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Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    1,000-1,400 sounds about right depending on the taxes in your area.

    No one is going to get into the 800-900 dollar range on a 2007 Sport without a lot of money down. Wait till the middle of next week when the new lease programs come out. The payments will be slightly better but probably not in the 800-900 range.
  • eugenek1eugenek1 Posts: 4
    I am also considering a lease on RRS SC and I have the following questions for everyone here:

    1. What is going on with ridiculous lease prices I have seen? A zero down lease on a $70K car should not cost over $1K. Why are LR dealers charging these insane prices? Is it due to poor residuals? Demand? Does anyone have an idea?

    2. Can any existing owners comment on reliability? In addition to LR having the absolute worst ranking in the 2006 JD Power & Associates survey, I have seen a huge number of posts on various web forums with people having a tremendous amount of problems with their Land Rovers. My existing vehicle is an Infiniti FX and I had two minor problems with it in the 38 months of the lease. I know that Land Rover reliability cannot compare to Japanese cars, but constant problems with Rover would simply ruin my life and my family's life, so I am wondering if there have been any quality improvements recently.

    I have seen several posts about 08 MY models coming out in June. Does anyone know if any changes were made to 2008 RRS?

    Can anyone comment on their experience with level of service in the dealerships of NYC area (or tri-state area). While looking for a best price, I exchanged emails with a dealer in MD, who acted very snobby (as if he was selling me a one of a kind vintage Ferrari). He gave me the "if you have to ask how much is a Rolls Royce, you probably cant afford it" type of speech, which really pissed me off.

    Thanks in advance for any info you provide.

  • eugenek1eugenek1 Posts: 4
    Can someone please shed some light on why Land Rover dealers are asking for INSANE amounts of money for RRS leases? I have done some shopping around and found the following prices for a 36 month lease with 0 down and 12K miles/year:

    2007 BMW 745LI (MSRP $82,675) - $1120/mo
    2007 MB ML 500 (MSRP $66,670) - $999/mo
    2007 Audi Q7 4.8 Premium (MSRP $63,940) - $930/mo
    2007 MB G500 (MSRP $86,000) - $1300/mo compare that to...

    2007 Range Rover Sport (MSRP $66,950) - $1295/mo
    2007 Range Rover Sport Supercharged (MSRP $71,250) - $1395/mo

    Notice anything strange? I mean - what is the deal? What gives? Poor residuals? Dealer greed? All of this for a vehicle that was placed LAST in the 2006 JD Power initial quality survey. Someone please explain to me what is going on?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    That is how the leasing program is set up. Even if the dealer gave the car away for a loss then they could not match those other lease numbers.

    The consumer has gotten addicted to these highly subvened leasing programs. Using real residuals and real money factors that is what a 60,000-70,000 dollar car leases for.

    No luxury vehicle has a 70 plus percent residual over 24 months like BMW normally puts on their leasing programs. The current Prime Rate in the US is 8.25 so real money factors will be at or around that rate.

    The residuals for the Range Sport are fairly strong, it did win an award for best residual value in its class, but the money factors are very, very high. They are prime plus whatever Land Rover decides to tack on and will stay that way as long as the Sports keep moving off the lots. Land Rover hasn't had any problem selling them even with the high lease payments.

    As long as ground stock stays low then the lease payments will stay high. Why stack incentives on a vehicle that does not need them?
  • roverboyroverboy Posts: 26
    try that's where you will get the best deal. although they still try to screw you. it used to be you could get a RRSport luxury for $900-1000 per month, but now the demand is exceeding the supply, so they are milking it. I would wait until the end of this year if you can. they just refreshed their inventory. two months ago, you couldn't find many of these cars in the entire bay area. they have leverage over you bc of limited supply. it's pure economics. but swapalease dealers are advertising $750 plus tax. but that will cost you $5000 down. so essentially it's over $1000 per month if you pay nothing down. I would wait if I were you.
  • carrierecarriere Posts: 18
    The Range Rover Sport is the first SUV that I have seen that I would even consider purchasing as a replacement for my 99 Isuzu Trooper (135,000 miles and going strong). The more research I do however, the more that I feel that this vehicle is being marketed to be utilized for on-road use only. The RRS Turbo comes with 20" rims, and for the life of me, I can not find a tire manufacturer any where that produces a descent All-Terrain tire that could be mated to this size rim. Same can be said for the 19" rim found on the HSE. Mud flaps are a $191 option according to my dealer, a roof rack is a $648 option (and these prices do not include labor charges). Oh and the chrome side view mirrors is a 232 dollar option. Please tell me that this vehicle comes standard with a 2" trailer hitch.....Is this also an option? The dealer also told me that they could change the 20" rims out for 19" rims but that this would be an additional charge. I wonder what the charge would be to have the 20" rims switched out with the 18" rims found on the LR3? Jeez, one would think that if I were planning to spend $70,000 grand on a vehicle that these amenities (standard on many vehicles that are half the price) would be on the house. I know the vehicle is designed to tow over 7,000 lbs but are the tires that currently come standard on the RRS Turbo rated to handle pulling a trailer with this much weight? I regularly tow a tractor and implements(with the Trooper), and I would hope that the RRS Turbo could handle this as well. I guess I am one of the few who would actually try to use the RRS the way I initially thought it was designed to be used, those 20" rims and lack of a standard roof rack have me scratching my head though.
  • carrierecarriere Posts: 18
    Since I was a bit off topic with my last post, I am hoping that I can make amends with this post by comparing 2007 X-Plan pricing to MSRP pricing for the RRS HSE model. Correction of earlier post ($70 grand rather than $70,000 grand).

    base $54,168.00 $57,235.00
    lux pckg $ 2,840.00 $ 3,000.00
    rear diff lck $ 474.00 $ 500.00
    destination $ 714.00 $ 714.00

    total $58,196.00 $61,449.00
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    It is the RRS Supercharged not turbo and yes it won't have any problems towing 7,700 lbs with either the 20 inch or 19 inch tires. You are no where near the weight raiting of those tires even if you are at the maxmium tougne wait on the Sport.

    You can't fit rims smaller then 19 inch on the Supercharged Sport because of the huge brakes. You can fit 18 inch rims on the HSE Sport if you want as I have seen a couple of people do it.
  • teamyonexteamyonex Posts: 42
    Isn't X-Plan pricing DEFINED as 4% over invoice? My experience is that one can do better than X-plan through the usual car buying/negotiation tactics. Good luck.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    It is either 4 percent over invoice plus Destination charge plus any RAG(Regional Advertising Group) fee.

    Sometimes you can do better then X-Plan sometimes you can't. It depends on the car you are looking at and the region you are shopping in. In our store you could do better then X-Plan, although only by a tiny amount, on LR3s but we won't honor X-plan pricing on Range Rovers.
  • I have been shopping around for a Range Rover Sport Supercharged since December 2006 and have certainly noticed some price fluctuation in the last few months. For example in late December, I managed to negotiate down a Range Rover Sport with an MSRP of $73,550.00 down to $69,550.00, but decided against it as I felt the lease prices were a bit high, and I wanted to wait for the 2007 model. I really want this car but at the same time I don’t want to overpay. Surely it is just a matter of time before the market catches up with this car, as more and more get sold, traded etc. Supply seemed to dry up in January/February, but the dealers are getting some cars now and here are the prices I have been quoted. We have two Land Rover dealers in Houston:-
    DEALER 1. (April 2007)
    MSRP - $71,250.00
    15,000 miles
    39 month lease
    Residual - $37,050.00
    Money factor - 0.0033
    Money down - $5,000.00
    Monthly payment - $1,299.00

    DEALER 2. (December 2006)
    MSRP - $73,550.00
    Discount from MSRP - $4,000.00
    15,000 miles
    39 month lease
    Residual - $47,807.00
    Money factor - 0.00462
    Money down - $5,000.00
    Monthly payment - $1,072.00

    LOCAL LEASING COMPANY. (December 2006)
    MSRP - $73,550.00
    Discount from MSRP - $4,000.00
    15,000 miles
    39 month lease
    Residual - $34,800.00
    Money factor – 0.00234
    Money down - $5,000.00
    Monthly payment - $1,117.00

    What is a reasonable or fair residual for this car after (39) months and what is a reasonable money factor? First year depreciation must be about 20%, then 10% each year thereafter?
  • eugenek1eugenek1 Posts: 4
    I have been to a couple of dealerships in NYC area in the past couple of weeks and in addition to being very snobby and acting like they are selling me a Rolls Royce, I have seen quotes from $1280 to $1399 for a 39-mo 12K/mo lease with zero down (i.e. first month + bank fee). The MSRP of the car is $71,250. At the same time I can lease a $69.5K 2007 Audi Q7 4.2 for $890/mo. They are totally out of touch with reality.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    The dealership is not out of touch with reality that is what a 71,250 dollar car leases for without any incentives.

    The entire marketplace has gotten crazy with incentives in the past few years and Land Rover has ZERO incentives on their vehicles with the exeption of left over 2006 MY LR3s.

    I was just at the launch for the new land rover and one of the things we talked about was lease incentives. They had charts for the various makes and how much their average incentive was. BMW, Audi and Mercedes are averaging nearly 8,000 dollars a car in incentives. With the exeption of the LR3 Land Rover has only a few hundred dollars of incentives per car.

    If you want the Land Rover you have to PAY for it. That is the way it has always been. The company is much too small with too low volume to offer the huge incentives the other makes do.
  • I know that in December 2006 LR was offering $4,000.00 incentive's on 2006 MY Range Rover sports (including the Supercharged). Did LR indicate that this might come back?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    They don't give us any hints about when they will start marketing support on cars.

    When the 2008 MY vehicles start arriving there will probably be some marketing support but I doubt anything will happen till then.
  • carrierecarriere Posts: 18
    Stopped by the dealership over the weekend and it was a very pleasant experience. The sales person that I am working with was kind and very curtious. When it came time to negotate the dealership would not come off of X Plan pricing. I am ok with this, but since the dealership did not have the car that I wanted, they said they could probably obtain one from an out-of-state dealership but I would have to pay frieght which could be as high as $1,800. I had to decline, as the idea of spending $1,000 plus on shipping charges does not appeal to me (this is in addition to the $714 standard charge). They were able to locate an HSE for me (in the color and interia that I require)at another dealership 60 miles away. No additional shipping charges would be tacked on to this vehicle. Though I had my heart set on the Super-charged model, I figured I would adjust and save $10,000 and get the HSE. Well this particular HSE had come in with 20" rims and my sales person said there was an additional $3,000 charge due to the rims. Well I told my sales rep to change the rims out to the standard 19" reduce the price by $3K and you have a deal. They balked so I am still without a new RRS. Oh well....Anyway, does anyone know if 18" rims will fit on the RRS Super Charge? Also, are there pre-drilled holes for a roof-rack on the RRS. Is it difficult to install a wireing harness for a trailer hitch on this vehicle? Finally, how difficult is it to get to the oil filter on the RRS Super-charge model. I popped the hood while at the dealership and I was unable to locate the oil filter. I was impressed with the underbody protection on the vehicle (skid plates), but was disappointed that the vehicle did not appear to come with tow hooks.
  • carrierecarriere Posts: 18
    I wanted to thank British_Rover for responding to my post last week and informing me that the tires can handle towing weights that can exceed 5,000 lbs.

    The dealership quoted me approximatley $1,000 for hooking up and providing me with a trailer hitch and wireing harness. They quoted me $498 for a roof rack plus labor. Well the labor it turns out will be about 4 hrs at $85 an hour; hence, my question on the pre-drilled holes in my earlier post. Mud-flaps will cost me around $250.
  • carrierecarriere Posts: 18
    I was set on obtaining a rear locking diff ( a $500 option), but the sales personnel said that it would be very difficult to locate a vehicle with this particular option. Can anyone direct me to a web-site that contains technical details on the RRS 4-wheel drive operation? For other vehicles, while in 4-wheel drive, you typically have a limited slip rear differential, and an open front differential. The limited slip provides torque to some extent to both wheels, but it mainly provides torque to the wheel with the most traction. A locking diff for the rear provides equal torque to both rear wheels. The open differential, typically on the front of a 4 wheel drive veh, provides torque to the wheel with the least amount of traction. I understand that the RRS is much more sophisticated than this and I would like to find out specifically how this system operates.
  • carrierecarriere Posts: 18
    My apologies for the misspelled words contained in my earlier post. I just figured out that this message board contains a spell-checker. I will be sure to put this functionality to good use in all of my future post.
  • eelpouteelpout Posts: 32
    ugh. the hitch. don't get me started. :P

    it's $325 for the removable hitch. That has to be one of the silliest inventions in quite a while. it sits do dang low that I had to buy an $80 adapter to raise it up to use my bike/ski rack. Plus, most after market hitch locks will not fit because the thing is about 1/4" too wide. They need to factory install a permanent one like the big Rover.
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    Has anyone come across any information re: Land Rover's announcement that 2008 RRS and LR3's will receive refreshed interiors? I wonder if the refresh is anything substantial. Think about leasing one but there's no real financial incentive to lease now if the 2008 MY will be in dealerships June/July as I've seen posted. Is that still the guess on arrival date?
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    Interior Refresh Article

    Link to news clip about the refreshed interiors. Pictures are of the LR3 but it mentions Land Rover's announcement at the Geneva Auto Show.
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    Plan on stopping by the Land Rover Dallas, TX dealership this weekend. Can anyone recommend a good salesperson?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    That fits with my info as well. The LR3 is going to get a luxury interior option lik the RRS with softer leather and better seats.

    The RRS is going to get new wood choices and double stiched door panels.
  • rrsfanrrsfan Posts: 6
    I was looking into purchasing RRS. On LR website they tout the ability to write off RRS at alrmingly higher pace. Has anyone tried & got away with it? What I understand is if gross vehicle weight rating is in excess of 6000.lbs than the std depreciation schedule does not apply & can be depreciated at a higher rate. I believe this clause was for trucks. Any experience?? I would prefer not to lease.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    It is true for any vehicle with a GVWR over 6,000 lbs. This was originaly intended to help farmers and construction companies buy the heavy duty trucks they need for work. Talk to your accountant but yes you can do this on any Land Rover, except the LR2, as they all have GVWRs over 6,000 lbs.
  • rrsfanrrsfan Posts: 6
    Thanks B.Rover. I talked to my accountant, but he was concerned that the empty weight is less than 6000lbs, so it may not qualify. Thanks.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    It is Gross weight that matters not curb.
  • gasdocgasdoc Posts: 13
    I'm about to finalize a deal on a 07 RRS SC.
    X-Plan Pricing with base MF on a lease.
    The one I want is in another state and the dealer states he needs $1100 to get it here.
    Is this right? Just seems like too much money given it came from the UK for less than $800.
  • Out of interest, how much discount off the MSRP is the dealer giving you on the X-Plan?
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