Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • barryh_gegbarryh_geg Member Posts: 5
    Wildcat, which dealer in CO?
  • joseph9080joseph9080 Member Posts: 2
    To all: Thanks in advance for any input.

    Is the $3,000.00 rebate only towards a purchase or can it be used towards a lease? When does this offer expire?
  • rr4mywiferr4mywife Member Posts: 58
    And does the $3000 rebate apply if you are coming out of a Range Rover lease?

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi first time poster here, and I've been enjoying reading everyone's experiences with dealerships on the RRS. I was told by a dealer in SW Ohio yesterday that the competitive lease rebate, which ends 6/30, is good "even if you drive a Hyundai." Over the phone, first call, he offered $3K off sticker for any RRS in stock on top of the $3000 LR early lease termination rebate. I'm thinking based on what I've read here that I can push for $4000 off sticker plus maintenance, and then the $3K rebate on top of that. Too aggressive? What do you folks think?
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    Hi. Looking to purchase a used (2008) Sport Supercharged and would like opinions. I found one I'm interested in but haven't seen it in person yet. It is Certified, currently has 31,000 miles, HSE model/package. Pictures look great. It was previously driven by a person working at the listing dealer. Carfax shows nothing much besides regular maintenance and a couple of "checks" for things like steering/suspension, performance/drivability. I don't know if I should be worried about these checks or not. No mentions of anything being replaced or repaired.

    List price is $49,995. Carfax shows it being listed on 4/24. I'm struggling with what would be a fair price to offer and would like advice. I was initially thinking of $46,000 but don't know if that's reasonable or if I should try a bit lower. Would appreciate any opinions.
  • carpentkcarpentk Member Posts: 1
    I bought a black on black RRS 2010 with Luxury package for $62.3K in June. This includes a surround camera. I couldn't be happier with this purchase...rides like a dream and I feel I got a solid deal. I also negotiated 3 free oil changes on the yearly maintenance fee. That equates to ~$250 savings each year for 3 years.

    In terms of accessories, I just received some Gibson exhaust tips that look fantastic. You'll pay $146 (73 each) and will instantly see the difference. I installed them this morning and will take pictures soon.

    If you like biking, I purchased a Thule T2 rack for $377 from Amazon. Had to buy a 2" hitch receiver which cost ~$500 but worth it since I don't have to put a dirty bike in the back anymore.
  • john2011john2011 Member Posts: 4
    can you please put me with your contact at this dealer so I can see what i can get?
  • silver1331silver1331 Member Posts: 2
    Since the 2011s are here now what are people seeing as far as discounts on 2010 range rover sports? Have discounts on the sc's picked up?
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    I was wondering what kind of deals people are getting on lease payments for RRS and where is a good place to lease from ( dealer vs internet ).
  • robinehrobineh Member Posts: 6
    I just picked up a 2011 RRS HSE w/Lux, upgraded audio, visual assist (5 cameras). Extended leather is standard on 2011 Lux package. MSRP was roughly $68300. Negotiated it down to $65000 which is the best price I could get from the New York area. 2011's are just arriving now. Mine is only coming into the dealer in 2 weeks. So I thought it wasn't a bad deal for a brand new 2011 that hasn't hit the dealer yet.
  • natashasnatashas Member Posts: 1
    Hi I am wondering what is a good price for range rover sport sc
    2011 with Vision Assist and Premium Sound with upgraded wood.

    So far I have a MSRP of 75195. Taxes are 9 percent where I am for total of 82 K.

    Any thoughts?

    Nothing else thrown in.
  • qwert544qwert544 Member Posts: 4
    Carman, Any word on new incentives for October 2010? Previous incentives, which were $4000 dealer cash, expired on Sept 30.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    Traded in my 07 Escalade on '11 Range Rover Sport GT Edition. Was really looking for a White RRS with LUX package, but two different dealers had the GT's. It's overpriced at $69,595, but quite nice looking.

    The price of just a basic LUX would have been around $66k. The GT has LUX plus 480w Harmon Kardon SAT/HD upgrade, Alcantara interior, and the GT fascia. This fascia is the same as on the Signature versions on the RRS SC.

    Anyway, one dealer said that only 500 GTs are being produced, and there will be NO discounting. The other dealer was much more interested in having my business, so the negotiations began (via emails).

    Step 1: My almost 5yr old Escalade was in good condition, but no dealer had ever given me straight-up blue-book to me. Always some explanation of "local market", or "We can get one from auction for way less", etc. Well, they agreed, provided it does not arrive on a flat-bed, or in flames.

    Step 2: Discounting. I am armed with TrueCar statistics on average selling price of 2k off MSRP for Nor Cal. I want 3k, explaining I really just want a LUX. (I had found one at a competing dealer in the bay area, and asked about getting it over to their dealership).

    In any event, after talking to the dealer GM (world-series conversation I bet), the deal was agreed to. The condition was that I would need to finance it. I wanted to pay the difference in cash. Anyway, I agreed to 3 months, then payoff at their 2.9 rate. I assume LR Financial gives a point to the dealer, plus some other bonus.

    -33,000 trade
    $33,595 balance plus DMV and $95 dealer fees.

    I'll burn about $200 in interest on the 3months, but I was going to use my equity credit line anyway, so I'm really only loosing the tax deduction on the 3 months of interest. I'll use the credit line for payoff, and its at 3% (thanks Bernanke).

    Have to say dealing with them was easy. Maybe I could have been more aggressive in getting more off the deal, but I'd rather have them in business months down the road to FIX this thing when goes south.

    I have no allusions as to having a trouble free vehicle. But to drive one is worth a bit of hassle for me. I'm a masochist I guess.
  • anthonyl88anthonyl88 Member Posts: 15
    I was told by the Land Rover dealer only 250 are being made for the RRS GT Limited Edition.
  • fs2651fs2651 Member Posts: 1
    Looking at rr hse lux 2011. Msrp at 85.3k. Negotiated to 80 even. Is that a fair price?
  • twhittwhit Member Posts: 1
    Wildcat, can you tell me which dealership in Colorado you used?
  • bully5bully5 Member Posts: 6

    I am turning in a 2008 Range Rover HSE with luxury package in May 2011. The buy out price will be about $43,000. It will have about 30,000 miles on it (3 years old exactly , I stuck to my 10K per year limit).

    My question is, how negotiable are these turn in prices and can I go to any Land Rover dealer to negotiate it or is it better to go to the finance company?

    I negotiated a significant discount on an Audi A8 some time back and wondered if the Land Rover dealers had the same kind of latitude on price..

    Any info appreciated.
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    Is the new Range Rover Lease offer a good one? $2995 down and $799 month for 36 months and 10k miles. I can get $3200 off the MSRP of comparable vehicle (so it comes to 62,300). Is leasing a better deal - or is it better to buy at 1.9% financing? Also, do they ever let you negotiate for more miles in a lease deal?
    thank you.
  • escalade24escalade24 Member Posts: 45

    I am not too familiar with pricing on these vechicles. I'm looking at the RRS HSE base, MSRP around 61,500. Has anyone been able to get Invoice price on these cars. I would like around 1k below invoice pricing to take me around 55,000. Think this would be possible.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    Deja vu. Saw your post (and commented on financing) on another site.

    I did a pretty thorough check all in California and Nevada for pricing. I ended up with the RRS GT LE, but got only $3k off the sticker. I expected not get a deal, since it is a limited release vehicle. Every dealer in NA was only getting 2 of these on average, and only my dealer even considered anything other than full price. A few dealers had mark-ups on their inventory.

    It may be a bad economy, but there is enough demand to keep prices up. It is not a "commodity" item like an Escalade or Denali.
  • flnsxflnsx Member Posts: 13
    Looking at a 2011 with MSRP of $61,500.

    Dealer cost is around $54,000

    Can I buy this car for 54k? Is there a dealer incentive going on for the 11's?
  • dlcole76054dlcole76054 Member Posts: 21
    Just curious if anyone has a new Evoque from RR? I'd doubt they are doing anyone a favor on this model yet, since it's brand new...comments will be appreciated...
  • vision_txvision_tx Member Posts: 13
    All, I'm looking at a 2011 RRS HSE LUX with sticker of about 67K. The dealer has posted an internet price of 64K. Now that the 2012's are out, it seems like I should be able to buy this one at Invoice or better, which should be about 60K. But, I've never bought a LR before. But every other car I've bought I've gotten darn close to invoice, even in the middle of model year. Seems like at the end of a model year, it should be easier. Any guidance here? Thanks in advance.
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    The philosophy of the Land Rover/Range Rover brands is that they are not a "mass market" brand.

    Most of the time, getting anything more than a few thousand off is rare. Getting invoice pricing? Unlikely.

    RR advertises special "low" financing or leasing offers to "move" older models.

    Your best bet is to do your shopping a few days before the end of the month, and be ready to walk out.
  • dlcole76054dlcole76054 Member Posts: 21
    They can claim all the low volume stuff they want...but another 2003 Discovery and Tata will close them down and flush the toilet with them. That is what scares me about the IS this Quality? Lot's of PR bs...smoke and mirrows, but how are they after 75,000miles?
  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    I purchased my MY11 RRS HSE (GT Limited) a year ago. So far, it has been a great experience. Had one steering vibration issue, and it was because of a Michelin tire being deformed.

    I know when you have problems, its frustrating beyond all reason. My experience with a RAV4 in the past made me angry enough to swear off all Toyotas forever.

    Since that time, I've we've had a GMC Denali, Caddi Escalade, Audi Q5, MBenz ML350 and now the Rover. None of these have given me any unreasonable grief in the last 12 years. Just been lucky I guess.
  • chillumchillum Member Posts: 3
    i just got one.. sticker plus dealer fees.. no break at all. they cant keep them more than a day or 2.
  • dtm5dtm5 Member Posts: 1

    I'm new to this forum. Currently looking for an 08 or 09 RRS (Supercharged) w/ 45K miles at the most. I'm in the Bay Area (San Francisco). Could anyone give me some idea as to what I should expect in terms of dealer price. Is it also normal for dealers to charge anywhere between 3-4K extra to certify the vehicle. Anything else I should be aware of?

    One of the dealers I saw made a big effort to push the '12 RRS, but via leasing, which is something I had not thought about. It's a lot more car, insurance, dmv fees etc ... Despite a low down pay (5K) the monthly payments would still be 1k> and I'll still have to deal with the residual at the end of the 3 yr terms. Given my price range, I think I rather stick to a used 08 or 09. Thoughts or and advice.

    Thanks in advance,

  • awf_axisawf_axis Member Posts: 136
    Regarding the differences between the pre 2010 and current models, there is a huge difference in interior design and electronics. Given the less than stellar reliability of these units, I would get new. Many of the chassis components start showing issues in the 40-50k mileage range; some are minor (bushings, etc), but some are expensive, and not always covered by extended warranties. Some issues, such as steering shimmy at high speed are often declined by dealers because of "in spec" guidelines.

    Also, for '10 models and up, the non SC version of RRS is almost the same in terms of power to the older SC versions.

    I would price out a new non SC RRS. It would be a couple hundred cheaper per month on a lease (per their lease deals advertised in Nov/Dec).
  • fabgregfabgreg Member Posts: 4
    I am looking into leasing a range rover hse, 36000 miles for three years with little down. Do you have an idea what the residual and money factor should be? What's a ballpark monthly payment that I can expect $1700? I have heard of other individuals getting deals of $1200. Is this realistic? Thanks.
  • bully5bully5 Member Posts: 6
    Hi, I leased a RR HSE with lux package in 2006 and 2009 with no money down each time and for terms of 36 months. In 2006 I paid $999/mo plus tax and in 2009 I paid $1274 plus tax. I didnt release again this year when I turned the vehicle in (economy and all that) but I did hear interest rates were up significantly. $1700 sounds high though you should be sub $1500.
    My dealer was Northpoint in Atlanta in 06 and Hennessey Buckhead Atlanta in 09.
    Hope this helps.
  • fabgregfabgreg Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the info..
  • kaimekaime Member Posts: 1
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    I am interested in buying a 2012 RRS LUX.
    MSRP=66,895 Dealer is offering 64,895. I'm new to the Range Rover market, but was expecting a much better deal. What do you think would be a good price?
    Thanks in advance. . .
  • trade06trade06 Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone been able to get a good deal on a 2014 RRS SC or Autobiography?
  • ny_danny_dan Member Posts: 12
    I'm also interested in a RR Sport. Everyone is only willing to sell it at MSRP.
  • trade06trade06 Member Posts: 3

    I just ordered a 2014 RRS v8 SC. $1K off MSRP, and I had the dealer throw in mud guards, and all purpose mats.

  • rr4mywiferr4mywife Member Posts: 58

    Hi Car_man. Do you have rate and residual information for a 2014 RR HSE with 12 and 15 K miles per year. Thanks

  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 227,566

    I'm sorry.. we don't have any rate/residual information for the RR HSE

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