2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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  • flyingtigerflyingtiger Member Posts: 7
    after going back and forth on my trade in they finally gave me 17500 for my 03 A4 1.8T AWD auto spts/bose/xenon/prem 51k. At first i thought that was way to low, so i took it to car max and they only gave me 16000. so i came back and put a deposit down so they can lock in my trade in. paid sticker, but got free tint. car should be here 7-10 days
  • zman9zman9 Member Posts: 10
    Hi guys

    Can someone please confirm whether the following deal offered by my dealer is good.

    IS 250 with Premium Package and Navigation = 38101 MSRP
    Trade-in 6200

    36 mos, 12K, residual = 23, 600
    470 monthly payment.

    36 mos 15K monthly payment = 490. Don't know the residual on this one.

  • digital_bdigital_b Member Posts: 129
    trade in of what?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,126
    OK, I initially thought the payment was high, but after using the Edmunds Lease Calculator, it seems about in line with what you'd expect. If we knew the money factor and the tax rate in your area, that would help a bit.

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  • zman9zman9 Member Posts: 10
    2001 Nissan Altima GXE
  • zman9zman9 Member Posts: 10
    Hi kirstie_h

    We need to add 1914.06 as 6% sales tax (PA) + transfer and reg fees at about 130 viz 33945.

    The lease I think should be calculated on this amount. Still I do not know much about leases to determine whether that was a good or atleast a fair deal or not.

    I would appreciate any help here.

  • zman9zman9 Member Posts: 10
    I should've asked him about the money factor too. But I forgot to add the acquisition fee about 600 and security deposit of 500 to the amount mentioned in my previous reply.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,126
    Even when I put all of that info into the calculator using the "stock" money factor of .0027, I still come up with a number closer to $455, and $470 for the 35/15K lease. However, the money factor is really important to you here, and that's what's probably changing the payment.


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  • zman9zman9 Member Posts: 10
    I see. I will go over the details with them on thursday. I remember them telling me that the APR used was something like 6.54%.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 213,727
    I'd check on that tax rate... I seem to remember PA putting an extra 3% tax on lease payments...

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  • zman9zman9 Member Posts: 10
    Not if you have a trade-in. :)
  • harrybush00harrybush00 Member Posts: 76
    sheesh $38K+ for a loaded IS250. Am I really the only one that thinks that's a bit overpriced compared to other cars in the market? I don't care how nice the interior is, it's not like Lexus installed a Rolls Royce dashboard. A car with a 2.5L V6 and a mere ~200hp just doesn't make sense. It makes a BMW 325i look like it's pretty much the same value.
  • redbugeyeredbugeye Member Posts: 16
    A dealer near-by told me last Friday that the price they have now is "introductory prices" and Toyota assured to raise them soon. They did not tell how soon though. Has anyone heard like this? Is this just to get me in a new IS??
  • au94au94 Member Posts: 171
    agree with you. I'll keep my S40 T5 with more hp and the 28700 OTD price.
  • jrock65jrock65 Member Posts: 1,371
    They did raise the price of the 2006 GS a few months after intro, but it was only a couple hundred bucks.
  • bee7bee7 Member Posts: 15
    Just test drove the 350. Dealer pricing was

    43,069 for sport package, about 500 above MSRP and additional 399 Dealer processing fee, which of course is pure profit for dealer plus tax title and license, close to 46K out the door. No other options!!!

    Nice car, but I'm not paying above MSRP. Dealer said that is what they are getting, walked out test drove BMW 330i, and put deposit down for 39K, & 99 for dealer fees, total was close to 41K, almost 5K less than an 350. I am so glad I did. Absolutely loved The 330i, what a car. Wow. Lexus, close, but no cigar.

    Lexus, are you crazy???? The new 350 is really nice, but it’s still not a Beemer,
    If you really want to take away from BMW, build a better
    Car, and price it right. 5K more than an BMW 330i, your outta your mind.
  • harrybush00harrybush00 Member Posts: 76
    Finally, I'm getting a few people to agree with me on this. I think the IS250 should be priced in the high $20K (maybe $27K-ish?) for a MT standard model, and then when its equipped with navi and whatever option packages are there, it'll top out around $32-33K. To me that sounds much more reasonable when the competition from Acura and Infiniti are so stiff. I also think that the BMW 3-series offers a reasonable amount for its price as well. A decently equipped 325i can be had for less than $34K (staying away from the iDrive system) and it is much faster than the 250 ever will be. I think Lexus is getting way too cocky with their products. Sure, the IS is a nice car, but it's as if Lexus is telling us that big L is worth thousands of dollars more even when it doesn't seem to have any distinctive advantages over others.
  • flyingtigerflyingtiger Member Posts: 7
    just sign a contract for a lexus IS250 base with 18's. i got intrest rate of 5.2% for 60 months. is that rate too high?? i scored 732 on the becon. i paid sticker, but got free tint, and a dozen of lexus logo PRO V1 golf balls. i wanted one with prem pkg, but here in TX its either base or nav thats it.
  • breldbreld Member Posts: 6,384
    I've never really been in the market for a Lexus, so am not too familiar with where the real-world pricing generally ends up. So, for those more familiar with Lexus' track record:

    I fully expect the dealerships to demand, and receive, full sticker for the IS for a while, but based on other recent introductions, like the GS, does the pricing soften a bit after several months? Or is Lexus generally able to demand sticker for years?

    I mentioned to the salesman that I may wait a little to let the hype die down, and he responded that he expects the full sticker pricing to last for "years," and noted the new hybrid models. Now, I obviously take the salespersons response with a grain of salt and was more just curious what his response would be.

    A luxury SUV hybrid is one thing - but there are several very competitive compact sports sedans out there. I would hope that modest discounts ($1,000 or so) could be had on these within the next six months or so.

    What do you think?

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  • glenfordglenford Member Posts: 138
    I think I read that Lexus is historically very successful at holding margins up (but not necessarily at MSRP). I asked for this board to be started specifically so we can see when the discounting starts. Truly, even a "throw in" of window tint (earlier poster) is a discount, albeit small. So, it has started already. Tim
  • dl7265dl7265 Member Posts: 1,381
    Have you seen what the "L" charges for maintence ? add a few more Grand in the cost of ownership...

    PS: didn't know Lexus made motorcycles to compete with Beemers..

  • kmg68kmg68 Member Posts: 108
    If the IS follows what has happened with the GS in terms of pricing, then I would expect prices to be more negotiable within 4-6 months. Currentlly, people are able to get GS's for 1,000 over invoice in some parts of the country, and the car has only been out since February.
  • kmg68kmg68 Member Posts: 108
    FYI...I just checked Edmunds and ivoice pricing for the IS 250 has been posted. Base invoice is around $34,000.
  • kmg68kmg68 Member Posts: 108
    Invoice Pricing for IS350 is also posted on Edmunds, but you have to llok under sedans priced between "35k-45k" is $31,186. Me post earlier was incorect for IS250 is $27,419 for Auto.
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Member Posts: 124
    Any news on 3 yr residuals yet?

  • flyingtigerflyingtiger Member Posts: 7
    i didnt lease, but they did run some numbers for me. 36 months 15k a year is 63%.
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Member Posts: 124
    Thanks P-40 ;)
  • anijhawanijhaw Member Posts: 24
    I received the following information from my Lexus Salesperson:

    36 month 12k miles - Residual Value = 64%
    48 month 12k miles - Residual Value = 54%
    60 month 12k miles - RV = 43%

    I didn't ask about the money factor. Does anyone know the money factor for a high credit score?
  • shl1shl1 Member Posts: 2
    .00235 or 5.64% for top tier credit. also if you guys can wait, lexus' rates (money factor as well as selling prices) will be a lot better when their december to remember event begins right after thanksgiving. this is what my bud who is also a sales manager in southern california told me. i'm planning to wait.
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Member Posts: 124
    Yes, I can wait, thanks. I'm waiting until I can find an IS 250 AWD for <$350/month with $2K down. Right now, they are closer to $390.
  • govols2govols2 Member Posts: 9
    I test drove the IS350 on Saturday Oct 15th. Salemen has been hounding pretty good since I drove, in a friendly way so far. So he called again today and gave the following over the phone.

    Here is the numbers he gave me on leases:

    IS250 with nav
    .0320 money factor
    60% residual

    payment about $560 with tax included in TN (home of high sales tax)

    IS350 with nav
    .0320 money factor
    62% residual

    payment about $640 with tax in inlcuded in TN (home of high sales tax)

    When I sighed in disbelief he said the manager said to make deals happen and there is room to negotiate. "they want to put some of these cars on the road to attract other buyers". The have only sold one of their 4 intial IS's.

    I need feeback, seems like the money is high and residuals are low. Figures were achieved through pay list price. Something that I simply won't do on a car.
  • bmoney1bmoney1 Member Posts: 9
    They are definitely jacking up the MF. I think the base rate is .00280...the residuals seem spot on though.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    Yeah, if they really want to make deals, the money factor is way, way, way off. Ridiculous. Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole....
  • govols2govols2 Member Posts: 9
    My mistake money factor is .00320. Sorry for the typos. I would still love the feedback.
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Member Posts: 124
    I lease an M45 Sport, definitely a step maybe 2 up from the IS350, for $642/month for 3 yrs/12K/7% tax with $2500 down. The Acura RL (also more car) can be had for < $550/month easy.

    My feedback is NO WAY on those IS "deals".

    In fact, this whole Lexus leasing thing is starting to smell bad to me, I hope it either reverses course or changes. Let's start with the acquisition fee, what is that? Would you laugh if a bank tried to get you to pay them $600+ to take your car loan? That is exactly what the leasing company is doing. They should be forced to include the fee in the MF or equivalent APR, as mortgage companies are. Then you would see your 6% rate equivalent Money Factor is really 15% or 20% or whatever (I'm not running that calc)

    Let's run a sample calculation for 'fair'. Im going to use the base AWD IS 250 since that is the car I'm considering for my fiance.

    3 yr/45k/7% tax. MSRP = $34,285 Invoice = $30,168 so lets negoitate $31,727+ destination charge of $590, final price of $32,317. $1500 profit to the dealer for being a middleman not including his holdback nor his anticipated revenue on the maintenance schedule nor the fact that many luxury cars are being made "certified" on return and going for way more than the residual on the used market. OK, now is it fair to pay this acquisition charge? No, but nothing we can do about it right now except maybe force the dealer to swallow some. We've already negotiated price so I'll pay that as down payment since they still think this is a "hot" car. OK, plug in 63% residual and .00235 MF to get to a payment of $454. In my case, put $1500 down to get it to $405.
  • kenbtkenbt Member Posts: 33
    Has anyone seen this color in person?

    Is the color nice or not nice?
  • justconvincedjustconvinced Member Posts: 28
    Saw it... can't say that I'm moved.
  • socalcpasocalcpa Member Posts: 15
    Any idea whether this program is available for IS 250 and the impact on lease money factor?
  • jaramabeigejaramabeige Member Posts: 31
    Dear kenbt:

    I have seen the Desert Sage green. In my opinion, it is neither here nor there. However, I think the Matador Red is the best color. Good luck.

    Everyone else, thanks for your comments and I shall continue reading.
  • miata007miata007 Member Posts: 129
    Interested in a IS350 but only if it really can do 0-60 in 5.1s. I checked other reviews and there numbers are consistant at 6.0s. If that's the case why Lexus? Either a 330 or G35 fully loaded is much better deal. 330 has better luxury and G35 has better handling. Lexus really need to drop the price to $1000 over invoice soon.

  • bigb82bigb82 Member Posts: 3
    I gotta 350 with 18" wheels nothing else....only money i gave up front is first month payment and tag transfer...nothing else...36 month lease...12k a year...monthly payment of 589 a month including tax...msrp 36,944 i got a 100 dollar discount. so let me know if this is a good deal i think it is....in any case people keep saying wait till december this car WILL NOT have many specials its too new and too much demand
  • sdiver68sdiver68 Member Posts: 124
    Too much demand? That's contrary to what I'm hearing. The local dealer told me the IS will be included in the December to Remember incentive, and preliminary IS sales are "disappointing".
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 47,364
    about interest. Wonder if there are a lot of lookers (such as many posters here), but they just aren't turning into buyers yet? Could be a catch 22, that the people who want to buy one are waiting for the prices to come down?

    The interior room might be holding it back some too, and blame Lexus for the odd role out of configurations.

    Add some configurations, and through a december to remember lease promo out there, and I imagine sales will pick up. hard to move something in the Lexus class and this price range with only full rate lease options.

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  • flyingtigerflyingtiger Member Posts: 7
    im writing this post at the lexus dealership i got my IS at. i came back to get my free golf balls and get a quick wash. the golfballs are still on back order so he gave me a lexus watch. i dont feel too bad paying sticker because i got free tint and now a watch. here in the DFW area, you cant find a IS on the lot.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,332
    .... **i came back to get my free golf balls ... **

    What brand of golf balls...........?

  • flyingtigerflyingtiger Member Posts: 7
    ProV1 lexus logo
  • h5n1h5n1 Member Posts: 2
    agree! MSRP! $38111

    I drove one and my gut tells me that it wont be long b4 discounts...
  • govols2govols2 Member Posts: 9
    My Lexus dealer seems much more motivated than 2 weeks ago. They had 72 test drives before the first sale occurred, which was a week and half later. Their first IS350 is still on the lot. I think they will be some deals and factory support of this car at the dealer. he wants me come in sit down for some number crunching.

    I want a 350 with Nav and ML audio and 18's.
  • miata007miata007 Member Posts: 129
    There is nothing wrong with paying list price since this car is so new. Congratulation to your IS and be sure to give us a review of your car eventually.

  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 47,364
    is what happens with the manual 250 when it comes out. Wonder if they will sell at all? Porbably more important, will any dealer bother to ordeer any for a stock unit?

    If they don't, they sure won't sell many, and the lack of demand will become a self fulfilling prophecy. Sure some people will order on a flyer, but most people want to be able to try one out in advance, and lots also want to buy on the spot, not order and wait 8 weeks.

    But, BMW dealers seem to be doing the same thing. I walked the lot last week when they were closed, and every 3 series I could find (mostly 325s) were automatics. This was at least 30 cars, not including the M3s that I didn't scope out.

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