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Hyundai Sonata Audio Questions



  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    To randomize ALL the songs on the ipod, I'll hit the artist button, then the all albums button, then the all songs, then randomly hit any song there. At that point, (with the newest firmware from map&soft), hit the random button twice. It will then do a great job of random play everything on the ipod. If you hit the NEXT button, it will keep randomly bringing up the next song, regardless of artist or album.

    I normally keep my iPod on "Shuffle All". Hence, when I play it in my car, I just need to hit the Random button twice for to randomly play my song list. If I had selected a Playlist on my iPod, it will stick to that Playlist when I plug it into the car. The Random button at that time will just randomly play among the Playlist. To get it back to random among all the songs, I just go into the menu, view all songs and pick something at the top of the list. As soon as I hit Random I can then hit Next and I'm on my way.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Where are you getting this new firmware?

    I checked today - my problem ONLY happens with podcasts. I listened to a song last nite - stopped it halfway through. Turned off my car. Got in this morning, turned on the car, hit the "on" button on the radio - song picked up right where I left it.

    Then, I turned the radio off for 10 minutes while I drove. Turned it back on - same thing, it picked right up. However, if I do either that with a podcast, it will keep playing, for some reason......(although, I believe turning off the car DOES pause the podcast...it only happens while the car is still running and the radio is turned off).

    The most recent firmware was provided with the map update for the Navigation System that was available starting this past January. If you hit the Random button and it first goes to Album Random and then just Random, you have the most recent update. If you don't have the Navigation System, I'm not sure what the most recent update is for the Audio system.

    As for the Podcast not working correctly, I'll try to get one on my iPod and see what happens.

    - Merg
  • billchang2billchang2 Posts: 11
    THanks for the info. I've pretty much done what you did but then made the mistake of plugging in a 32GB stick with 20GB mp3 and it gives me a USB read error. Know anyone/ anywhere where I could get help with this issue? No luck at Infinity sound. They send you to Hyundai.
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    it's just the map&soft one... they released it back in January. Some people on these boards may still have the original firmware which had tons of issues with locking up, among others. The 3.3a or whatever it was, was a TSB by Hyundai and fixed a bunch of things. But the update from Map&Soft had a few more fixes in it, i'm sure (i don't know anything specific, it just seems to behave a little better).

    I've never spoken with Infinity, but when i was having some random problems updating to the new firmware, Map&Soft referred me to another company, Hyundai Autonet which, i believe, developed the navi software. I can't seem to find the number they gave me to office in Tustin, California. But if you call Map&Soft's 800 number, they should be able to refer you.
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    I've noticed recently that M&Soft has a recent "test" update listed on their website. I wonder if its an actual additional update or perhaps a website error, which given the sites quality may be a possibility... I would like to update but balk at the price. :(
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    Actually, the power button when pressed once pauses the iPod, and another push resumes play....

    This is with the 2009 Limited and 120gb iPod Classic.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I have the Nav System... Pressing the Power button turns off the radio and displays the Warning for the Nav System if you haven't used it yet. If you have, it displays the map. I'd rather have a true pause button that just stops play, but leaves the music information on the screen.

    I'd also like a true Power Button. If I hit Power, I want the system to turn off. If I want the Nav system to display, I'd hit the map button.

    - Merg
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I've noticed recently that M&Soft has a recent "test" update listed on their website. I wonder if its an actual additional update or perhaps a website error, which given the sites quality may be a possibility... I would like to update but balk at the price

    Where did you see this "test" update on their site? As per the site's quality it had defninitely improved over the last 10 months.And while the price of $199 is a little steep, if you jump on board an pre-order the update when it somes out, they will discount it by 40-50%.

    - Merg
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    I normally use my ipod, but reading your post, i decided to try my 32gb thumb drive. i threw a few folders full of music on it and tried it out. Worked fine. Annoying bit is the detailed info on each song is disabled by default, for each and every song. You enable it, hit NEXT, and it disables the info again.

    Hitting the random button immediately starts playing a different song randomly without waiting for the current one to finish.

    Otherwise, it plays the files fine, and the sound quality is great.
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    It works as a pause button when an iPod is playing as well, hit it again to resume. The important part here is the iPod pausing which it does. I'm making due with what I have.....Holding the power button turns it off so....yeah. :confuse:
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I realize that hitting the Power button on the radio will pause the iPod. I've done that to stop play momentarily while talking to someone in the car or on my B/T... What I was saying is that the Power button is not a true power button, at least if you have the Nav system.

    Also, I should not have to turn the radio off in order to pause the iPod. There should be a pause button available to me on the screen.

    - Merg
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    yea, i either hold down the MODE button on the steering wheel or a single press of the 'power' button to pause music. Without a dedicated "pause" button, the only annoyance is if i want to dig through the music to find another song to play, i have to manually turn the volume down to 0 if i don't want to hear the current song. Basically, as soon as you go to the ipod/aux area, the music will immediately start playing again (auto un-pause the ipod).
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    Where did you see this "test" update on their site?

    Its still listed under 2009 Sonata when doing a search on their site.

    40-50% off would make it an easier pill to swallow.
  • Has any one tried connecting an external laptop HD to the USB port yet. I would think that it should work just like a flash drive but I don't want to go buy one and be wrong.
  • Didn't see this right away, sorry. Site is a little tough to get used to.

    I tried a 32GB stick with 700 folders and 20+GB of music. It locked up the system with USB errors for any USB stick. How much music/ how many folders did you have?

    Do you know anyone who's suceeded in finding out the limits? I had several other posts here asking similar questions. One answer said 128 folders; hopefully, that's not it.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Has anyone found a cable with some more length? I know BMW has some but they look even shorter.

    I might buy a Santy would would like to mount the Iphone where "I" want it and I can't with this darned short cord. Maybe 2 cords could be spliced together???

    Also, has anyone tried to rewire the USB/Aux box to behind the dash or anywhere else? I was thinking if I could remount it somewhere, having the cord in a permanent, hidden area.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Has anyone found a cable with some more length? I know BMW has some but they look even shorter.

    I might buy a Santy would would like to mount the Iphone where "I" want it and I can't with this darned short cord. Maybe 2 cords could be spliced together???

    Also, has anyone tried to rewire the USB/Aux box to behind the dash or anywhere else? I was thinking if I could remount it somewhere, having the cord in a permanent, hidden area.

    It might be possible to just get a straight USB extension cable and an extension cable for the audio jack part of the cable. I would aasume that the hardware for splitting those functions are done in the Hyundai cable so it shouldn't matter that the cable is being extended.

    - Merg
  • You're looking for a simple USB extender (male on one end female on the other) Should be available online for several bucks; I use ebay as many of the cable companies ship for free. No haven't tried to move it, you might want to keep it original.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Thx. I experimented at the dealer today with my 3GS.

    If I wanted to go to Aux to retain the iPhone's screen control, yet avoid decreasing sound quality by Aux'ing out the top headphone jack.....

    Does anyone see a reason why this iPhone to 3.5mm wouldn't work to give me better sound?

    http://www.amazon.com/inspiretech-iPhone-Auxilary-Audio-Cable/dp/B002ARDJZ4/ref=- sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1250551066&sr=1-2
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    I think it is all the same. I would believe the only diference would be the volume control will not be in the circuit.
  • LisaDLisaD Posts: 50
    Volume control of what? The steering wheel? I don't see why the wheel or head unit volume control would be nuked. Are you sure about that?
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    I mean the volume control on the Iphone.
  • I have the ipod cable that the dealership gave me, but I dont have an ipod. I saw that there were different generations and I read that the shuffle wont work, so before I went out and bought an ipod on craigslist or something I wanted to clear up what will and will not work. Do all the generations have the same hookup and will they all work? Also is the shuffle the only one that WONT work?
  • bonybynatur:

    I went on the Hyundai Accessory store website and found this information for you:

    Will work in the following 2009 vehicles:

    Elantra Touring
    Azera (non-navigation units)
    Santa Fe
    Veracruz (non-navigation units)

    Works with the following iPod models:

    - It is compatible with late model iPod products produced Irons mid-2004 on (4th Generations iPods, all Nanos, etc)
    - This would include most iPod devices with the smooth front "Click Wheel"
    - Operates with all Videos, Nanos, Color displays, Photos, iPod Touch
    - Does not support Shuffles or the early Touch Wheel and Scroll Wheel models
    - Early model functionality may be limited, while later advanced models may provide more options,
    - Testing with the new Apple iPhone is not completed. Appropriate information will be distributed as available.

    Here is the link to the website:


    I hope that info helps.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    All controls may then be operated through the audio head unit. The iPod can be stowed in the console and “forgotten” about until leaving the vehicle.

    The iPod cable charges the iPod’s battery when the vehicles key is on. The iPod may not turn off with the key, so confirm the iPod is off to avoid battery drain on the iPod.

    Forgotten" but you have to check if it turns off. Some people have recommended you turn the radio back radio and then it will go off.
  • Anyone have this item? The Hyundai manual does not show this item and the system has no audio output at this time. Dlr did not have a solution. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks
  • What Item?
  • Yeah, what item?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Check the subject line - I think the "item" is the Infinity Audio System.
  • Ok, I understand now. The dealer has to analyze the problem . Could be the mute is on, amplifier is not getting power, plug popped out. Tell the dealer to get to work on it. The head unit could be bad.
    It is under warrenty make it the dealers problem.
  • I have an '07 sonata that is basic stock audio system w/XM. I want to replace the Stock with a Sony MEX-BT3700 so I can use my MP3 since I am commuting more. Can anyone tell me what adaptor I need to hook up my new Sony stereo w/XM :confuse: :confuse:
  • XM is built into the radio itself; if you replace the radio, you lose XM unless the new radio is XM compatible.

    You would also have to repay for XM for the new radio; it's tied to the specific receiver you have it on, and is not transferrable except under some rather extreme cases (theft, for example)
  • Well the new headunit I purchased is SatRadio ready so would that mean that it would be just a plugin & go?? after ofcourse updating my new radio ID with XM.
  • You may have to buy the XM adapter if it is satellite ready or is it XM ready?. You could go to Crutchfield.com and they will answer all of your questions. They will have the wiring adapters and tell you if what you are buying will fit. Does the radio you buying fit right into the dash opening of the Sonata?
  • You may have to buy the XM adapter if it is satellite ready or is it XM ready?. You could go to Crutchfield.com and they will answer all of your questions. They will have the wiring adapters and tell you if what you are buying will fit. Does the radio you purchased fit right into the dash opening of the Sonata?
  • "SatRadio ready".... what is that? That doesn't tell me that it actually IS a satelite radio, it may simply be able to have a portable Satalite radio that can connect, ala the MP3 player connections, to the head unit. My DVD player at home is "HD Ready" but it doesn't do HD without an HDTV; you might be in the same situation. So, is it ACTUALLY an XM receiver is the question you need to ask, or do you need to buy an XM receiver and mount it somewhere else? If i's not, then you probably want to keep looking, unless you want to go the "plug a second thing in" route.

    I know this is strange, but you may actually do better to scour a junk yard or two to see if you can find a late model Sonata/Azera/Genesis/etc, with the capabilities you want that's been totaled in an accident; then you know exactly what you're getting, and you can add the features you want. May not work for you (after all, the MP3 ports won't be in the correct spot....), but it might work.
  • It is satellite radio ready, I have XM right now on my stock unit so I will have to buy a module for the new unit it is what I found. As far as fitting right in...nope. I bought a DIN though its not the same color as the dash and cannot find one that matches. :(
  • Again, I say "What does satellite radio ready mean?" "Ready" in the context of electronics that I've worked with does not equal actually DOING something, it means that if you add something, it can work with the thing DOING it. So, does this have an ACTUAL Sirius/XM receiver BUILT IN? Not "Ready", but "BUILT IN"?
  • qs84qs84 Posts: 10
    I'm looking for suggestions for my 07 Sonata with aftermarket tints that the dealers keep blaming my after market tint for the degrading reception of the AM signal. I drive in Chicagoland and have never had a problem, my other vehicles with aftermarket tint have gotten the same signals hundreds of miles away (we are talking WBBM news radio 780 AM with a very strong signal). All the connections were checked by dealer twice, the funny thing is that I got the tint with a few hundred miles, and now with each month and additional miles the problem seems to be getting worst (now over 30k miles). Any suggestions for a moderately priced solution (unfortunately I listen to Am radio more than FM or CD's). I considering going to a store like Best Buy and having an inexpensive system installed as a replacement (the speakers in my I-4 could stand some improvement also). Thanks.
  • It depends on what kind of tint is used. If the tint is from dying the plastic, there is no effect whatsoever on radio reception. If the tint is from a vacuum deposited metallic (very) thin film then there can be a substantial effect on FM, but unless the metal film is somehow grounded to the car body I would expect some, but not serious degredation. It is possible or even likely that the installer does not know what he sold.You may be able contact the manufacturer to find out. One certain clue is that if the film looks reflective from the outside it is metallic, but all metallic films may not be reflective.

    Dealers are, of course predisposed to blame something else for any problem if they can. If you can't budge them you may have to do your own research by plugging in a temporary radio to eliminate that possibility, then replacing the car antenna with a temporary whip. If that fixes the problem, then it is somewhere in the car antenna If you connect the temporary whip at the radio, you check the cable. A car audio shop should be able to do these tests for a lot less than buying a cheap radio.

    The other solution is to tell the dealer to replace the rear tint with whatever he sells, If that does not fix the problem, and your radio works less well than those of other cars the dealer owns, then the ball is firmly in his court, and there should be no charge for the tint replacement.
  • I have owned an '09 Sonata for about 2 months now. I love the USB input. I have an 8 gig thumb drive that is loaded with WMA format tunes. Is there any way to eliminate the breaks between songs when listening to all of the songs on a continuous album?
  • Does anyone know RMS rating on the 08' stock speakers? :confuse:
  • Great description. I am about to try replacing the factory speakers in my 2008 Sonata and this is very helpful. I have a few questions - For the front, where did you mount the crossover? Also how deep was the rear speaker? Have you been happy with the Infinities?
    Thanks, John
  • I just looked at the back stock speakers for my 2008 Sonata and they just said they were 20 Watts - not sure if that is RMS or peak.
  • I can't seem to get this device to work using the Apple supplied cord. It only plays 6 songs of 250. Is is something to do with the formatting of the songs? They are all in MPEG-4 format currently from what I can tell. thanks for any assistance in advance
  • Why are you not using the Hyundai cord?
  • I have a 2009 Sonata with stock stereo. Pretty good sound quality. My biggest complaint is the volume control. It looks like it goes up to 50 or so, but I rarely have it over 10. 15 is about as high as it will go without distorting the sound. Is there any way to change the volume control to make it a little more sensitive; i.e. set what is currently 15 now at 40.
  • well for one I don't have it and for two apparently the cord doesnt work for the shuffle. Still doesn't help me figure out how to use the shuffle
  • I have the same problem in my 2010 Sonata. Two city dealers were completely unable to advise me on it. The advice I received was to upgrade the rear door speakers or mount two more speakers on the rear deck.
  • Did you ever figure out the cruise not working problem?
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