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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Gasoline Engine Problems



  • My 2000 w/ a 454 has 130000 miles on it and counting the originals, I am on my 4th set of injectors. The dealer says it's because I use Ethanol. Parts store says they have only sold 35 injectors for this engine in the whole state of Iowa in the last 12 months. Has anyone heard of this before? Know of any TSB that addresses this problem?
  • Where is the crankshaft position sensor located? I've looked around as much as I have had the time to. I'm too cheap to buy the manual if it's just for this problem, especially if I have to spend a couple hundred bucks to have it replaced if it's too difficult to get to. Thanks.
  • i have a problem with my motor it has a miss to it and i have change out the two o2 sensers befro the converter and new plugs and wires and it still does it it kind of acks like there is a vacume leak or somthing like that what it is doing is RPM S jump from like 700 down to like 200 or 300 some time it does it some time it dont so i am lost help me out
  • Not related to my engine but my dash lights, 4x4 lights and heater lights are burnt out! My gear and information lights come on, if I go into cruise control that light comes on, but no lights for the spedo or gas or tach. Aswell the lights that show me 2wd or 4hi and lo do not show. Also the buttons for my heater controls dont show, like I can see what temp and where the air is going (head, feet, or defrost) but cant see like the fan speed button or that sorta thing! Have checked about 10 different fuses cant find a burnt one, then today the mirror compass and thermometer went out, again fuses alright. Anyone else have these problems?
  • when i crank engine over it tryes to start but it wont when i let go of the key after trying for about 8 seconds and the key is now just on the on position the enging tryies to start it fires a few pistions but not enough to start. (sounds like dieseling) if i wait a day it will start right up. i drove it for the last two moths with out a problem. this problem only happens when the truck is sitting for more that 2 days. hot, cold ,dry , and wet dont matter. new cap wires plugs fuel pressuer is 58 does any one know what to do or had this problem thank you jake
  • I had a similar experiance on my '04 when I let the battery go completely dead. When jumping it to the battery post bolts, it would start as the key was turned then die when the key was reliesed. As a last resort, we took the battery cables off and cleaned what appeared to be a very clean connection. It started and stayed running the first try. Give that a try.

  • skipvskipv Posts: 7
    Anybody have solid documented proof that these "spacers" really work?

    Can't find any documented info on the web.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Probably because there aren't any.
  • skipvskipv Posts: 7
    What about the Airraid, Jet , and others that claim fantastic improvement by installing a 1 inch piece of material? Do those devices work?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Probably one of the best HP return for the $ is a custom tune. Best seat of the pants increase would be a supercharger. The rest of the bolt on stuff isn't really worth the money unless you're into sounds. Like a loud exhaust or a loud intake.

    I remember that Truckin magazine dyno'd a K&N kit. The results was an increase of 2 HP +-1.
    That's quite a bit of money for a 2HP increase. Plus the cumulative effect is even less when adding a throttle body spacer and exhaust. Some aftermarket exhausts actually lose HP due to a decrease in backpressure. I remember Granatelli selling those aftermarket MAF minus the screen advertising and increase of 70% airflow. While in theory it may be close to that. What they don't tell you is the loss of power due to the incoming air being more turbulent since there's no screen to direct the flow.

    If you want the loud exhaust or love that intake sound go for it. I'd save my money. Been there done that.
  • skipvskipv Posts: 7
    Thank you for the best explanation I have ever heard. While I agree with everything you said I also agree that to each his own. I have gone as far as the FIPK kit, Headers, Borla, and Hypertech. There is a significant seat of the pants feeling but as you said it comes at a price, especially now that I am running 285/20 wheels and tires.

    I was willing to pay the price for all the parts and have enjoyed my experience. Would I do it again...Probably not... Gonna retire soon as will use money more wisely.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Retire? Yes save your money ;)

    All in all I had "invested" over $10K in aftermarket on my 2000 Silverado. There is no way I would do that again though I do miss listening to the Westside Connection on that $5K system. More I think about it I would do the aftermarket stereo and leave the truck stock. That way I won't have the extra noise conflicting with the stereo.

    One thing you might want to consider is getting rid of the hypertech on ebay and get this one. It has a ton of options and custom downloadable tunes and costs about the same as the hypertech.

    Diablo Sport
  • I have a '02 Chevy 1500 5.3 liter with 55k miles. I put on a K&N air filter and tornado about 3 years ago and was consistanty getting 17.5+ mpg. During the last 7 months, mpg has been steadlily, consistantly going down. My last tank was 13.5 mpg for the same kind of driving as usual. The air filter is clean, I replaced the fuel filter, the tire pres is good, the spark plugs were replaced (they were in good condition), and I get no indications (check engine light, eng perform.) that something is wrong. I use premium gas because I found that I got more mpg per dollar by doing so.
    Also, in the Chilton maint book it says that a bad EGR valve could cause poor mpg. The thing is that my eng doesn't have one even though my VIN # (with a "T" in it) indicates it should (the chevy maint people can't explain it). The decrease in mpg seems to have started when I put on all terrain tires. The psi on these tires are 45 (compared to 35psi stock tires) and they are about the same in diameter. If it were the tires, wouldn't I see the difference instantly and not over time? The Chilton book suggests checking the exhaust and emissions systems. How do I do that? Any other suggestions??
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    A/T tires are heavier than your stock ones even at higher pressure the weight would cause lower mpg along with a more rolling resistance due to tread design.

    I believe what Chilton's is referring to when stating to check exhaust and emissions is to check or have someone check your catalytic converters as a restricted cat would cause a drop in mpg too. You have four of them BTW.
  • 1992 Silverado, 4.3L Was driving home and the bearings on the
    tensioner pulley broke and the pulley and belt both blew off. I
    coasted to the exit and into a gas station. Opened the hood and saw
    the pulley and belt missing. Truck was not yet overheated, thank
    goodness. I replaced the pulley and belt and started right up but the
    grinding and rattling noise was there as if something was banging
    around inside the engine. There is no water in the oil so it does not
    appear to be a head gasket. I removed the belt and turned the water
    pump, and no noise there. I turned alternator and there was a bit of
    grinding but nothing major. I then got to the cranks( I think that is
    what they are lower left and lower right to eather side of the water pump) The right side made no noise as I turned it, but
    the left one (passenger side one below the A/C compressor) was grinding and rattling when I turned it by hand. What
    does this mean? By the way the enging has 220,000 miles on it. I am
    hoping someone can help me figure out what the grinding is. Piston,
    rod, wahtever?

  • I have a '93 sierra ,4x4, 1500 that won't start. I have no spark or fuel from the injectors. I can hear the fuel pump running and the injectors test ok. The ingnition module tests ok and so does the coil. I replaced the computer, but used my old chips. Could it be the crankshaft position sensor and if so where is it? Or is the problem located in using the old chips. :confuse:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I've heard of premature intake manifold gasket failure due to Dexcool, but never have I read anything about anyone having to do a head job with 85K miles. Not in these forums anyway.

    Just because you have a misfire on 1 and 5 (And I would have this verified first) doesn't mean head gasket failure. Is there water in the oil? Steam from the exhaust? It could be fouled plugs though with unleaded gas that would be unusual. Or perhaps a failed coil or two. Maybe it's just me but I don't have the dealer work on my trucks after the warranty period simply because they average charge $125 an hour for labor vs. a local mechanic who is around $85 an hour and even less if using greenbacks.

    Did they give a reason for needing a head job? Besides the obvious of course... ;)
  • I have a 2001 2500HD w 85000 miles 6.0 liter. I have been getting a misfire on 1 and 5 cyliders. Brought it to the dealer says I need a head job, mind you not the kind I like. Has anybody had the same problem.
  • They had put new coils in to see if that would work but still misfired, plugs are new and so are the spark plug wires.
    They had changed the intake gasket because there was a bulletin on it. But the service engine light flashed on again afterwards. Brought it back they checked it all out again then put additves in. Only had it go on once after that when I was doing 85.
    Hasn't gone on since but I haven't been doing any traveling. They last told me they would have to measure each rod to see if all are the same size, mind you my head is spinning. I have a regular mechanic I go to but there is certain things I feel better going to the dealer, they know me really well I bought about 10 vechicles from them and their service is really good which is surprising for a dealer.
  • 98z7198z71 Posts: 2
    I have a 98chevy Z71 it cranks but it wont start. Took the fuel filter off and it had no restriction. Ran the line to a bucket and when I turned on the key I had good flow.
    I took a cover from from what looked eight injectors. Did not tell me anything. Cked all fuses with meter. The Chilton's and Hayes manuals are no help. Appreciate any guidance.
  • Check the battery it might be bad also the iac ( I hope that is correct) it keeps the correct idle on the vehicle. Had a similar problem w/my 01 turned out to be the battery was not good and surged the iac and burnt it out.
  • 98z7198z71 Posts: 2
    :lemon: Thank you for the lead if the one I m working on does not pay I will follow this one. I hooked up a code reader and it gave me a(exhaust fuel recirculation malfunction). It might be programed keeping the injector from firing. I might have to take it to a mechanic
  • 71nova71nova Posts: 2
    Anyone having problems with 6.0 2500 hd running bad popping sputtering loading up,vehicle has 200000 miles on it
  • 71nova71nova Posts: 2
    02 silverado hd 6.0 driveability problems popping sputtering loading up ,replaced intake gaskets, sparkplugs ,Exhaust ,checked timing chain,still no change if it helps vehicle has 200000 miles on it anyone with any insight on this i would appreciate it
  • lagoriolagorio Posts: 1
    Hi new guy here, I have a 2002 pick up with 82,000 on it, I has a cat back edelbrock exhaust on it since 25,000 miles and a K&N air filter.

    The problem im having is at 70 to 80 miles n hour my rpms will jump up and my check engine light blinks untill I slow down or speed up. I have taken it to the dealer and they give me BS things it could be like the worng spark plug bad wires and such everything they have told it could be I have fixed .

    any help would be great it is killing my gas mileage.

  • Have you conciderd your fuel/air mixture.or your Mass air flow senser is dirty.I have a K/N air filter on my 2004 Silerado and sometimes my light comes on too and my code reader told me it was the running too lean.Ive since then put a high performance M.A.S. into it and remap the mixture and no more problems.
  • yeah guys i posted a concern with gas problems....rough idle....stalling and i found the was a dirty and partialy cloged PCV Valve.....i have 2003 chevy silverado 5.3v8 and the pcv valve is located at the rear of the drivers side valve cover......there is a hose running from the pcv valve to the top of the intake cost bout 3 bucks at autozone and advance dont stock the part..replaceing the valve dont even take any tools just pull the hose offand put the new one on....havent hhad a rough idle bouncing around rpms or a stal since
  • rclauserclause Posts: 1
  • Have a new GMC Sierra 1500. From day one the truck will intermittently make a ticking to light knocking sound on startup. This does not happen all the time. I have already taken the truck to the dealer and they say it's nothing. I can't help but think it is something. Perhaps oil not making it all the way through the engine...the oil pressure is fine on startup. Anyone had this issue? Suggestions
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