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2007 Ford Edge



  • ottavottav Posts: 31

    When are we going to see the Magellan?
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    My bet would be the Chicago auto show if the car is to go on sale in the Fall as an '07. Or is the car going to be an '08 going on sale in '07. I originally thought the former, but now I am not so sure..

    I checked the Chicago Auto Show website and the Megellan is not listed as being one of the cars on show (unless Ford/Mercury pull of a surprise). So I guess we will have to wait until the New York Auto Show in April....
  • Time and temperature kill more than miles.

    A 12 year old car with 40k miles is still a 12 year old car.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    See the Freestyle if you want 3 rows, today even at your local dealer, don't have to wait for anything, hence why it is not a direct competitor to the edge...
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    I trust you never have sat in the Freestyle, my 6'3 father and 6'2 self sat in the 3rd row of our freestyle and could indeed travel back there for a bit of time if need be, while not a 2nd row seat by any means it was MORE than adequate for anyone who might be sitting there for a couple hour trip without having to stop. What you also fail to realize is that there is still usable space(as opposed to those mentioned) behind an occupied 3rd row of the freestyle capable of groceries, strollers, whatever. So in the grand scheme of things comparing the Edge and Freestyle makes little sense. What makes sense is identifying your need and buying accordingly instead of inaccurate comparisons. The edge is not a competitor to those mentioned, think 5 seat competitors, not 7 and then make your case.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    Buy the freestyle now as it is better, safer, and more capable than anything you have mentioned save the Audi, but at the same time I do not think you can compare the FS and the Audi as one is 5 vs 7 seating, the Audi is a car, The FS is not. Get rid of the Expedition, skip the edge unless all you need is seating for 5 and think of all the gas money you've saved alone would be enough to make the Freestyle the best decision you could buy now, today, no waiting.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    It doesn't NEED the 3.5l, the FS is more than capable in its present guise. Do you own one or have you driven one??? What if it presently came with the 250hp/3.5l, you'd be looking for a 4.0l/300hp version because it "needed" it. It's already at the head of its crossover class with what it has, Move on already from this dead horse... The FS is a great ride for what it is, a very capable and well conceived crossover.

    "Compared to the Freestyle, I notice that the Edge is shorter (185.7 vs 200.7), taller (67 vs 60.1), and heavier (4098 vs. 3649)"

    Think about this, the Edge that is less capable then the Freestyle is the one that will actually NEED the 3.5l to keep up with it's big brother Freestyle because 50hp is about right to haul around all the extra weight that forward thinking, well conceived design needed to be realized to the satisfaction of the buying public. Let's not forget that other enemy, frontal area, that's going to need a few poines as well to push it inefficiently through the air. In the end, Such a leap forward, I think not you just spelled it out yourself, who's kidding who at the end of the day here folks. Freestyle wins hand's down and I haven't even mentioned the Volvo platform it rides on and the safety features that gives it...
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    I say again, Have YOU driven one or are you just on the bandwagon like the rest. We're not desperate here with our PURCHASE in any regard. If you want to complain, ding the interior material selections, that's worth complaining about, not the drivetrain or platform and all its standard class leading safety features.
  • ottavottav Posts: 31
    How would you compare the 3rd row roominess in the Freestyle vs. an Explorer/Mountaineer?
  • ottavottav Posts: 31
    OK, thanks.

    I work right down the street from the Javits Center, so I guess I'll check it out at the NY Auto show.
  • ottavottav Posts: 31
    Will the Magellan incorporate any improvements that Ford has learned since the initial design and production of the Freestyle?
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I have driven the Freestyle, both my brother's new one and several Freestyles, Five Hundreds, and Montegos from dealerships. The power is borderline for me to feel safe in LA traffic. However, the noise made by the engine and drivetrain with the CVT is annoying. That is probably the bigger issue for most people. Of course, none of this soon matter, as the new 3.5 with the new Ford/GM six speed automatic will replace the 3.0 with the CVT or Japaneese automatic (or be available as an option) in the Edge, Lincoln version of the Edge, Freestyle (or whatever they call it), Five Hundred, Montego, Fusion, Milan, Zephyr and who knows what else.

    The strange and ugly bar across the part of the Freestyle dash where a storage compartment should be located is the main shortcoming when compared with the Edge interior, and the Edge lacks the very nice storage compartment at the top center of the dash in the Freestyle.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    I live in Chicago and completely disagree, its soft off the line but has great power in the midrange where you need it. How is that underpowered when it is fastest in class. Furthermore what is the point of marginally faster 0-60 time when the majority of buyers could care less and don't spend their days running off 0-60 sprints. Where do you stop with it all, 250hp/300hp/400hp, yeah I like HP as much as the next guy hence my time at the track, but I do not think the world needs 400hp CUV/SUV's for their high school kids to be taking out at night because its the safe car with no competent training in how to handle it. It all starts to be more than a little ludicrous and pointless this mindset that more is always good. Where does it stop...
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I agree that horsepower wars are something for muscle cars, but had the Freestyle / Five Hundred / Montego come out with the 3.5 and new transmission, I doubt that anybody would have complained, as they now do about the 3.0 system. Fortunately, Ford is not making that same mistake with the Edge.

    As for fastest in its class, what are the other members of the class? Just the Pacifica, a vehicle which is slow enough that I do consider it to be unsafe? If the class includes more crossovers such as the Edge, Freestyle, RX330, MDX, and so forth, then the Freestyle is certainly not the fastest.
  • twaintwain Posts: 185
    Such a leap forward, I think not you just spelled it out yourself, who's kidding who at the end of the day here folks. Freestyle wins hand's down and I haven't even mentioned the Volvo platform it rides on and the safety features that gives it...

    Logical or not, style sells cars as much as substance. The Freestyle is probably more practical. But it also looks more like a wagon. IMO, the Edge wins on style. It has an upscale sporty look that will compete with the Murano and Lexus330. If it's thousands less than those two, Ford will sell every one they make.

    The right side of our brain knows the Freestyle is a better choice. But the left side of our brain wants the Edge. ;)
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    What sort of improvments are you reffering too? There will be quite a few.
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    Have not been in the back seat of the explorer but my father 6'3 and I 6'2 and could sit in the 3rd row of the freestyle reasonably comfortable and could travel for a couple hour trip is need be, considering both my father and I are around 250lbs I say this is quite a testament to the FS packaging. The other benefit is usable space behind the 3rd row that the competitors do no have to the same extent, I could get stroller and groceries behind the 3rd row in the up position with 6 + baby seat on board. Everyone was comfortable, safe and I got 26mpg @65+mph to boot. Can't see any of the others being able to say the same if that is what your need is. The Edge/FS comparison is not a fair one as they each have different capabilities, If you need to carry 5 or more safely and comfortably and this is a big criteria for your purchase you cannot go wrong with this product.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Totally agree...You should post this to the Freestyle forum. What you describe is one of the greatest part of the Freestyle. Carrying adults in 3rd row with a real luggage space behind. Outside of a minivan or giant SUV, you won't find that in any car.
  • ottavottav Posts: 31
    I wasn't referring to anything specific; just items that have been discovered during the first two years of Freestyle production.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Yes, many items are being re-addressed.
  • I currently own an '01 Escape with 100K miles and the Edge seems perfect for me. But having been through the recalls within the first year after the '01 Escape launch, what do you think Ford is doing to more robustly test the Edge to prevent a reoccurance? I'm one of the "early adopter" types and I'd like to buy the '07 but I might be smarter this time around waiting until the second model year of the Edge to give Ford time to correct the first year issues.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Understandble concern. That was 2000 though, things have changed substantially since then. The F-150 debuted, a vehicle with sales around 900K, and so far that launch went quite well.

    Same with the Mustang, which was rated tops in it's segment for initial quality (the little issues that occur on the first few months of ownership). And that's on a totally new vehicle, in a newly refurbished flexible plant. Talk about something that COULD have gone wrong, and didn't.

    Same with the 500/Mtg/FS, and also rated high in their segments for initial quality, and it's launch went flawlessly.

    So far with the debut of the F/M/Z, the launch has gone very well also.

    Ford currently has SixSigma team which goes over each vehicle with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything is perfect before being released, and that same attention to detail will be used for the Edge/MKX.
  • ottavottav Posts: 31
    That's good.

    I await a look at it, and will definitely put in on my short list of vehicles to consider when my Mountaineer lease is up next year.
  • ANT14, thanks for the input. Seems like Ford has totally changed the final release and launch process, with good results. Maybe that '07 Edge does have my name on it!
  • Have the colors been announced?

    I was going to get the new Toyota FJ Cruiser but those clowns stuck a white roof on that, no thanks!

    Ford Edge has the best dimensions/proportions of any car to date.
  • bri719bri719 Posts: 6
    very thoughtful post, ANT. I agree with most of your assessments, and with an aftermarket mod chip to run premium this model will certainly put out close to 270HP (especially with a more free-flowing air filter).

    none of this will impact gas mileage any, but performance is exciting (for once not just in a Mustang). but even fresh off the showroom floor the relatively heavy (read: refined) Edge will get better mileage than my 2.5L 5-speed Ranger with 100HP increase, so I'm not concerned.
  • bri719bri719 Posts: 6
    FJ is geared as more of an off-road vehicle, plus the looks aren't quite as good as the old ones - as Automobile mag notes "it's both handsome and ugly". to me it's a cross between a Land Rover and a Mini thanks to that white roof, with just a dash of early Toyota thrown in for good measure. plus there's a waiting list.

    you're much better off buying the 4Runner it's based on, though that will set you back at least a few thousand more. it's a foot shorter overall and 4" less wheelbase and not as geared towards your mainstream consumer in and out (think a Honda Element on steroids). cool, but like most kitchy cars the coolness factor will wear off quicker than most.
  • bri719bri719 Posts: 6
    my 100k Ranger, no doubt newer than the Fords you've had over the years, and I haven't replaced any of those things you're describing. also ask yourself if said neighbors took reasonable care of those cars or beat them into the ground, then sold them to you cheap once they were done.
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    Today, the company is announcing that hybrid versions of the Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX will debut in the 2008-2010 timeframe. The new hybrids will join the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner hybrids, which are on sale today, as well as the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids, which will debut in 2008. Overall, Ford Motor Company plans to build 250,000 hybrids a year by 2010. --
    Some good news for January 22 out of Ford.
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