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Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2008 sports
    w. cold climate and sat radio
    list 60200

    invoice 55402

    my dealer will sell me for 2 k over
  • kdean2608kdean2608 Posts: 9
    I desperately need to locate one of these discount coupons. Anyone got one to share as I am purchasing in next few days?

    Thanks Kevin (email:
  • jaygiljaygil Posts: 8
    Where is the dealer located? I am in new England.

  • kdean2608kdean2608 Posts: 9
    I am dealing w/ 2 dealers trying to get the best price, Hilton Head, SC which has offered best deal to date (4% over Invoice) and Charleston, SC Baker Motor Company that has come off sticker only $2K. Then adds back $450 doc fee and $299 for floor mats.
  • my guy in new jersey would give u 2200 off and they charge 169$ doc fee and he includes mats in price
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    what is the certificate and what would if do for leasing price on RRS HSC thanks mike
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    so i have read that it can get up to 1500 off of selling price, would that be after the price after talking the dealer down?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    British rover and others here,
    I am looking to buy RRS w/lux, and my dealer has over 11 RRS and also 08 RRS. Should I be able to talk them down to invoice? I was able to get my CLK500 for 4k below invoice when next model was coming out in 2005, why not Land Rover.
    What do you guys think. mike
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    Not a penny of marketing support on Range Rover Sports right now so I doubt a dealer will sell one for invoice but you are welcome to try.

    You could by a 2007 Range Rover for invoice and I bet a dealer would sell you a 2007 LR3 for 4,000-5,000 below invoice.
  • mcho3mcho3 Posts: 36
    why so much on RR 2007? You think 4% invoice would be a best deal i prob. can get? thanks Brit. Rover
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    There are a few thousand dollars of marketing support back on Range Rovers and LR3s right now so a dealer can sell one for invoice and still make a couple of thousand of immediate front end profit.
  • I too am looking for a RSS Cert. if someone not going to use it.
  • Please if anyone has a extra or unused certificate for a range rover sport, i would really appreciate their sending it to me, im in dire need of one. i would also appreciate any advice or tips anyone has for me before i pull the trigger on the Range Rover sport w lux.
    you can e mail me at
    Thanks everyone.
  • jaygiljaygil Posts: 8
    In order to get the certificate, go to the Landrover rover website, and try to register. You may have to go to the US site. I got my certificate in my email a couple of days later, but I am using it and it is only transferable in the same household. There are limited supplies of RRS HSE left, but even without the coupon the discounts are substantial. You should be able to get at last 6 - 8K below MSRP.

    Good luck
  • I see nowhere on any LR site to sign up to get this. Can you provide the link?
  • I bought a RRS HSE yesterday. It came Black(Java) with Tan (alpaca). I got sirius, Luxury and Rear entertainment (what can I say my 10 yr old wanted the Buick Enclave so I bribed her). I can say that when I checked around the country that 2007's are disappearing rapidly. Hope this helps someone get a deal/

    These are the discounts I received
    $1500 coupon (yep fill out the survey, three days later like magic in your email inbox)
    $4000 Factory Money
    $2800 From my dealer who wanted to pay a thousand less but matched a deal I got out of state
    all told 8300 off of msrp

    there were no adders except tax, title and license fees

    The vehicle is coming out of Peoria, IL and being shipped to MN at no charge
  • You have to sign up to receive info and then they ask you in a pop up box if you would consent to a survey at the end of the "using experience". Make sure your pop up blocker is off and that you are willing to accept offers. Beware though, this is no short survey
  • jaygiljaygil Posts: 8

    Try the Landrover US site and complete the information in the Keep me Informed link at the bottom of the page.
  • jaygiljaygil Posts: 8
    Land Rover link

    Get to the link Keep me Informed at the bottom of the page and complete your information. You may then get the survey, but I am not sure if you have to complete the survey or simply give the information.

    I saved 7K off MSRP and the additional 1500. I am getting it on Saturday.

    Good luck
  • True, someone cannot sell you one of theirs. Only transferable in the same household that it was sent to
  • Thanks but it's driving me nuts cuz I've signed up three times. One time it asked me to fill out a survey which I did. Made sure my pop blocker wasn't on. Going to purchase in the next 7 days. I'm wondering if they only provide it to certain zip codes?
  • uly48uly48 Posts: 2
    After having researched for several months I took the plunge and just got my RRS "Special Edition". Got it for the list of $81,450.00 other than the fact that this is way to much to pay for any car, would appreciate a little feedback on what you all think and if any others have purchased the "Special Edition" and what they paid for it?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,458
    You probably got the first one in the country buddy so good for you. The last pipeline reports I saw on them had them starting to drop between this week and next with the last of them arriving in September.
  • After two LEMON Range Rovers (both full size, one a 2003 HSE and one a 2006 Supercharged 'Westminster') these SUV's are just full of problems. Look back over their long history, do some homework and within a few minutes, you will very soon realize they have never been any good and always plagued with problems, one after another. If the huge price tag makes you feel better then you have more money than sense. Steer clear of these SUV's and choose something with a better reputation (that means choosing any other SUV). If Landrover can't get it right in over 30+ years, they never will!
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  • 7 RRS, Lux,Lock Dif, Sat Radio List $61,850.00 and paid $52,750.00 without the coupon.(could not find one)
  • Have you heard anything back on your post? I am in the same position and am located in Southern California. Any kind of help would do... thanks!
  • Hey jaygil -

    I was curious if you had found anyone with a certificate because I am looking for one myself... also how did you save so much money on your sport? I am looking to purchase one in the next couple of weeks and REALLY would love to save some money! Any help fro you or any others would help this california girl!!!
  • I had been haggling with the salesperson for a week from everything to putting money down to no money down at all. It was a rainy Long Island day yesterday so I went down to the dealership and haggled some more. I have to pick up the car on the 31st. Obviously cause it was end of month and the dealer wanting to get rid of the car we went back and forth. He took $400.00 off the msrp and i am putting just the first month payment down and some motor vehicle stuff. So with nothing down on a baltic blue with cold package in the NY metro area you can expect to pay 511.46 per month. Honest Truth :)
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