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    So it looks likes lease #'s have been released so tells a LR salesman I talked to today. But his finance mgr was off and he had all the details, has anyone else heard the same or has anymore details on the 2010 RR sport leases?
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    I leased a Range Rover HSE luxury and the residual was 44% and the money factor was .00232 (unless I miscalculated). Got $2K off MSRP. Dealer fee was about $600 and bank lease acquisition fee was $795.
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    Hey everyone. We have a discussion here at the forums that's specifically about leasing Range Rovers if you're interested: "Land Rover Range Rover Lease Questions".

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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    Jaguar is now an Indian beast (according to the Indian press AND Tata Group) thanks to Tata Motor's 100% acquisition of JLR. Land Rover/Range Rover is also fine Indian heritage now. Both now high quality Indian luxury cars. Power to JLR's new Indian owners/masters.

    Already Jaguar/Land Rover are establishing component sourcing offices in India. Soon they may be entirely "Made in India".....yessss!
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    :) Just brought home a 2010 Sport loaded with every feature including contrast stitch, black laquer wood, 360 camera's, rear entertainment, lux, sat radio, hd radio, climate pkg (which I think is included in the lux but can't remember) hhhmm what else? basically every feature they offer...paid $1500 under MSRP and couldn't be more thrillled, this car is unbelievable! Not sure if this is a descent deal, it's our first RR but we talked to practically every deal up and down Southern California and this was the best deal we could work which was fine by us. We bought the car, not leased. Hope this is helpful.
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    Also just bought 2010 Sport with Lux and same options as you except rear entertainment and HD radio. I live in NJ and all dealers wanted full MSRP. I found a dealer in CT about an hour away (worth the trip) and bought for $64,000. MSRP was $66,895.
    Love the vehicle as well. The power is tremendous and transmision really smooth. Originally wanted SC version but I now think it would have been a waste of money given the power of the 2010 HSE. Question for you.. At speeds over 50 I,m hearing alot of outside wind noise in the cabin coming from Driver side. Just curious if you are experiencing same?
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    Congrats on your new ride!! Yeah everyone in Southern California wants MSRP or tops $1,000 off, we figured getting $1,500 off and exactly what we wanted (every option) including the contrast stitch and the black laquer wood we had to take it, those options with a black on black car are not easy to get here so we are thrilled. You're deal sounds fantastic, good for you :-) !!

    LOVE this car, it's just incredible and you are totally right getting the Super Charged would have probably been a waste given the power of the 2010. We originally considered a smokin' deal on a new 2009 but what a dog that car is, after driving the 2010 there was no comparison. As for speeds over 50 we do not hear any wind noise at all, both my husband and I both have commented that it is so quiet. Maybe have the dealer look at it? What color did you get? I find myself coming up with errands to do because I LOVE driving this car...I call it my four seasons (as in the hotel) , it's so luxurious and just gorgeous! Enjoy!! :-)
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    This is really hot car on the east coast as well so $1500 off MSRP is great too. The colors and interior selection is still limited so getting what you want is difficult even if you're willing to pay full MSRP, I was originally considering black/black but I wound up with White/Black with the same interior you have. The Contrast stiching and black wood really make the interior POP. It's really eloquent. The Range colors are unique which rethink what colors you want. I knew I had to have the Black Lux interior. As of last week there were only 2 White/Black in the country and I got one of them. I normally love black but I felt the White really accentuated the lines. Both colors are great. You're 100% right on the 2009. The technology was so poor. No rearview camera, horrible Ipod integration (cord comes from back of car to hook up Ipod), a million plastic buttons and the lists goes on. Most 18K cars have more technology than a $60K 2009 Range Rover.

    I traded my 2008 Mercedes ML550 in for the 2010 Range Rover. The RR blows the Mercedes away in every category except Cabin Wind Noise at this point which hopefully I will have corrected by the dealer next week. Thanks for the feedback that yours is quiet. I will use that information if Dealer tells me that it is normal.

    Have you driven in Sport mode yet? It drives like a race car in this mode.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy.
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    So funny that you got the white, that was my other fav. My husband is going to get the white fully loaded with the contrast stitch and black laquer wood (basically same exact car as mine but the white exterior). The dealer by me has it and he saw it and fell in love with it - the white is gorgeous. I also have a mercedes (wagon)but kept it and although the wagon is not on the level of an RR Sport, I've also looked at the Big Mercedes Truck (the GL I think I can't remember) and there is no comparision. The RR Sport blows all these others (BMW, MB etc.) out of the water I'm always amazed that people choose those instead of the RR Sport - for the price the RR is almost a bargain. What is sport mode and how do you get it into sport mode? I know this is going to sound stupid but I'm going to ask anyway, are you sure that there isn't even one window (or sunroof) open even a tiny crack? If not, I'm sure they will figure it out - post what they say, curious. Have fun with it!!
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    I am gonna get the new 2010 Range Rover Sport HSE, I have been to a few dealers where in Los Angeles who would give me $66,000 out the door price inclusive of the tax and fees, is that a good deal? I was in shock of how much the tax adds up to the price as I was given $59,000 for the basic MSRP. Any suggestions?
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    Which model are you looking to get? The basic model? Lux? Options?

    We paid $67,500 for ours - we got the 2010 Lux with every option available including contrast stitch and the black laquer wood. Our MSRP and sticker price was a little over $69,000. Including tax, tags, title etc. we paid around $74,000 (purchase not lease). We bought ours in So. Cal as well.
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    I am looking to get the base model. I went to two Land Rover dealers, Hornbug and the one is Pasadena both offered me $66000 out the door price for the base model. I am looking to purchase and not lease as well. Is the Lux model very much different from the base? I like their surround camera system which is an option $900.
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    The Lux pacakage ($3800) is a must have and makes a huge difference in my opinion. It includes the updgrade 20" Style 3 wheels which are really make an difference in the overall look of the vechilce. The wheels that come with non lux look [non-permissible content removed]. It also provides the Climate Control package which provides heated seats, heated steering wheel, heated windshield washer fluid, center console frig and the upgraded leather package with contrast stiching. The only other valuable option in my opnion is the Sirius Radio which most come with by default. The vehicle also comes standard with rear view camera. The surround camera is a $800 option which I have but honestly appears to be a waste of money at this point. Not sure when I'll ever use it. Standard rear camera is suffcient. Again, can't see why anybody would opt for the Lux package at this price point. I negotiated $64K (pre tax) with Lux, Sirius and Surround Camera.
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    I bought a 2010 Sport Supercharged without any additional options... didn't need the rear-seat entertainment, HD radio, Intelligent cruise control, Aroundview camera, etc. Paid $74500 minus $1500 discount. The car is beautiful and just hauls [non-permissible content removed] down the road. Bought it in Nara Bronze with Ivory interior and black grand lacquer wood interior.
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    Can you let me know if you're getting alot of cabin wind noise over 50mph? Also, from what I was told the SC rides much harder than then HSW which to me already rides very stiff. What's your experience so far?
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    Those "must have" 20" wheels are going to look not so good after bend one or more on a pot hole.
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    Yes the Lux is much different -- if you can swing it I would definitely go for the Lux. FYI the surround sound camera's are AWESOME, I use them every single day.
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    I have 2010 Sport HSE. Experiencing tremendous cabin wind noise especially over 50 MPH. Dealer replaced door seals but made no difference. Is anybody experiencing same noise levels?
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    i am looking to lease a 2010 landrover with a 39 month lease with 12k miles. if i go with the base with the cold climate package ill pay 839 per month plus 5600 down (which includes 1st s/d and fees) or 987 for 39 months with 12k mile and 5300 down for the base with lux package and ext leather. are these good prices?
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    Putting pricing aside for a moment.. I have a list of issues with my 2010 Sport. The biggest problem is the extreme Cabin Noise. It basically feels like there is an oscilating fan in the car at speeds over 50mph. The wind noise is really incredible. Here is a list of other issues that I just review with my service manager:

    1. Extreme cabin wind noise over 50mph. Sounds like blowing wind. Noise appears to be coming from either front windshield or doors. Door window seals have already been replaced with no improvement.

    2. Vibration in Driver side door. Vibration appears to coming from window switch area or door speakers. Vibration occurs while driving but can also be heard while door is being shut.

    3. Steering wheel and seat setting and does not return to stored memory position after starting vehicle. Must manually push memory recall button to return steering wheel and seat to memory position. Seat and Wheel move but frequently stop just short of memory position. Intermittent issue.

    4. Loose Driver side seat track. Seat moves a little during acceleration and stopping. Intermittent issue.

    5. Wheel has stiffened-up on 2 separate occasions. Had to “muscle” wheel to turn at low speeds. Issue went away after shutting vehicle down and restarting.

    I would serious reconsider the Sport. I think the first line of production of the 2010 is riddled with problems. I purchased but I'm currently in the process of getting out of this vehicle with Corporate.
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    How's your experience been thus far? The lease on my X5 is ending so I just ordered my 2010 Supercharged Sport. It arrives in about 3 months. I went with the Extended Leather, Surround Camera and Style 7 Wheels. Several people on here are complaining about wind noise, when I did my test drive, I didn't notice any...but perhaps I was just enamored with the cars speed. Can you tell me what kind of issues...if any you are having? Thanks a lot.
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    I have a 2010 RR Sport (not the supercharged though my husband is getting that one). I have every option you mention - actually every option they offer except the extended leather. We absolutely LOVE this car - we have not had one problem with wind/cabin noise or anything else - it's been total perfection and we can't wait to buy our next one. I know two other friends that also have the 2010 who also love theirs with zero problems. Any other questions, I'm happy to will LOVE it! :-)
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    I recently leased a 2010 RRS and have noticed that the hood buffets up and down considerably at highways speeds. It is so bad that I have even had other drivers point to the hood as if to indicate that it is not closed properly. I have checked and the hood is in fact closed all the way but it still buffets up and down. Before I contact the dealer I am curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem. Thanks.
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    That's actually 1 problem I haven't had. My list of problems seems to be growing on a weekly basis. Here is partial list:

    1. Extreme cabin wind noise over 50mph. Sounds like blowing wind. Noise appears to be coming from either front windshield or doors. Door window seals have already been replaced with no improvement.

    2. Vibration in Driver side door. Vibration appears to coming door speakers. Vibration occurs while driving but can also be heard while door is being shut.

    3. Steering wheel and seat setting and does not return to stored memory position after starting vehicle. Must manually push memory recall button to return steering wheel and seat to memory position. Seat and Wheel move but frequently stop just short of memory position. Intermittent issue. Memory Seat Button recently stopped working all together. Can no longer program seat.

    4. Loose Driver side seat track. Seat moves a little during acceleration and stopping. Intermittent issue.

    5. Wheel has stiffened-up on 2 separate occasions. Had to “muscle” wheel to turn at low speeds. Issue went away after shutting vehicle down and restarting.

    6. Roof Molding over front passenger side coming off where roof meets front windshield.

    7. Recently had trouble engaging reverse. I placed vehicle in reverse and pressed gas and vehicle would not move. Continued to press gas pedal and vehicle “broke loose” with loud snapping noise.

    8. Back passenger wind (behind front passenger) goes half up and returns all the way down with 1 touch close. Occurs intermittently.
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    If I may ask a question....when did you purchase your vehicle and when was it built? There is usually a sticker or metal plate in the door that has the build month and year. Reason I'm asking is...when they initially come out with a new vehicle....sometimes there are anomalies with the initial launch cars. While for the most part, everything you are describing except the interior rattle is "carry over" from the old model...I'm doubting they had new seals or seat tracks or memory programming or hood latches on this newly revised model.

    My other question is...while all these can be a nuissance....I don't believe you've mentioned what your dealer (who?) has done successfully to assist you. Understanding that for this kind of money, you wouldn't want to have problems in the first place...I wouldn't either...but has the dealer been able to experience the wind noise on a test drive and come up with a solution? Have they been able to reprogram the car so the seats and steering wheel work properly? How about that loose seat...were they able to fix it or replace the track? The molding issue you mentioned sounds like the root cause of your wind noise...have they repaired this?

    I know it's frustrating as I had similar stupid issues when I purchased the first model of the Infiniti G30 coupe the same week it came out several years ago...but my dealer successfully fixed all my issues.

    I'd like to know how your dealer has addressed them and if so, have they been eliminated or come back and you're visiting the dealer again. I'm sure many of us can deal with some issues...but have they been corrected? Thanks
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    I purchased the 2010 RRS on 9/29/09 and date built is 9/9/09. Having service done at Prestige in NJ. I'm pretty sure this was part of the first batch that hit the US East Coast market. Given the extensive list of issues I'm having I have to believe this is anomaly releated to a rushed release. The interior is vastly redesigned with new electronics and switches but you're probably correct that there are many "carry over" interior components as well.

    I've now had vehicle in service 2 separate times for Cabin Wind noise - zero improvement. Been out with Service Manager on test ride and he is in agreement that there is excesssive wind noise. It's really bad. Going back this week for 3rd time to address wind nouse again along with 7 other repair items, including poor paint bodywork on tailgate.. I don't mind a few repair issues on a new vehicle even at this price point but this is getting out of control. I know most dealerships will try their best to address and fix all issues but who has the time and patience to deal with all this.

    There are substantial mechanical and bodywork defects that should not be expected nor accepted from a new vehicle. When you spend $65,000 you rightfully anticipate receiving a product that is free of defects. Signficant and numerous repairs recorded on Service Records could potentially lower resale value. Would you buy a 1 Year old used vehicle with a ton of issues on Service Records? I wouldn't.
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    Thanks for the update. Odd that your vehicle was built 9/9/09. You'd "think" that may be good luck.

    I have to think that in their haste to get the new model out, some defects would be incurred as you mentioned....I'm certain that was one of the very first in Southern California...I don't recall us even seeing them until November. It's too bad that they can aknowledge your issues but don't have a fix. Not that your looking for advice...but if I were you, I'd go to another dealership or tell your existing dealership to get their factory rep out to go over your car and get some attention that way.

    I'm happy to say that mine has been ordered direct from the factory and won't be here for a few months. I'll let you know my experience and look forward to the end of your saga. Good luck and Thanks!
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    I did just that. The North East regional factory rep met with the dealership service manager 2 weeks ago. All issues were forwarded back to the UK for a response. Offical answer was that they refuse to provide a replacement. My dealership was shocked. Now with Attorneys invovled maybe they'll change their tune. The whole experience is totally frustrating.
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    I have not seen this issue posted anywhere so was wondering if anyone had had this problem. The dealership is giving us a new windshield but we drove another 2010 range rover and saw the same problem so I am not optimistic it will fix the problem.

    The windshield heating coils appear to be darker and it appears like you are looking at corduroy. This causes blurred/distorted vision at night from all light sources, i.e. oncoming head lights, break lights, street lights etc.

    Some other general/minor items that we have also encountered:

    1. The indicator lights seem to come on occasionally and the go off.

    2. Breaks occasionally have a high pitched screech but only when backing up.

    3. Door locks don't always work when using the car door handle.

    4. During the day, the air vents reflect in the side mirrors blocking your vision.

    5. During the day, glare on the navigation device makes it difficult to see the map/radio stations.

    Any suggestions to help fix the blurred vision would be great.
  • swimmingriverswimmingriver Member Posts: 13
    Blurred vision from the heating coils is a common complaint on other Range Rover forums. I am also experiencing the same Nav issue where I can't see it in the sun at certain angles. Both issues appear to be a design flaw so I doubt there is a resolution via the dealer. These are not minor issues especially for a $65K Vehicle. If the blurred vision is that bad you should request a new windshield without the heating coils. I have had so many issues with my 2010 Sport that I am in the process of invoking the lemon law.
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    My BMW lease is up in 4 months, so I'm looking to lease RRS HSE in So Cal soon. The lease deals were horrible recently, any improvement? What about over the next few months, any chance of improving (I assume someone has a crystal ball around here). The purchase financing is favorable now. All I need is 3 (or 4) years, 10K miles per year. What about pricing in So Cal - any recent insight? My buddy is looking to replace his 2007 RRS Supercharged with the 2010 version, so we were planning to go to the dealer to test drive and see where they were on price. Anything off MSRP for HSE or SprChrgd yet given the redesign? I know the sleek box on wheels design is hard to resist - but CA unemployment is over 12%. I should add that I was worried about reliability given the statistics and all, but my buddy's RRS has had zero issues and the new Jaguar V8 really inspires confidence. :)
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    I can share some insight because of my connection. Right now, the current lease/finance programs are not as good as they were around New Years. The residual on a RRS Supercharged is 48% for 36 months. I'm not sure what the non-Supercharged is. The buy rate money factor on that lease is .00178 which isn't bad compared to other manufacturers. The problem is the residual value is not the best and those few percentage points make a difference in your payment...if they were only a couple would probably come close to your BMW lease. The existing programs end March 31st. The dealers will get a new program in April that could lead to move attractive rates, or added cash to help lower that payment. At this time, they're not sure what it could be. But August...everyone will be pushing for 2011 models so the deals will get better the longer you wait. Regarding price...I can't comment. I have a connection and my price was not negotiated in the showroom like other customers. I've been to several stores and in Orange County, they seem to add "Market Adjustment" stickers to the cars in hopes of getting that extra gross. I went to two dealers in LA County, Redondo Beach and Encino to see new models and color options in person....neither store had an addendum on what I looked at. Good luck!
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    This is a fantastic discussion board however all of you are making me extremely nervous. I have a Lexus RX that has never had a squeek to it. Been considering "upgrading" to either a RRS or LR4 or even a BMW X5, however, after reading your reviews I dont think I'm going to be purchasing any of these. I cannot for the life of me understand why I should spend at least 60k on a car that squeeks, vibrates, has wind noise and more importantly the dealership wouldnt just replace the car. If I go with a RR or LR4 I'd probably get it at Paul Miller in Fairfield NJ. If anyone has an experience in the Northern NJ area and knows this dealership please let me know. I believe there is another dealer in Bridgewater. Not to get off topic but the X5 reviews arent any better. What the heck is going on here? Are the RR cars really all that bad? My reason for checking this site out was to see the main difference between a RRS and the LR4. Thanks.
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    I'm from North Jersey as well. Prestige has the largest selection but the worse service department in my opinion. I would go with Paul Miller or Prestige. I'll give you a great deal on mine if your want? White/Black interior lux package
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    I'm currently an X5 owner, prevoiusly a Volvo XC90 V8 Sport owner. My X5 has been a terrific car. I leased it for 2 years, had 1 only issue and was covered under warranty immediately.

    Your Lexus, while nice is most Toyota products are referred to as "an appliance." They run well, are very luxurious, meet their customer demands and their dealerships are usually pristine with high overheard and nice touches for the buying public. Nothing wrong with a Lexus...but that's how they are.

    BMW nor LR claim to be along those lines. A BMW is a more sport oriented vehicle. You'll notice when you drive it. It does not float or glide or whish along like a Lexus and expecting it to do so would be a misrepresentation. My X5 is sporty, harsh, fast and my dealers takes care of everything I need.

    Buying a LR is another different flavor. It will not whisk you along, it will not be silent or smooth and the dealerships are there to support you but not built like taj mahal's you get from Lexus. I have wanted a LR for years. I find them fun to drive, I love the seating position, the Supercharged is very fast and provides me the sport and comfort I want. The luxury touches I want all are there. The LR4 is a great engine and new interior this year with some exterior freshening.

    I guess the bottom line is, all these vehicles are great yet each one has it own personality, quirks both positive and negative. A Land Rover will never be your Lexus and your Lexus will never have the sporting ability or the off road prowess or driving position of the Land Rover.

    I think if/once you drive all three, you will easily note the difference in the experience. I'm not from your area so I can't comment on your dealers. Good luck
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    Thanks for the feedback. So whats the difference between the LR4 and the RR Sport? Size? I like what I'm seeing with the LR4 but I think it might be a little big. Then again isnt the RR Sport bigger?
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    Yes...size primarily. In measurements, the RRS is about the size as the X5...I had to measure for my garage. The LR4 is smaller. Both have the same 375 HP normally aspirated engine (unless you were getting the Supercharged RRS) and the same transmission. Both have the same off road package, same suspension limitations and adjustments. Both come with very similar options. Additionally, the RRS is built on the same frame as the LR4. Geometry wise...they are about the size. It's primarily size, styling difference and interior space. When you sit in the LR4, you feel more confined and your arm rests on the top of the door panel. When your in the RRS, you have more interior space both front and back and you don't feel as confined in my opinion. A fully loaded LR4 with all the upgrades is similarly priced to an RRS HSE but you pay more for the added space.
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    not sure how you can compare the LR4 vs. the RRS HSE. The LR4 is much smaller inside and just a very different car. My neighbor has one and hates it, it's nowhere as luxurious as the 2010 RRS HSE and pricewise you can 't compare the two unless you are looking for a stripped down 2010 RRS HSE which I don't know too many dealers that even sell them. A 2010 fully loaded is definitely pricier than the LR4 and in my opionion in a different class...IBut then again I don't know how you can compare and X5 to the RRS. The way I see it is there is the X5, The MB GL and then there is the RRS HSE...I know I've seen some people on these boards complaining about issues with theirs but we got one of the first 2010's out (fully loaded) , paid a fair price at the time but definitely not as cheap as some of these other folks (maybe that's the problem, maybe the dealer sold them a lemon they had I don't know) but we have 3 friends who also have it and all of us absolutely love it, not one problem with any of ours, I truly sympathize with those folks but as far as I'm concerned I can't wait to buy another one...just my two cents.
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    Today in NJ would be the perfect day to jump in either a RRS or LR4 I think for a test drive. Dumpin out, getting over 2 feet of snow! WOW! I'll just try them all out and make a determination from there. Thanks again all. You're feedback both positive and negative helps. At the end of the day all these cars are just mechanical moving parts, something always seems go wrong now and then. Where are is the RRS and LR4 made? Did I read a company called Tata Motors took over Land Rover or whats the story with that? Are these cars made in England? Thanks again.
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    Tata Motors is the parent company that purchased Land Rover from Ford Motor Company...who purchased them from BMW.

    The models you are looking into are built at their plant in Birmingham, England UK.
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    Trying to determine if this is a "good deal" or not. To buy the 2010 RRS with Luxury Package I was quoted at 63k? Tax and all the rest not included.
  • mtnbiker5mtnbiker5 Member Posts: 29
    Hi, I was given a price at lr parsipp of around 63k for the RRS HSE w/luxury pck. I this a decent price? I wasnt impressed with the person I dealt with. Is prestige competitive w pricing? are any of them? thanks
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    $63K for the Lux seems like a great price. Jeff Carrington is great salesperson in Parsippany. I would deal with him. You should definetly try Prestige and see if you can do even better like say $62K
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    The Nav Screen constantly freezes up when inputing directions. Have you experiencing this? Many others eperiencing this and LR has no fix yet. The other issue with Nave screeen is since it's not recesse enough in the dash the sunlight renders is unreadable at ceratin angles of sunlight. I live in NJ so it must be ten times worse in states like FL or NV. Also, I have gotten "Smart Key Not Found" 3 times already which renders you dead in the water - unable to start vehicle. The only thing you can do is sit in vechicle until somehow it resets itself and system recognizes that they key is in the truck. Last week I sat for 45 minutes before able to start truck. LR is also aware of this issues with no solution yet.
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    try 61k .I think they can do it.I quote the price with luxury package is around 61k in So Cal.
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    61K for HSE plus lux package in So Cal? Thats $2k under MSRP. Where? Mission Viejo? Miramar? Are there any cars to chose from? Seems like supply is low or spoken for.
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    Looking to negotiate a deal in the NY/NJ area for a L4 with HSE Plus - 7 Seat Comfort Package. The inovice seems to be about $49,246. I hear there are no holdbacks but there is a $1500 incentive from Chase Financing to dealer bringing their cost down to $47,726. I am being quoted $52,000. I don't see why I can't get this at $49,000. Am I being unrealistic? How much over invoice is a good deal? Any word on what the April program will look like?
  • Hi there

    Trying to find what my drive off price for this vehicle should be and what all are getting on monthly payments for 36-39 month 12k lease terms. Any info is greatly appreciated


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    I dont post much on the forum, but I've been reading up to get the best deals I can find, so here is my expereince at Land Rover Cerritos with Greg Ryan. Hope this helps some people with their purchase.

    I purchased a 2010 Black on Black RRS with Lux Package and Extended Leather and HD Radio. MSRP was 65495. I purchased it for 61786 (no tax and license). There is also a $3000 rebate from Land Rover that was applied after taxes if you had a lease ending from Merc/BMW/Audi. I did have to finance a bit (12k) for 36 months at 1.9% to get this price (i'll just pay it off after the mandatory 6 months). But financing is pretty good if you want to do that anyways.

    They also provide FREE scheduled maintenance in writing for 4years/50k. (Oilchange, and anything scheduled, etc..., but not brakes and wipers like BMW)

    Final Bill was 68675.25 - $3000 rebate = 65675.25. (CA tax is 9.75% =( )
    Basically we got almost $6300 off plus the maintenance which im sure is worth at least $1500 or so.

    From what I have been reading its a great deal. I was offered the price over the phone. 2 days later I called Greg Ryan and made an appointment. Went there and made the purchase. He did not try to upsale me any additional warranties or anything. He honored the price he gave me on the phone and we were done with paperwork in about 30-45 minutes. Very smooth and very honest. I even made him drive the car on their little offroad display to show me how capable the car was.

    He said he couldnt lower much on the Supercharged, but the Regular sports he was very aggressive with prices. I also spoke with Pasadena who kept on telling me to go in and negotiate but didnt want to give prices via phone or email. Hornburg in downtown said he couldnt sell me a car unless I had a closer zipcode?? He said they were low on cars.

    I am not trying to promote any dealer or offend others, this is my experience and I had a VERY positive one with Greg over at LRJ Cerritos. I always support those that are honest and don't 'F' around with customers.

    Best of luck all!
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    edited April 2010
    That is a good deal. I just got one similar here in CO. Here is what I was able to deal:

    2010 RRS Sport
    Lux Package
    HD Radio
    Satellite Radio

    MSRP $65,045. I was able to deal down to $60,045 then (it got even better) I got maintenance thrown in and also the dealer kicked in an upgrade to:

    20" Style 3 (15 spoke) wheels which was another $2500 value. Therefore total MSRP $67,545 and out the door at $60,045. $7500 off before maintenance!!!! Now of course as pangaroo mentioned this was with the $3000 incentive included but felt chuffed we got the dealer to take of $4500 on top.

    If anyone is in CO and wants specifics let me know, happy to share

    Looks like we're finally all able to get some good deals on these great vehicles

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