new battery and it fired right up. So I am going to put the diagnostic on it again and see what it says now. I have only jumped someone twice since I have owned the truck. Don't like to do that very often. Thanks for the advice. Will also check out the module to make sure. I try to do all the maintenance myself. Don't trust too many people with my durango so I have learned as much as possible about it.

    Cindy :blush:
  • vette6vette6 Posts: 2
    start truck up has oil pressure, drive it a few feet and no oil pressure and engine make noise. it's a 2000 durango 4.7 engine
    Had a problem with power steering sensor truck would not run but replace it and it ran fine. My concern is the oil pressure and oil pump. what is wrong dealers do not know. :sick: :confuse: :mad:
  • tinkerertinkerer Posts: 13
    I wired mine in by tapping into the tail light harness. To get to it, I lifted the accessory storage where the jack and handles are kept, and reached under the plastic panel on the drivers side. The harness is tucked in there and you can tap into it for your trailer plug. From there, you have 2 options: You can drill out from the accessory well to wire in a permanent plug or if you just tow occasionally and only need a pigtail, you can just leave it hanging in the well and hang it out the tailgate when you need it.
  • redman337redman337 Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 durango 4x4. as i'm driving it feels as if the wind is pushing the truck from one side to the other, even when there is no wind at all. seems like something must be loose. any ideas?
  • playballplayball Posts: 1
    My 2003 Durango is doing the exact same thing. Have you figured out what it was yet? Please say you did. I went to the dealership, and they were no help. They just wanted me to leave it there for an expensive diagnostic test.

    I would greatly appreciate your response.

    Thank you,
  • Hello
    I have a 2002 durango. When I put my vents on a/c or heat it comes through the defrost no matter what panel I have it on. (it comes out slowly out of the panels when on panels) Is this something that I can fix myself? Any suggestions on why it is doing this or how to fix it? Thanks ~
  • enpgoenpgo Posts: 1
    Hi -
    I have a 2002 Dodge Durango that has stalled several times in the last two weeks and also would not accelerate luckily it has been around town, or when I back up will barely move but it does very slowly. I had it completely checked out at a reputable auto repair shop - 49,700 miles out of warranty. They did a complete diagnostic test, checked the battery which was 3 years old, pulled up some codes P0456, P0442,P0443, P0340 and after thorough investigation for leaks etc.- They told me that I had to bring to dealer to reflash the PCM because they did not have the updated software. The fun begins I bring to the dealer we drove it there no problems etc., they claim the battery is dead and had to replace there were no problems with the battery even though it is 3 years old, the post was broke well if it was broke I would not have been able to drive it there. They claim that the new battery will cure the stalling problem even though the check engine light is still on with code P0443 still showing up unfortunately the other shop cleared previous codes so they did show up at the dealer. Any suggestions or similar problems with fixes. I would love some help - this is my family car with young children as passengers and we are going on a long road trip soon!

    Thank you.
  • 35cents35cents Posts: 2
    Another stalling Durango - mine is a '99 with 138,000 miles. It stalls like the fuel line has been cut (still cranks), with NO BUS as the odometer reading. After sitting for about 5 minutes, it starts just fine. After reading another post, I changed the Crank Position Sensor, and it died again a few days later. Calling the dealer, they said it sounded like an ignition problem, an auto electric shop thought it was maybe a fuel relay or pump. With the NO BUS coming up, the one guy who worked on it thought it might be the main computer, but couldn't get it to duplicate the problem in the shop. I amy just replace the computer, any advise on buying a used one (or how much is a new one)? Any other advise?
  • jjcroce3jjcroce3 Posts: 3
    I have a 99 4x4 5.9 liter durango. A few weeks ago i was driving and it just stalled out. it started agian pretty quick. It was the first hot day here. then about two weeks later on a hot day i stopped for an apt. it would not start. I waited 30 minutes and it cranked right up. then 30 minutes later died agian while driving. everything else was working fine and it would turn over but not crank. So I sat in the middle of the road for about 10 minutes in rush hour and it just started right up finally. it has been in the shop ever since with no luck at finding anything or replicating issue. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • zaxmomzaxmom Posts: 2
    I had this happen to me Saturday!!!!!!!!!
    With my two small children with me an hour away from home. I paid the $150 tow bill and my vehicle is sitting in the dealership lot as I type. They say it may not be until tomorrow before they can even look at it! I was traveling 65 mph, lost power, guages dropped to 0, pulled over waited an hour in 93 degree heat with my kids. I had no warning and was lucky to be in the right lane to get the the emergency lane. I can only imagine what I am going to hear! I appreciate any suggestions or input. I saw the PCM comment, even the tow guy said sounds electrical lets just take you to a dealer! :cry: Please help!!!!
  • zaxmomzaxmom Posts: 2
    Saturday my two children and I were on our way to shop for pageant dresses when less than a quarter of a mile from my destination I went from 70mph to 0 with guages all dropping to 0. I fortunately had got into the right lane knowing my exit was coming up and was able to make it to the side of the road safely. We sat in 93 degree weather waiting an hour for the tow truck. After speaking with the tow truck driver He stated it sounded like an electrical problem and towed me close to home at a dealer. It as I type is still sitting there, I have no other vehicle, and they may not even be able to look at it until tomorrow. Please help any suggestions? I read about the PCM is that it? I appreciate any help or suggestions!!!!!!! Thank you! :confuse:
  • howardc44howardc44 Posts: 8
    99 durango also. Had the same problem. Would start but not stay running. IAC Valve and the TPS Sensor. So far has fixed the problem. About $88.00 worth. Does not always show up in a diagnostic. More power and better idleing.

    Cindy :shades:
  • upsetmom3upsetmom3 Posts: 2
    a very similar thing happened to me this weekend. After a very long day at the waterpark in 103 tempetures, my family could not get our 1999 dodge durango(89,000miles) started in the parking lot. After 30 minutes of frustration it finally started only to die again 3 miles down the road.We were left fearing our saftey because we were not all the way on the shoulder and the hazard lights would not work. Seeing as how we were on a desert road in hundred degree tempeures we had little options. We waited 2 hours for a tow truck to find us.The truck sat in the driveway for 2 days and started no problem this morning, but as my husband was driving on the freeway to his work at a body shop it stalled again!!!!!The abs light goes on, my low fuel warning light,oil gauge as well as many others lights. somebody please help. :cry: 3 kids and without a car!!!!
  • upsetmom3upsetmom3 Posts: 2
    PLEASE HELP! Durango acting up/stalling out and not starting. Hazard lights and other electrical on the fritz. Bodyshop scratching their head and blowing smoke up my tailpipe!3 kids and no car please help :sick: :mad:
  • howardc44howardc44 Posts: 8
    Try having someone check the IAC Valve, TPS Sensor. Also could be your computer needing a kick in the butt. I just installed these parts on my 99 Durango and it works like a charm (knock on wood). Also changed my spark plugs. Disconnecting the battery will also clear the computer. If the problem reappears it is probly a sensor. Good luck.

    Cindy :shades:
  • jugheadjughead Posts: 1
    Same issue with my '99 Durango. Typically when it stalls, it takes 5-30 minutes to get a restart. I figured out through various posts that it is the PCM. Mine has a problem in high ambient temps of staying cool and overheats. I pour ice-water on the PCM and viola - starts right up like nothing happened. This usually lasts for less than 5 minutes in city driving (stop & go) but can last for 100's of miles at 70 mph. What a pain it is though!! :mad:
  • gerowz11gerowz11 Posts: 1
    i have an 03 durango and the check engine light came on so i had a diagnostic test done and the code p0440 came up and i was hoping someone could tell me what exactly i need to fix or what to look for to find the exact problem
  • cbr1cbr1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Durango which after reading some of the problems with stalling feel very fortunate that I do not have that issue. I am having problems with a clunking noise in the rear end when I travel rough roads or go over speed bumps. I have taken it to the dealership and they initially thought it was the spare tire moving up and down that was causing the noise However, the noise remains after tightening the spare tire in the carrier. Anyone have similar problems with this type of noise or other rattles etc Any help appreciated cbr1
  • chiefqmchiefqm Posts: 1
    My girlfriend has a 2002 Durango that has developed a rumbling noise from what sounds like the right front end of the vehicle, when stopped in traffic, foot on the brake in drive, with the air conditioning on. Noise goes away when the brake is released and the vehicle is moving again. Dealer diagnosed a bad electrical cooling (radiator) fan, which was replaced. Noise still there. Anybody have similar problems or know cure? 53000 miles, balljoints just replaced. Possibly a bad ABS mechanism?
  • joe1974joe1974 Posts: 1
    i have a problem i hope someone can tell me what's wrong.the truck is burning thru gas very quickly.and when it's first started there is black smoke from the muffler. someone had told me to try injection cleaner but that didn't work.
  • jw811jw811 Posts: 1
    i have a 2000 dodge durango with the 5.9 v8 engine. it has 77000 miles and has been running rough(mainly noticed while idling the engine RPM's would go up and down)it was overdue for a tune up so i had a tune up done and the mechanic advised me that the computer gave two codes and recommended additional work but that they could not perform the work. the codes are P1757(ZERO PRESSURE MALFUNCTION) and P01762 (GOVERNOR PRESSURE SENSOR OFFSET). can anyone tell me what these two parts are and where they are located? and are they something that a do it yourself person can handle?jw811
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Do you have a 4.7L engine? Don't laugh - is your power steering switch leaking oil?

    I have the same problem and still looking for the answer to fix problem. The power steering pressure switch connector has failed and is pumping power steering fluid through your ground (black wire) wire - which is also coupled to your o2 sensors. Front sensor is shorted out - causing the computer to receive mixed signals. Tells the computer to go rich, dumping gas through extended opening of the injector. If you have been driving it for a while like this, step down on the gas in neutral or let it rev up. Take a look behind you and see the black cloud that you just created. Dealership stated to replace the wires involved within the wiring harness and reconnect them to the proper location. I am still in the process of doing this - unless anyone has a better idea!
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Is your Durango a 2000, with a 4.7L? Power steering switch fail?

    Did you resolve your problem?

    I have the same issues and still looking for the solution.

    Thanks in advance.
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Did you get your Durango fixed? I have the same problem.
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Yep, same problem but I don't have a fix yet. Did you get yours fixed?

    Check your power steering switch and see if it is leaking. If so, I am told that the power steering fluid is getting pumped into the wiring. The black wire from the pressure switch goes / shares the ground wire to the o2 sensor, and shorts it out. I have been battling this for some time.

    Dealership stated to create another wiring harness to the 4 wires that the 02 sensor. Still in the process of getting the right wires.

    Let me know what you found out.
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Check your power steering switch for leaks.
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Identical problem and same statement by my dealer, except that I have a 2000 Durango.

    I went to Alldata and purchased the 'book' for $25. The ground wire for the power steering switch and o2 sensor are shared.

    Did you get yours fixed?
  • Please Help 1998 Dodge Durango IssuesI have a 1998 Dodge Durango that seems to be very touchy. When I start the car, it runs fine, then after about 3-5 minutes, the idle kicks way down and smells terrible - like unburnt fuel or exhaust. Then, I step on the gas and the engine revs realllllly high and then it idles itself out. I can just not step on the gas and it will even itself out, however, I can not stand the smell. I have 3 little kids and I know it can not be safe. I have spent aprox. $1500.00 on "I thinks" or "It seems to be" and I an going broke and could buy a new car. Please help if anyone has any ideas. :P
  • tinkerertinkerer Posts: 13
    Probably the bushings on the sway bar. They're held in by 2 u-shaped clamps. take out the screws on the clamps and let the bar hang loose and see if the noise goes away. If so, replace the bushings.
  • tinkerertinkerer Posts: 13
    I saw a post, a while ago, about not being able to open the rear hatch (can't find it now) if the outside handle did not work. I recently noticed that my hatch handle was sticking and making an odd noise. Remembering the post, I opened the hatch to get to the mechanism. I found that many of the pieces had rusted. After wire brushing and spray lube, it now works smoothly. Just in case you run into this after the mechanism breaks; from the inside, pry off the plastic trim (the u-shaped piece that covers the top) near where it overlaps the bottom trim. There are 2 screws under there that hold the bottom trim. Remove those screws and pry off as much of the bottom trim as you can and you should be able to reach under the rubber seal and get to the mechanism to release it.
  • windkistwindkist Posts: 4
    We recently purchased a 99 dodge durango for my 20 year old daughter and we probably only had it 2 days and it stalled on us. This has reoccured several times. Weve had the crank sensor replaced and of course there is no computer code and it won't do it at the Mechanics shop. I am just sick about this as its her first big purchase and she got a lemon!! I wish I had known. Whats next? Trading it in will loose her a lot of money. Selling to some other poor person is unethical. There seems to be NO fix for this.

    Looking for help or advice!

    Julies Mom
  • pinkumspinkums Posts: 2
    I have an 88 dodge d100 pickup,I started the truck and went down the road a ways and the truck just died. I thought it was the fuel pump, so I changed it. The pump is not running. I changed what I thought was the fuse and the fuel pump relay,but still nothing. Can anyone help me?
  • sherwood2sherwood2 Posts: 1
    I purchased the Durango in July 05. In Nov 05 it started to Stall every time I backed out of a space with a forward slant. The service dept. said it needed flashed. It was flashed in Nov 05, Jan 06, twice in June 06.After the last flash the problem got worse started stalling more often and under different conditions. Last time I was turning a corner and almost got hit by the truck behind me. They can never seem to get an error code or a technician to duplicate the problem. The sales man was able to cause the failure twice. I have been without my Durango collectively 3 weeks in June, yes they still have it. The truck has around 6,000 miles and I running out of time with lemon law as it has been almost a year. Any advice??
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    If you have a 2000 Durango 4.7L with 75,000 miles plus, I am recommending to change your power steering sensor switch for a new one. Cost is going to run you $25. Or simply disconnet it.

    If the switch goes bad, leaks power steering fluid into the connecting wires. This is inside the wire itself - through the strands of wire. The black wire is the ground wire, which just happens to connect to a splice joint with the ground wire for the oxygen sensor. Fluid leaks down to the (front 1/1)oxygen sensor and grounds it out.

    This causes your computer to receive faulty information, running excessively rich, causing black soot to discharge from exhaust. Gas mileage - very poor. Poor Performance.

    I ended up taking the wiring harness off the non-engine side and traced the front oxygen sensor wires to the closest harness connection.

    I ran new oxygen sensor wires. Problem solved.

    If anyone has this problem, I will help you with which wires to cut and / or join to.
  • So I have been having problems with the air conditioning and idle speeds, all related to the main CPU, I assume. The AC won't come on for about 11 minutes of driving when the air temperature is above 85. The idle sped starts out at 2000, drops to about 1200 after ten seconds, then will settle down to 650 after another minute or so. If you turn the AC switch on the idle speed boosts up to 1500.

    From you note about the leaking steering fluid, do you think it could be the cause f the computer issues? The truck has 132K miles on it and runs fine other tha the issues mentioned.
  • rd2004rd2004 Posts: 1
    Had a similar problem - very dangerous. Dealer repaired. Was caused be a plastic tie wrap that was placed after the recall for the battery cable. The tie wrap was occasionally pushing against the throttle causing the engine to rev. Finally got stuck on full throttle and car went through an intersection. Lucky there was no accident. Car was towed away - not safe to drive.
  • jjcroce3jjcroce3 Posts: 3
    yes, my Durango is stalling out to. i posted on here already. my status is this. I have had this done. I changed the crank position sensor like I had read in some of the posts. then it died again one time in a parking lot then it started 45 minutes later in 98 degree weather and stalled while I was rushing to get it home in the middle of the road. I took to the only place open today july 4th and they said it is a bad battery post to and can not look farther till they change that then they say a bad started. it had started just fine and turns over but will not fire. so now a dealer will put a computer buddy in it to try and catch a code but it has been in shop for 3 weeks now and nothing shows up. Any ideas
  • sdowningsdowning Posts: 3
    Did you ever figure out what this problem was because my 2001 did the same thing. One thing I did notice was that the headlights, interior dome light, door locks and steering wheel radio controls all work when the engine is not running. My mechanic is scratching his head because he noticed that when the engine is running that if you turn the key just a little bit like you're trying to start it while it's already running, that everything works! So he tried to replace the internals of the ignition switch and that didn't help either! This is just weird!
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Problem cured.

    Power steering switch failure - causing power steering fluid to be pumped into the connection. Fluid inside the black ground wire is on the same splice joint as the O2 sensors. Fluid reaches the O2 connector and starts to fill up the other 3 wires.

    One needs to replace the wires to the O2 harness. You can still use the same connector - take it apart and solder new wires in - or purchase 4 new wire splicers from factory.

    All 4 wires re-coupled to area under the air cleaner.

    If this problem goes too long - then fluid will be pumped up to your PCM and require replacement.

    Your O2 sensors may be good - so save the old ones that you removed.

    If you need additional information - please let me know.
  • durangofandurangofan Posts: 21
    Problem resolved - by replacing the 4 wires leading to the front O2 sensor. Couple up - under the air cleaner.

    Need additional information - let me know.
  • 35cents35cents Posts: 2
    Julie's Mom - I have a '99 Durango that had the same problem - stalling after running about 15 minutes (would crank fine, but no fire, like you're out of gas), then I could restart it after it sat about 5-10 minutes. I initially replaced the Crank Position Sensor (as I read in other posts) and it still stalled. I bought a rebuilt PCM (main engine computer) off of Ebay for $200 from a company that specializes in rebuilt computers. Install took 10 minutes, and it's ran just fine ever since. Don't go to the dealer, they want about $600 for a rebuilt one, plus programming and install! Hope this helps. Regards, Scott
  • howardc44howardc44 Posts: 8
    Check your TPS Sensor, IAC Valve. My did the same thing. I also changed my spark plugs, wires and Cap/Rotar. She runs just fine now, even in hot weather. Make sure you put the right spark plugs in also. I used Bosch Plat. Disconnect the battery to clear the computer and then reconnect. Should do the trick.

    Good Luck

  • howardc44howardc44 Posts: 8
    I have a 99 Durango. Mine started stalling. Changed the spark plugs, wires and Cap/Rotar. I also changed out the IAC Valve and the TPS sensor. Those two parts are only 120.00. Mine now runs just great.

    Good Luck

  • aray2aray2 Posts: 15
    I also have a 2000 durango with the fluid problem in the harness going to the o2. You claim to run new wires from the o2 up to under the air cleaner. Can you be more specific? Are you talking about the pcm module or exactly under the air cleaner? I changed the steering pressure switch and flushed harness with contact cleaner. Still the same problem.
    Thanks aray2
  • cbouloscboulos Posts: 4
    My 2000 4.7L D has just developed the same symptoms. P0551 error code. Power steering switch failed and leaked. Next developed P0171 O-Sensor failure, smells, and lousy mileage. Ground leak theory makes sense. Now for my question: Part stores and web sites says this engine has 3 or 4 O-Sensors. Which one would be the faulty sensor and where is it located? I've found one forward and behind converter. Re-wiring is no problem since I was once an electrical engineer.

    Thanks for any help.............
  • cbouloscboulos Posts: 4
    Ok. I see 4 wires coming off the O2 sensor going to a connector the is stuffed up in an un-accessable location. Cannot get my hands in there to dis-connect. 4 wires: Black-Black-Blue-White. If I assume the two blacks are ground, maybe I could cut them and run new grounds to another clean point. Any comments out there?
  • I have a 2003 Durango that is doing the same thing. Please let me know what you have been able to find out.
  • 2000 Durango 4.7 engine idle will vary from 600 RPM to around 1700 RPM. No engine lights, no codes in CPU. Dealer replaced idle motor, still have same problems. Vehicle has 86,000 miles and has had this problem for some time now. Idle will be erratic and "wander" if vehicle is in drive or park or neutral. Anyone had a similar problem??
  • cbouloscboulos Posts: 4

    Ok. I'm/we are desperate! Would be grateful if you could describe how you fixed your contaminated o2/PS switch harness. I've cleaned it as-much-as I could. Reconnected it and reset the CPU. All was well for a few miles. P0171 code returned. Smells, lousy mileage and all the other symptoms. I trust that the o2 sensor is good based upon a number of web postings. Gonna try the new wires before dumping un-necessay $$$ on a new o2 sensor.

    Any help would be appreciated...........
  • cbouloscboulos Posts: 4
    Common problem. Simple fix: Throttle Position Sensor. Located on right side of carb. A few torque screws and wire harness connection. Ten minute job.
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