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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Brake Problems



  • rich107rich107 Posts: 4
    2007 4 w/d v-8 15,000 miles ...novenber will be 3 years..the front brakes are squelling...i took of the tire to look at it....the inside of the rotar is wearing down...
    i just want to know if it should be covered by the waranty........thanks
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Brakes are considered consumable parts and are not covered under warranty unless you can demonstrate that the wear factor was not normal and caused by a defective part.
  • rich107rich107 Posts: 4
    yes...i understand they are a wearing part...but 15,000 miles?.....the inside of the left rotor is wearing about 1/16 of a inch...i conten that the rotor is bad or the shoes were bad...defected from the factory.....
    your coments please.....thank you
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Most car dealers, GM in particular, have trained their service people, manager included to deny this type of claim under warranty. They will do almost anything including stretching the truth to deny the warranty claim.

    That being the case, you may want to take it in and get their take on it. If not satisfied you could take it to another dealer under a warranty claim. Note however, that the record of denial of warranty may follow you as most will input it into the GM database.

    If the brake didn't release properly and remained in contact with the rotor with enough pressure to cause premature wear of the pads and rotor you will have a repairable warranty claim. You will need to be persistent, but not obnoxius, in showing the evidence by comparing the opposite side rotor as evidence of premature wear.

    Good luck!
  • dran1dran1 Posts: 1
    i have never had one stay on but myself and several people i know have had the "block" under the bed where taillights plug into go bad that's probably it good luck Darren
  • I just did this yesterday.. I was able to undo the frame clamp on the rear section of brake line and pry the line just above the tank to get a wrench on the union. to work on it I had to cram myself between the exhaust pipe and the drive shaft to see above the tank. Once I go in there I was able to remove that piece of brake line from the union to the bracket above the axle. mine rusted out, fab a new one and slip it in from the back.
  • kerryjkerryj Posts: 2
    Hi folks, I have a 2006 Sierra that has a problem I see described in a number of posts. ABS seems to be kicking in at very low speeds. This started at about 80,000 miles. (has 88,000 now). I have described the problem to 2 different dealers and both said they have never heard of the problem. After reading all these posts, I find that hard to believe. I am not really interested in disconnecting the ABS. I just want to fix it. Will cleaning the sensors actually fix this? If so, has anyone done this and how difficult is it. I'm not a professional mechanic, but I do know my way around a vehicle and do most of my own work. I considered changing the entire hub (I'm told the sensor rings are housed there) but they are $515 each.
    Thanks in advance.
  • fauxjoefauxjoe Posts: 1
    Hi There - I just started having the same exact problem with my '06 Sierra and the peddle seems to get more "spongie" with the ABS kicking in at inappropriate times (i.e. very slow speeds and when the wheel turns at slow speeds...into parking spots, etc.). I will bring to a shop to get diagnosed this weekend and post when that's done. Please keep me posted w/ any info you might find. Thanks!!
  • this might shed some light on the subject of diagnosis..I found this helpful when I was looking for..more detailed system understanding/support:

    February 14, 2006
    Owners of General Motors trucks and SUVs in 30 states not covered by the GM regional recall continue to struggle with malfunctioning anti-lock brakes. Owners in the 20 states and the District of Columbia covered by the recall are struggling with GM dealers reluctant to fix the brakes as part of the recall.

    Read more: 3Z6

    OTHER good sources..

  • an other site of good information(if you get dumped on by the dealer)
  • ctchevyctchevy Posts: 1
    Have a 2003 4WD SIlverado and have just been initiated to the "brake problem." I am replacing all brake lines with polyarmour and SS russell hose. I am not sure how to replace the flexible braided line located between the master cylinder and the first junction. Is this section replaceable with an aftermarket or do I have to buy the overpriced dealer OEM lines (about $100). Thanks for any help.
  • kerryjkerryj Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. I learned something yesterday as well. My son in law just had his 04 Colorado in the shop for the same problem except his ABS light was coming on below 30 mph. My light isnt coming on. I know, you would think him and I would compare truck problems, but both of us have had so many issues we dont even mention them anymore. His has really been a lemon. Anyway, the dealer replaced the drivers side hub under warranty (?) and it fixed the problem. Apparently there was a recall on his that he was unaware of. And this is one of the dealers who told me they had never heard of the problem. I am going to visit them next week and I will post my findings. I'll probably end up replacing the hub myself if I can determine which one is acting up. Thanks also for the links posted. I will check them out.
  • rogyrogy Posts: 2
    after i had my original rotors and pads replaced, when I apply my brakes at speeds over 45 and more my brakes pulsate and this never happened with the original rotors and pads.I had premium parts put on.I also went back and had the front rotors replaced and it is still pulsating when I apply the brakes. if you have some advice, kindly reply at have a great day
  • rogyrogy Posts: 2
    Thank you for the info, I will certainly try this and have a great day Rogy
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    .I had premium parts put on.I also went back and had the front rotors replaced and it is still pulsating when I apply the brakes.

    So the mechanic replaced the premium parts with more premium parts?

    One wonders what exactly qualifies as premium parts. Also who performed the break in procedure for the brakes?
  • This could be due to many factors the most usual ones are the fact that the back calipers may not be applying all the required stopping pressure, thus the front rotors are now warped. This is what happened to me and how I landed on this forum:

    I have replaced the rear & front rotors, brake pads, and most importantly my rear calipers with aftermarket SSBC three piston. I have also replaced the brake hoses with Russell braided hose kit.

    My one question is how long before the brakes started pulsing, and was it within a day of the new brakes being put on the truck or that moment you drove out of the garage?

    If the rotors are warped it will pulsate, if the rotors are warping a few miles into the drive, that could indicate that the back brakes are not assisting the stopping..
    thus the front calipers and brakes are the only mechanics stopping the vehicle, and over a few stops the brakes are warping/by overheating, and in the summer months the ambient air will not cool the rotors very much increasing the heat retained in the metal.

    You could have a damaged ABS controller, or master cylinder, these are less common and not very typical. The GM issues with brakes have been the brake lines rusting out and the rear calipers being just junk, please see my other posts for those items. Search for “ttaupier”
  • Check this post out as well,

    #46 of 162Re: 2001 Silverado 1500 Brake Pulsation [1offroader] by sweetlb
  • i have had the same problem. it only happens when i go slow like you described. i almost hit a car at a gas station. it scared the living day lights out of me. did you end up gettin the problem fixed and/or what was it
  • My brake warning light is on very dim even when the truck is not running and the key is removed, any idea why or what I can check. Only have 22000 miles on it. :confuse:
  • 04 silverado 5.8 22000 miles on it and the brake warning light stays on even when the vehicle motor is off. Seems to do this when it is damp outside. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • I had the same problem and went through numerous shoes and drums before realizing that there are left/right shoes and that previous shops not only had the shoes installed on the wrong side, but the shoes installed backwards. The brakes were also not adjusted properly and too tight. This created too much brake dust which is what caused the erratic, sudden braking.
  • I've got the exact same problem on my 03 Sierra! Sorry I dont have any feed back for you. Some body out there must have an answer to this problem!
  • My parking brake lamp remains dimly lit even after the ignition key is removed. I have a 03 Sierra 1500 ext cab. Any ideas??
  • I am pretty sure I know where your problem lies, I had identical symptoms. Dealer replaced wheel speed sensors, still had the problem.
    Dealer replaced master cylinder, still had the problem.
    Two days after the master cylinder replacement, the truck told me what the problem was, it began to growl in the front end. Wheel bearing was shot....way shot. Prior to that day there was no noise whatsoever, but when I picked the front end off the ground, the left front wheel tipped a couple degrees, at least.
    So, all along the wheel bearing was progressively worsening, as a result the wheel speed sensor was being lied to. It is simply a prox. switch, and sometimes it couldn't see what it was looking for, due to play in the bearings.
    I changed the bearing assembly myself, mainly because it was a Sunday morning, and on Monday forced the dealer to refund my money for the previous uneeded repairs.
    That was three months ago, and brakes have been fine since.
    By the way, the wheel bearing assembly, $150.00 or so, comes with a new wheel speed sensor.
    Hope all this makes sense, and helps.
    Good Luck!
  • Just how many times does a specific part have to fail prematurely in order to be a problem that the manufacturer should fix?
    I mean, this is only one site of many and there are 18 pages of the same or similar problems with brakes on chevy trucks.
    I live in Tennessee, but my used truck came from NY. I could not tell the rust to just stop even though it is not in a northern state any longer.
    I have had three brake line failures in less than a year on my '99 silverado. I have an '88 truck with no brake problems at all and the lines are not rusted.

    And one more thing.
    I think all Chevy truck/suv/whatever owners should go out right now and crawl under their vehicle and take a look at the brake lines. You may be unpleasantly surprised.
    The bad thing about this problem is that the brakes may work fine until need in an emergency situation where hard braking is required. Then the weak rusted lines will not hold the added pressure and the line will fail leaving you with minimal braking or none at all.
  • I put new brakes and just changed 2 master cylinders blead breaks several times and still when I stop at a stop sign the peddle slowly goes to the floor, There are no leaks anywhere, Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong?
  • Yesterday, my 2005 silverado started making this weird roaring sound when braking. It ONLY happens when I am breaking and doesnt cause the car to jolt or shake. It sounds just like a plain is flying over, its a low rumble or roar that could be grinding too. Oddly enough, I cannot hear it outside the vehicle with the window rolled down and i can only hear it from inside. It only happens when i brake really slowly and am breaking at a slow speed. Quick breaking or slow breaking at high speeds doesn't cause the sound. It only happens when driving slowly and braking slowly. Its has 72,000 miles on it, has always been serviced well, and it was just inspected and it passed just 3 days ago (tx). Anyone have any ideas?
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