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Honda Civic vs Volkswagen Jetta



  • reyfreyf Member Posts: 1
    I have been driving 2003 honda civic LX automatic since 2004. 234000 KM on it and it still runs like brand new. I only upgraded stereo system to really loud stereo system. I never had any major problems with it. Cheap on gas, Most of the repairs I can do myself such as Oil Change, Brake Pads, I only replaced rear brake pads once. Front brake pads every 2 yrs. My friends drive Fords, Jetta's and trust me you will be paying a lot more for maintenance and repairs. VWs are more problematic than Hondas. Most of my european friends buy VW over Honda just because VW is european made car since I'm not European, I buy what is best for me, which is Honda, I know how much money I have saved by buying Civic.
  • noels662002noels662002 Member Posts: 1
    Its funny I'm 46 years old my son will be 25 Xmas time daughter 23 both graduated college I had a real bad accident about 4 years ago in and out of hospital surgery one after the other I'm ok now or as close as possible but both of them graduated while I was in hospital so I told them to go buy a new car that was always going to be their gift, but my daughter picked me up in a new 09 Civic 5k miles on it the 2 door one first thing I noticed is there was 0 ability to see where backing up and as it is with all Honda's so loud we were about 5 miles down the road I made her pull in to BMW Manhattan we left 20 mins later in an X3 to this day I don't know what we got on the trade in but I wouldn't put my worst enemy into a Honda,my son was quiet as worried about the price range and baught a new S4 still has it but its mostly a track car now with all his MODS, we went to buy another car 2/3 months ago and he took out a Jetta si I figure 2 mins later he'd be back with it lol,but we bought and for a car that size it has relay relay impressed me he's hard on cars but the leather and comfort is a million miles anead of anything honda has,in my Humble opinion
  • tomcatt630tomcatt630 Member Posts: 124
    Maybe a 1982 Civic would be 'unsafe' as the so called cop said above, but not nowadays. VW still has to prove they don't die or break down at 70k miles, or cost an arm and leg to repair. The new Jettas are plain as white bread, too. They have to earn a rep, still.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Excuse me, I think you forgot these:


  • joeladamjoeladam Member Posts: 1
    I owned a 2005 volkswagen Jetta Gli 6-speed. Very fun car to drive but it was expensive over the owner ship. Not a good car for High desert Area/ dirt roads, the lip kit was like 2 inches of the ground it got torn off while colliding a bunny. I also had two speakers go out but where replaced by the warranty.
    then an engine motor mount went missing the engine flexed and ripped the headers from block not included under warranty as a wear and tear. i had issues with the timing belt/ water thermostat as well as transmission issues and keep in mind all issue happening from 50,000 to 100,00. pros i did enjoy the car lot its sporty love the design and interior high quality, turbo was fun and 6 speed slick. the Jetta had an ok quality stereo but was lacking a sub that year had a monsoon. i traded it at 100,000 and bought an 2007 Civic Si Sedan.

    I currently still has my Civic Si sedan and it owner ship coast has been outstandingly low i have 110,00 miles on it and have never had an issue but for a 50 dollar pulley because it was squeaking.
    The civic si sedan has been better in every way for my life style. The styling of that year is very modern its been fun tweaking the out side look with a honda factory performance kit. The interior is of good quality better then the newer 2012 even 2013 models i test drove one recently love the tech upgrade in new model but the seat and interior feels so cheep the si feel not as rich as the vw cabin but still pleases in every way material have lasted. The seats in the 07-11 are of high quality materials, i also took advantage of an interior accessory from honda and got the carbon fiber dash up grade so it hide the plastic dash my car had the carbon fiber is plastic but looks better. the civic was bigger as well on the inside the vw and way better sounding stereo. civic power train just feels of higher quality so smooth then you the banshie howl as vtec kick in it becomes addicting but an a engine the revs all the way to 8000 love to stay in the upper rpm on high desert curvy mountain roads. the 6 speed is even slicker then the gli and clutch lighter make the car easier to drive one of the best gear box in the business. I have installed aftermarket up grades like air intake 20k one of the cheapest engine mode i decided to go with a short ram air intake instead of cold air but making this engine breath better makes it sound so much better, then the honda factory performance muffler, then after 100k headers and a race cat.

    so at the end of the day my money goes to honda the civic is better in every way. i will never own a vw/ audi. when i up grade it will b an acura. honda i believe your a far more superior company because you build plans, boats, atv, bike, cars, trucks. i believe in your philosophies of being friendly to the environment.
  • ksternosksternos Member Posts: 14
    I have a 5 speed (manual) 2002 Jetta TDI that gets great gas mileage but wow the car has issues. It's never been in an accident and was not kept in a garage. The roof is rusting, the section above the wheel is rusting and falling out, the passenger side front door doesn't open from the inside, the arm rest broke off, the interior lights no longer go on when the door opens, the automatic lock (using key) doesn't work for the driver side door, the interior light on the door itself doesn't turn off, it thinks the driver's side door is open so when I turn the lights on the car beeps incessantly, about 5 years ago the whole manifold and valves were filled with carbon deposits and had to be replaced (same thing happened to a friend of mine), the horn tone has changed, the flimsy ring on the key fell off years ago so doesn't attach to anything anymore....and now at 124,000 miles it needs a new catalytic converter for $1200.

    So I'm now looking for a 2010 Civic.
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