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Ford Ranger Engine questions



  • have 86 ranger,v-6 auto.o/d. with truck in drive foot on brake and none on gas the truck wants to lurch forward as if i were patting the gas.any help would be thankful.
  • I have a '99 3.0L V6. Gas mileage totally sucks!'s sucking the gas and I'm not sure how to fix it. I think I should get more mileage out of a 1/4 tank than 86 miles. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, you need to get a little more accurate than '86 miles in 1/4 tank'. Fill it up, write the miles down, drive it, fill it up again, see how many miles you drove, and divide by the number of gallons for the fillup.

    Remember, it's a truck. Trucks get crappy milage.

    My 94 4L automatic got about 13mpg in town in winter (14.5 in summer) and the MOST it ever got on the highway was 18.5mpg.

    A 3L won't get much better.
  • I have a 98 Ranger 2.5L with around 220K on it. I can be driving along at freeway speeds or pulling out from a stop sign and shift into 2nd/3rd gear and it sounds like the engine just dies, decelerates like I just put on the brake. If I turn the key from the run position, the starter cranks like it's still running. If I turn the truck off and back on again, it starts up and away I go. This has happened several times in the last few weeks. Fuel pump? Trying to remember how much fuel was in the tank. Kinda think it was around 1/4 or less. Any ideas?
  • Well it happened again today and I have 3/4 of a tank of Chevron Plus. I was on a bit of a slope and if the pump is in the front of the tank, problem?
  • I have a V-6 4.0 litre with 200,000+ miles on it.
    I changed the plugs and they told me that it is running very lean and the idle, both when cold and warmed up will surge 500 rpm for a coule of seconds and then return to normal. Was told it might be a sensor of some kind but I don't know which one, if there are more that 1. Looking for suggestions.
  • my 99 ranger with 66k miles is doing the same thing with no pressure while cold. its weird, but makes me worried either way. have you figured out the cause for it?
  • HELP! My son and I are trying to change his PCV valve and can't find it... anyone have a picture or a good description of where it goes?? :blush:
  • had that problem with a car i used to drive. try changing out the egr and see if that doesn't help. fixed it for me.
  • This truck has been trouble since we bought it. The man who had it before thought it would be a good idea to haul dry wall in the back of the little 4 cylinder truck. Thus I had to have the transmission completely rebuilt. Remember this is only a 2004 truck with 30000 miles on it when I bought it last November.
    Now there is white smoke coming from the exhaust and water which tells me he messed the engine up too. Did I mention the overflow tank is bubbling.
    What should I do and how much does this usually cost people. Or should I trade it in and hope its not discovered since it is winter time where I am at.

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Sounds like a blown head gasket.

    Would you like for someone to 'unload' such a vehicle on you?

    Fix it.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    The 'oil guage' on Rangers isn't actually a guage, with a variable display. It is a basic 'switch' which is either on or off at about 5pounds of pressure. The sensor is just an open/closed switch.

    If you are not getting a pressure readout on the guage, then later do get a pressure reading, I would replace the oil pressure sensor. It's sticking.
  • I don't have the money and I owe 8200 on it. I was going to trade it in to a dealearship. Doesn't cost them as much to fix it.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    What motor would help, there are 3 of them. I replaced my 1994 4L, but can't remember exactly where it fit. Don't they all plug into the valve cover somewhere?

    I do remember the Fram I bought for this truck, the new PCV valve was somewhat different from the Ford one. I had to cut the hose to make it fit and plug one opening on the new filter. Something like this. After double checking with the parts house, it was the correct one, they just made one for several applications - a somewhat 'universal' one.

    Actually PCV valves seldom need replaced on a regular maintained vehicle that is not burning a lot of oil. You could take the old one off, spray with carb clean, shake out the carb cleaner and put it back on. If it 'rattles' when shaken, it's probably still in fine condition.

    It's just a one-way valve that opens under pressure, allowing oil-ladden oil from inside the crankcase (via valve cover) to be pushed into the air intake stream and be burned in the cylinders. In old, old days before about 1965 or so, this oil was just vented to the atmosphere. The PCV valve and hose was the very first air pollution device put on autos.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, the used car manager that test drives your truck will probably catch this. Or maybe not.

    Take the truck to an independent mechanic/garage. Ask around, try to find one that other people have used and are happy with.

    Take the truck in there and ask what a head gasket job will cost you. Might be around $400-$800, but this is just a wild, wild guess.

    If you repair this, with your prior transmission repair, you might then have a reliable little truck that will give you another 150,000 miles.

    By using wild guesses about the options (none, base truck) you are about 'even' at owning $8,200 on a 2004 truck (with no problems). With a bad head gasket, it isn't worth that much. Remember, no matter how a dealer writes the numbers up on a different truck, you ARE going to pay this $8,200. You will just be buried even further in the next truck.

    Overall - good luck to you on whatever you decide to do.
  • 1994 Ranger with 4.0 V-6 Cold starts are no problem, but when truck is warmed up,then shut off for 10 or 15 min. it starts fine but idles rough. It will clear up with revving. Feels like vapor lock. My Mechanic thought it may be a stuck injector, but checked them and says they are fine. It has new wires-plugs. Cleaned fuel injectors, new pcv valve, new fuel filter. Mechanic put it on CPU, found no fault codes. Any ideas on this one?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    ??? Idle Control Valve ???
  • no your ranger should be able to run e 85 my 99 can, jsut look if theres a little green leaf on the back of the tailgate, about it being slugish, well i never ran e 85 but i know that ethanol has less energy in it then gasoline per gallon so that could be the reason
  • I just replaced the head gaskets on my 2.9 because I pulled and checked the lifters. The entire gasket set and new bolts cost around 150 Canadian. They can be changed in a morning.
  • doug40doug40 Posts: 1
    need to replace it
    I have gotten so many replies for used engines
    the problem is getting the right engine
    it says cal emissions w/o EGR
    is this the same as low emissons w/o EGR?
    thank you
  • I have been driving my daughters Ranger. I put in 10 gallons of gas and have driven 70 miles for a total of 7 miles per gallon. I would also like to know how to get better gas mileage for this truck.
  • noballznoballz Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 ranger 2.5L engine that i am looking to do some performace upgrades to mostly just to get better gass mileage, is there any place to get a header for it because i cant find any place that has one for this engine
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    It's a truck, it isn't going to get good milage.

    You already have the 4 cylinder, that's about as good as it's going to get.
  • dryefusdryefus Posts: 1

    Was your problem the throttle position sensor? A friend has a similar problem with a 1999 Ranger. Except it ALWAYS chokes out. He cannot get the engine over 1500 rpms. One interesting symptom is when the throttle is released it will rev for a moment before returning to idle.
  • I have a '98 2.3L stick. When it idles, the AC compressor clicks on and off every 2-3 seconds. When it clicks on, the RPMs dip down so much I'm a little afraid its gonna die. It stops doing it when I rev the engine above about 2000 RPMs or when I turn the vent dial on the climate control to OFF. Also, the A/C doesn't get nearly as cold as it used to. I checked the refrigerant level and it's got plenty.
    Am I gonna need a whole new compressor?
    Please tell me this is an easy fix. :sick:
  • jonnylawjonnylaw Posts: 1
    I have a 93 ranger 5 speed (4x4) , just put a new 3.0 short block in a week ago, but every other day I have a power problem, seems i lack power going down the road. Still drives very nice for a newer lower end motor, but picks up the pony's well only after 3rd gear. Just wounder if the injectors could be bad or??!! any help would be great
  • flychukerflychuker Posts: 3
    I have a 98 Ranger 4.0L V6. The starter cranks but the engine won't start. After checking the starter, battery, fuel pump, and fuses, we checked the coil pack. We had no spark from the coil pack and replaced it with new one. Still got no spark from the new coil pack. A friend suggests that it might be a relay switch. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what it could be and what I should check next?

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