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  • kimweigelkimweigel Member Posts: 43
    I would strongly recommend seperate woofers and tweeters. Your car already has the tweeters in place, you might as well upgrade what you already have. The difference between having the tweeters up high on the A-pillar vs. down low shooting at your ankle is like night and day.
    The woofers don't care so much, because bass is not directional. (That's why you can put a subwoofer almost anywhere). The tweeters, however, are very directional. You'll be cheating yourself pointing them at your ankle. It's really worth the extra effort. Hyundai did it, and they were using cheap speakers.
    If money is a problem, sell the 2 dust collector amps on E-bay, and use the money to buy seperates. You'll be glad you did!
    Co-axs should be fine for the rear. Spend the money up front. After all, that's where you usually drive from, isn't it?
  • daisy_ddaisy_d Member Posts: 1
    I am having problems with the 1CD version of the 2007 Sonata radio.
    The instruction book states it plays AAC, MP3 and WMA formats, with no information about acceptable fixed or variable sample rates.

    My experience is that the radio will not play AAC encoded discs. It will recognize the disc, and cycle through the tracks, but will not play.

    Performance is poor with variable rate WMA, with several skips per disc, and erratic restart when switched to FM or switched off.

    Fixed rate WMA is somewhat better, with only a few skips, and no restart problems.

    MP3 seems to work well

    The radio was changed once, without any change in performance. The recorded bit rates were between 92 and 250 K, and the disc were closed on recording. The symptoms are consistent with several discs of the same type. . The WMA discs work fine on several other brands of players. I have had only one opportunity to check an AAC disc in another automotive aftermarket player, but it worked. All AAC disks play fine with Winamp and Nero decoders on a computer.

    Does anyone have a similar experience or have an idea of why it's happening?
    Hyundai customer service and the dealer have no information available.
  • jt_minnesotajt_minnesota Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, after unsuccessfully looking for this information on the web, I was unable to find data regarding the external amplifier on my Sonata 2006 LX.

    1) Where is the amplifier located?
    2) What are the specifications? Power output at least

    I am trying to upgrade the factory speakers and would like to know what kind of amplifier (if any) is there. According to the description of my car, I have the lx with 6 disc changer, sub woofer (both I can identify) and a mystery external amplifier.

    Thanks in advance for the help,

  • sonic3sonic3 Member Posts: 2
    Can someone tell me how to remove that radio?
    Thanks in advance!
  • jrod9707jrod9707 Member Posts: 7
    I just replaced my front and rears with Boston Acoustics SX 65's, the fronts sound really good-BUT- the rears sound barely better than they did with the crappy OEM's. Kim(or anyone that has replaced their rears) how did your speakers sound when you replaced them? I feel like their is a crossover somewhere in the line that is blocking a lot of the range.The rears sound as if there's like a covering over them that is blocking the sound. If anybody has any ideas please respond soon I need to go back to the shop and have them fix this.
  • kimweigelkimweigel Member Posts: 43
    Are the new rears 5" or 6" speakers. The 6's give you more bass, typically.

    Are they wired in phase. This means that they both have the positive wire connected to the positive speaker terminal, and the negative to the negative. If one is out of phase, they could sound weak.

    The original plastic cone that the Hyundai speaker was attached to the door with may have made the factory speakers sound "bassier", and was probably removed by the installer.

    There may be a band-pass filter, somewhere in line between the radio and the back speakers. This is commonly a small piece of electronics, along the line of a resistor or capacitor, which is typically used to block low freqencies to tweeters, because too much low can fry a tweeter quickquick.

    Last but not least, check the rear fader adjustment on the radio, it may need adjusting.

    If you ask your install shop these questions, I'm sure they'll know what you're talking about, and be able to help you. My rears sound good, but don't forget, I am running an amp to them. However, to be honest, I am still not totally happy with the bass/treble/midrange adjustability of the Hyundai radio, and am planning to add an EQ into the circuit ahead of the amp.
    I have bought it already, it is a Pioneer DEQ-7600 15 band digital EQ, and I plan on installing it under the HVAC controls, where the little drop down door compartment is now. This is where the KDM (Korean Domestic Market) Sonatas have their radios, so I know a standard DIN chassis will fit there.
    What do they have where our radios are? Why, a 7" NAV screen, of course. They keep all the good stuff for themselves!
  • kimweigelkimweigel Member Posts: 43
    After reading the reviews on these speakers by other buyers on Crutchfield, it is possible that - that's just the way they sound - . It's tough to get really serious bass out of 6" speakers. Even with a good amp, and quality speakers (which these seem to be) most people end up adding a sub/amp combo of some sort. I did an all-in-one space saving solution, it's called an Infinity Bass Link, Crutchfield sells 'em, and Circuit city used to, don't know if they still do.
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    I'm replying to message #90 by Kash1441--do you have the actual part number and supplier? Best Buy is telling me there is no such animal but if I find it they will install it. I'm a little bummed to find out that the car doesn't have the jack. I was about to pull the trigger on an Elantra (nice car, bigger than I thought) but noted the pass-through into the trunk wasn't big enough so bought a Sonata on the spur of the moment after noting "mp3" in the brochure, foolishly assuming it also had the jack like the Elantra.

    So looking for the part and supplier, and if you know, how it plugs into the radio/what button do you push on the radio to make it work. Thanks!
  • johnsodyssey1johnsodyssey1 Member Posts: 5
    I let my three month trial subscription run out a month ago. XM kept calling, asking me to renew. I finally called them back and said that I may be interested if a deal could be made. After refusing a few initial offers, I was offered a one year subscription for $77. I said that I still wasn't sure and asked if I could extend the trial period. They came back with an offer of three free months before the $77 a year kicks in. I though that was fair enough. I then said that I preferred to be billed rather than pay by CC. They offered another discount of $12.95 if I used plastic. I think the $12.95 is a one-time discount. So, long story short, I have renewed my subscription for 15 months for $64.05. Not a bad deal for me and XM has another customer.
  • sunsonshaan07sunsonshaan07 Member Posts: 36

    The configuration on the 2006 LX, 2007 Limited and SE as well as the 2008 SE and Limited is the same: Infinity Head unit individually shells out 120 watts and connects to the Infinity Amplifier (Power is 240 Watts and is located beneath th right front psgr seat. This goes out to the 7 spkrs comprised of 2 front tweeters, 2 spkrs in the front doors, 2 rear door spkrs and finally to the subwoofer on the rear deck. Finally, the total power output: 360 watts!

    Enjoy it!
  • pearl_whitepearl_white Member Posts: 2
    Man....I have a 2002 hyundai Sonata LX...and i had to do some work on put a new battery,replace altinater,and some other stuff...But after all the work was finished the radio comes on but no sound come out..?
    Can someone help me? :confuse:
  • shore_angel84shore_angel84 Member Posts: 3
    I am in the process of replacing the stock radio with another. I purchased the correct harness, hooked up all the wires correctly but when I put it into my car, and everything works fine except the speakers did not work. I then reinstalled the stock which still works, and everything was fine. I still want my new radio in, but don't know what the problem is!
  • pearl_whitepearl_white Member Posts: 2
    I was wondering where to look to hook my speakers.b/c the radio comes on find and everything but no sound is coming.
    Im really lost....n im gettin fustrated cus im riding in silence every where i am....
    can somebody help to plug up my speakers or even see whats the matter...
  • shore_angel84shore_angel84 Member Posts: 3
    did you just replace the head unit? I figured out my problem courtesy of a friend's help. The blue and white wire on the wire harness needs to be connected because there is an internal amp. I connected it to the power antenna because it has the required volt power supply for the amp wire.
  • morosky6morosky6 Member Posts: 2
    Everything is going smooth but I can't for the life of me seem to find a hole in the firewall to run the amp power wire. Is there any or do I have to drill my own through that accessory hole for a clutch if my car wasn't an auto?
  • shore_angel84shore_angel84 Member Posts: 3
    you don't need to drill anything. If you have the power antenna wire hooked up, just connect it to that and it will work fine
  • morosky6morosky6 Member Posts: 2
    I'm talking about a 8 gauge power wire that has to hook directly to the negative battery terminal.
  • kimweigelkimweigel Member Posts: 43
    Morosky6, you are on the right track. First of all, you shouldn't power your amp from the antenna wire, it needs more juice than that, hence the 8 gauge. The antenna wire is fine for turning the amp on, that's what it's for.
    I had an amp installed at circuit city after I couldn't find a hole in the firewall. I insisted they show me what they did, and basically, they found the spot where the clutch cable would go through (if you had one of the 2 or 3 manual cars they build).
    The hole is not open from the factory, so the CC installers just drill it out with a small bit. Make sure you put tape around the bit, real close to the tip, so it doesn't go any further into the engine compartment than you want it to.
    Last but not least, your amp's ground wire should be as thick as your power wire (8 gauge). Otherwise, your amp's not getting all the juice it needs, and won't really "bump" those speakers, or worse, feed them a distorted signal (best way to blow out speakers). Good luck, keep us posted!

    ps: The 8 gauge wire (red) goes to the Positive battery terminal (with it's own fuse, of course). The ground wire for the amp (negative, black) (you really shouldn't use that skinny wire here, I know you want to) can be screwed to any good metal ground you can reach. It doesn't have to go to the battery, as a matter of fact, noone does that.
  • dunbar1dunbar1 Member Posts: 10
    Is there a audio in / jack for the 08 sonata? I listen to my mp3 player a ton when driving in the car, and since the sonata doesnt have a tape deck (i miss tape decks :( ) I can't just use the tape converter.

    I know the 06/07 have nothing.

    Furthermore, if the answer is no, how difficult is it to setup the 30 dollar FM adapter for MP3 players? I don't wnat to have to mess around with taking out the stereo or anything. is it as simple as plugging it in and selecting a frequency? As I recall, the iTrip was pretty bad, so Im a little skeptical of this option.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    The FM adapters are easy to use, just plug them into the headphone jack, but in my experience with a Belkin unit (about $20) we sometimes use with a portable DVD player, it doesn't work well in large urban areas, as it has only a few station settings and it's hard to find an unused station. Maybe there's units that have more of a selection of stations.
  • jasonrockhilljasonrockhill Member Posts: 4
    I just purchased a Silver 2006 Hyundai Sonata LX, 22k, loaded but without moonroof and infinity w/ subwoofer :(. I am looking to install the JVC HDR1 headunit (with built-in HD radio), but want to see what the dash looks like with aftermarket radio. Does anyone have pics? Does anyone have a headunit that looks particularly nice in the dash? Also, which 6 1/2" speakers fit nicely in the front and back doors? Is there a place for aftermarket componet tweeters? Thanks, and I cannot wait to pick up my car tomorrow.

  • tkumpftkumpf Member Posts: 27
    I just came across three MP3s that take about 40 seconds before the player will start playing, even if I switch away (to say, FM) in the middle of a song and try to resume the CD.

    It's very curious that the three that behave this way were all downloaded on the same day, and I have not had trouble with any other of my hundreds I've played so far.

    I'm not done troubleshooting this, and will post my findings when I figure it out (or not).
  • tkumpftkumpf Member Posts: 27
    OK, I haven't figured out exactly *what* is causing the delay, but I have a fix. The problem is definitely inside the MP3 file itself. I can get around the problem by opening and re-saving the file using an audio editor. I tried both Goldwave and SoundForge and the resulting files work perfectly in the player with no delay.

    I find it very curious/confounding that the only MP3s that display this behavior were all downloaded on the same day. It has nothing to do with the date of download either. Amazon permitted me to re-download them days later and they are exactly the same. The pre- and post- saved files are dramatically different binary files, so I couldn't find any obvious eyecatcher to tell me what may be the problem.

    It isn't the song manufacturer (although I first suspected Sony's DRM) as I have songs from those companies that work without the problem.

    If I find out any more I'll post it here.
  • donaldduckdonaldduck Member Posts: 3
    I have found my radio (1 CD Vision for 07 Sonata) to be unusually picky about what kind of compressed audio disks will play. Variable rare WMA is difficult. Fixed rate MP3 works better. These WMA discs play well in other players.

    Anyone have any similar experiences?

    I would be most interested in any further data from thumkf
  • donaldduckdonaldduck Member Posts: 3
    Check on the Crutchfield site. They show an adapter plate for the Sonata that fills in the space and has the right curvature. One user opinion says it is "just a shade different" than the two side panels.
  • jrod9707jrod9707 Member Posts: 7 there you go a double din and single din mount. I've never ordered from these guys but the mount looks pretty good. Although I'd prefer to have an actual picture of the unit already in mount.
  • tkumpftkumpf Member Posts: 27
    The best I can determine is the car player does not play MP3s that are sampled above 256kbps. I looked at the three songs that were delayed and all three were above 256kbps (320kbps was common).

    When I resaved them in my audio editor, my default was 256kbps and then they played fine.

    Now, this is purely a guess: since the higher sampling versions eventually *did* play after a 40-second (or so) delay, I'm now wondering if the player is smart enough to convert them from 320k to 256k (thus the delay) and then play them at the newly-converted sampling rate.
  • dong4dong4 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased an 09 Sonata that has a USB connection for an IPod. The manual says not to use the cable supplied by Apple with the IPod Nano, but is not clear what I should use. The dealer can't seem to give me an answer. Can someone help?
  • moocow1moocow1 Member Posts: 230
    I don't think I'm seeing that issue. I've got a huge number of 320k mp3s on my usb stick and it's running fine on my Sonata. Course I'm on the 2009 model, so I guess this may be completely different for older ones.
  • jasonrockhilljasonrockhill Member Posts: 4
    I am wondering if anyone has the Mastersheet for 2006 Sonata? Head unit, door speakers. I have the LX with no factory amp. Let me know if you can help me. Thanks!!

  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076

    There is a TSB about it. The part number for the cable is 08620-2L000. It's a special iPod cable that plugs into both USB and Aux. It can fully integrate an iPod nano to the stereo. Make sure the nano has the latest firmware and use the latest itunes version for your pc. There is a TSB that mentions it.
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    The cable works well for $29.94. I just wish the system would shut off the iPod when you turn off the car. Also, it doesn't remember your settings, like "Random", so you have to select it each time you start up.
  • sijonsijon Member Posts: 3
    What does TSB mean in msg #134
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    Technical Service Bulletin

    It's a dealer aid used for common complaints.
  • dgs4dgs4 Member Posts: 66
    Likewise. Haven't had a problem playing any MP3 burned discs in my 09 Limited. Although most of my MP3 files are stored on my 80 gig Zune, and that works perfectly through my AUX port. No problems at all. Love the stock Infinity system. I also really like XM radio too. I'll probably renew my subscription when the three month trial is over. For $10 a month it's a no brainer.
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    "I also really like XM radio too. I'll probably renew my subscription when the three month trial is over. For $10 a month it's a no brainer."

    It's actually $12.95/mo, unless you get a multi-year plan. I would suggest against that right now, since them and SIRIUS are going to merge very soon. If you already have XM, additional receivers are only $6.99.

    I have XM in three cars and two boats, and think it's a great alternative to FM radio. I just wish they didn't have to compress the audio so much (It's comparable to a 64k MP3).
  • prof_booty25prof_booty25 Member Posts: 1
    Where can you find / purchase this cable? I have searched both Apple store and some electronic stores (BestBuy, Circuit City, etc), and cannot locate it.
  • 2002slt2002slt Member Posts: 228
    Where can you find / purchase this cable?

    Your local Hyundai dealer. ;)
  • sologenesissologenesis Member Posts: 5
    I just bought a '09 Limited V6 a couple weeks ago and am curious about the infinity system that comes standard. Does anyone have any idea about what the specifications of the head unit and amplifier are?

    Thanks for any help.
  • tquinn554tquinn554 Member Posts: 1
    :confuse: Did you ever figure out what this was? I have an 07 Sonata w/ only 13k miles. Over teh last month, on 4-5 occasions the sound will not work, even though the tracks on the CD are running, the radio station tunes in, etc. In other words, only the speakers don't work. It's odd, because this never happens in mid-drive, only when you start the car. Some days, start the car, the CD works. Other days, start the car, no sound. When the sound is gone it may be gone for half a day or three days, then suddenly it's back. Always when starting the car, as I mentioned. I presume it has something to do with a connection to the speakers, but I'm an audio idiot, so any thoughts are welcome.
  • bakesaleebakesalee Member Posts: 7
    Here's what's in my 2003 Sonata, I couldn't be happier.

    -Alpine 9856 CD/MP3 player (with direct connect iPod - digital sound, not modulator - wire hidden and run into center console, where iPod stays)

    -Boston Acoustics S95 x 2 in rear deck, powered by head unit

    -Boston Acoustics SL60 component set in front, powered by:

    -Rockford Fosgate 325.2 punch amp

    -No sub

    -Sheets of Dynamat in front doors (noise and vibration killer to improve stereo sound)
  • sharksoupsharksoup Member Posts: 26
    Got my new Sonata 7-11-08. Noted that the book recommends not starting the engine while you have a usb device plugged in; that it may damage the device and then states "USB is not ESA".

    Have read a bit about ESA & if I understand, it is a communication protocol.

    So is Hyundai saying that their USB connection is not ESA, or are they stating that the device you plug in must be ESA??

    I plan on using just a plain 1 or 2 gb memory stick for tunes. Curious if anyone has had any problems, or damaged a memory stick by leaving it plugged in all the time.
  • perlymanperlyman Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2007 Sonata Platinum Edition (and I love it) It came fully loaded (including the 6 disc mp3 w/ subwoofer).

    I want to add an amplifier and sub box to the trunk, does anyone know if the single factory sub is being driven from an amplifier or just the stock radio and is it only recieving an Low Frequency signal?

    I would like to tap into the factory sub line signal to drive a new amp and sub (instead of replacing the deck and running rca cables back to the trunk)

    Will this be a problem if I use a high input converter?


  • eric39eric39 Member Posts: 15
    OK I'm probably asking an already asked question so forgive me. I have the 6disc changer that says MP3 player on it. I don't see a jack how do I connect my iPod to the stereo? I apologies for a dumb question but I honestly don't know.

  • jlindhjlindh Member Posts: 282
    Your 2006 Sonata does not have any type of aux input. That didn't arrive until the 2009 model. Just burn your mp3 files onto a CD disc, the player will play those.
  • eric39eric39 Member Posts: 15
  • lmaxicklmaxick Member Posts: 46
    Well since you asked let me tell you what I did. First I replaced all the factory speakers except the one on the rear deck. I added an amplifier behind the center rear arm rest, told these guys who did it I wanted VOLUME well let me tell you, there is no WAY you can listen to this system even at half volume, Don't askme what kind of speakers or ampflier they used I don't really care!!!! the sound is so clear and if you could turn it to volume which I did only once it is cyrstal clear all the way up to the top. All I can tell you is the cost was $700. and I have never been happier. I trusted these guys to do what I asked and that is what I got.
  • eric39eric39 Member Posts: 15
    I bought an FM modulator and man it was horrible sounding so I returned it. I have about 17,000 songs on my iPod which I like to play shuffled so I'm going to replace the stereo with a new one that can handle an iPod. I'm thinking about the Alpine CDA 9884. Any thoughts?

  • themergthemerg Member Posts: 139
    I posted this in the 2009 Hyundai Sonata thread before I saw this one, so I figured I'd post here as it is more on topic...

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how the iPod works when connected via USB to a Sonata with the DVD Navigation system. What appears on the video screen? Do you get full song/artist/album info? Can you select your different playlists? What functionality over the iPod do you have? I have a 30GB iPod Video.

    I was not impressed with the Jetta hookup. You can only see the first 5 playlists and it does not display any song information on the radio display. I'm hoping the Sonata does a better job.

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