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Ford Ranger Starting Problems



  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Did you read the message just before yours?

    Check the relay/s.
  • 94problems94problems Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    i have a 1994 ranger 3.0 standard cab, automatic tranny..... i have changed the starter, solenoid, the fuel pump, fuel pump relay, plugs, plug wires, the battery, and it still has intermittinent starting problems. like today it just started right up and i moved the truck forward to hook up the flatbed and when i went to restart the truck... nothing. any advice would be helpful, im stumped on what else there is to possibly replace
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Check both battery cables. Corrosion inside the insulation.
  • fordgirl77fordgirl77 Posts: 15
    Have you tried the switching the relays around? It is in the fuse box under the hood on the driver side. Try that then let me know.
  • your on the right track,I've seen this problem at so many sites, i know the temporary fix, took me for ever to search the web and finally found the real fix, it made sense knowing the temp fix, if you open the hood and pound on the relay box your truck will start, sometimes it will shake lose with just shutting the hood hard, but about the time you rely on that you get in your truck and it wont start so i just hit it hard on top on the black box behind the battery, starts every time, i found a post that said it was the voltage relay which makes sense since there is a moving part in a relay i believe, i am going to get one tomorrow, i have a feeling it will fix the problem. i have been dealing with this for five years now, i have very little faith in any fix, seeing as sometimes it goes 6 months without happening, then do it every other day.
  • the sixth month period that it started every time was after i replaced the fuel relay, there are three relays in that box i am going to replace the other 2 tomorrow since i know pounding on the box or even rarely having to pull on the wires underneath the relay box works, i have never been stranded in five years of dealing with this, if the replacing of the three relays does'nt work (which is a cheap fix) i guess it's just a faulty relay box. I have notice if it doesnt start on the first turn over not to try at all, it is so reliable every other time it starts so easily i love my truck, but when it wont start i open the hood pound that box hard and it starts up ever time.
  • fordgirl77fordgirl77 Posts: 15
    I would say that probably is true about the faulty relay box. But mine usually only does it when it's hot outside or I have been driving awhile. Then I switch the fuel pump relay with the ac relay then it starts right up. Sometimes mine can just sit in the heat & not be started all day & won't start. If it doesn't start the first time I just switch the relays around & then it starts up but idles weird, then after about 15 min it clears up. In my opinion they should have had a recall. I love my truck even though I bought it 3 months ago, but I had a 95 & hated to give it up. This problem is the only reson the seller got rid of it. He put brand new coil packs, starter, all plugs & wires & he didn't know what it was. But he said after it cooled down it would start just fine. After I got it & it did it the first time on me, my mechanical instinct kicked in & that's exactly what I did was change the relays around & it started right up.
  • fordgirl77fordgirl77 Posts: 15
  • peequaapeequaa Posts: 1
    I have a1998 Ranger XLT bought new,I now have 84000 miles on it,4cyl. automatic trans.I left the ignition switch in the on position (truck not running} dumb I know,but that's what I did.It was on for about 2 or3 hours..When I tried to start it it wouldn't even attempt to start.Tried to jump start,but nothing.Took battery to get checked,it showed good.I've worked on a few older cars in my day, but with all the electronic items in there now,I'm lost. I would appreciate some suggestions.Thanx
  • olwelolwel Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    1993 Ford Ranger with a 2.3 it spins over but no fire changed crank sensor icm module an still no fire
    could it be the bran , icm module has a good ground it has fule pressure just no fire,checked all wires with ohm meter no shorts
  • My name is Dave Palmer & I own 1994 Ford Ranger.

    With a 4 cyl in it & I had the same prob with it starting that Ya'lll R having. And I found it 2 B the Module's ground. The Mod looked ok & didn't give any code into the computer. But I pulled the Mod off & checked the back & it was all caroded. I cleaned all of it off & cleaned the three mounting holes because they were also full of crud. Then I replaced the insulating jelly & reinstalled it & have had no problems since. I checked every idea from this sight first. Then went to a friend who owns & runs a repair shop here in North Adams Ma. He has a Computer Program He pays for that he types in a problem & it runs many different sens & it gives every option to try before you spend hundereds of dollers & spend hours looking. It's a real time saver. But if any of Ya'll want 2 try this idea of the Mod B my guest I've done it on 2 other Ranges & it's worked well. So good luck
  • amystrongamystrong Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT. I have been having problems for the last couple of years with it not starting. The engine doesn't turn over at all when keyed. I replaced the starter twice, which proved to be only a temporary fix. I also bought a new relay, and most times when it had trouble starting, simply pulling the relay would allow the truck to start. At this point, that is no longer working. I know that there has to be a bigger problem. I have considered replacing the entire relay box, but I am not sure if it will be a real solution. Any advice would be helpful.
  • chevymaechevymae Posts: 1
    After the truck ran for a while an i shut it off it would take hours to get it running again. This went on for weeks and now it wont start at all, im getting no spark. The coils fine and ive replaced the distributor. Ive been told to replace the crankshaft sensor but it doesnt have one, also to check the fuel relay but this has nothin to do with spark. Any advice
  • matchbookmatchbook Posts: 1
    got in my 98 ranger last night and it no longer starts. when i turn the key it makes a loud clicking sound, but no engine noise at all. figured it was the battery or alternator, but the lights and everything else work just fine. what could this be?
  • code3dudecode3dude Posts: 2
    I have a 94 ford ranger 2.3 liter, just put a new fuel pump, filter, rebuilt the engine so every thing is new, new crank sensor, ecu, and ignition control module. it cranks, wants to fire but wont start, any suggestions?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Check for corroded cables. Poke around, it might be under the insulation near the ends.
  • code3dudecode3dude Posts: 2
    I put in some injectors from a truck i bought for parts, it started right up after that, it ran all day yesterday, then it stopped running and now when i want to start it, it just backfires like a friggin 12 gauge shotgun
  • 1993 ranger only starts by pumping pedal 5 time while turning key,have to let warm up,when pushing in clutch runs very rough.after a few mins it's ok.after turning off,it takes several times to get started again.has to cool down. HAS NEW FUEL ASSY..NEW PLUGS AND WIRES,NEW ROTER UNDER DIST.CAP,TSP VALVE,AIR CONTROL VALVE,FUEL FILTER......
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Wild guesses - A leaking injector/s lets one/more cylinders fill up with gas after a shutdown.

    -Leaking fuel pressure regulator lets vacumn line fill up with gas after shutdown and this causes hard starting.
  • i have an '89 ford ranger 4 cylinder, with 8 spark plugs, it looks like the crank sensor has been replaced and the module before the coils has been replaced. both of the coils are good but only one side gets spark. all of the fuses are good. i was wondering where i should look for a bad ground? and where the "E.E.C." sensor or something like that is located? please help me out. thank you.
  • there is an ecc relay in the fuse box under the hood,your fuel relay is also in the same box.
  • New battery. Turn key to start, hear a click from dashboard and thats it nothing else happen. If you turn key to run or start, depress clutch, and short starter solenoid engines cranks away but never starts. If I remove the starter relay from the distribution center and jumper the relay the engine cranks. I know what you think it's the relay, no I tested the relay it's good. Anyone ever run into this before? please help. Oh also replaced ignition switch and I have 0.1 ohms from all body and motor grounds to neg. post.
  • Hey fordgirl, I have the exact same problem...really frustrating because it always seems to happen when i need to be somewhere. Anyways, did you replace a particular relay or do you just change them around when the starting problem occurs? If you could please let me know if you found a proper fix, thanks!
  • I have a 1992 ranger, battery was recently replaced, however, when I go to start the truck, the relay engages, but the starter doesn't crank over. I have tapped the starter, checked all the connections, its all good. Should I just replace the starter motor?
  • some how you are still getting the start signa tothe starter
  • baseballdawgbaseballdawg Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    My son was driving his ranger at about 50 MPH when it just quit and left him at the side of the road. I checked the fuse box relays under the hood and none were (fuel) blown. Now the truck won't start. The truck has the large V6 engine with about 140,000 miles (2 wheel drive).
  • hello. so did you find out what the problem was on your truck?? i have 2 ford rangers that are doing it as well i bought anew fuel pump and it worked just fine and kept switching out the fuel pump after fuel pump so its not the pump its something else that has to deal with the fuel.. so yeah i still have problems with my trucks for the past 2 months and really getting feed up with it.. ughhh have you fixed yours?? :mad:
  • i think many of the problems listed on the ford truck is the ecc relay. seems it gets sticky after a few years. i have replaced both the ecc relay and the fuel relay and have had no problems since, someone suggested it is actually the relay box but again since ive replaced these two relays ive had no problems, autozone had no record of the ecc relay but the fuel relay works fine so i just bought 2 fuel relays.
    before i knew this, when it did stick a simple hard bump on the relay box allowed the truck to start.
  • Try a new ignition control modue, had same problem
  • 95 ranger sometimes won't start. Cranks over real fast when it occurs. Use starting fluid several times and that sometimes gets it running, could be just a coincidence. Sits for a short while and it will start. Changed fuel filter and fuel pressure measures 35 lbs. Could it be the crank sensor?
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