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Dodge Dakota - III

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited March 2014 in Dodge
This topic is a continuation of Topic 861....

Dodge Dakota - II. Please continue these
discussions here.

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  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (spike50) The term "high floatation" is simply referring to W-I-D-E tires. This type of tire is best in MUD where one does not want to sink in and get stuck. (also known as 'floating' on the mud)

    On the opposite side of the spectrum we have very SKINNY tires. Anyone who has driven in snow will tell you that SKINNY is the best tire to choose for maximum traction. The idea here is to let the tires 'cut' through the snow to get at the road surface for maximum traction. Floating on the snow is the LAST thing one wants to do.
    (In fact when some people first saw my Dak. The very first comment was "gosh those are big tires... arnt you afraid of poor traction in the snow?")

    What are my qualifications on driving in the snow?
    I learned to drive in a 4x4 and have at least one 4WD in the driveway at all times since then. Driving in the snow is a way of life here in Vermont.
  • You don't have any brothers named 'Darrell' (sic) do you?

  • Does anyone have any strong opinions one way or the other on drop-in vs. spray-in liners?

    I've done a bit or research on the topic and have come up with these ideas (not specific to the Dak)



    Seals out water, dirt, etc.
    Does not "take up" cargo space
    Becomes part of the bed, no shake rattle and roll while you are driving (this is both a noise thing and a scratch the paint thing)


    They are part of the bed so if you drop something heavy it can dent your bed instead of cracking the liner

    May chip or fade (most are warrantied but...)



    If you drop a heavy object it cracks the liner not your truck (and they are usually warrantied)

    Usually have some kind of cargo space dividing slots for 2x4s so your bed has "compartments"


    Can scratch the paint while moving around or everyday if installed incorrectly.

    May cause noise while moving around.

    Dirt and water can be trapped underneath and cause erosion and eventually rust.

    Takes up a little of the cargo spacing.

    Also, if you are a drop-in person, do you have a perference on brand or over-rail/under-rail?

    Thanks alot for your help!

  • mwolakmwolak Posts: 21
    My story:
    Visited dealer and got info etc.

    2/8 Went back with intent to buy. Could not find one with options I wanted. Salesman checked into ordering, informed me it was on restriction, (I neglected to get details), but could order anyway without time of delivery estimate. Decided to think it over.

    2/10 Decided to order. Went in, he put it in the system and it came back with no restrictions.

    2/24 Called dealer, got order number. Called DC, 4x4s on restriction. Customer Rep had no details, suggested call back next week.

    2/28 Called DC. No restrictions, order through Edit (whatever that means).

    Does anyone have a 4x4 Quad on order? Is it delayed? Whats the order/build process through DC?

    BTW, my order was for:
    4.7 engine with auto transmission
    quad cab
    part time 4x4
    limited slip
    3.55 ratio
    other options which shouldn't affect delivery
  • The tire and handling package was cause for restriction at one time, and I think I read here someone indicating from March onward, you're looking at an '01 if ordered.
  • I finally got to get a good look at the new Quad cab, and was very impressed with how much room there is in the backseats (I'm 6'2" and have enough room to be fairly comfortable). For any Quad owners, have you or your friends spent any length of time in the back, like maybe a couple of hours? If so, how bearable was the ride? I'm leaning towards the Quad over the Club cab to replace my 95 Dak Regular cab, and would appreciate any input.
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    bpeebles - I'm with you, I want "skinny" tires to stay on the road. I love to ski, but only when I'm wearing them. Wide tires and snow don't go together. I'm sticking with the STD 215R75-15's on my truck. I know the "bigger" looks better, but in Michigan, I would rather look better on the road than in the ditch. :)
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    It is strictly a matter of what suits and meets your needs. I considered a spray in, but I intend to order an A.R.E. lid. When using a lid, it is recommended that one uses an under the rail installation. I am waiting for York to finish their "Load Lok" liner for the Dakota Quad Cab. I chose York, because they have many configurations for dividing the bed into sections and/or compartments. I had that very same combination on my Dakota Club Cab, and it was perfect for me, though it might not be what you desire. Look at what you do with the truck, and go from there.

  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    My Quad is supposed to be on the railcar and on its way (I'll believe when I see and touch)so I too have been looking at bedliners and other stuff. Like Bookitty says the underrail is recommended for tonneau cover application. The dealer wants $250 but the camper place down the road offers the same Pendaliner without the Dodge logo for $180. Same place priced a Gem tonneau at $699 installed but indicated there would be 4-6 weeks order time. As far as other accessories are concerned it seems like most manufacturers and distributors want a piece of the Quad aftermarket accessory dollars. If you see something you made for another truck it is probably worth calling or e-mailing to see if they offer or plan to offer it for the Quad. As far as bedliners preferences, if you plan to haul things that are heavy and you'll need to slide to get loaded, you should probably consider the drop-in. The Load Lok liner is very cool as it offer a variety of options for using rails or boards to divide up the bed for load control. I'm going with the Pendaliner because I'll probably ding up the bed if I don't get something right away.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    bpeebles, you didn't say if you have the 31x10.5R15's or went standard like ferous did with the 215R75-15's. Like the old adage about how one would like a wife to act in the kitchen and in the bedroom, I might be wanting mutually exclusive attributes from the same tire.

    I'll be driving in central Pennsylvania with some snow and mud, what is your advice? Should I go with Tire and Handling Package (I want the sway bar and wheel flares) and sell off the 15x8 wheels and the 31x10.5R15 tires replacing them with a narrower wheels and tires? Or should I stick with the 15x8's and after the Goodyears wear out, replace them with a narrower tire that still fits the Dodge 8" rims?

    Talked to Ernie today and I still have time to make changes through the dealer.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (spike50) If all you really want out of the 'package' is the "sway bar and wheel flares"
    You might consider them seperatly. There are very nice Anti-sway bars available for the Dakota. I have read somwhere in these forums about somone buying Dodge Wheel-flares and installing themselves. It sounded like a pretty easy intall.
    (All holes exist for plastic screws)

    Another consideration with the 31x10.5R15's is that replacing them with like tires will be more expensive than the other options.

    Think very seriously about opting-out of the "handling package" you get a lot for the money. (But MOST of it is for LOOKS... wheels, tires, flares.)

    I guess I am just trying to cover all of your options as you make your decesion.

    BTW...Who is "Ernie"?? I have seen his name here before but still do not know who he is.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Ernie is "THE MAN" at Daimler/Chrysler. He is a very courteous, helpful, "heads up" guy. A great customer service representative. He should be the hallmark for all factory customer reps. That's who "Ernie" is.

  • Don't wait too long to make changes to your order. I thought I had time due to restrictions ect. but was a day late to change anything on my order. Once your order goes to D1 status, you're locked in.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Can someone who has experience with the 31x10.5R15's in the snow share your observations? Snow: Wet Slush, Dry Powder, at 6", 12", and 12"+ of depth.

    I don't have a problem with the Do-It-Yourself sway bar and flares. In the "old days" when I had more time, I (had to do) did 5 clutches on Volvo wagons and for fun installed beefer f/r sway bars, 2" shorter springs, urethane bushings around, and gas shocks/struts. Volvos kept me broke during the years Detroit was producing "rust buckets" like the Vega and Pinto.

    Ernie noted that there weren't any restrictions holding things up but its a dealer/district allocation issue at the moment. snowedin is right about being "locked" when you go D-1 status.

    I believe Ernie likes his job and likes helping people. You can sense that and he comes across as sincere and in turn is a real asset to DC. But like the rest of us, give him a million bucks and he might be doing something else for the rest of his life. No fault in that.
  • I can understand the reservations you guys have with the larger tires, I can only recount my experiences. Let me say up front that I am fairly experienced in driving in snow, both on and off road and my experiences may therefore be atypical as we all learn from experience.

    I have driven through around 4-5" on snow and probably up to around 13-14" off road. I have a stick shift 4.7 4x4 with the 3.92 rear end and limited slip.

    I have not experiences any problems on road in the truck whatsoever - the vehicle has felt stable and I have been able to turn and brake confidently. That said I know that I have not pushed the truck to its limits. I suspect that with the 3.55 rear end it may be a little sluggish on starting if it is going through fresh, heavy wet snow. Haven't had much 'dry' snow this year.

    Off road the truck has been a little more hard work, but then the snow was deep. I suspect that I made matters worse for myself by not putting any extra weight over the rear axle. There was a tendency to turn sluggishlyand follow the slope, i.e. the rear end would slide down hills a little. I always felt that I was in control - even if the truck was not responding immediately - hell it was a foot of snow. I never stopped until I got through because I wasn't sure at the time how deep it was.

    In my case I feel that the larger tires advantages outweighed the disadvantages - indeed that is why I bought them in the first place.
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    In addition to my comments yesterday, and Andy's today. I'm ordering a 2wd (w/3.55lsd), so I want the 215's for better control/traction. If I was getting a 4wd, I would have gone with the 255's. I know "looks" play a big part in the final decision, but when I'm driving 42 miles one way to work, and I'm in a "lake effect" (lake Michigan) snow storm, no one cares what your truck looks like, just will it stay on the road.
    I know what your thinking, why am I getting 2wd. Well I've driven 2wd in snow for more years than I will admit, and I've never needed 4wd for the ROAD. I don't drive off road like Andy, so what do I need 4wd for. Don't say re-sale value, because there won't be anything left of this truck when I'm done with it. You should see what I'm driving now. :) I'm trying to "give" it away and no one wants it. The dealer likes me to park out back when I stop to talk with him.
  • miner991miner991 Posts: 11
    I have a spray on liner the brand is Line-X ($350) and I think its great. I had a Rhino liner on my old truck and like the looks of this brand better. Some other pros of the spray on are, much better looking (in my opinion) and they don't have to cut holes in the liner for the tie downs. They did a good job spraying the insides on the front tie downs in the floor also. Does any one else think its weird to only have tie downs in the floor in the front? I put another pair on the wall along the back window so I could tie down from the top also.
  • znstrznstr Posts: 9
    Is anyone concerned about the predicted poor rating for overall reliability for the 2000 Dakota in the latest issue of Consumer Report for trucks,etc. ?
  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    I always take their ratings with a grain of salt. My wife and I each drive a Suburban -'96 & '95 respectively - retiring mine for a QC. Con Rep rates Chevy Trucks well below average but we both think the Subs are great, and in our opinion we have had fewer problems than average. Probably just jinxed ourselves. Meanwhile, Con Rep raves about the Subie Outback, which was recalled for a master cylinder defect and has reported problems with the cruise, which according to complaints at NHTSA won't kick off. Someone I know who owns a Subie had the trans and power locks go at less than 36k.

    I go by word of mouth, and most people I know who have a Dak love it.
  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    I got my Quad Cab last Friday, (ordered on 1/17). I had a "Carefree" bedliner sprayed in for $425. Dealer use to put in Rhino liners, but didn't like the fact that the whole bed was sanded down first. Carefree heats up the bed of the truck and applies the coating. It is supposed to be 1/4" thick. Looks great! My Dakota is Dark Garnet Red so I used a black spray in liner. All the other colors would have clashed with exterior color.

    As far as consumer reports goes, take their findings with a grain of salt. I've had two cars that they rated as "less than average." Didn't have ANY trouble with either car.
  • tinyivantinyivan Posts: 13
    I have to say I agree with everyone else on the Consumer Reports issue. If you are referring to their 2000 SUV/Truck Guide, I bought it too and noticed that they said reliability has been questionable on the Dakota. But if you look at the system by system breakdown, they are all Red Circles or Hlaf-red Circles which means GOOD reliability. Hmm, makes you wonder how they got a below average rating.

    They seems to always rate foreign cars and trucks higher than American ones too. The Tundra is brand new and its reliabilty prediction is good...

    The way I look at it is this: dollar for dollar the Dakota is a helluva truck, its even got more leg room than the "full-size" Tundra if memory serves. It rides nice and looks great. Plus you can get a stick with a V8 which is getting rare in the market these days. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff, if you like it, buy it!

    Stepping off the soap box... ;)

  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Like so many things, the more ignorant you are about a subject the more "black or white" you see it. That's the way it was for me on the 15x8 rims with 31x10.5R15 Wrangler RT/S's.

    I picked up a brochure on their LT Tires and found that there are some options. Although I've never gotten what I call good tread life out of any Goodyear, their little brochure has about 13 sizes that fit the Tire and Handling package 15x8 rims and are in the 1900+ pound load range. All 13 have tread widths of 7" +/- and are in a 1.5" range.

    My concern of limited traction in bad weather with 31x10.5R15's can be remedied by eventually changing the tread design and the moderate operation of the gas pedal. It doesn't seem that the 1.5" difference between a P235/75R15 and a 31x10.5R15 can be as big an impact as I once thought.

    If the Goodyears hold true to form, they'll be close to done at 20,000 miles. At that point I'll start looking at Yokohoma Geolander AT's or anything in the On/Off Highway category. Any suggestions?
  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    I personally like BFG All Terrain TA's. They have a real aggressive look, 40,000 to 50,000 mile tread life (I've got 45k on mine and the wear bar hasn't shown through yet), and are exceptional in the snow. I think the reason the snow traction is so good is that the lugs stay clean. Snow doesn't become impacted in the tread like many other tires.

    The downside is the noise. The aggressive tread really sings, especially on the freeway. My wife refused to put them on her Suburban, so on hers we went with another great tire - the Michelin LTX M/S. Highway friendly (less noise), and a much more subdued, dare I say refined, look. The snow traction and tread life are also excellent.

    Stay away from BFG Long Trails. Lousy traction, poor tread life - your typical OEM type tire. has a great site for researching tires. Customer survey ratings, complete specs. Great site.
  • gbilhimergbilhimer Posts: 53
    damish, I and two friends did a three hour trip to ride our dirtbikes a couple of weeks ago.
    Both of my friends are 6' and 6'3 and were quite impressed with rear seat room of the Quad Cab.
    it tows my bike trailer like its not even there.
    One of them is now seriously considering a Quad Cab for himself! I have a 4x2 Sport 4.7L automatic
    and am very satisfied so far.
  • tinyivantinyivan Posts: 13
    Anyone have any idea how long you have after an order goes in to make a change to it? Once it's in DC's system, can you change the order? If not, can you back out on the deal without losing your deposit? I just would like to know HOW sure I should be about everything before pressing "go." Theoretically, I should be all green and ready to rock, but I always like to know the options before I jump.

    Some responses here have prompted me to think that there is a way to change the order before it gets to a certain coding, others have implied that you are locked in as soon as you walk out the door. Any comments are welcome. Thanks.

  • The day after I ordered my new QC, I spied the Consumer Reports SUV Guide. I read it and paniced until I remembered my past experiences with buying products they reccomended. A camera that lasted six months and a vaccum cleaner from hell. It is obvious that they are biased towards US autos and trucks. Remember how marvelous the Toyota mini-vans were? Chrysler blew them away. I too was curious how the indivdual categories could be so positive, but the overall rating so poor. It's just their opinion and they are not as knowledeable or objective as they would lead you to believe!

    I would like to thank all of you on this board for your thoughts. It made ordering my Quad so much easier. Now, I have to figure out how to squirrel away the extra bucks from the bride to get my bedliner, fender flares, etc..! I ordered on 2/11 and checked today, it's in D1 status and is SUSPOSED to roll off the line 3/9.
  • haddonhaddon Posts: 26
    I believe you have until the truck goes to D status to change anything you want. I ordered mine 11/22 and have made 2 changes the latest was 3/2. If it wouldn't be taking so long to get my truck I wouldn't have had time to think about making changes.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Wow, ordered February 11 and coming off the line by March 9. That's quick compared to many of the other "potential" Dakota owners on line here. Can you tell us if it was 2WD or 4WD, etc. See, I ordered on February 16 and if they're coming off the line that quick, I'm in trouble. Too many vehicles and not enough money.
  • wilmar1wilmar1 Posts: 32
    Could it be that the Consumer Report was written by the A.A.R.P.? The same outfit that designed the Chevrolet pick-ups.
  • willywillwillywill Posts: 18
    Hello, I ordered mine on Feb. 8th and it was made by the 14th and i recived it by on th 22th of feb.
  • jimbuckjimbuck Posts: 16
    With only 500 miles on our new Quad, as I stopped for gas, we had smioke coming out of the hood. Open the hood and found tranny fluid all over. Checked level and could not tell where it was with the twists. Went right to dealer. Upon closer inspection, it appears that there is fluid all over the passenger wheel well on the outside. Will know more on Monday.

    Jim Buckingham
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Bringing up the rear, so to speak, on the bedliner issue, your list of pros and cons, some posts back, listed the number one reason to buy a spray in liner, IMO. The drop in liners will probably cause water to be retained in nooks and crannies, and eventually cause the bed to rust. Considering the cost of our vehicles (I forgot to ask if you were related to Bill Gates or Steve Forbes), and considering all the hoopla about crude vs synthetic oils making our engines last longer, I would think that a product KNOWN to accelerate the corrosion process, shortening the life of the vehicle, is something you might want to avoid.
  • tgr1tgr1 Posts: 92
    I just read that this plant also produces Rams on the same, or maybe an adjacent, assembly line as the Dakotas. Also interesting is the fact that this plant was once one of the largest WW2 tank production factories. (I hope its been modernized!) So maybe instead of "ram tough", they should call em "tank tough", and change the logo for the Dakota. Also, I wonder why the Dakota, and some the other Dodge vehicles, has a ramshead on the hood. You'd think that would be for the Ram only. Is a Dakota a type of ram?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    that the ram is on the Dakota because their entire truck line is "ram tough." Had to think of something.(??)
  • mrb9mrb9 Posts: 25
    Talked with my dealer on 3/3/00. He said, ?? According to the DC rep. the reason for the 4x4 delays is because of the fact that a plant in South Carolina or Georgia that supplies chassis and suspension parts for the Dak's was severly damaged in the last big hurricane??? This may or may not be true, but I remember in an earlier post someone saying something about the lack of front diffs for the 4x4's. So I guess it could be true.. I guess we will just have to wait and see. He did assure me that it was not a QUALITY issue or safety concern that is holding up production, but what else would you expect them to say, would they actually tell us there was a problem, AFTER we put money down and ordered one, Interesting. Anyway good luck to all of us still waiting for the now infamous Quads. Mrb9
  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    Help! I ordered factory type fog lights through the dealership and installed them this weekend. Hooked everything up the way the instructions said fog lights. This kit comes with an in-line fuse (checked it....not blown), an in-line relay (don't know how to check it), and the OEM headlight/fog light switch.

    I hooked up the green/black wire to the two pin, kit supplied connector that goes on the headlight switch. I also spliced in the blue/black wire to the 14 pin headlight switch on pin #7 just as the instructions said to. All the other lights on the truck work, but not the fog lights or the fog light indicator on the headlight switch.

    Any ideas.......hey Bookity......are you out there with an answer to this problem???
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (jones27) OK... I have to ask the obvious... did you PULL the headlight knob out on 'click' to "turn on" the fog lights? (You did not specifically say so in your post)
  • knkresortknkresort Posts: 79
    A neighbor of mine bought a Nissan Frontier on Friday. Got a good look at it today. Aside from being smaller, (smaller bed, rear leg room, console, etc..) it is also not as nice on the inside. The seats are hard and stiff, the interior is really sparse, and the dash is plain ugly. The Nissan dealer is just now starting to deal. The Dodge dealer down the street has been selling Quads like wild fire and Nissan has lost the first-mover advantage.

    'Nough of that, can't wait for quad to arrive. Should be end of the month. :=)

  • bigal23bigal23 Posts: 6
    ordered my quad on 1-28-00 still in d-1 status, with a build date of 3-6-00,red,sport,agate interior, 4x4,360 cubic inches of gas guzzling power, everything but buckets, skid plates, alarm, can't wait till it's here, called the people at the 1-800-# and no restrictions, mine is being shipped by truck.well hows everyone liking there's so far, what a good looking truck,can't figure out why they didn't paint the top of the front bumper on the sport models,. wife has a durango and we love it. well good luck everyone, will update soon AL
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    have you purchased other vehicles like this---and if so , what were your service experiences like. the dealership must not be too thrilled that you "bypassed" them.
  • jimbuckjimbuck Posts: 16
    Question, the cruise controls on the steering wheel, are there supposed to be lights in the buttons??? Makes it hard to have to remember which buttons are whick in the dark.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    On Friday, March 03,2000, Ernie informed me that my truck "has gone to frame" confirming a ship date of 03/06/00. That actually means that it is completed on that date and goes to the shipping point to await, trains, planes and cars. However, it certainly looks like a good sign. Please exert extra caution at rail crossing to prevent a possible train wreck. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    Yes, I pulled out the switch. (Don't worry about asking the obvious......some things can be overlooked when there is a problem, been there - done that!) I checked for voltage from the power distribution center through the fuse to the relay. I have 12 volts on all wires except the green/black. I am going to open up the dash again this evening and make sure that I have 12 volts to the switch on the other wires and that I have a good ground connection. If I have lost the 12 volts to the other wires, I would have to assume that the relay may be bad.

    Any other solutions out there?
  • ddefonceddefonce Posts: 6
    Here's my sob story:

    Order for Dakota Club Cab 4x4 w/ 4.7L V8, auto placed on December 23. On restriction until February 7. Built and finished (KZ status) by the end of February. Now its sitting at a railyard while Chrysler conducts "quality checks" on it. Ernie at DC tells me there are other vehicles there in the same situation, so this might be holding other orders up as well. He said it will ship no later than 20th of March, which puts it here in Connecticut on the 28th hopefully. There's no way I would have custom-ordered a truck if I knew it was going to take over three months to arrive. So much for "6-8 weeks". I better get a free bedliner out of this...
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    Do you have the high beams turned on? The fog lights will not work while the high beams are on. Got to have the low beams on.
  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    Just got off the phone, and my truck was built over the weekend. It's suppose to ship today. Estimated transit time is 4 days from the eastern side of Michigan, to the western side of Michigan. I COULD DRIVE IT IN TWO HOURS!!! I'm sure it won't take the full 4 days... I hope. I leave on business the end of this week, for a week, which means I might have to wait till next Saturday to get it... :(
    As Bootkitty asked... please drive carefully around all carriers with Quads on them.
    My order was placed on 2/3 shipping on 3/6 (2wd).
    Good Luck everyone.
  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    Another obvious solution, but not the one that will make these lights work. The fog lights are designed to only work with the parking and low beam lights on........hence, that is why you splice a hot wire to the high beam switch.......this activates the "normally closed" relay and opens up the switch to shut off the fog lights.

    Again, I will check the ground and voltage on the other side of the relay. If the relay is normally closed as it states in the instructions, then I should have power somewhere on the other side of that relay. If not, the relay is stuck open and the lights are never going to work!
  • bigal23bigal23 Posts: 6
    snowedin, a friend of mine has ordered with this same person and worked likr a champ, i was at the dealer where it is being shipped to last week and talked to the salesman i bought other cars from and actually went to him in jan to but a quad but they were scarce and he could not locate me one, so i went ahead and ordered with brian at fleet sales, the salesman wished he could have taken my order for me and i told him he could not have gotten me that price, and he agreed with me since there so new and hot,but started pushing his service dept right away so they still want your business, al
  • bigal23bigal23 Posts: 6
    just talked to dodge and it's left the plant enroute. shipped on the 4th KZ status.
  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    I didn't have a good ground connection. It took me all of five minutes to figure that one out.

    Just a note to those wishing to add fog lights.....get Dodge's kit. It cost me $115. If I hadn't had the problem with the ground, my lights wouldv'e been installed in less than 1.5 hours. You get lights, wiring harness, relay, fuse holder, and an original switch to go in the dash.

    A word of wisdom for those taking this will be supplied with a 2 wire connector that goes on the back of the switch. Don't use it. Instead, use the old 2 wire connector, remove the green/black wire from it and insert the new green/black wire that runs from your new fog lights. You will be assured that you have a good ground to start with. (This connector would have gone to factory installed fog lights). The instructions tell you how to remove the wires. Good Luck!
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