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Hyundai Sonata Audio Questions



  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    The post where they talked about getting one to work was confusing. I'll be interested to hear what you find out. I may pull my airbag off and have a look around. Hmmmm I wonder if an Azera control would work. The flat plug seems to be the kicker. Do the Azera's come with a 6 disc changer as standard? That could be the difference.
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    Craig, just for you, I just came back in from taking the steering wheel cover off. What it all comes down to is the plugs. It does look tedious to exchange the existing wiring harness, but if necessar, it looks as if you can remove the clip from the wires and the slide it under the steering wheel supports. The old plug has 4 wires, (5 actually) Pink, Green, Grey & 2 Blacks under one quick connnect. On the old remote, there are 7 stabs (connection points) 4 for buttons and on the new updated remote, there are 8 stabs in a flat row. I think I'm going to have to order the wiring harness just for the hell of it so that I know which stabs need to be used on the new remote, rather that guessing and possibly frying my radio up. So maybe in another 2 weeks we'll see, and hopefully, more info will have been posted by then. As for the Azera, I suspect you're right that it probably comes with the 6disc changer, after all, it's Hyundai's flagship vehicle.

    FYI, it's #30 torx to remove the airbag/horn, and I think it was a #20 torx to remove the remote. I didn't disconnect the battery, hence I didn't want to lose all my memory on my radio and on the trip computer. There shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't start poking around with a sharp object or cutting wires 2 at a time. Word of advice, if you ever have to cut wires, ALWAYS cut them one at a time. Whether AC or DC!

    PS, If & when u look under the airbag, take a look at the brass portion of it's left underside. I noticed KIA stamped on it!

  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    It sounds like you might want to order the cruise switch also. I think ours does not match up with the new harness. I don't think I want to go thru all this hassle just to change stations and tracks. Now if I could turn the unit on/off, maybe a different story. :surprise: Thanks for the torx info, I'll probably have to buy one for this. I'll have to look in the tool bucket.
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    I'll probably order the harness first and if I can figure which pins are needed and get it to work right, THEN I'll definitely order the cruise control switch if needed. One step at a time........ BTW, know of anywhere that sells the correct cruise switch??
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    You ordered your radio control from Dream right? I would suspect they ofer the cruise as well.
  • sitinon32sitinon32 Posts: 2
    I have the 07 Sonata limited w/factory radio (but I declined the 6-disc cd changer). I REALLY want WIRED ipod intergration in my car w/o changing out the head-unit. I was hoping that I could buy an Aux-cord w/an 8-pin insert until I realized that the stock radio in my Sonata only has what looks like an 16 or 20-pin insert on the back. I was thinking of going with the Harmon-Kardon drive+play. Has ANYONE on here installed this onto thier factory radio? If so, is the sound quality acceptable? I REFUSE to do wireless. I live in New Orleans and the fm modulators are terrible due to static and the constant need to change stations. If not the D+P, an anyone recommend any suggestions that will help me get a wired Ipod connection w/o changing my radio? Any cords/wires no the market for 07 Sonata stock radio?
  • kimweigelkimweigel Posts: 43
    I just completed wiring the new upgraded volume/tuning steering wheel controls in my '06 Sonata and my wife's '07 Sonata. Both have non XM single CD units. Got the updated switches, and wiring harnesses from in Korea.
    The switch itself is a perfect fit, not hard to change. The problem is the old plug does not fit into the new switch. :mad: Here's how to make it work:

    For safety, remove the positive battery cable under hood. No way the airbag can go off with it unhooked. You will lose your clock setting, but the radio remembers it's stations. Must have a small battery or some sort of RAM chip.

    Remove the airbag/horn cover. Use the Torx driver as described previously. I bought mine at Pep Boys for around $3.00.

    Remove the old volume switch with a smaller Torx driver. Look at the old plug. It is square, and will not fit into the new switch assembly. :cry:

    Cut the NEW plug that fits into the NEW switch off of the NEW wiring harness. This is all you need from the new wiring harness. Leave a couple inches of wire, strip the ends.

    Cut the OLD plug that fits the OLD switch off, as close to the plug as possible. Strip the wire ends of the factory harness. There should be 2 blacks, a pink, a gray, and a light green.

    Splice/twist/solder/heat shrink/electrical tape the NEW plug wires (blue, red, yellow, pink) to the OLD factory harness wires as follows:

    OLD(factory) NEW(Korean Plug)

    Black (both) splice to Blue
    Pink splice to Red
    Gray splice to Yellow
    Light Green splice to Pink

    Before you do your splicing, make sure you tuck your factory wires back under the metal framework of the wheel. (I pulled mine out for easier stripping of the ends).

    After sealing all your wire connections so they can't touch each other, feel free to reconnect your battery cable and try out your radio. The buttons formerly known as volume up and down should now make your radio seek the next station up and down, or skip to the next CD track. The volume up and down are now found behind the switch, along with the mute. If all is well, disconnect your battery cable once again, re-install your airbag, reconnect your battery cable, and help me try to figure out WHY DIDN'T THEY BUILD THEM ALL LIKE THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE! ;)
  • pekelopdpekelopd Posts: 139
    That's great news!! I've bought the part awhile ago, but haven't gotten around to making an attempt to change it. If everthing works perfectly as you say, I'm gonna have to find some time to make my upgrade too! By the way, is the color of the illumination green or orange?? I've read somewhere that it is now orange???
  • kimweigelkimweigel Posts: 43
    I just checked it, and unfortunately the new illumination color is orange. However, it's not very bright. I haven't driven it at night yet, but my wife hasn't noticed it during the day yet. Stay tuned! I hope I don't end up having to drill a hole into the thing to change some color shroud on a tiny bulb/LED somewhere.

    By the way, this upgrade takes a while on the FIRST Sonata you do, but is pretty quick on the second one LOL :)
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    I tend to agree. An aux jack as well as a usb port should be a mandatory feature on any car stero.
  • wcw1wcw1 Posts: 44
    Here is another thread about successful remote control installations.
  • perlymanperlyman Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2007 Sonata Platinum Edition (and I love it) It came fully loaded (including the 6 disc mp3 w/ subwoofer).

    I want to add an amplifier and sub box to the trunk, does anyone know if the single factory sub is being driven from an amplifier or just the stock radio and is it only recieving an LF signal?

    I would like to tap into the factory sub line signal to drive a new amp and sub (instead of replacing the deck and running rca cables back to the trunk)

    Will this be a problem if I use a high input converter?


  • homerjwhomerjw Posts: 13
    Hello, I have a 2006 Sonata, GLS (Sunroof, etc...) and I was wondering if anybody has had a satellite radio installed in their Sonata?

  • wmarkwwmarkw Posts: 5
    I got one yesterday.
    So far, I'm only able to receive 4 stations.
    I have to go back tommorrow to pick up something, so I'll ask them how the 90 day preview is supposed to work , or if those 4 stations are the preview.
  • homerjwhomerjw Posts: 13
    Did you get an aftermaket head unit installed? I don't want to go to that length. I'm planning on running the antannae under the trim and out thru the trunk, and hook it up to a plug and play receiver, and was wondering if anybody had any experience doing it.
  • Is the radio antenna located on the rear windshield, or somewhere on the front one? I'm setting up the xm satellite antenna and it recommends placing it as close as possible to the car's antenna when using the fm transmitter.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    If I'm not mistaken the antenna is the top three wires in the rear windshield. It is in the back for sure. I do believe the owners manual covers this and shows you exacly which wires are it.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    Has anyone upgrade the base stero (non xm) in their 06/07 Sonata?
  • joel21joel21 Posts: 2
    I just installed an Alpine 9883 in my 07 Sonata non XM GLS. The reception and sound quality are greatly improved, and I can control my Ipod through the head unit. I bought it from Crutchfield, which provides excellent instructions and the cut-out and wiring harness needed. I am now interested in setting up the steering wheel remote.
  • kimweigel, you are the stud! I followed your directions step by step. I too have an 06 Sonata with single CD/MP3. The splicing worked like a dream. As you said, the only thing you have to really mess with is the connection to the radio controls. You don't even have to unplug the wiring harness to the other steering wheel controls. I agree that first unplugging the main battery is a wise safety precaution. Thanks again!
  • Have you seen message 68 of this string? I followed the directions as detailed and also got my GLS 06 to work with the updated controls. All that is needed is a little wire splicing.
  • Hello,

    I have Sonata 07 GLS w/ XM Single CD but no steering wheel controls. I also ordered the switch and harness from dreamka4u. However, I'm not sure what splicing is needed because my old harness is different than what you guys have.

    Old Harness(center plug):

    _ _ Brown Yellow Green "Ground, Connects to airbag"
    _ _ Black Pink _ _

    New Harness(Center plug):

    _ _ _ White Brown "Black, Connects to airbag"
    _ _ Blue Red Yellow Pink

    Old harness (Cruise control):


    New Harness (Cruise Control):


    Can anyone help me out here on what I can do get this working? Also, is there a way to order the harness that you guys have?


    p.s. If I use the harness from dream, audio control works fine but my cruise control doesn't work.
  • My 2007 Sonata Platinum edition has a good sound system but I have a problem. My subwoofer in the back is vibrating so much it is banging the interior of the car(the brake light that sits in the window) against the back glass making this annoying vibrating sound. When I push down on the back dash(for lack of better words), the vibration goes away. Should I look at getting a differnt sub, or should I take it back to the dealer? I was just gonna get some peices of foam, and wedge them between the back glass and the interior to keep them seperated.
  • Hi, I hear everyone talking about added systems has anyone put after market speakers in? I am trying to do this and cant figure out how. if anyone can help i would be so happy.
    Thank you, Thea
  • I would like to add an aux input to the factory XM deck, Hyundai missed the boat here but got the rest of the car right :-) , in my 2007 SE. I know XM and Sirius plan to merge but for now I want to have my Sirius Replay as well.
  • Has this been resolved yet?? Is there a way to direct input an ipod into a '06-'07 Hyundai Sonata?? Is there a plug in the back of the stock head unit? What does it look like (how many pins?)? I am thinking of leasing an '07 Sonata Limited, but this is the only drawback I can find. Let me know your thoughts..

  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    Jason, unfortunately the answer is no, at least with the current build. I have an '07 Sonata Limited and recently pulled the stock radio head out. It is the 6-disc changer model with factory XM. The only connectors on the rear are the Hyundai proprietary ones for their audio and antenna cables. No means of directly connecting an iPod or any other MP3 device. Bummer...

  • Hi,

    Are you by any chance interested in selling your 6 cd radio? If so, how much are you wanting for it?

  • there is an after market adapter that wires into the back of the factory radio with no probleum
  • i have two 15 for sale in jersey if anyone want tp get them
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