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2008 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan



  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    I have in my Acura (TL) but have used it only a few times for the sake of using it. It is better to just leave the transmission in "drive". If self-shifting is higher priority over auto, nothing beats stick.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    SportShift automatics would be worth $0.00 to many buyers, myself included. If I wanted to shift manually, I'd *gasp* buy a manual.

    Stability Control, OTOH, should be standard across the board.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    I disagree. Autostick or Tiptronic automatic transmissions are not particularly desireable to the overwhelming majority of drivers and are therefore non-issues. Most folks with those features will find themselves rarely bothering to use them. Anyone on this forum with one? How often have you ever used it?

    Whether 2008 Accords get all-speed traction control is purely open to speculation. Wait three weeks and all will be answered.
  • ezshift5ezshift5 West coastPosts: 857
    ...only three weeks? Now THAT is encouraging.

  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I've played with autostick on a few cars and it was fun for a few hours, then mostly pointless.
    I'm not against it, but it isn't important.
    I'd like to see stability control available without needing to buy a V6 model or even the top of the line 4 cylinder EXL.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    As I mentioned before, Hyundai, Toyota, Acura, and even Nissan have autostick. You may not like it but many other people do like the occasional convenience , especially on a hilly terrrain.

    My, the people here can be quite snooty!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I didn't say I didn't like it, but as long as you can still manually downshift out of 5th gear by pulling the lever down, the level of importance is very low.
    The Ford Fusion V6 6-speed automatic only gives you the choice of D and L. That's inadequate.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Paddle shifters, or autostick are not something I'm willing to pay extra for. As long as I can shift it down to a lower gear with the normal shifter, I don't need the boy-racer stuff. If it doesn't cost extra, no problem.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    "autostick are not something I'm willing to pay extra for"

    Who says Hyundai and Toyota and Nissan are charging extra for it??? Their prices are usually lower than Honda's.

    Is it a sure thing that the 2008 won't have this feature?

    It can be quite handy on a steep hill.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Is it a sure thing that the 2008 won't have this feature?

    There is no sure thing about 2008 Accord specifications until Honda permits specifications to be released. That won't happen until the publication embargo is lifted the third week of August. Otherwise, anything that you read or hear about them is pure conjecture.

    You've asked and been answered twice.
  • I've only asked once, and it is hard to get a straight answer from this group.
  • drewbadrewba Posts: 154
    Engine braking while going down long grades is about the only time I use the sport shift mode in my TSX. I wish that I'd bought a MT instead of an AT, but manually shifting an AT just doesn't carry the same thrill.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    It can be quite handy on a steep hill.

    Not really. If you have sportshift (as Honda calls it), then you go sequentially twice to get down from 5th to 3rd gear. If you're in normal auto mode, to get to 3rd, you only move the lever down one slot.

    In fact, I have seen many people forget to upshift/downshift in sportshift mode, only to realize later. They would be better off leaving those in "D".
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    I'd say 3.5L VCM v6. It will have maybe i-vtec or a-vtec. I4 will be 2.4L.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Quite possibly because none of us are Honda insiders, and don't have the information you're seeking!


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  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    On p2 of the link you posted, some guy made a comment about him/herself working at the Marysville ohio plant and the coupe and sedan being shown to employees. Well, he also stated that the car has a recessed nav (confirmed from pics) and a 260hp v6 engine. If this is true, it could confirm one of several things.

    The 3.5l v6 is not used and either the 3.2 or 3l is
    A-vtec isn't ready(unless this is a 3l v6)
    or the person is trying to belie us

    Still, nothing on the diesel except that it is a newer version of the 2.2l CTDI with 140hp and 2XX lbs ft of torque. Its the same engine in the Euro Accord(TSX) but with a better catalytic converter and no UREA like the benzes.

    That new Vw Jetta Bluemotion/TDI sounds promising. It will have a 2l 140hp and 236lbs ft. A big improvement from the 1.9l TDI with 100hp and 177lbs ft. I cant wait to drive both of them back to back! My next car decision has just been made that much harder!! :cry: :P :shades:

  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    It's the 3.5 without doubt. :)
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    I agree. My last 2 TL's have had autostick and have never used it. I'd rather they put stability control and all the other goodies on the EX or EXL 4 cylinder. I now have 07 crv. The 4 cylinder is plenty of power.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Hyundai and Toyota both have Autostick or Tiptronic automatic transmissions. Where is the new Honda Accord on this important issue? Does the 4 cylinder get all-speed traction control?

    Acura has had it all along .

    Autostick is as useful as a flashlight is to the blind, or the iPOD to the deaf.

    I have driven other people's cars with auto stick (Landrover, Kia...).

    First of all, auto stick does not eliminate the torque converter. This is where most of the parasitic losses in the automatic come from.

    Second, autostick does not hold gear when you want it to, such as near the redline, to take the full advantage of the power.

    Thirdly, they downshift to 1 for you when you stop.

    If you are interested it in it for hill driving, Honda already has Grade Logic built into all of their automatics, which downshift and hold gear on incline and decline drives.

    Friends don't let friends drive auto.
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342
    I had the dubious pleasure of driving my son's stick shift Infinity G20 on the Washington Beltway during a 23 mile rush hour commute- can't say that the manual made it fun at all. Don't get me wrong, no fun with an automatic either, but all of the shifting and clutching...why bother?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,085
    First of all, auto stick does not eliminate the torque converter. This is where most of the parasitic losses in the automatic come from.

    Second, autostick does not hold gear when you want it to, such as near the redline, to take the full advantage of the power.

    Thirdly, they downshift to 1 for you when you stop.

    Not all are created equal. Most seem to be as you describe, but there are some that are designed more for the enthusiast. I can tell you, for instance, when I testdrove a Mazda6 with this feature, I bounced it off the rev limiter more than once. And in the Lincoln LS I owned for a while, it would only downshift to 1st if you were in 3rd or higher when you came to a complete stop. If you downshifted to 2nd prior to stopping, it would stay in 2nd.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Trust me, I've driven that car with an Auto (2001 model, my best friend's girlfriend's car). It is utterly GUTLESS below 4,000 RPM. At least a manual allows you to put the engine in the powerband more readily. That automatic (in that particular model of car) is geared way too tall for the meager powerplant.

    Drive the auto and manual versions of the same car and you'll find the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • maddog11maddog11 Posts: 42
    Since the competition has a auto/manual shift available and because Honda already has that type of transmission on Acuras, I think it will be available on at least the 6 cylinder models of the 2008 Accord. By the way the rumor now floating around is the 2008 V-6 Accord has 273 HP.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes, I too have heard the 273 hp number. That sounds about right.

    Personally, the 4-cyl would be more than enough for me. I feel like my 166 hp Accord is peppy (especially after driving a loaded down Odyssey 1500 miles last weekend). With the new Accord 4-cylinder having even more power, I can't see myself ever ponying-up for the V6!
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    All will be revealed in 20 days. Should be fun. Personally, I just prefer the "feel" of the 6.
  • robertsmxrobertsmx Posts: 5,525
    the 4-cyl would be more than enough for me.

    Same here. When I got my 1998 Accord EX-L, those 150 horses were plenty (now they would be rated even lower). The V6 with 200 HP was most powerful of any Japanese family sedan at the time (Camry had 192 HP, Maxima had 190 HP while Altima was fine with 150 HP until Honda announced 150 HP Accord in which case, Nissan chose to market additional 5 HP).

    Now, the rumor is, at least one trim of '08 Accord will have 200 HP (and that is with new rating system, so that would make it more powerful than the 1998-2002 V6 albeit with a less torque).
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342
    I have a 5 cylinder Volvo (no turbo) with 168 HP and it works fine for my type of driving (and I have the speeding tickets to prove it, haha!). But looking forward in evaluating 6 vs 4, bear in mind that over the next 5 years, gasoline could cost $5/gallon (nobody knows for sure, but a war/terrorist action in the Persian Gulf region could do it). And the impact of that could hit you 2 ways- filling up the tank and the higher depreciation on cars that get lousy mileage (if you don't believe me, ask the big SUV owners what $3 gasoline has done to the value of their gas hogs)
  • So will the 08 Accords show up at dealerships for sale third week of August, or is that the time Honda will release public specs of the Accord?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Should be when specs are made public. Look for Accords in September, if the past is a guide.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    What Grad said + Motor trend will have something on 8/21.
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