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Honda Civic 2006-2007 Issues



  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    And a bad wheel bearing is typically going to give you lots of advance notice before it "falls off". It will make lots noise.
  • Hey guys--I've noticed 2 things with my civic sedan 06 and I'm not sure if they are problems or normal:

    First thing is, often if my car goes over a bump (sometimes even a really slight unnoticeable bump) while I'm breaking, the break pedal vibrates massively and the breaking doesn't seem to work as well. The dealer said that it's just the antilock brakes kicking in but on no other car has this ever happened for me.

    The other thing (and this gets very annoying) if I get stuck in the left lane behind someone turning for example and I decide to go around them on the right, I hit the gas (not too hard) from a nearly stopped position/very low speed to merge into the traffic of the right lane and often there is a delay in response from when I hit the gas to when the car actually starts moving...this happens other times when I'm already going at a decent speed as well but most noticeably when trying to do a quick acceleration.

    What do you gys think? Thanks!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Correct assessment on the anti-lock brakes. You may need strut replacement if the shock isn't able to keep the front tire from bouncing.
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    The throttle lag is a common thing - it's just the way the drive-by-wire throttle is set up. Nothting to be done about it other then adjust your driving habits to live with it.

    I hear from other people that it's not just Honda, nor just civics, that have this throttle lag when accelerating from a coasting situtation (low or high speed coasting) - other car's DBW system also exhibit this behaviour.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Re throttle lag: I noticed that right away. When making a left turn and starting up a slight incline, if I'm not accelerating through the turn then I get that. I've learned to keep my foot on the gas a bit as I start into the turn if possible. Otherwise I just accept it's going to happen and I don't get weird about it. There's only one spot where it happens on a regular basis.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Tell me about it. I too have discovered this car does not have the standing still/slow moving to acceleration my 2002 Civic had. Don't get yourself into a situation where you have to get out of the way fast, that's for sure.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    I know where to find my Vin #. Darn it! I've tried twice from two different messsages to load these vin #s and neither time will the writing come up. All I get when I try to print the page is a blank page. It must be something to do with the Mac. If I send my Vin would someone check to see if it's there? I'm fairly sure the Owner's Link is right, but I'm worried about driving if it's not.
  • I am so disgusted. I bought my 07 Civic in May and have had some of the problems listed here already. (sunvisors replaced, AC blowing hot air - wire was not connected during assembly)and now know what I have to look forward to.
    My AC warms up when I'm idling......I miss the auto-off headlights from my old Camry's......
    I love the car itself. I switched to Japanese cars about 10 years ago because I was tired of US lack of quality. My old Camrys were great.
    The problems we are facing now are because Honda is no longer 100% Japanese. SAD!
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    I got so fed up with my car, I traded for a 07 subaru impreza wagon.

    I had a 05 of the same car and loved it till some girl creamed it, at which time I traded after repaired for the 06 LX sedan I had.

    The impreza's are still assembled in Japan and the fit and finish is excellent and reliability is top notch.

    I liked my 06 civic but I was tired of all the problems I had and problems that lied in the future.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    This is really too bad. I love my 07 civic too and can only hope that all of the problems people are having were figured out before mine was built last October. I didn't get it until the end of May and have "only" had the one thing with the power steering leak. Maybe everything like what others are complaining about were corrected between Oct. and May. Got my fingers crossed. I want to keep this one.
  • We too have a Civic that isn't what I thought it would be (problems) however I attribute that to the fact that although the Honda name equals quality in many (most?) peoples minds Honda itself now has slacked off maybe due to overproduction? or simply Honda corporate has decided that past reputation (the Honda "H") will carry the day. You cannot continue a reputation for quality when people begin to question the lack thereof.
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154
    Regardless of myself knowing that I got a first year redesign, I did not expect the AMOUNT of problems that I had.

    I can understand a few here an there but I had the mount replaced, belt replaced, bump stops (were suppose to be replaced but I traded before I took it in), front seat fabric completely came undone from seat, a small oil leak near right rear of valve cover, an undiagnosed crack in front end when turning and rolling slowly, etc.

    I really did love the car other than the problems but I thought to myself "what happens after the warranty is up and major problems happen". I do about 20K a year so my warranty was going to be up sooner than later.

    The space, shape and design of the car was great and long trips were a breeze but at the end of the day, the track record with my car was not good enough to warrant keeping at 16K.

    I hope everyone else has better luck with their cars in the future.
  • re: recall
    i had my car inspected last saturday and according to the dealer there's nothing wrong with it. great! so far, my si is the best car i've ever had.
  • Here is a letter I sent off to Honda Canada for issues I have been having.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I would like to put in a formal complaint in regard to the newly redesigned 2006 Civic. This is our 5th Civic we have owned since 1999. In the past we have owned a 1999 Si coupe, 2002 Si Veloz coupe, 2004 SE sedan and 2005 Si sedan. We have had nothing but pleasure when it came to these cars. However, things changed when we purchased our 2006 Civic.

    We bought our 2006 Civic EX sedan from Honda Red Deer Sales in June of 2006 thinking that we bought another safe and reliable Honda. We received our first snowfall in October of 2006, I packed up the family and headed into town which was a 14 km drive on the highway. As soon as we hit the highway (speed limit was 100 km/hr) I knew there was something wrong, the back end of the car was fishtailing all over the road and felt very “loose”, I was only traveling 60km per hour, other drivers were passing me like I was parked. If I was to go any faster I felt as though the car was going to fly into the ditch. I seriously contemplated turning the car around and making the trip into town the following day after the road was a little clearer, but decided to tough it out. So we traveled the 14 km into town and back home again, all the while traveling at 60 km per hour. Upon arriving back home I decided to jump into my other car (1998 Neon) to make sure that it was not the car that had the issue but the road was really that bad. To my disappointment I discovered that I had absolutely no problem traveling in excess of 100 km/hr! In short, I now refer to our 2006 Civic as a “death trap”!!

    During the months of November 2006 to February 2007 we put approximately 3,000 km on the Civic, as it was essentially parked. We only drove the car when we absolutely had to.

    Immediately after the above events transpired I approached Honda Red Deer Sales service department with my concerns which I voiced to Pete (service manager at the time). He stated at this point that this was the first they had ever heard of it. He and I took the car for a drive and he proceeded to tell me that the car should have new tires, I was shocked to hear this, as the car only had about 8,000 km on it. As you can see by my history, I have owned 4 Civic’s and never once did I have to replace tires for winter driving, as all are equipped with all season tires. I again voiced my concern that there is a suspension issue with the car, not a tire issue. The back end of the car seems to be too light to maintain adequate traction on less then perfect driving conditions, this included strong cross winds. In March of 2007 we had the car in for service at which point we had the tires balanced, as the back end of the car had a vicious vibration, the balancing made it much better. Approximately three months ago we took the car into the service department, as the back end of the car started to vibrate again. Again they balanced the tires, again the car was better, my wife discussed this issue with Rick, he assured us that a recall will be issued in the next 60 days, to date we still have not heard anything on this. He also mentioned at this time that the tires were wearing unevenly but were still safe. He said that he contacted Honda Canada to discuss this tire issue and told us that they would replace the tires if we flipped 40% of the bill. I am not sure why we should have to pay for tires that had 23,000 km on them at the time that are wearing unevenly due to a suspension issue!! He also stated that there was no guarantee that the new tires would not develop the same problem as the existing tires, thus we decided to wait until the recall was issued. In the middle of August 2007 we went on our annual vacation to Radium, BC which is a 4 ½ hour drive from our home, the car was not too bad on the way there however on the way home again it developed a vicious vibration which is still there today. We still have not received any kind of acceptable resolution on our issue and are not holding our breath that anything will be resolved. We are tired of being misinformed by the staff at Honda Red Deer Sales. I have lost count of the number of different stories we have received from Management and the Service Writers. No one seems to know what is going on and if there will ever be a fix for this problem.

    I have been doing a “little” research on the suspension/tire issue and have discovered some interesting bits of information. I know that Coca-Cola runs 3 2006 Civic’s and have had nothing but problems when it comes to keeping tires on these cars. I have two coworkers that have both owned Civic’s both of which were purchased in the Summer of 2006, since they purchased the cars one co-worker parks his all winter and the other coworker has sold it due to the same issue, unsafe winter driving.

    In addition to the above, just today in fact, another coworker had a $500 deposit down on a new Civic from Honda Red Deer Sales. He approached me to ask me how I liked mine, so I told him the whole history of our problem. Needless to say, he immediately called up the sales person and told him he was no longer interested in the Civic.

    Due to the above events, I ended up buying a 2000 Camry CE back in November 2006, this is now our primary vehicle and a very impressive car at that! In fact so impressive that we are currently dealing with Red Deer Toyota on the purchase of a 2008 Camry SE for myself and a 2008 Corolla S for my wife. I will be trading off my 2000 Camry and the “death trap” on these two cars.

    In closing, I would like to add that I have already contacted Honda Canada in regard to the above issues back in March of this year but did not hear back from anyone, this is a very disrespectful way to treat to a former loyal Honda owner.


    Scott J. Gilchrist
  • The ABS on the Civic is definitely touchy over uneven pavement. I think it's operating correctly however. For me, my previous car was full-size and definitely didn't 'hop' as much.

    Keep in mind the gas pedal is electronic. This should mean FASTER response than the traditional mechanical cable, but for some reason it does have some low-speed lag.
  • See my other post!!
  • How does your Civic handle in the snow?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Today's News & Observer has an article on Recalls.

    1. Honda is recalling 182,756 Civics to fix a wheel-bearing seal that might leak and cause the wheel to fall off. The recall covers 2006 and 2007 model-year Civic sedans and coupes. The affected models were manufactured March 24,2005 thru Feb 8,2007. Honda said it will notify owners by mail and replace damaged parts for free.

    2.) Honda also is recalling 19,904 of its 2006 model-year Civic sedans and hybrids to repair a brake-light switch that might fail. Honda said it will notify owners beginning Sept 27.

    Owners may contact Honda at 800-999-1009
  • Hello,

    Does anyone have a copy of the TSB for:

    Engine - Rattle From R/H Vehicle Front On Bumps

    I have this problem and the dealer dont know hot to fix it.

  • Ask your dealer to check service bulletin #06-060, I believe it was issued earlier this year. Honda sends all dealers service information so they have it. Once they find it it will clearly tell them which serial number cars are involved..the symptoms..the part numbers for the repair kit or parts...and exactly how to go about making the fix. It is all there for them if they care to check.
  • Targettuning,

    I live outside the US (Dominican Republic) and here the dealer is the worst of the worst. I also have the wind noise issue and they said that it is a feature of the new design.

    Imagine what I'm suffering.

  • I will concede that what I am about to say may not be correct but I think that Honda issues service bulletins for dealers located "anywhere" their cars are sold and serviced. Where was your car built? If you have the window sticker that was originally on the car the final assembly location is noted. U.S. cars for instance are either built in Ohio or in Canada. The service bulletin I spoke of has been issued for cars built in both Ohio and Canada. Yours may, or may not, be subject to it. It sounds as though your dealer will be a problem (in addition to the real problem)and if that is the case Honda has a hotline phone # to call in order to present problems that the dealer is unable/unwilling to address. It should be in your owner information packet.
  • I am looking at a 2006 Civic EX coupe to buy for my daughter, it has 40,000 miles and was made in the fall of 2005. Can someone tell me about the problem areas on the car? I have read about cars pulling to the right, sunvisors breaking, struts leaking and the wheel bearing recall.

    Can someone tell me other recalls, TSB's and problem areas?Also what is the car worth? Thanks for the information.
  • I can..our 2006 EX sedan was one of the first built in Ohio and made (and purchased) in the fall of 2005. I don't have the list of Honda service bulletin numbers that address various problems in front of me but I can give you the general problem and its fix.
    1.) although an official service bulletin was never issued for this re-occuring problem with their supplier Honda has shock (rear) and strut(front)problems. Ours leaked very early (less than 4,000 miles for the left rear and much less for the right rear)and were replaced under warranty.
    2.) There was a "noise" that was called the "lug bug" problem here on this site. If you search for that you will find volumes of posts about it. It was finally fixed (for many but not all) as a result of a service bulletin issued a year later (from the time we purchased our car). We had this was fixed.
    3.) There was a problem with a cracked plastic elbow in the power steering line and this caused leaks of P.S.fluid.
    Ours did not have this.
    4.) there was a rather involved service bulletin that addressed engine oil leaks from one (or more) of eight (8) I believe, supposed oil sealing bolts in various locations around the engine. This one was very involved and required partial disassembly of the engine accessory components in order to reach those leaking bolts and replace them. Around 8 hr of labor was alloted for this. Fortunately ours did not have this either.
    5.) there was a "engine immobilizer" module problem that did not allow the engine to be started.
    6.)There is a recent one (#06-060) that fixes a right front noise that sounds like it from the suspension but isn't. Hitting bumps with the right front at certain lower speeds produces this noise. The fix is replacing an upper engine mount. This supposedly fixed it but some say "not so". I have this problem but cannot get it fixed because the Honda tech "cannot duplicate the noise" The fix is pending until I can convince Honda I have the problem.
    7.) there is another suspension noise (a pop) that occurs when the wheels are turned full or near full lock (as entering a crossroad at 90 degrees). This one involves replacing some bumper stop in the front strut on one side or the other. I also have this one also but I have not looked into fixing it yet.
    8.)There is yet another that adresses a problem with the AC blowing hot air (before returning to blowing cold air) on acceleration from a dead stop.
    Additionally there are at least three recalls which are more serious, in general, than the above.
    A.) the first was early in the fall of 2005 and involved an accelerator pedal that may not have been attached properly at the floor. A visual inspection was required.
    B.) more recently a brake lamp switch could have been contaminated by excess grease dropping from somewhere above it. If that happens the car cannot be driven because it cannot be taken out of park (automatic transmission).
    C.) Potentially the worst of all. Certain Canadian built cars (identified by the number "2" prefix in the SN) have been improperly assembled (the ABS sensor and wheel bearing assy.) allowing water to enter rear wheel bearings potentially causing the possibility of one (or both I presume) rear wheel to fall off.
    Additionally, there are other service bulletins issued during the gen.8 (2006-07-08) Civics life cycle that I cannot recall at this time. There are other issues such as the sun visors as you note that have not been officially addressed but fixed on a one-on -one basis.
    Finally, although there may not be any official recognition from Honda about this problem (although I have heard rumblings about poor seat upholstry) our front driver seat cloth upholstry is wearing out and it started @ less than 10K miles. The car currently has 10,5XX miles and I already have to replace the front seat cover. After this our first Honda product I am not happy with the so-called Honda quality. Good luck!!
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    Terrypm1, unless you're buying this car from a Honda dealer and it's certified, I wouldn't touch it for my daughter. Or for anyone in my family. If it's certified you can be fairly sure things have been taken care of. If not, forget it. Just my opinion after reading everything that's gone wrong with the 2006. My father always said, never buy a used car from a dealer that doesn't sell that brand.
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    My car was built the end of Oct., 2006 in Canada, but I've heard nothing about the wheel bearing recall. When I go into my account at Owner Link it says my car has no recalls on it. Can I trust this? Do they know exactly the ID numbers they're looking for?
  • drmbbdrmbb Posts: 80
    Yes, I'd trust ownerslink. They do know exactly what range of VINs are affected (it was posted here awhile back). And, not every car within the range(s) of VINs will be affected, but may be affected, so those owners will be getting the notice to have the wheels checked.

    I believe by law, they must mail (ie. postal mail) you a written notice of any safety recall if your vehicle is potentially affected.
  • Can you trust Owner Link? I wouldn't, it may not be totally updated. But in answer to your question: yes, they (Honda) know what serial number cars are involved. There is a list of affected SN's on a copy of the actual recall. In any case if you feel safe enough driving the car for a while Honda will send you a recall notice if your car is involved. If it were me (fortunately our car isn't involved) I wouldn't wait for " no stinkin recall notice" but would visit or call the service dept of my dealer to have them check...nobody can say which cars may have the wheel fall off or when and I'd rather it wasn't mine!!!
  • kathyc1kathyc1 Posts: 138
    I took your advice and called the dealer. First thing they asked is did I buy the car there. I don't think that should matter. Then she said yes, my car is on the list. So I'm going in first thing Monday A.M. That scares me a bit though because it's over 50 miles away.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    This does work eventhough others will say it doesn't. My car wasn't involved in the latest recall just as owner link said. just for my peace of mind, i called Honda and as I suspected...owner link was correct. Am very impressed so far with this site as Honda seems to be doing an excellent job of keeping it current.
    Of course, this is only "my personal opinion" as are all the other posts in this forum. Only you can decided what to or what not to believe. Good luck!

    A Very Happy 2006 Civic Owner.........The Sandman :) :)
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