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2010 Hyundai Veracruz



  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    I agree with the assessment from your test drive. I did have the chance to really hit the accelerator hard, and I thought the acceleration was excellent - - powerful, very smooth. I liked the fact that it was a lot quieter than the CX-9 while still having plenty of get up and go.

    I promise to let you know as soon as I actually have the vehicle. I'm sure all the little pros and cons will come out then. It's so easy to overlook stuff (for me) on a test drive . . .like how is it really when you go to park it in a small parking lot? Or do the groceries actually fit behind that third seat? Or does your back ache after an hour behind the wheel?

    Stay tuned!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Please report on your buying experience in the new Hyundai Veracruz: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion. And congrats on the new Veracruz!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I drove the Veracruz and came back very impressed. This is easily one of the best mid-to-large crossovers in the segment. The ride was absolutely fantastic, and the powerful 3.8L V6, mated with the 6 speed, it had no problem making it up steep hills. The biggest surprise to me was the quietness of the cabin during operation, even during high revs. The exterior looked striking, while the elegant interior made the driving experience even more enjoyable. I would recommend this car to anyone in the market, and would go as far as taking this over the RX, and bank at least the ten grand differences. ;)
  • rossdmrossdm Posts: 51
    I just stopped in at my local dealer. Was driving by and spotted a new VC on the lot. I took a peek inside it for a few minutes. I was disappointed that there is almost NO cargo room with the third row up. I was wondering if the 6.5 cu.ft. quoted in the specs was a mistake, but after looking at it first hand, it looks like it is not a mistake. Bummer. That may rule out the VC for me. We don't use the third row often, but when we do, we would like to be able to put a medium-size cooler and some folding chairs behind the third row. No can do in the VC. The space back there is smaller than in our Pilot, which is the minimum I will consider (probably). Also the sloping hatch really cuts out headroom in the 3rd seat. The Pilot may not look as stylish, but it's got more useable back-end space.

    I'll probably test drive the VC soon anyway, but I was hoping it was bigger in back.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The third row has two recline settings. When the seat is at the back setting, head room is a little small, but when it is more upright, headroom is not a problem. I'm 6'3" and I fit in there with no problem on the first settings. My head touched a little on the second. 6.5 cu ft is a mistake. By measuring it out, I came up with 11 cu ft, which is still small. The Pilot has 16 cu ft., but the Veracruz has more legroom in every single row than the Pilot (2.1" in front, 1" in the middle, 1.3" in the rear). That's a total of 4.4" total legroom. If that were used as storage space instead of legroom and if it had less tumblehome in the rear, the Veracruz would probably have over 20 cu ft of space behind the 3rd row. For my taste, the did the right thing. I've been in the 3rd row of a Pilot, and I'm never going back. You can't make me! :P
  • rossdmrossdm Posts: 51
    Right. It depends on what you want to use the space for. When we have more than 5 people, at least two are kids (in the 3rd row). So I would rather have the extra cargo space behind the third seat and do with less legroom. I'm never in the third seat (thank goodness). But I'll have to look closer. In my brief look it didn't look like you could get a medium-size Igloo cooler back there. But I could be wrong. I'll withhold final judgement until I can spend more time looking at it.

    Otherwise, the VC looked like a winner!

  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I was a little disappointed in the storage, but I often am carrying alot of adults. When we go out with my friends, we like to carpool. People over 6' tall fit easily in the 3rd row of the Veracuz. I only need 7-seats occasionally so the Veracruz is perfect for me. I don't need a really heavy duty people hauler like the Acadia/Outlook/Enclave, even though I wasn't all that impressed with them.
  • mrtiredmrtired Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I have been following the Veracruz for a long time. I think it's a beautiful car. There is a new video review in korean in youtube. It was posted recently. I don't think I'm allowed to post the link but if you just type in Hyundai Veracruz you will see it. It's a 2 part review and it shows the storage space in the back with the 3rd row up and it also shows how much room is in the third row. Hope the video helps some of you guys.
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    It bothers me somewhat. The sales told me I must stick w/ the route they chose for insurance reason. So, I was unable to test it up/down hill and winding local roads.

    It's ok for my CX-9 test drive.

    Is it a normal thing for a test drive? Living in NJ.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    No, it's not normal. It's bunk. I would steer clear of that dealer if I were you.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Almost every dealer I've been to in my area does this. Maybe I'm just too young. :) When my dad test drove his last new purchase, they let him have it for the weekend.

    I didn't have any hills on my dealer's route, but there was interstate travel and lots of sharp turns. I thought acceleration was more than adequate. Given that the CX-9 is similar in weight and horsepower/torque and that they use a very, very similar transmission by Aisin, hill climbing experiences shouldn't be all that dissimilar. I would actually think the extra 8 lbs of torque would make it a bit better.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Well, it's a good scam if they can get away with it. They are obviously trying to avoid driving conditions that might uncover deficiencies in the car.

    I have a test route I like to take in my area. Almost every dealer is fine with my using that route, and in fact some sales reps actually encourage me to take that roune, as it includes some rather lumpy backroads. I drove a Lancer the other day, and the sales rep urged me to floor it on that road to see what it would do. Those are the kinds of sales reps, and dealers, I prefer to give my business to.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I actually liked the route the Hyundai dealer took me. There really aren't any hills around, but we did go on and off freeway ramps and down poorly paved roads. At the Mazda dealership, I thought the route sucked. It was way too short and didn't provide a good feeling of what the vehicle was capable of.

    I'm 26 years old, and many dealers don't take you as seriously when looking at $30k plus vehicles, especially when you aren't buying right away.
  • wheelie1wheelie1 Posts: 21
    "I just stopped in at my local dealer. Was driving by and spotted a new VC on the lot. I took a peek inside it for a few minutes. I was disappointed that there is almost NO cargo room with the third row up."

    I just got back from peeking inside a lone VC SE I spotted on a dealer lot. I agree with rossdm's comment about the lack of space in the rear which is a bit disappointing. It's that *%@ sloping hatch. The 3rd row seats were down so I expected more space, but it was not very big. Since I was driving down a road with every dealership you can imagine, I decided to stop at the Mazda dealer to look closely at the CX-9 for comparison which is shorter and also tight behind the 2nd and 3rd how (all the dealerships were closed). Parked nearby was a Volvo XC-70. The room in the rear lengthwise was comparable as was the new Audi Q7 parked next door. Even though the width and depth are similar, the Audi and Volvo looked more roomy and I think that's because both have hatches that are less sloped. I wish I had time to run over to compare the VC to the Lexus which Hyundai designers were unashamedly inspired by.

    I was also surprised that the VC was not dramatically larger than the Santa Fe. What is nice is that the vent area in the front bumper is not nearly as large as it appears in pictures. The seating was cloth which was nothing special. I like the styline of the CX-9's interior, but I can't really compare until I see a VC limited.

    Another 3-5 inches and less dramatic sloping would have been more ideal. I know CUVs are not meant to be compared with minivans, so I was prepared for that, but I was still underwhelmed. However, I still think it combines the best value compared to the other new CUV's. I'm looking forward to test driving. I'm going to wait until all the hoopla dies down (as well as the price).
  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    I test drove the VC and I loved it. It has more than enough power. Plenty of room. One person said they were unimpressed with the room inside. Well, unless you want your CUV to look like an Envoy or something with a trailer, I think that you probably won't find a better ride than this one. Of course we ALL want room, but we don't want to look like we are driving an 18-wheeler. Really, if you need that much room, that's ok, but don't expect to have all the room in the world AND pay only 26K for it.
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    I agree with you - - this is all about trade-offs. I just bought the Veracruz. My priorities were a safe, all wheel drive vehicle that isn't impossible to maneuver and park. I wanted flexibility in terms of what I am able to carry - people or groceries or something bigger if necessary. What I didn't expect is to be able to carry all those things at the same time.

    I have an older model (1999)Dodge Durango now which is definitely bigger, but you know what? I still can't carry 7 people AND a ton of anything else. It's not big enough. But it is big enough to be a pain to park and maneuver. Plus it drives like a truck which I'm a bit sick of.

    I think if you want the ability to handle lots of people and cargo too - - you need to think mini van or very large SUV. And you definitely need to think more $$$. Way more. Of the crossovers, the Acadia probably can hold the most because it is built more like an SUV. It's also considerably higher priced.

    I came down to the CX-9 versus the Veracruz. The CX-9 is considerably longer. It does allow you to move the second row into three different positions which let's you carry people more comfortably, but the Veracruz has two which is pretty good. But there's no way either one of them or any other crossover that I've seen is going to carry a whole heckuva a lot in the back with the third seat up. The Pilot was one of the best in that regard that I looked at, but it was horrible for an adult to sit in the back row.

    The only thing I'm disappointed with on the Veracruz is that I wanted roof rails and the base model doesn't include them. To upgrade, I'd have had to spend another $3k to get what I was getting in the base model plus the roof rails. Yes, I would have gotten some other stuff too - - but stuff I didn't care about or value. So I've decided not to go there. If I need the roof (which I think I only used 2x with the Durango), I'll get an aftermarket roof rack for a few hundred bucks.
  • teacher3teacher3 Posts: 1
    Did I understand that you purchased an AWD VC? We were told that in our 9 state area no AWD models were available at this time and we are looking at waiting until at least May for one to be available.
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    I guess "purchased" might be a strong word. I put a deposit down on it and am waiting for it to come in. They didn't have a very good estimate on how long it would take to become available - - seemed to think it would be 4-8 weeks which at the longest point would bring me into early May.

    My apologies if I made it sound like they were available this instant.

    I will say though that I am 90% sure that the model I test drove was an AWD . . .so that is available for purchase now. I live in Rochester, NY - - not sure if that is anywhere near where you live, but most vehicles up here are sold with AWD.
  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    I agree with you. I don't want to spend an extra 3K to get the one little thing I want. With me, I like the fog lights. I guess that's what they are called. The GLS doesn't have it but the SE does. I don't care about the roof rails. I've never used it but I like it cause it looks good, but for 3K? I don't know. Personally I don't care about leather or heated seats or power seats. My seat will stay wherever I leave it so the power won't do me any good. I like the backup warning but how often will I use it? All these frills just take more money away for stuff most people probably don't use.

    Does anyone know if the limited has keyless start? (Not keyless entry, but keyless start). I heard that it did but I'm getting conflicting info
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36
    I believe that IF you buy the Limited edition of the Veracruz (highest level of trim) AND if you add one of the options packages to it (both of which are pricey) - - that there is keyless start. It's hard to say because they call it "Proximity key with immobilizer". Since keyless start is standard, I am assuming that this proximity key is a fancy word for keyless start.

    I know what you mean about the fog lights. They were the only other reason I'd consider the upgrade to the SE since they can't really be added after the fact. But I'm just too conservative with $$$ so I'm going to live without and hope I can see!!

  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The "proximity key with immobilizer" is keyless start. Instead of a place to insert a key, there is just a knob to turn. You just sit down with the keys in your pocket or purse and turn the knob. It works that way for keyless entry as well. There is a little button on the door handle. You just walk up with the keys in your pocket or purse and press the button. The package adds $3k because they bundled it with the entertainment system, surround sound, integrated memory system, rain sensing wipers, etc.
  • palmerdpalmerd Posts: 24
    All I want is the GLS with fog lights and a keyless start. Then I will be happy. But that won't happen. I'm not going to pay for the limited and then add that option. I might as well save more $ and buy an Acura MDX. I don't want to buy a GLS for 26K and end up at 32K plus tax, title and tag and walk out paying 35K. I would not be happy with that.
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    I forgot to look at whether the bumper on the GLS was setup to easily accept foglights. You could easily have an aftermarket remote start system to any vehicle with an automatic transmission. It might require you to carry around an extra key fob though.

    An MDX would run you atleast $7-8k more for the same options. That's alot of saving. :)
  • csmabcsmab Posts: 9
    Here is a positive review that I found on Car& Driver. It mentions that there is an aux input for an Ipod. I have not be able to verify this in any of the factory information. I have check one out at the dealer but never looked for the input since I didn't think one existed. Do anyone here know it truely has one. It sounds like the one that was reviewed by Car & Driver did. ited.html

  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    It's a dealer installed option. They can put it wherever you want. The article makes it sound like it's there on every model.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    5 stars all around: 7/0004554927&EDATE=

    Beginning in September 2007, government star ratings will be listed on the window stickers of new vehicles.
  • hvcownerhvcowner Posts: 36

    I've already ordered my Veracruz (they are saying 1-2 weeks more). I'd really like to have that aux iPod jack - - do you think this is only available on the higher end sound system that comes with the Limited or do you think it can be added to even the base system? I want one!
  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    No one seems sure if that really is a dealer installed option or how Car and Driver acquired it. I know for a fact that there is an RF kit available at the dealer. The kit in question is totally different though. Maybe you're dealer would know better or atleast know where to ask. :confuse:
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I would e-mail Car & Driver and aks them about it! I am sure they would share whatever they know.
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    On a windy day, I test drove both VC and a '05 MDX on the same route with hw and a winding local road.

    VC was a bit more wind-sensitive, body roll was noticable.
    Sitting behind its steering wheel, MDX is a more confident vehicle based on these,
    - steering wheel is heavier, it's JUST RIGHT. Has more feedback, vs. VC's artificial feeling.
    - engine/torque & transmission are more in a concert, very precise and predictable (I can't find any other words better describe them). therefore, handling is more positive and "fun to drive."
    - VC's trans has a slight delay in some situation during low-speed hill-climbing.
    - VC 2nd shift is very brief, meaning after a hesitation into 2nd from 1st, it shifted to 3rd right away. Although smooth and jolt-free w/o jumping, the driver gets nervous.
    - I got an impression that VC's turn signal lever is borrowed from Accent or a cheap Chevy.

    Both had no problem in highway passing and lane changes.

    On the other hand, VC out-features MDX from 2nd row back.

    Handling and control means driving and safety to me, MDX tops VC in my list.
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