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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • oregoneoregone Posts: 11
    Black Nissan Versa SL (manual, of course, because I don't know how to drive an automatic) with floor mats and convenience package: $16,016 after fees, dmv, registration, etc.
    Oddly enough, when I picked it up today they had their white base model prominently displayed on one of those little rotater thingies. They put some fancy rims on it and the sticker price says $17,795! That's almost a $4000 mark-up!
    I've put a total of 55 miles on it, and so far I think it's great. I'm really impressed with the keyless entry, and how you can just press that little button to make the door unlock as long as you have your "key" in your pocket.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Sounds like you got a deal. MSRP is 15,905. I don't know what the tax rate is in Oregon, but TTL must be at least $800-1000. Enjoy.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,085
    Very good and congrats, so what do you think of the convenience package ?

    P.S. regarding the base versa with the aftermarket wheels and mark up yes, everydealer does that...
  • smiling2smiling2 Posts: 12
    Just buy a 2006 Honda Accord LX SE for 18200.00 and all your problems will be solved as this car gets 32 mpg.

    Why in the world would you buy a versa, they are junk and they are making the suppy tight so you will pay MSRP and cave in.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Posts: 150
    There's no sales tax in Oregon. I'm not sure about the current rates but when Ibought my last new car in 2006, the State tegistation fee was $26 a year. All I ha to pay on top of the negotiated price was $128 for tags for four years.
    Whats that I hear? Californians crying? :)
  • wulfgarwulfgar Posts: 38
    Thank you for that stunning assessment of what WE ought to buy.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Tha accord looks nice, but it's not a hatch. Plus it starts at 18,200. You couldn't put enough option on a Versa to make it cost that.

    The car is not junk and NISSAN is not limiting supply, it's just a brand new model. The cars are on the way.

    You must be stupid if you think a manufacturer would limit supply to manipulate prices, they don't benefit from that. the only way you make more money on Versa is to make more Versa. DUH.

  • djindjin Posts: 5
    It seems like Honda is doing that with the Fit though. What type of manufacturer sends out a shipment in early July and then doesn't send another one again until mid September? Especially to a metroplex as big as DFW.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Supply chain issues are supply chain issues. Not Macheivellian manipulative strategies. That's all.

  • Can anyone help me in figuring out what other people are paying for 2006 Mazda Tribute S.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,085
    first try going to the Mazda section not the Nissan section.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,442
    Hi, Yvette0179...

    You can find the Mazda Tribute Prices Paid discussion here:

    Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute/Mercury Mariner: Prices Paid & Buying Experience



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • redacrredacr Posts: 24
    Not quite.
    Having a shorter supply is advantageous.
    Look at the xbobx 360 fiasco. Limited supply tends to drive up demand. Result? People clamoring for 360's 6-9 months after release.
    Same goes for cars. Building more small cars does not equate to more profit, as small cars tend to be net losers for many car companies, who depend on higher end cars/suv's for huge profits.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Disagree. Nissan actually makes more proffit on more vehicles. This was Ford's discovery and has been an immutable law of manufacturing since the model T. Volume drives down cost.

    But you are right about margins on the larger vehicles. Also a reason why Versa might be in short supply.

    It's just ramping up now though, in time more will come, but supply is only half the equation.

  • rrajarraja Posts: 7

    When someone posts here "I paid $$$" does it reflects with or without tax+fees - out the door price?

    I am being quoted $16,205 ( not including tax+fees) for versa SL with automatic/CVT/floor mats. No package. Does convenience package is fllor mats?

    What price I should get as a good deal on this one. Again please help me understand the price, is it out of door or not.

    Thanks in advance,
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    What price I should get as a good deal on this one. Again please help me understand the price, is it out of door or not.

    Unless someone specifically says "OTD", I would assume the price of the vehicle they mention does not include tax, title, etc.

    It appears you are being quoted MSRP for the car. Checking, it appears you are not getting the convenience package; the floormats are a seperate $150 item.

    That said, I would maybe try to get a few hundred off the car. Maybe take the tack of trying for $16,500 out-the-door. That way you wouldn't have to worry about getting ripped off; you're still getting a few hundred under MSRP, which is about the most they're going to discount this car for. Then again, if you were fishing for a deal, you'd be better off taking one of the dealer's '06 Sentras off his hands.

    They may bump you to $17,000 OTD, which is still a good deal. Try to meet him in between at $16,750 first though. A lot of this depends on what your taxes are.
  • Hi, all-- My 1st post on this. And I don't want this to sound like I'm gloating, but: I'm fortunate to work for a company that is a supplier to Nissan. We, in turn, participate in the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program, which allows me to purchase my Fresh Powder (white) Versa SL CVT w/Conv Pkg., Sunroof Pkg., Audio Pkg., Sirius satellite radio and floor mats for 2.87% UNDER dealer's invoice. MSRP (incl. dest.) is $18105; dealer invoice is $17218. My purchase price is $16724. Being told it will arrive supposedly within about 2-3 months, which is fine with me, as I'm not in any rush. I had considered Scion xA, Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Accent SE and Volkswagen Rabbit. Being lucky enough to be able to use the Nissan VPP clinched the deal for me.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Man, sounds like you got the works. Most are paying MSRP or a little under. My SL with CVT/Convenience/mats cost 16,905 (fullMSRP). Plus I paid $430 for the dealer to install Sirius. You're getting everything for less than that. I got good trade allowance which made the deal acceptable for me.

    Some are being quoted over MSRP for this car, but I haven't heard of any suckers biting that hook yet.

    This car should be nice with a sunroof. I haven't seen one with sunroof yet. You'll have to post pics.

  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121

    The convenience package is $700 and includes Inteligent Key (you don't have to put the key in the ignition to open or stert the car) and Bluetooth wireless hands-free phone interface. I think that also comes with steering wheel audio controls.

    It's a nice package for the price. I love walking up to my LOCKED car, pressing one button near the door handle, getting in and driving off without having to reach in my pocket for a key.

  • mrgoshmrgosh Posts: 1
    after 2 weeks of steady reading all i could find about versa/tiida and fit/jazz and finally test driving both i have decided on Versa. the salesman at nissan dealership gave me prices for the 2 versa models but something just doesn't seem right. I am hoping some one with some expertise can give me some feed back. Versa 1.8 S VOP package (no anti lock brakes) price out the door is 21'257. Versa 1.8 SL CVT out the door 23'000. I am in northern ontario and this is only nissan dealership, have been told to go to toronto where more dealerships can play with prices and give me some perks that i see many people getting. any help, advise would be greatly appreciated.
  • rrajarraja Posts: 7
    o.k yesterday stopped at 2 dealers.

    Dealer 1: had 1 silver versa SL with no packages just floor mats. Mileage 255!. Was asking $16000. Little turned off by 255 mileage!.

    Dealer 2: None available but promised to get any SL withing 3 days from states around. SL with convenience package for $16905. Non-negotiation.

    Any suggestions....

    By the way did anyone noticed that the front doors are long and pointed sharp edge corner, while opening/closing there is chance to run into our leg?.

  • Personally I think the convenience package+ CVT is worth the extra $905, plus you should get a car with lower mileage. Just make sure if you go that route that in your contract you specify a car with less than x miles and it has to be on the lot within 3 days. Otherwise the dealer might screw with you and take a month to find a car that has 300 miles! This would give you the option to walk away with your deposit back if they scrrew up.

    Good luck.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,085
    I've had my Versa now for a month and I really do like it, everyday just proves to me that I made the right choice. The Convenice package has really spoiled me, the Inetlli-Key is SO NICE and the Bluetooth has REALLY spoiled me.. The CVT I think is what well come in all car in the next 10 yrs.

    Regarding Dealer #2, they well deal, go to the fleet department or Internet department of your dealer, there you well get a better deal.. All dealers have them, I paid 16,500 for mine the first week they were released, that was $500 less then MSRP. Once supply start meeting demand prices well go down. Untill then, dealer well try and play hard ball but they well buckle when push comes to shove..

    Regarding the pointed edge, the Versa has a 'edgy' design and I have never had a problem...

    Tony :shades:
  • rrajarraja Posts: 7
    This RRaja again...

    "For the silver versa SL with no packages just floor mats. Mileage 255, quote is $15,890. The tax $1039,License fee will be about $300 and document fee is $55. Thus total price = $17,285."

    Note that this car has 255 miles, no convenience package. Wonder what you think on this deal.

    I would prefer to have convenience package, low mileage but would if the price is a good deal...

    is 255 miles a bad deal..

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,085
    regarding the 255 miles, if its a big deal to YOU (since you are buying the car) then don't buy it... Regarding the Convenience package, I would HIGHLY recommond it to anyone who is lookin at the Versa SL, for $700 its a bargin...

    Tony :shades:
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Hold out for the convenience package. Try Tony's suggestion, but go online and search for dealers within x-miles (as far as you can afford to drive). Request quotes anf go with the one who has what you want and is the closest. I doubt you're going to get a deal like Tony's though. Seems like most people are being quoted/paying MSRP right now because supply is tight.

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,085
    Ben, as I have said all along, if people just go to a dealership and speak to the saleman on the floor they will NOT get the best deal, but if they call first and talk to someone in the fleet or internet department, they will get a much better deal.

    Tony :shades:
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    I bought my car from the "Internet Sales Manager", but I walked in off the street with no prior contact. I did call one other dealer 45 miles away and got him to quote me $100 off MSRP, but they didn't have an SL in stock yet. When I went back to buy later that afternoon, I was able to negotiate my trade from $500 up to $900 so in the end the deal netted out less than where we started.

    The dealer where I bought my Versa is a small dealer in a small city, which by the way, all the dealers in this city have a reputation for not negotiating. It's why we bought our Quest from the dealer 45miles away. But in this small dealership, the "internet Sales Manager" is just the youngest kid on the floor who knew a little more about computers and e-mail than all the other old geisers.

    I think the higher up you go on the food-chain the better you're going to be treated, so Tony's strategy probably has merrit. It just didn't yield anything in my case. And I think overall supply-and-demand economics are going to dictate the prices on this vehicle for now.

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,085
    Hey Ben, living in the 6th largest city in America I guess has merit it too. The dealer I deal with has a large staff in the "internet department" which works out well. We have 6 or 7 Nissan dealers here in Phoenix, so I guess that helps too.

    Tony :shades:
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A large local newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have traded or tried trading in their SUVs and have been shocked at the prices they are getting from dealerships. Please send an e-mail to no later than Friday, August 18, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information.

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