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New Mitsubishi Outlander Owners Give us your report



  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    I'd buy this car again in another heartbeat, but with the beige interior this time.

    I'd totally agree. Mine came with beige, and I love it.
  • polmcspolmcs Posts: 25
    I bought a 2WD XLS with nav, sound and premium at the weekend and my first impressions of the car are mostly good, though there are a few grouches too, but nothing that would make me regret the purchase.
    I chose the blue color, which the dealer didn't have on the lot, but said he could get it for me. I waited a few hours whilst he went and picked up the car and prepared it for me whilst I signed the paperwork. I was shocked when I went out to the car, because instead of blue, the car looked violet/purple to me. My wife also thought that the car was not blue and we agreed that neither of us liked the color at all, so we asked the dealer to switch it to the graphite color. They agreed to swap out the car, so we hung around for another few hours whilst they sourced the car and prepared that one for us. All in all, it took around 8 hours at the dealers, but that was partly our own fault.

    As for the car, we both love the looks of it from the outside. Not too minivan-ish!!! :) It drives very well and the power is reasonable (We had a Forester a few years back and it could definitely do with 2 more cylinders). The real bonus for us was the added space of an SUV without sacrificing too much on fuel economy. We hadn't considered an SUV as a replacement car, but I was intrigued with what I saw on the Outlander on a TV ad. My wife's car is a G35 coupe which though fun to drive, isn't very practical, so we needed a sensible second car. I had my heart set on a new G35 sedan, but the kicker on that model, was that the nav system required that the 6 disk CD player be located in the trunk and that looked like it would cause all sorts of issues with luggage space.

    I took it for a test drive and was impressed with the handling and response. The paddles were fun to use and definitely more useful than the ones on my then current Saab model. I did notice a little wind noise on the highway which I'm guessing was coming off the roof rails, but then again, the car comes with a 650W stereo to fix that problem ;) Other likes include the bluetooth with caller ID and the music server built into the Nav system

    As for gripes, no homelink, no memory seat(s), no telescoping steering wheel and no auto dimming rear view mirror, all which are pretty much standard on cars approaching $30K. Also in the negative column, is the fact that you can only record to the music server using a music CD. There is no option to copy existing MP3 files straight from CD to the HD. Ripping from CD, even at 4x speed takes 10-15 mins per CD. At 2500 songs, we're talking 40+ hrs here ! The G35 had a flashcard slot to assist with file transfer. Also, I couldn't find a quick way to pause/stop a CD, or the music server. Finally, the radio is a bit disappointing. Despite having Sirius built into the Nav system, the normal radio doesn't support RDS information. All you see in the frequency of the station and not the station name, track, artist, etc. I'm guessing they want to force you to a Sirius subscription if you want that, despite the fact that a number of radio stations do broadcast that information.

    On the whole, it's still so far so good
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Thanks for the review. :) I'd like to add my 2 cents on some points you mentioned.

    you can only record to the music server using a music CD. There is no option to copy existing MP3 files straight from CD to the HD.

    From the manual, this limitation seem to be a legal matter, rather than technical. To add to those legal limitations, MP3 files stored on the HDD can not be played on any other platform.

    Ripping from CD, even at 4x speed takes 10-15 mins per CD

    I believe this one is a technical issue. We know for a fact that MP3 compression requires some processing power. For a consumer product which does not have the power of a Core 2 Duo, I would say that speed is decent enough.

    I had this SUV for a week now, and I'm halfway the break-in period of 500 miles. So far, so good. I have yet to meet another 07 Outlander on the road near our area. So yes, it's always a smile when people start "checking out" the car at the stop light ;)
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Just got done reading these reviews, but I am yet to see the problem that I am having with my new 2007 G-Type Outlander (Japanese top model)that I bought a month ago. The front end was making a loud knocking noise when turning left or right from a stand still. Went back to the dealer and had the front bearings replaced two days ago. The noise has come back. The dealership told me that Mitsubishi is now designing a new bearing assembly. So I have to wait until it arrives. Anyone else have this problem?

  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I would think that chances are that you will find an answer to your problem on a Japanese forum rather than a North American one. The Japan had the Outlander for over a year now, while in NA it's been on sale for just over a month.
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Noted. However I'm just searching to see if this is a common problem among the 2007s. Considering that I bought mine just over a month ago.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    I see. How is the overall Outlander's reliability in Japan? You had more time to evaluate. Does the Outlander still outsell the RAV4 and CRV in Japan ?
  • polmcspolmcs Posts: 25
    From the manual, this limitation seem to be a legal matter, rather than technical.

    Just for grins, last night I took an album folder that had been ripped from a CD to MP3 format and used Windows Media Player to re-create an audio CD from the MP3 files. I then took the newly burned audio CD and put it into the Outlander. The player was quite happy to play and record the newly minted audio tracks. What really surprised me was that the player was able to identify and label the album and the track information!! Normally the player uses the disk ID string and compares that to the CDDB database on the HD. There is no way that the reconstituted audio CD would have the same ID as the original music CD, so the player must be using some other mechanism to retrieve the track information. I thought perhaps that it was using CD text and that WMP had extracted the MP3 tag information during the conversion from MP3 to an audio track and was using this for the CD text string, but placing the disk into the CD player on my home theatre system, which can read CD text, gave no indication that cd text strings were present on the disk. Playing the disk on a PC using WMP also shows the track/album info is unknown. That will have to remain a mystery for now!!

    The crux of the matter is that there is nothing to stop a user taking an MP3 track, converting it to an audio track and then having the music server rip the track back to digital music, so they aren't saving themselves from any legal issues by forcing users to rip from audio tracks. In my mind, it's more of a technical issue. I'm guessing that as the ripped music on the HD can't be played on other systems, the player isn't encoding the data in MP3 format at all and is using some propriety format, possibly to save them money on an MP3 license, or as legal protection from the music industry.

    It really is a pain to have to rip each CD from scratch again. I have roughly 22GB of music (all owned legally by myself) and I would have preferred to select 10GB worth that I wanted in the car, copied to CDs in MP3 format (the player wont read a DVD disk of MP3 data -that would have been sweet and too easy!) and have the player pull the music off the disks. That would have been so much quicker and I wouldn't have to worry about switching the engine off in the middle of an audio to digital rip.

    On a side issue regarding the note about the front end knock, twice now I've felt/heard a clunk coming from the front end as I've started to turn the wheel whilst reversing. At first I though maybe I had clipped something, but I'll pay more attention to it in future
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Good thing you did the MP3 to CD conversion, I was thinking of that too, but didn't have the time to do it yet. The way I see it, CDDB labeling has something to do with track duration and the exact tracks order, not much on CD Text/media ID etc.

    In my mind, it's more of a technical issue

    I would still maintain my opinion regarding this being a legal limitation because they even go further to "one time only" recording of tracks from the same CD media.

    On a side issue regarding the note about the front end knock, twice now I've felt/heard a clunk coming from the front end as I've started to turn the wheel whilst reversing. At first I though maybe I had clipped something, but I'll pay more attention to it in future

    You're not alone on this one. I have that too. I am at an initial conclusion that it might be an ASC thing or a Powersteering thing. The manual says you hear some whining/vibration from the engine area, which should be normal. Still, I'll have a close watch on this one. I notice it on reverse and on front left/right turns. I would hear it on an occasional basis, not on every hard turn, and its usually within some 10 minutes after I turn the car on. One time I had the car left running at the garage after we came back from a 3 day vacation, and I would hear some clunking sounds from the engine area during the first 5-10 mins, which I thought could be some systems doing a initializing/self-check. Let us know if you find out more about this.
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Yes. The sound is definitely more prevalant while turning in reverse. Seems that this problem is not an isolated thing. I will be going to my dealership again tonight. It's not going to be pretty. :mad: I'll let you all know how it turns out in regards to getting this problem fixed.

    As for the Outlander outselling its Toyota and Honda counterparts, I'm not sure. But they did get the jump on them when they released their 2007 version. Mitsubishi has already sold over 5000 Outlanders across Japan. Far exceeding their goal of 3000 units. Looks like a homerun for Mitsubishi. I just hope that this front-end issue doesn't start to rain on their parade.

  • polmcspolmcs Posts: 25
    Well my car is back at the shop, as the day after I picked the car up, I noticed that the Nav 'joystick' had snapped off. It was dark when I picked the car up, so didn't notice then. My wife also noticed that the horn doesn't work! I'll ask the service dept. tomorrow if there are any service bulletins regarding the front end when they call to let me know the car is ready.

    As for the CDDB, I took a mish-mash of MP3s from different artists and albums and burned them out to an audio CD. This time the Outlander had no idea of the artist, or track name, so there is no CD text string being included with the audio track. I'm thinking the CD had a lucky guess on the first disk based on the number and length of audio tracks on the CD :)

    I'll report back after I've spoken to the service chap
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    @lukido and polmcs: Guys please do update us when you get word from the dealership on the front end "clunk".
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Most definitely.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Hey LUKIDO, how is the RED color called in Japan?
  • SO, after browsing the other Outlander models (japan/australian), it looks like we got shafted on a couple of things.

    1.) Standard cargo cover
    2.) Back up camera (japan)
    3.) Back up sensors (australia)
    4.) Heated/Cooled glove box. You can even see the cutout in the upper box...go look for yourself.
    5.) Power folding/heated mirrors
    6.) A ton of OEM accessories:

    Overall I'm extremely pleased with my XLS AWD. Gripes include: no backup camera, poor pass front legroom, no option for foglight on/off, HDD doesn't store MP3's/WMA's, and no telescopic steering.

    I love the HID's, Nav, heated seats, and smooth ride.

    YMMV, etc...
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Hey Dodo,

    The colour is called RED SOLID. I see that it's not available in the US.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Thanks. Indeed, no red shade is available in the US yet, but the rumor is that it will be soon.
  • I love the exterior appearance of the outlander, but based on the pictures I have seen, the interior seems a little cheesy. Does it look better in person because this is the one drawback in deciding whether to buy or not. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • I think the interior is very nice and sporty looking, especially the black and beige interior. The seats seem to be very comfortable and suportive. Some of the plastics are hard such as the door panels and the dash, but I think that is what car manufacturers are doing now (it is the same way in my Pontiac Solstice). Sun visors seem to be very cheap as well as the 3rd row seat (I wish there was an option to leave it out and just have an additional storage space like the Santa Fe) and the center console is very small (not like I had in my Murano). Overall, I think you will like it. It is one of my top picks along with the Santa Fe, but I am leaning more toward the Outlander.
  • ken4nyken4ny Posts: 40
    I just ordered a 2007 XLS AWD with navigator, sun and sound package and luxury package. I paid $28,595 including destination charge which is about $35 over invoice. The estimate delivery day is early Jan. 2007. The dealer told me that if they try to get the car from another dealer. It would cost more so I just put down the deposit and wait for the new shipment. They can reserved the car for me with the color that I want.

    Since they didn't have the XLS AWD in stock. I was only test drove the XLS FWD. The ride was nice and smooth. I Drove the car for about 10 minutes. It was only a test drive. I didn't push the car real hard and all local driving. Cannot go very fast in New York City driving so that I can't tell you much about the performance. My impression was love at first sight. This car has everything that I want and more. My friend just bought an Acura MDX with similar features and cost him well over $40,000. For all the features you found in the loaded XLS AWD and paid close to the invoice. I think I made the right decision.
  • Did you try out other SUV's and if so what decisions made you choose the Outlander?

  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    To follow-up...

    I went back to my dealer and had a "discussion" about this issue with the front end. Apparently Mitsubishi has known about this problem for quite some time. Here in Japan, the new design model Outlander has been available since about Sept 2006. They told me that this problem is common in the new Outlander. But they're not exactly sure what is causing it. One theory is that the front hub bearings have been fitted with the wrong kind if grease. Thus causing the bearings to temporarily seize. The solution, thus far, is to repack the bearings with a stronger more durable grease. I will bring my vehicle back this week to have this done. I will report back on whether it has worked or not.

    As a side note, I let my salesman know how upset I was that Mitsubishi was aware of this problem before they sold me this car. Not a good thing for a company to do. Especially one that is trying to create a clean image after the recall scandal that surfaced a little while back.

    More to come...

  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Thanks for the update. Please do keep us posted about this from your end. I would have this discussed with the dealer too on my next visit.
  • dodo2dodo2 Posts: 496
    Here in Japan, the new design model Outlander has been available since about Sept 2006.

    I thought the new Outlander went on sale in Japan fall 2005.
  • ken4nyken4ny Posts: 40
    Yes, I did. First, I looked at the RAV4, I didn't like the interior. It fell tight. I liked the Highlander better but the salesman told me that a totally redesign Highlander coming out in 2008. Beside, with everything I want, it'll cost almost $40,000. Then I looked at the new CRV. The car is smaller then the previous design and only came with 4 cylinders. I get more from the Mitsubishi for about the same price. Then I went to Hyndai to looked at the Santa Fe. Very roomy inside, bigger engine, less high tech gimmicks and no navigator. Again, it'll cost more than the loaded Outlander when I loaded it up with the options that I want. Therefore, I chose the Outlander because I get more for my money.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Excellent choice. When you get the car in January, take some of your friends for a ride during the break-in period and demo all the gadgets, the comfort of leather, and the smooth 6 speed transmission. And then tell them how much is the MSRP, and how much you paid. If you qualified for the 4.9%/60, tell them that too. And tell the warranty on this vehicle. I'm sure they'll envy you and would want to get one. :D
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    If your budget allows for it, go for an XLS with all 3 factory options in and bargain well for invoice/close-to-invoice price. The 4wd/2wd options is yours to decide, but I'd say if it snows in your area, 4wd is a big plus. Getting the 4wd, you also have the option to drive the fuel-saving 2wd mode for daily commute, so you have the best of everything at your choosing.
  • Can you email me and let me know what options you have on your XLS, the Dealer/Sales Person you dealt with & price you paid. Appreciate your help.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Even better, post your deals over in the Mitsubishi Outlander: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion and everyone can benefit.
  • lukidolukido Posts: 16
    Sorry. My mistake. Meant to write 2005. :blush:
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