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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8



  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    thanks again! I'll keep looking in the mean time.
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    Congrats on picking it up!!!

    Do you remember when they actually had a build date for it? That might give me some idea of when I could expect mine since they don't have that yet.

    I just called DC and they said there was still no build date and that my dealer would have more information about when it would come in.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Actually , those g-force numbers aren't from launch; these are "cornering" g-forces. And the F1 supercar tires are some of the best on the market(ie: Corvette Z06 and Lambo Murci/Gallardo)

    Moreover, the SRT does weigh in @ 4800lbs(4836 to be exact), so I do stand corrected there. The 4400 pounds is before the 6.1 is installed.

    The ESP system is MB-derived, so there is no software anywhere that is able to fully defeat the system.

    I don't have to fudge my dynometer testing done on the SRT. It makes 469hp and 467lb-ft of torque: I have the slips to prove it. And anybody who know's a thing or two about the 6.1 HEMI knows that it is hugely conservatively rated in power.

    Not all SRT's are filled with Mobil-1. Mine wasn't and my neighbor's 300 wasn't either. And yes I do use the 5W-30 in the summer, and 0W-40 in the winter. Any gearhead knows that the higher this viscosity is for the summer, the better, and vice versa for the winter. This is especially true for big-stroke/bore American engines.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I live in Oyster Bay, northern part of L.I. Do you live here also. If so, maybe I'll see you on the L.I.E.
  • cuppy1cuppy1 Posts: 28
    If I remember correctly I got a build date around the middle of March and the vehicle was built on March 31st., shipped April 3rd. and it was "in transit" for 4 weeks.
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    thanks. well, judging by what you just said, I will likely not have it in the next 5 or 6 weeks since I don't have the build date yet. I'll be happy to just get a build date so I know it'g going to be built for sure. Right now I don't even know if I'm going to have a vehicle. Thanks again for the info.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    If the order has not reached "C" or "D" status it can most likely be modified. Talk to your dealer and see if they can find out the exact status.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    The ESP system can be fully defeated by pullng a fuse or by a wiring mod/switch that a couple companies offer. This also results in the ABS being turned off.

    I have never heard of an SRT8 not having a factory fill of Mobil 1 0W-40, this has been the case since the 300C version came out over a year ago. If yours or your neighbors had something else in it someone must have changed it after it arrived at the dealer.

    4850 Lbs is the spec for the 2007 SRT8 models, part of the difference being the slightly larger fuel tank capacity and the rear spoiler.

    I don't have to fudge my dynometer testing done on the SRT. It makes 469hp and 467lb-ft of torque: I have the slips to prove it. And anybody who know's a thing or two about the 6.1 HEMI knows that it is hugely conservatively rated in power

    I am aware of the conservative power ratings on the Hemi, which means in typical cases it puts out more than the rated 420hp. But the HP gains for the mods you listed added up to "62hp" which I felt was way high. Considering the the 6.1 is "hugely conservatively rated in power" then all of your mods add up to a lot less than the 62hp claimed.
  • 06blksrt806blksrt8 Posts: 57
    it's a small world, i live in Oakdale, on the south shore of suffolk. Do you go to any of the local shows or anything?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    competition , eh ?

    Hello SRT fans...:

    The Cayenne turbo :shades: used to be the fastest...but I guess with the new HEMI is fastest from 0-60.....only 4.6 or 4.8 sec.

    Cayenne turbo can only do it in 5.0 sec......

    I have not seen one yet....THey must be limited edition or something. guys win !! :-)
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    You may have an easier time getting a vehicle with the Option I group, as they are probably building most of the GC SRT8's that way. I doubt that they are building many stripped with only a sunroof. That could possibly be the reason for the delay.
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    How about posting some photos of your GC SRT8. I'd love to see how it looks with those wheels.
  • resumespeedresumespeed Posts: 52
    I have not seen one yet....They must be limited edition or something.

    All of the SRT8 vehicles are "limited" production. Only about 2,000 Grand Cherokees have been built so far this model year with an expected total of around 3000. For 2007 I would expect the Grand Cherokee numbers to double. When it's all said and done the SRT division will have built 20,000 total vehicles for 2006 (300C, Charger, Magnum and Grand Cherokee). guys win !!

    Today, but tomorrow may be a different story. I'm sure the title will be changing back and forth in the months/years ahead!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    "The ESP can be fully defeated by pulling a fuse or by a wiring mod/switch......."

    First off, by fully disabling the ESP doesn't necessarily promote better numbers. This thing is so powerful that it will often overrun it's own ability. Pulling the fuse will in fact disable the ABS, degenarating braking, which at the slightest push of the pedal promotes early lock-up of tires. Myself and others have found it better just to leave it be.

    For some reason or another, my SRT was not filled with Mobil-1. No biggie. None of my HEMI-equipped trucks did.

    If you read more closely, I never said that the dymo test was done with the mods added.

    BTW, do you own an SRT?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Oakdale,huh? That's to close to home, no pun intended(lol). I haven't attended many local car shows yet, if that's what you mean. I moved from Kennebunkport, Maine late last year. I'm starting to get into a lot of the local car clubs. I went earlier this evening to view some of the Corvette's here. Very interesting car people here.
  • Hey, I am thinking about buying a SRT-8 of some sort, and love the idea of the Jeep. I live in upstate NY, and this will be my all year car...even in the snow. However, while I realize this car will not get great gas mileage, what is a real life range for a full tank of gas? Are we talking 200 miles, 250? I drive about 200 miles every three days, and don't think I can put up with filling up th tank 2 to 3 times per week. Does anyone know of an aftermarket tank to increase the range?

  • rthomas1rthomas1 Posts: 17
    I am averaging around 250 per tank, but driving in northern virginia traffic. I always fill up early and put 16-18 gallons in. If you wanted to push it I guess you could drive after the fuel light comes on but mine rather quickly tells me I only have a few miles to empty when the fuel light comes on and makes me a little nervous. Nothing worse than having an awesome suv stuck on the side of the road during rush hour because I ran out of gas.. Went on a trip this weekend saw a high of 15.2mpg and at the end averaged 14.6 so the question is are you driving in alot of traffic and how aggressive do you drive?
  • rthomas1rthomas1 Posts: 17
    Started thinking about my message and wanted to give you the actual number from my current tank of gas and according to the computer I will get about 220 this tank. So its going to be real hard to say exactly what your fuel economy will be but I didnt want you to think 250 easy because I drive rather conservatively during the week. And then drive like it was supposed to be driven during the weekend.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Following what rthomas said about the mileage, it also depends on your driving attitude. Nail it , and you're going to feel it in your wallet.

    I average about 250-275 miles on a tank if I'm on the highway and get down to a low of 210-220 if I venture out to the city. If you wait till 2007, there is a bigger tank in the works. Not much bigger, but I'm sure we SRT owners will take what we can get.
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    Yeah us Jeep guys win for now, but I'm very interested to see a SRT pitted up against a Cayenne Turbo S. These two trucks have some of the same numbers, but the only penalty that I can see the Porsche having is it's weight, 5400 pounds vs. 4800 for the Jeep(600 pounds for cryin out loud). But it does have 520hp and 530lb-ft of torque. That is huge. In comparison, the 2007 Escalade has "only" 403hp and it scoots to 60 in 6 seconds flat. No easy feat for a 5900 pound beast.

    But for now, the SRT is the king in the SUV world.
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    Just out of curiosity, how did you determine that your GC SRT8 did not have Mobile One on delivery? Mine and the others that I've seen all had a sticker on the oil filler cap stating that it came factory filled with Mobile One and that was the recommended oil. The SRT-8 manual also states that Mobile One is the recommended oil (pg 303).
  • I drive with an eye towards conservation. I have a 2003 Infinity M45 right now and average 20.5 miles per gallon, which is closer to the highway mileage estimates for this car. My lease is up in about 3 months, so I don't think I can wait for 2007. Do you think that the new tank can be retrofit into the 2006?
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    I'm not sure if the new for '07 tank would fit in the '06 model because I haven't seen what DC has done to fit the larger tank. If they haven't did anything with chassis and/or driveline or even the shape of the tank, then I'm sure a simple swap shouldn't be that hard to do.
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    I can't tell you whether or not the tank can be retrofitted, but I highly doubt that it would be worth it. The current tank in the 2006 holds 20.5 gallons and the new one is supposedly 21.1. Hardly worth it for an extra half gallon (a paltry extra 7 miles or so). They just don't have anywhere to put a larger tank without a major redesign.

    As much as I enjoy my GC SRT8, the frequent stops at the gas station are a bit of a pain (in terms of convenience and in the wallet). I will say that once I hit 2,000 miles, my highway milleage did climb from a high of 13.6 to 15.1. That was not babying it either. This vehicle needs a sixth gear more than a larger gas tank.

    I came out of an M5 immediately prior to my GC SRT8, and although this is no M5 in terms of an overall package, it certainly can fly. Although I never thought that I would miss my M5 fuel economy numbers 22 highway 17 combined.

    This vehicle is VERY, VERY fast (it doesn't take off, it launches), it's fun and turns heads like crazy. It also has argueably the most authoritative exhaust note of any current production car, (especially when you put your foot in it). They can hear you coming. If that's what you are looking for, then this is the car/SUV/truck for you.
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    Hey blkhemi,

    Just out of curiosity, how did you determine that your GC SRT8 did not have Mobile One on delivery? Mine and the others that I've seen all had a sticker on the oil filler cap stating that it came factory filled with Mobile One and that was the recommended oil. The SRT-8 manual also states that Mobile One is the recommended oil (pg 303).
  • rthomas1rthomas1 Posts: 17
    Real quick my dad has an 05cayenne turbo, we took it to a local high end shop and had the computer flashed to add an additional 55H.P. so it is at 505hp. He is always on vacation and I always drop him at the airport so his 118K car is not in parking. I say this because I drive it more than he does. I have driven it far more than my GC SRT-8, having said this we are faster to 0-60. At speeds above 60 he may have an edge, but even the new cayenne turbo s will have initial turbo lag. Not much but turbo's will always need rpm and air jammed down their throat to run. I think even though the turbo S will have 15 more H.P. than his, and has new Variable Geometry Turbo design for quicker spool up and less turbo lag being naturally aspirated will give us the edge from a stop. According to my Christophorus magazine the turbo s will have 521BHP and 0-100 km /h or 62mph in 5.2 sec. We save 70k+ and still win off the line.
  • cman2cman2 Posts: 8
    I've noticed there are a lot more SRT8's available on the Jeep website at local Chicago dealers. I bought mine for MSRP, but has anyone out there managed a discount? Are others seeing more cars available in your areas? It still only shows 72 of them in IL on WK Jeeps. Also, I've got about 1,400 miles on mine and haven't had the oil changed. Should I be getting it changed, or is it okay to wait until the normal 3,000 mile interval?
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    An early oil change can't hurt, but I don't think that you need to spend the extra $100. The manual does not call for any changes sooner than 3,000 miles and nothing special during the break in period or early ownership. Your car was delivered with Mobil One full synthetic, so I would not worry about it. I've got about 2,100 on mine and I'm not going to do anything prior to 3,000.

    The manual in fact says that you can go 6,000 miles between oil changes (under ideal driving conditions). There is a Chart "A" and Chart "B" in the manual. Chart "B" is for more realistic driving conditions, but is a little extreme. I'm going to compromise and go with 3-4k between changes. Although I never did it, BMW allowed for 10k between oil changes with certain vehicles with synthetic oil.

    As far as discounts go, I think that the more SRT-8's out there, the less immediate demand there will be and the more dealers will start discounting. Also, I'm sure that this spike in gas prices has caused some potential owners to "rethink their need for speed".
  • tufgcsrt8tufgcsrt8 Posts: 16
    Wanted to share my sad story on what happened to the Silver JGCSRT8 that I ordered ($500. below MSRP) on February 24, 2006 leaving a $1000. deposit. I was notified by the fleet manager on Friday, April 28 that my car had arrived that morning. I asked if it had undergone PDI and was ready for pickup to which he replied yes. I indicated that I would be in Saturday morning April 29 to complete the deal. I arrived at 10:08am and was expecting it to be sitting there waiting but instead was told by the fleet manager that he couldn’t complete the deal as the owner had the keys in his possession. I asked to see “MY” car and after spending 15 minutes walking the storage facility finally found it on the 2 floor. Sure enough it was there, as I had ordered it except the thing was unwashed and filthy dirty, the plastic on the interior was still on and it apparently had not undergone PDI. At this point I hit the roof and asked what was going on and my trusty sales representative told me that as soon as the owner arrived he would have it made ready for pickup. Asking when he expected the owner his answer was that he didn’t know. At this time I told him that I would return home (20miles) and call him back at 2:30pm to get the status. At 2:30pm I call “MY” trusted sales rep that the owner had agreed to sell me the SRT8 for the agreed on price of $500. below MSRP with the stipulation that I must purchase an extended warranty service policy at a bit over $4,000. After scraping myself off the ceiling I indicated that I wasn’t interested in the Xwarranty to which I was told that the owner would not sell me the vehicle. I immediately called the owner who reiterated these facts and indicated that I either by the Xwarranty or he would not sell the vehicle. Needless to say I was highly pissed and told him he was unethical and unprofessional an he hung up the phone.
    On Monday morning I call an attorney sharing this story and was told that if I didn’t have this deal in writing I had nothing for the dealership to honor. All I walked away with after placing the order was a confirmation sheet from the dealership that depicted what configuration of SRT8 that I wanted and a receipt for my $1k deposit. I’m still working with my attorney to see what can be done. I think this lousy S.O.B. thought he could sell “MY” SRT8 for $5k over MSRP and got greedy. Stay Tuned………….:(
  • miked23miked23 Posts: 8
    one last question....has ANYONE ordered an GC SRT8 as a stripped down model (i.e. without the option group 1) and taken delivery of it already???
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