Land Rover Range Rover/Sport Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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What kind of deals and quotes have you been getting for the Range Rover Sport HSE? I was at one dealership that wouldn't budge from MSRP even after presenting the TMV pricing from Edmunds. I'm in the New York Tri-State area.


  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    The only sport we have sold for less then sticker was to a long standing customer who gave us two gorgeous trades that I am sure we will flip for several thousand in gross profit. Even then all we gave him was 400 dollars off since the only car we could find in the color he wanted had an option he was not interested in.

    I know most dealers are in the same shape we are in with almost ever car being sold before it gets here. We have two HSE trim Sports coming in between now and the end of the year that are not sold. Every other car has been sold just of our incoming vehicles list and they all sold for sticker.
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    The RRS is a very nice vehicle but, I don't understand why the dealers refuse to deal. Five years ago i bought a 4.7 HSE for $69k. After 2 years I decided to sell it and buy another home. The truck only had 22k miles and the best deal I could get from a dealer was to buy it for $41k. SUV's depreciate faster than most cars and the Land Rovers are right in there. Dealers should be more aggressive than they are and maybe, people I like me would be a repeat buyer.
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    You bought a 4.6 HSE there has never been a 4.7 liter motor in a Range Rover. I am surprised a dealership offered you that much money for an old body Range Rover. I recently sold a 2002 4.6 HSE with 39k on it for 30,500. Your Range Rover only depreciated about $5,600 a year at least according to the number the dealership gave you. Wholesale for you car is in the mid 20's at best. $41k is an absurdly high retail number.

    You are right SUV's depreciate faster then regular cars but the Range Sport is completly brand new they have only been on the market since July. The car is so hot right now that I do not even have a Sport to test drive every car I have on the lot is sold and everyone one of those cars sold for full MSRP. Why would I discount a car for you that I can sell at full list to five other people?

    Lets say you are like a certain customer of mine and you buy two new Range Rovers every two years and your trades are immaculate low mileage vehicles that I can make $5,000-$7,000 on the used side. If you were that type of customer then I would probably offer a small discount of a 1000 or so dollars. But you aren't that type of customer you have only bought one car in the past five years and it is not worth anything on the retail side cause it is 2001 old body range.

    The customer I am thinking about got a $2,000 discount on a Supercharged Range Rover and will get another $1,000 or so dollar discount on a Supercharged Range Rover Sport when it gets here. I don't mind doing that cause I know this guy will trade in those cars in two to three years and I will turn around and make $7,000 on both of them just like I did on his 2004 Range Rovers that he traded in for his 2006 Range Rovers.
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    BritishRover... you missed StreetBeast's point... he sold his RR after 2 (TWO) years...... so that is a depreciation of $14,000 a year.
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    He must have edited that in after I read it because I did not read anything in the post about house when I read it initialy.

    $14,000 a year sucks but that is how it goes for these heavy vehicles. We took in a 2003 Mercedes S55AMG in trade a month or so ago. It was 110,000 something dollars new the best we could give was $77,000 and it only had 15k miles. Thats just the way it is.
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    I am going to give you some advice.

    I have owned nothing but Land Rovers for 12 years. I have had 2 Range Rovers, 2 Discoverys, and now an LR3 HSE. All were purchased new from a Land Rover dealership. I have had the same salesperson for the past 12 years. The reason I continue to purchase from him is not because he is the only guy in town who sells these cars. In fact, there are 3 other dealerships in the general area. I am a repeat customer because he is a gentleman. He is kind, he is honest, and he is in no way condescending. If you want to gain a solid customer base, and bring in new customers, you should adopt some of those qualities.

    Just some advice.

    Dr. D
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    Well said, Dr. D. Many luxury car dealers have been singing this familiar song lately: the car is hot, I don't have enough of them, so I can't negotiate. On the surface, it may sound logical, but in reality it is just another cheasy way to fool the customer. Not any more decent than low-balling or any other traditional tacky approach. And, honestly, british_rover, it insults my intelligence. I see how this "explanation" may work on someone who doesn't want to or can't wait another day to get the vehicle. Of course, we live in the country and age of instant gratification, that's why dealers really have been getting away with this trick. Here's something to think about, folks. If you walk away without buying a car, the dealer loses. Period. (By buying I also mean agreeing to order a car if it's not currently on the lot.) If he claims that he can sell the same kind of car to the next guy who walks in for more money than you offer, fine. The only difference is that by the end of the day he will have sold one car less than he could have! He may make a $6K profit on the other guy, but if you hadn't walked, he would have made his 6K plus, say, the 3K you were willing to pay him over his cost for the ADDITIONAL car you would have ordered. So, he's lost a sale and some extra $3K. Now, tell me he doesn't care??? Nonsense! The longer you let them talk, the more rubbish they will tell you that you don't need to know. Just leave them your number and the price you are willing to pay (about 5% over the invoice is absolutely fair for both sides.) Tell them to call you when they are having a slow day/week, or could use one extra sale towards that bonus in the end of the month... Remember that they want to sell you a car, they need to make money, and they are not doing you any favors. Everything else would be a lie.You can't blame a man for trying to make a maximum profit, but you won't get my money if you are greedy to the point that you insult me. Here, we are talking about mass-produced Range Rovers, not some limited edition of 50 cars that can't be replenished. Especially with [mass-produced] luxury cars, the demand cannot possibly exceed the production capability of the manufacturer. That means that Land Rover will be happy to ship to your dealer as many cars as the dealer can sell. If the dealer refuses to negotiate, walk away - but mean it. C'mon, no one desperately NEEDS a range rover this very second, you can wait a bit. On the other hand, if you are dying to get the car as soon as possible, then, of course, you may have no choice...
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    Hello. I am new to the RR forum. Has anyone had any buying experiences with a Chicagoland dealer in regards to the RR sport? Or, the surrounding area? Looking for a Supercharged model. Any recommendations? Thank you.
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    You are so not want to pay the dealer anything for his and want all the money in the world for yours. That is truly "vodoo economics."

    And that is not a knock against you by the way, I am much the same way. It's just that when I think of it in objective terms it's funny because I realise what I and most automotive consumers want to do is economically not feasible in the long run.
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    I am signing the papers today, RS w/ Lux, Sat, PTI rubber mats, rubber loadspace mat and cargo cover.- $57,500. This is the GM's car w/ 1,000 miles on it(not titled). comments on pricing are appreciated.

    Has anyone got the info on the Motorola V710 PTI Cradle.
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    The invoice for RRS w/lux pkg is $54,205. The price they give you right away is just over 58K. And they will tell you that they won't go down. Considering that the dealer gets incentives from the manufacturer, the dealer's profit in this case is guaranteed to be over $4-5K. Possibly, significantly more. Can't blame him for trying. He's in business for profit. However, if you are truly willing to wait, or to consider other cars/dealers, there is always a risk for the dealer to make $0.00 on you instead. If he's smart enough to sense that this particular customer is NOT coming back, he will make the only right decision and agree for a lower price. Otherwise, his cockiness will cost him dearly... but that's his problem, isn't it?
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    Actually depending on if the sport has the LUX option or the LX1 option the invoice is different. Those are two different packages and all sports ordered from around July on have the LX1 package.

    I will tell you honestly there are no incentives or rebates on the Sport at all. No super secret factory to dealer only incentives and no subvened lease or subvened interest rates either. Land Rover does not need to offer any incentives on this car at least not yet.
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    British Rover, I think your comments on this site are pretty fascinating. As everyone knows Land Rover is part of Ford. Ford, as a company, is in absolutely horrible shape. Part of the reason Ford and its premium brand group (Rover, Volvo, Jag) are in such trouble is that first and foremost your cars have lots and lots of problems. I bot a Volvo S60R and it spent half of the first three months I owned it in the shop (at which point I sold it). A friend of mine just paid $69k for a decked out RR Sport; he has owned the car for four weeks, it has been back to the dealer twice already for a total of 8 days. Go read the customer reviews on Edmunds - people love the Sport's aesthetic but talk about the intermittent behavior of the car's electronics, problems with steering columns and engines that wont start.

    So here you are talking about how you have some customer who you rip off on a regular basis by underpaying him for his perfect trade-ins and then making $7k. That's nice you have that customer.

    But the sad truth of the matter is that aside from quality, one of the reasons Ford & GM continue to lose US market share is that people like you treat customers really poorly. When I spend $70k on a car I expect a) the vehicle to operate properly and b) be treated courteously by the person who sells it to me. My experiences at Lexus and BMW have always been stellar.

    In the RR Sport, you essentially have the first truly "hot" car Rover has released in a while. Instead of capitalizing on the demand for the vehicle as an opportunity to bring customers into your dealership, show them you are a fair and helpful franchise and effectively recruit them to be long term Rover customers, you sound condescending and dismissive and seem happy to take as much short term profit from the sport as you can; effectively ensuring that many of your customers and the people who read this board know the buying experience will be a negative one.

    This is exactly why Lexus/Toyota continues to take market share. No matter how short supply the vehicle, they are always polite and fair.

    Enjoy the Sport's current sales. Like someone else on the site indicated, its only a matter of time before supply catches up, the quality problems become ever more well documented and soon you will be offering all kinds of financing to get people through your doors.

    I think I need to go check out the Lexus LX470 now. Thanks for bringing me to my senses!
  • hvfhvf Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for your comments gocart2. I agree and I'll by looking into GX470 too.
  • tallwoodstallwoods Member Posts: 11
    Gocart2 said:
    "In the RR Sport, you essentially have the first truly "hot" car Rover has released in a while. Instead of capitalizing on the demand for the vehicle as an opportunity to bring customers into your dealership, show them you are a fair and helpful franchise and effectively recruit them to be long term Rover customers, you sound condescending and dismissive and seem happy to take as much short term profit from the sport as you can; effectively ensuring that many of your customers and the people who read this board know the buying experience will be a negative one."

    I have to agree with you here. I am really disappointed by the two local LR dealers in my area, regarding this car. Being told point blank that they have no incentive to work with me on this car is shocking and distasteful. And I have n't even tried to negotiate price! I just want one without a sunroof. How hard can that be? I don't even care about the color, but I do prefer the base package compared to the LX package.
  • gocart2gocart2 Member Posts: 4
    Its really sad. The RR Sport is a great looking rig and I'd love to get one. I keep coming back to the RR USA site to look at them. So I conceed, I want one. But I just read the reviews on the full blown Range Rover (ie, not the sport, the big flagship one). The reviews are absolutely horrible. There are a few Rover die-hards, but the rest of the customers talk about nothing other wind noise, one guy says it doesn't steer straight and the dealer is telling him its a "feature of range rovers" - umm, its AWD, it should drive straight as an arrow. Almost everyone talks about problems, problems, problems and having to go back to the dealer. Irritating. Wouldn't you love it if they built a reliable vehicle or treated their customers decently?
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Very well said.

    And, if it's any consolation, Ford is going through another GM like downsizing attempt to stay afloat. Which could mean that, at some point, they will have to consider spinning off Range Rover, Aston Martin and other "side businesses". Hopefully, the buyer will be passionate about building good vehicles and treating customers with respect, rather than trying to milk the "one hot car" to death.

    I hate to say it, but Ford and GM have worked very hard for many decades to deserve what they are now going through.
  • sam818sam818 Member Posts: 127
    Can you provide the links to the "horrible" reviews on the Range Rover....... I've not seen one yet.
    Most are full of praise and only mention past reliability problems....i.e. pre-2003
    If you read this site's RR postings you'll see there are many, many Rover "die-hards"...not just a few.
  • gocart2gocart2 Member Posts: 4
    Yes of course I can. Before I do that, lets just be clear, I'm not saying that there are no Rover "die-hards" as you call them. I think that's exactly my point; most repeat range rover buyers have a cult-like affection for them despite their horrifying quality problems. So aside from my buddy whose truck is now in its 10th day at the shop out of his first 20 or so days of ownership, here are some clips from the Edmund's "Consumer Ratings & Reviews":

    I love to keep it, But the dealer couldn't fix steering vibration for the fifth time, car factory adjustments is good for only 4 to 5 thousand miles, I'll try to call land rover again to get it fix. or call my lawyer.


    I've had some trouble with the air suspension not lowering by itself when the car is turned off; the car will sometimes do it and sometimes won't. also note, that the voice command for the cd player, if you ask to play track "seven" the car will play track "seventy". "


    This car has had the computer system replaced 3 times, cannot be made to drive straight, had the leaky-whistly windshied problem, had the naviscreen replaced twice, the air suspension raises and lowers at its own mystical intervals, et, etc ,etc... If I could tell everyone thinking of buying this vehicle, I would let them know that $20,000 of the purchase price is to cover the warranty work that they know they are going to perform. When the computer went out the 3rd time, I was asked " did you just wash the car?" because apparently the rear windows leak right where the computer resides, and commonly shorts the system out.


    All electronics. Rear seat hinges that don't freeze and/or break when putting the seats down, and an aux input to the stereo... and oh yeah... a car that drives straight and the steering wheel doesn't vibrate at freeway speeds.


    Bought the car 2 weeks ago, has been in the shop the last week because the stereo and navigation system keep going on and off. The service people can't figure out the problem and seem like they are clueless all around. Have always owned BMW's and regret switching. I would wait a year before I bought this vehicle, let them work the kinks out. Car is new so they are trying to fix problems on the fly.


    Phone system was a problem in the beginning, dealer gave a contact for a phone supplier out of calf. This must be handled at dealer level.

    Now, that's just from the edmunds site - if you respond to this message and ask for more, ill copy stuff off another site, a "die hard" RR site, where there are 44 people talking about has anyone figured out how to get the dealer to correct the steering vibration. Several people are going to arbitration/lawsuits, others are on their fourth set of rims and tires and others, being die-hards, have just decided that the relentless wobble in the steering column is "worth it" for a range rover. My point was simply that while the car is simply terrific looking, it sounds like its quality is simply abysmal. A full 70% of the people who wrote consumer reviews on the Edmunds site had moderate if not severe problems. Go read reviews on BMWs or Lexus and you will find NONE of this. NONE.

    Is that a fair assessment?
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    This discussion is for Land Rover Range Rover/Sport: Prices Paid & Buying Experience ...

    So, let's stick to the topic...

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  • brian500brian500 Member Posts: 10
    So far...2k miles..and no problems at all. We got as silver/black supercharged and it is almost as fun to drive as my C4....well not quite.
    But for background, we just turned in a 03 Disco lease..ok problems but it drives like crap. Also have had a 95 LWB Rover and that was the worst car you could ever dream of. Broke down all the time.
    We actually sold my wife's 02 X5 to buy the RR Sport....and that was the best decision we ever made. The X5 had lots of problems..none serious but all obnoxious.
    The worst part about the X5 was the ride. You felt every bump and it swayed a lot in every corner. Not as bad as the Disco, but RR Sport is just amazing with the air suspension. The RR is a little bigger also.
  • plasticolplasticol Member Posts: 1
    I never seen so much hate directed towards one car just because you guys cannot get the price that you would like to pay for it.
    We just (3 months ago) got the RR Sport Supercharged and I have to tell you that it is the first SUV that I love to drive almost as much as I like to drive my Porsche 997, It is just so much fun, even the sound of the engine is awesome, fast, responsive and powerful, we just got 22' wheels trade for the original 20' and it just looks incredible.
    My wife had a previous 2003 RR HSE and even we never had any problems, I did no like to drive it.
    We pay about 3 grand over sticker, where everywhere they wanted 5-10 grand over.
    There is one dealer here in LA (Pasadena) that will sell you at the suggested retail but they do not have a big inventory so you will have to wait a bit longer for your car.
    So far very please.
  • megamikemegamike Member Posts: 42
    $82.5k for a RRS S/C - $10k over MSRP here in South Florida. Dealer was nuts! PLUS an abysmal trade-in offer. The vehicle is not even that spectacular.

    I did some brainstorming and ended up getting two (well still waiting for one) vehicles for $92.5k - $10k more than the RRS S/C.

    - $50k for a Lexus RX 400h ($2k under MSRP) which I think is much more luxurious and have had for 2 months with not a single problem. Obviously not as tough looking, though.
    - $42.5k (MSRP, but more exclusive than the RRS) for the MUCH faster and MUCH better handling Grand Cherokee SRT-8. Of course I'm still waiting on it (almost 2 months)
    We'll see about my trade-in when the GC SRT-8 arrives. Lexus' offer was pretty bad, too.

    Only thing missing was the RRS off-road capability. But in Florida, I never need it - ever.
  • snappy4snappy4 Member Posts: 1
    have owned my rr supercharged 2 mo. now. paid a $12k mark up @ south bay land rover bringing the total price to $84k, i truly feel it was worth it. This is my first RR purchase i have the zambezi silver just ordered a set of 24" wheels for it at an additional cost of $9700.00 the rim shop will have to do a procedure called rolling the fenders which widens the vehicles fenderwells without affecting the paint. After countless trips to and fro the rim shop due tomanufacturers telling me their 24" wheels would not hit the brembo brakes, alas i have finally located a winner, and should take delivery of the wheels by feb. 1
  • lexi4lexi4 Member Posts: 8
    I bought in the fall a rrs s/c going from my lx470 and before that lx 450. Put a deposit down in January after the car show at a recommended dealer (not local). Dealer purchase experience was absolutely HORRIBLE. Service people were rude and bad. I checked out a few local dealers and found an excellent one and am very happy with them.

    That said the truck is awesome. Great ride not ponderous like the lx. Great headlights not like the horrible lighting of the Lexus. No problems after 10k miles.
  • plisken1plisken1 Member Posts: 13
    I recently purchased a RRS Supercharged. Couldn't be happier. The ride is amazing. The buying experience was great. I purchased from Land Rover of Winnetka (just north of Chicago). Zero sales pressure. They were honest. Friendly. And professional.
  • vpotlurivpotluri Member Posts: 47
    My local dealer had a few LR3s that were $8000 off MSRP. I asked about the RRS and he had a hearty laugh. Wondering when the new model (2007?) coming out. I am looking to purchase one in September/October 2006 and hoping the arrival of new year model would cause the dealers to drop the price on the current model a bit.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    That is only going to happen if there are a bunch of 2006 model year Sports lying around. Mostly likely there will be just one or two left overs and so you will have no choice of colors or options. But hey if they just happen to have one you like that is all that matters.
  • u2jrmwu2jrmw Member Posts: 14
    This is a story about my experience looking at a Jag, but it really relates to the dealership as a whole and they are a LR dealership as well.

    Just wanted to share my disgusting experience with Howard Orloff Jaguar in Chicago. Last night I went to take a look at an X-Type at aforementioned dealer, they don't have parking space in downtown Chicago so the use their porters to valet. Before I pulled in I put my iPod in the drawer under my seat so it would at least be away from temptation. The guy working there asked me to pull the car up and leave the keys in so they could move it. I went away to look at the X-type. When I came back about 15 minutes later I reached into that drawer and my iPod was gone. My car had been moved so they had driven it. I searched around, but obviously it had been stolen. The guy that had been attending to my car (not the one who had moved it and the sales manager both looked as well. No sign of it. I have since searched my car 4 times, it is not a nano so it can't vanish. They looked concerned and assured me I would get a call from one of the owners the next day who would make sure it got sorted.

    So I called them the next morning around 10a.m. and left a message with the owner. I didn't hear back so I dropped by at 11. The sales manager said he had just got in and hadn't had time to review the security tapes. Away he goes for 20 minutes. When he comes back he tells me that the tapes show only one person in my car, and he trusts them explicitly...

    He said there was nothing else he could do and he would need to talk to the owner later that day and I would get a call.

    Didn't hear anything at 3pm. Left another message for the owner.

    Got a call at 3:30pm from the sales manager telling me they re-reviewed the tapes and saw nothing suspicious and there is nothing else they can do.

    I filed a police report and a complaint with Jaguar NA, and I will be taking them to small claims court.

    Not only am I annoyed at their final response, all the way through the process I felt like they thought I was trying it on, or they knew that I would have to end up taking them to court and they didn't think I would.

    My advice avoid this dealership like the plague.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    What a great country! Reading some of the above posts is hilarious. People paying 12K ABOVE list and then adding 10K bigger wheels for a Land Rover! Other people who are making enough money in our free market economy to afford a 70K car are upset, indeed offended, when they can't buy the car du jour at their price. Forget yuppie, can anyone spell "nouveau"?

    Does anyone recall when the Mercedes M Series (you know, that dog that now they can't even give away) first came out? There were actually pushing and shoving matches in showrooms between customers to buy it.

    Lets remember that this is a market economy and in this industry, product is king. The people on this board who want the dealer to discount his one hot product are not exactly brand loyal consumers and the dealer knows it.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    It is funny isn't it. I was trying to work a deal with a guy who is a Friend of the owner(FotO) and of course he wanted a special price. Now we gave him a special price of course with a discount but not a huge amount. Well then it turns out one of his kids needs a new car too so he is going to buy a sport and an LR3 so for buying two cars a little more discount on the sport and a rock bottom price on the LR3. We don't expect to hold much margin on a base LR3 to a buddy of the owner's kid so no problem.

    He is getting a fantastic deal better then anything we have ever or would ever give to anyone else but he says it is not enough. He wants to buy the sport for under invoice and not just a little under invoice either.

    Centre manger put a stop to that right there. He had agreed to two different prices before and now he wants more and wants to buy the hottest truck on the market for under invoice. Sorry no one is that good of a FotO.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    I get a kick out of high maintenance people. Its all about them and their insecure egos. Lets review the realities of the car business: profits are the lowest they have been in 5 years; Rover sales are stagnant if you back the Rover Sport sales out of the 33% overall increase. (Source: last week's Automotive News, page one.) And this guy keeps moving the goal posts on what is acceptable and has agreed to?

    I think his buddy, the dealer pricipal, will wind up saying "with friends like this who needs...". But what the heck would a lobster fisherman know?
  • iqueequegiqueequeg Member Posts: 3
  • iqueequegiqueequeg Member Posts: 3
    My wife is dead set on this expensive montrosity (no offense, just my opinion). I'm looking at the regular Range Rover HSE as factory equipped. Any discounts available on this vehicle, or do I have to pay full price?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    You need to move over to the Range Rover prices paid forum this is the Range Rover Sport forum.

    They are too different models.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 223,854
    No..this forum is for both models...

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  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Doh my bad I read the title to quickly.

    Depending on your area I wouldn't expect thousands of dollars off a Range Rover. Just for example most dealerships will not honor X-plan for the Range Rover.
  • iqueequegiqueequeg Member Posts: 3
    I didn't expect thousands off, but can I expect anything off? I don't know what X-plan is. Thanks.
  • ddr10ddr10 Member Posts: 1
    Newbie here - just picked up my 06 RRS SC last night.... SWEEEET. Stole the car at $67.5. SAT and PTI included. black on black.

    w/ taxes (Va) was $69+k.
  • btdylanbtdylan Member Posts: 3
    Picked up RRS SC. Got 2k off w/ all options minus ACC. Still learning how to use all the elec. because sales staff was CLUELESS!! Lots of dealer problems leading up to purchase. Love the truck ........ so far!
  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24
    I am in the market for a Black 2006 HSE with upgraded interior pkg and rear-sear DVD-entertainmnt system.
    Here in Georgia MSRP is:

    MSRP is $83,250
    Base Price: $75,035
    Destination Charge: $715
    Options: $7,500
    Total Price: $83,250

    Now, I purchased a 2003 Disco SE7 from this dealership in 2003: so I am a repeat customer; however, the dealer will not budge from MSRP and will only give me $1,000 for being a repeat customer.

    When I bought the Disco, I got about $5,000 based on Ford A-plan discount and Factory incentives, plus dealer threw in lots of kit.

    What should I reasonably expect on the Range Rover?
    Please let me know if LandRover really is trying to be like haggling...MSRP fit all

  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24

    I submitted a request for a price quote from the LR dealership in Buckhead Atlanta. I inidicate the trim level and all options I was looking for.

    The response was a standard polite e-mail stating thank you for your interest in LR vehicles...but, no price quote.

    I replied to the e-mail pointing out that the e-mail was generated to them from Edmunds was under the auspice of a price quote and asked them to respond on that request.

    I have not heard anything yet but, I will keep you posted.
  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24
  • dc661dc661 Member Posts: 71
    Edmunds TMV is $81,136 so I definately wouldn't pay over that. Carsdirect price is $79,089 and invoice is $75,589. If you can get around $80K that's probably about right.
  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the information...the salesguy tried to tell me that RR is using the Saturn pricing price fits all and no haggling...have you ever heard that is just sales BS isn't it?
  • jinpowerjinpower Member Posts: 17
    I was in the Portland (OR) Land Rover store today and they would not budge on the RRS HSE sticker price. Has anyone been able to get anything off the sticker price or anywhere else in the country? Please let me know so I know how much I have to pay. Thanks.
  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24
    I learned from the board that and (TMV) can be used to attempt to get dealership to move lower.

    For the RR HSE vehicle and options I am interested in both were in the 79-80k range while MSRP was 83,250.

    I think I have heard that if you are in the market for a SuperCharged RR or sport you may have to pay MSRP...
  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the information...

    I am planning to go back to the dearlership here in Alpharetta (suburb of Atlanta) to do more negotiating.

    One thing that is kinda funny here is that the same company owns all three of the LandRover dealerships in the Atlanta area and SAT Radio option is on all the RRs in their new inventory.

    I wonder if this is not a marketing ploy by LR to get SAT Radio into the public (probably getting kick backs from Sirus and XM radio).

    I personally do not want the option and am refusing to pay the additional $400 for it.

    Though I feel this will hurt my negotiating position since I will have to order a vehicle rather than pick one from their current inventory.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Ok first of all the Land Rover going to the saturn style of pricing is BS. You can of course try and negotiate on any of our vehicles but with the extremely limited supply that most Land Rovers are in many times they do go for MSRP or very close to it. As was previously stated above if you wanted a Supercharged Range Rover or Range Rover Sport you would be almost guranteed to pay MSRP and in some markets you might pay over MSRP.

    You are going to see almost all Rover dealers tighten pricing up on the full size Range Rovers for the next four to five months for one simple reason. Our last order call for full size Range Rovers for MY 2006 was last month. We cannot order any more 2006 MY Range Rovers for the rest of the year and 2007 MY order calls will not start till June or possibly July.

    That is telling all of the Land Rover Retailers to tighten up pricing cause supply is going to diminish consiederably. That also means you cannot order a Range Rover without SAT radio unless your dealer just happend to order one without it which is highly unlikely. Just looking on Land Rovers intranet there are only FOUR Range Rovers in the whole country without Satelite radio. It is a 400 dollar option that most people want on a 76,000 dollar or more vehicle so of course all the dealers are going to order it.

    You are just bein a conspiracy theorist if you think there is some kind of kick back situation going on. The few people I have sold Rovers to that really did not want satelite radio we just reduced the price by 400 dollars.

    Around 80,000 is probably the least you are going to pay for a Luxury edition Range Rover with DVD entertainment system. Anything less then that and the car is probably special in some way. Examples of being special are, it was a Demo, it was special ordered and the deal fell through, it came from the port with some problems and they want to unload it.
  • rover_usarover_usa Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for all the good information.

    Yeah, I really did not think that Sirius or XM Radio was kicking back to LR...I was just trying hard to get someone to give me feedback and I was curious as to why all of local inventory has already got the SAT Radio option.

    I did not know there was a limited supply of 2006s. If you come down to Atlanta and look at LR NorthPoint or LR BuckHead you will see lines of unsold 2006 HSEs...and just one or two RR Sports and NO SuperCharged HSEs.

    Based upon that and some of the posts I read at, I had decided that 2006 was a flat sales year and I should expect some very motivated RR HSE negotiating from my local dealer (LR of North Point).

    Especially, since as a repeat customer (I bou8ght new Disco in 2003) I would think they would be interested in keeping my business...(I am also looking at the Jaguar XJ8 Van den Plas and XJR).

    Yes, I know the Jag and RR are very different vehicles...but, they are both luxury vehicles and good interesting modes of transportation. I am looking for a luxury vehicle for weekends and Sundays...I use my 2003 disco for daily travel.

    Anyway, you've given me much good information. Do you work for 2006 a flat sales year for HSEs?

    Do you have any idea if RR HSE (MKIII) body style will remain the same for the next 2 years?

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