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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mpw215mpw215 Posts: 4
    hi all, so i started my search last week for a awd, premium plus w/ navi 2009 rx. the best offer i got was in nj - 39,500 out the door (including ttl). what do you think about this offer?

    i also heard there's a g/c for 750 on ebay that was given to people for test drives
  • what's the total before TTL?

    also, what's "g/c"?
  • mpw215mpw215 Posts: 4
    ttl - tax tags license

    g/c - gift certificate (ebay - lexus gift certificate - don'tknow if it'll work though)

    btw the msrp price of my potential deal is 46,241
  • yunyayunya Posts: 6
    What's the price before TTL?

    You should ask the dealer about the certificate to see if they will accept it.
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to all who responded to my question and apologies for the slow response. I am probably going to make a trip to the dealership this weekend to see if I can nail down that 5K below invoice price. I've been doing some more research and interestingly, I've gotten varying invoice prices from several websites. With the same set of option, Edmunds has an invoice price of around 37,200, while other websites show $38,100. It's a noticeable difference and both invoice prices include an $825 destination charge. I think the higher $38,100 invoice price might include some fees that are specific to the Chicago area (like advertising fees), but if anyone could help speculate as to why there's a $900 difference, that would be helpful. Honestly, I'm still a little skeptical about this deal because it does seem to be the best price I've seen so far - once I get closer to finalizing things and actually getting those keys in my hand, I'd be happy to report back and email you guys dealership info/salesperson info, etc.

  • Doing some research and was able to figure out the following:
    Most car companies include their holdback in their invoice price of the car. For some reason (money!) all of the Lexus dealers I spoke with add the 2% holdback to the invoice price. They don't/can't give that money up.

    Also, there are specifically equipped vehicles in certain regions so I found add-ins for wheel locks. cargo mat, etc. More $$ for them but standard for the area. I probably wouldn't order that way but I'm fine with those things in there. So I would first make sure you know the exact MSRP and make sure it matches the Edmund's MSRP. Then I would get the exact invoice with those options on Edmunds and try adding in 2% for the holdback and see if you get close to their number.

    I don't like it but that appears to be the way it is. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Hope that helps!

  • dcjhdcjh Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. Just wanted to thank you all for the help. I bought my FWD RX 350 last night with FV, wheel locks, Premium pckge and Cargo mat. MRSP is 40,551. Invoice is 36,885. I negotiated 31,500. The internet sales person was nice, made it a easy process.
    For those insterested, email me privately and I'll give you the dealer and the name of the person who helped me (Fleet).
  • bbslinbbslin Posts: 4
    Could I get the information of the dealer and the name of the person who helped you?

  • dcjhdcjh Posts: 2
    email me at and I'll pass the info.
  • Anyone have inside info as to what incentive they'll offer in February? I'm debating whether to just get one now or wait til next month to get it.
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    >> Just wanted to thank you all for the help. I bought my FWD RX 350 last night with FV >>

    What is FV?
  • Hi everyone: I got a quote of $33,000 plus tax and fees for a Lexus RX350 AWD with Premuin package. What do you think?
  • shrew boston what dealership did you use
  • yunyayunya Posts: 6
    Thanks for all of the information on this board. Here's the deal I got for a 2009 RX350 FWD with Nav, Premium Package, and Wheel Locks/Cargo Mat.

    MSRP: $44,026

    Price: $33,900 (before TTL)

    Dealer was very easy to deal with.

    Good luck to everyone still shopping around.
  • Hi, i need an advice plz. i live in NY. I got offered RX AWD with Nav. The MSRP according to the dealer is 46500. He is willing to give it to me for 37500 before any fees(Black on black which is what i want). I couldnt get it lower than this. Do you think this is a good deal? or should i ask him to throw in a couple extra things?
  • I too am looking for a 2009 RX AWD in NY. The dealers here are tough! I don't understand why they seem to quote higher and higher. They currently have a 5k manufacturer to dealer cash back deal. And the 2010's are due in March and at that point the 2009 are going to crash in price. Plus no one is buying! I am being bombarded everyday with phone calls and emails from dealers of cars that I was looking at before I settled on the RX350.

    I want an RX without Nav and the cheapest I got quoted was 33400 (also had no HID) which is almost what the guy paid for in SF for the RX350 with NAV! I know it may be considered quite silly but I've decided to hire a car concierge service. I'm so tired of dealing with car salespeople. I will let you know what price he is able to get for me. I should know by Tuesday.
  • yunya: that is a great price I think, may i know where did you get the deal?
  • jkny516: I want a rx350 without Nav too, the cheapest i got so far is 33,000 + tax and fees. I have a feeling that dealers have more rx350 with Nav in stock and that's why they are better value now. I am thinking: if the rx350 with nva is not that much more expensive, naybe i will just get one with it...
  • I purchased for $33,890 +TTL, not the cheapest in the country but the wife is happy. This was for the 2009 AWD RX premium plus no navi. MSRP is $43,591.

    This was one of the best prices in the Phila area and closest to my house, most dealerships could not beat it. A few said they could match it or beat it, but they would not talk price unless I came in. I went to one of those dealerships an hour away and they didn't come close and they told me I should go buy the car from my original dealership.

    I wanted her to wait, but she didn't want to take the chance with the color selection.
  • That's a FWD. You won't find any FWD in the northeast part of the country.
  • coolmom:One of the dealers I spoke to told me that, in the North East the RX350's predominantly fall into 2 packages. 1) Premium Package only which makes the MSRP $43591 and 2) Premium Package plus Nav which makes the MSRP $46241. I had a different dealer call the car I wanted the 43591.

    When I spoke to the dealers in my area, as soon as I said no to Nav they all said that there was almost none left. Most of the 2009 RX350's left over in the NE seem to have Nav preinstalled in addition to the Premium Package.

    I spoke to my car concierge service today and he indicated that if the price was low that I should consider getting a car with Nav but I told him that I didn't want it. Most of the people I know with Lexus Navigations find them to be unreliable and not very good at getting you from point A to point B. I would prefer buying a new Garmin and making sure that I don't get lost.

    Have you tried dealers out of state? Before I decided upon using a car concierge service I contemplated contacting Lexus dealers in more financially pressed states. Dealers in certain states such as Florida, Michigan and IL seem to be more flexible when it comes to price. (even on this forum!) Also I'm pretty sure that cost of delivery if they charge cannot be that much. My cousin shipped his car to Asia from NYC, it was only $1500. Which if you are able to get the deal like that person on this forum from SF who closed on a Premium plus Nav car for 33k makes it more than worth it to deliver from out of state. At least it would be if you were in an area like NY where the same car is going for 37K plus!!
  • Or coolmom perhaps you and I should both move to SF. I think both dcjh and yunya have gotten really awesome deals for their cars and are both located in SF? If I could get a non nav car for around the same price I would totally have bought already but its been pretty impossible.
  • I can't believe you guys want the FWD over the AWD?

    The deals in SF were for FWD. In the Northeast you should only be able to find AWD. If you plan on staying in the NE, your resale value will be hurt when you try to sell or trade a FWD RX in this part of the country.

    Also, in Philla area most of the RX avail are without Navi, the $43,591. Couple of the dealerships that had Navi, their Navis were all demos. I've only talked to two dealerships that had brand new Navi. One only had two vehicles in breakwater blue, the other had a few but told me his price was pretty high bc he knows he is the only dealership with a good selection.
  • yunyayunya Posts: 6
    Same kind of deals were available for the AWD ($10K off MSRP), but I chose to get the FWD since there isn't much use for AWD around here.

    Dealer was Stevens Creek in San Jose.
  • From my local dealership when i asked about the ebay gift certificate:

    "It appears it can not. Lexus only accepts the certificate that has been pre-printed. They will only reimburse the dealer if the name matches the list from which they comprised. "
  • Carsdirect is having a sale to the end of jan on lexus RX my friend could get a quote for a FWD RX for 30,900.00.

    Try the LA zipcode 90045. should be the cheapest in California. may be you can price match.

    The pebble beach edition RX 350 AWD, Nav, Laser Cruise, Rear ent, Heated front and rear seats, peium leather seats and much more around 39 k.

    check it out
    good luck
  • mpw215mpw215 Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    I just wanted to share my buying experience:

    After going back and forth w/ a bunch of dealers in NJ/NY (I live in NJ) I finally purchased the Rx 350 today in Pennsylvania - Wilkes-Barre Motorworld.

    2009, AWD, Silver ext, black int. premium plus package, Navigation . . . and XM satellite for . . . $36,100 before TTL.
    MSRP was $46,241 + the XM satellite. I'm definitely satisfied.

    They also gave me a great finance rate (beating my credit union at work) and took care of all the out of state registration, licensing, etc.

    I was fortunate that the dealer threw in the XM as an incentive to go with them. I was dealing w/ a couple NJ dealerships and received the run around. I called these guys in PA, and it went quite smoothly and stress-free. The salesman was great. Message me if you want his name.

    Thanks again to everyone for their help . . . especially yunya!

    Good luck all!
  • Thanks for the tips on this forum.

    Got the following as the best from among the 4 dealerships in the Denver area.

    New 2009 RX-350 AWD
    Premium Pkg + Heated Seats + Alloy Wheels + mat/tow-prep/wheel-lock
    No Navi

    Base + Options + Destination = $42,776 (as on Edmunds)
    Price paid (including Dealer handling) = $33,800 + TTL

    Kuni Lexus, Littleton, Colorado

    No pressure sales, price verbally quoted by phone was $33,900, it was honored plus an additional $100 discount for closing the sale today.
  • Sorry for the late reply. I was off line for the last couple of days, enjoying my new RX350 :) So far I am completely satsified, so are my wife and the kids.

    The dealer is Ira Lexus in Danvers MA.
  • Hello all, I would like to share with you the deal I got in SF bay area today.


    MSRP: $46,131

    Price: $35,621 (before TTL)

    Thank to the information I collect from the board, the negotiation process was very simple. As some mentioned before, one trick is to mention that you have an out of state offer and you ask them to match.

    Good luck!
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