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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What other options are on the car, AWD w/PP MSRP is $41,985.
    You said it's quoted for MSRP 43,591.
  • Invoice is $40,094 - $5,000 + whatever you think can be had above invoice ($800?)
  • Hey, Scout:
    I assume your $34k is pre-TTL. My current quote for RX350, FWD, Premium Package, no nav, auto wipers (no heated seats), cargo mat, tow prep, 18" liquid graphite 7 spoke wheels, and wheel locks (MSRP $40,836) is $33,236 pre-TTL. With TTL, doc fee, etc. costs $36,379 (tax here is 9.25%). Dealer is in Knoxville, TN. Still plan to shop this around, as I have 14+ dealers within 200 miles of me.
  • sunkadsunkad Posts: 2
    Dear Folks

    Bought a 2008 (previously owned) RX350 AWD (20K miles since the vehicle was originally bought in 2007) with the following features (Color Millennium Silver)
    1) Premium plus package
    2) Navigation system with Blue Tooth
    3) Rear Camera
    4) Towing prep package
    5) Moon Roof

    The prices was $29750 plus TTL. I bought it at Stevinson Lexus in Colorado. I think it is a good deal but wanted to see what others are getting


  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    Bridgewater in New Jersey.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    The quote is pre-tax.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    I believe no matter which dealer you visit, you could offer at least 9K off for the 2009 RX350 AWD with premium plus non-Nav package. I receive two dealers quote at the similar price.

    You might ask for more than 10K for Nav package. I am assuming 12K-14K off for the 400h. Most Lexus have plenty of RX in stock. Lexus is not making any 2009 RX350.

    This is the best time to purchase the RX350. If you intend to keep your vehicle for couple of years, remember to add 2009 RX350 on your list.

    Good luck!
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    "I believe no matter which dealer you visit..."

    Hope you are correct. The $5000 highlander rebate was regional and the best deals were in the southeast area. Here in Louisiana the rebate was $2000. (on the 08's)
    If we can get $9000 off msrp on 09 rx350 we may switch from a highlander search
    to a lexus search. Dealer here has 48 rx350's in stock and last week was willing
    to sell at invoice.
  • I just purchased an 09 RX350 (premium plus, nav, bluetooth, backup camera, wheel locks, exact mats) with MSRP of 44,800 for 35,800 + TTL in Houston.
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    Please, please tell me where you are getting the 9K off MSRP. Here in Charlotte, NC and in the NC area, it's nothing close. Maybe only 6k off and the dealer is laughing at me when I tell them what others are getting. I'm willing to have the car shipped to me if that means saving a few thousand dollars. Thanks!
  • I am in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Which dealer would be offering the best deal on RX 350 with Nav. What price should I be expecting + TTL
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    The Lexus manufacturer rebate is $5000, that means your local dealer is trying to earn as much money as they could. You can check Lexus website, request price quote from at least 4 to 5 dealers. Remember, use internet to communicate with dealers. You will see the difference.

    Check build one trim that you like. There is a TMV pricing report. Bring that report to the dealer. My example tells me 8K below MSRP.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    Ask several dealers to quote there price through internet. You could let them know you also deal with other dealers. You might be surprised by their response. This promotion won't end until 2/2/2009. Lexus dealer are trying to push their car out the door. New 2010 RX350 will hit dealer sometime in February, 2009. They need space to bring in new model.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    The vehicle has premium plus with additional options in our area,
    Additional Options:
    -HH Two-level heated front seats (includes rain-sensing intermittent windshield wipers and headlamp washers)
    -FV Seven-spoke, 18-in aluminum alloy wheels with Liquid Graphite finish (235/55VR18 tires and full-size spare)
    -TO Towing Prep Package
    Plus Delivery, Processing & Handling Fee - $825 in our area
    -WL Wheel lock
    -GN Cargo net.
  • ce5288ce5288 Posts: 17
    Hi terry79,

    Lexus only offer 2.5K rebate last week. This is a brand new ball game now, cause Lexus offer 5K cash to dealer started 1/8/09 on RX350 AWD.
    Check on the new car Incentives & Rebates.
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    Will began to test the waters tomorrow. Gonna shoot for a PP with heated seats
    and auto wipers, msrp $41200. Will drive it away for $32200 plus TTL.
  • texdextexdex Posts: 4
    Could you please tell me the name of the dealer in Houston ?
  • blclawblclaw Posts: 7
    Looking for RX 350 in south florida. Offered $1K below invoice less $5K marketing support money (so $6K below invoice) plus TTL. No positive response yet. Any suggestions on where I could get this deal.

  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    Good luck, if you find a dealer that will do that please post. I just got off the phone with Lexus of Greenville in SC and the sales person was a condescending jerk. I've done my research and know what other dealers are selling the rx's out there for and they speak to me like I'm an idiot, especially the very southern men. I am a woman and maybe that is what makes these southern men feel like they can talk down to me and no, I don't think all southern men are in this catagory. Funny how I spoke to a sales person from Miami and they were not like this at all, very helpful and want to sell me a car.

    I apologize for venting, my experience so far with the Lexus dealerships in the Carolinas has not been good. Any suggestioons of good dealerships in and around the Carolinas would be helpful.
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    Since this rebate just started it may take awhile for the better deals to find there
    way here. Would be suspect of any posters with great deals but not telling which
    dealership. I sent offer this morning for $9000 below msrp on 41250 car but no response yet and don't expect one since the economy here(baton rouge) is still
    good. Good luck.
  • blclawblclaw Posts: 7
    no problem with the venting. we are all going throught the same thing. They are car salesman - enough said!

    Who did you deal with in Miami?
  • blclawblclaw Posts: 7
    thanks - economy here is suffering but does not seem to matter at lexus dealers. Good luck to you.
  • I am also looking for a 2009 RX350 AWD with Premium Plus package with Navigation. Does anyone here has a good deal from Boston Mass?
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    I dealt with JM Lexus. I contacted and they gave me this wonderful deal on the phone, almost too good to be true. Fleetrate said the car would come from Miami since I live in NC so I figured it was a large Lexus dealership. Low and behold, JM is the largest Lexus dealership, supposedly, in the country.

    I called and spoke to the internet sales person and they did tell me that they do business with Fleetrate and that it is a legitimate busines but they in turn quoted me a better price on the same vehicle. They would rather sell me the car direct vs throught fleetrate.

    I thought I'd be able to get a decent deal closer to home but as you have read, have not been able to. I am not quite ready to purchase yet as I have a couple more payments left on my lease but I am close and am doing research. It looks like I will be going back to JM Lexus as they are so easy to deal with and are willing to give a good deal.
  • blclawblclaw Posts: 7
    I am dealing with JM. They are closest to my house. It is a very large operation. Why don't you get quote from them and see if local dealer will match? That works sometimes.

    How much below invoice are they quoting you at JM? They are now about $3K below. I told them I wanted them to pass whole $5K in marketing support on to me and sell at $5K below invoice. Sales manager claimed they would make no money, which is a flat out lie, of course. But that is what car dealers do, right?

    If you can wait, 2010's are supposed to be completely different and coming out soon. I read Feb but I can't believe that. But I would believe spring.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm from NYC and just got a quote from the dealer about the 09 AWD with navi with premium plus pkg for 37.5k and all the same plus rear entertainment for 38.4k. i have been talk to the guy for like 3 months already and he said the 5k incentive he can only do 4k with their cost and stuff... no idea why. but this is what i got. good deal?

    Thank you.
  • I am in Houston also and I would like to know the name of the dealership that gave $9,000 of MSRP. I had no luck at North Houston Lexus, but that was last month. I am still in the market.
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    3K below invoice sounds like a good deal. I think the 9K below is going to be hard to come by. Those that live in a more metropolitan area, I think, has a better chance at negotiating a better and lower deal. We only have 1 dealership in Charlotte where as there are many in the NY/NJ area and even in the Miami area. You see all the time where California gets great deals.
  • Where is the dealer in Louisiana,
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