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Kia Sportage Maintenance and Repair

tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
Got problems? Got solutions? Discuss them here!


  • Has anyone heard of the blades on a cooling fan melting and breaking off? Well it happens. I had only been driving about an hour when I heard a sound like a belt breaking, then the air conditioning quit being cool. I thought for sure a belt broke. Then the motor just quit running. Not sure if the 99 degree weather had anything to do with. I have been good with keeping up with oil changes and check ups. I had noticed on the Edmunds car safty recall site that there is a notice for coolant system fans. Not sure what to do from this point. This just happend on July 29. Will post results. Anyone who has this type of vehicle needs to get this checked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I just had all the required maintenance (40,000 miles) performed about 4 months ago at my local dealership. My check engine light has come on now. It is a steady light (not flashing) and the dealer says that because the maintenance was actually performed BEFORE the odometer hit 40,000, that the light just needs to be reset. But for me to get my car into them for a half a day is a huge hassle. How can I reset the light myself? They don't want to share that info with me.
  • mr_botsmr_bots Posts: 236
    Try unhooking the battery. You'll have to reset the clock, but I believe that'll reset the computer on most cars.
  • i am a little overdue for an oil change - would this make my check engine light come on? (just came on today)
  • Some companies do set the "check engine" light to coincide with the oil change intervals. My Scion light comes on every 5k miles to remind the driver for the oil changes. I reset it after I chenge my own oil.
  • diagnostic code reads: P0140 02sensor circuit no activiy detected (bank 1 sensor 2)
    somewhere i found the code to mean the oxygen sensor. The owners manaul suggests to first start with the fuses. Then the wiring, and last the sensors. Checking the fuses was easy .... they are not blown. Now I am lost as I have no idea where to look for wiring, or where the oxygen sensors are located. Can anyone help?
  • I had the same problem. You have to change the o2 sensor. $105.99 at autozone only go with oem part.
  • Can you clean the o2 sensors on a 2000 kia sportage?
  • thank you! alhou I did change the wires and coils, and the check engine lite stayed off for almost 2 days, in which I got it thru D.E.Q. and it passed!!! The lite is back on, then off, now on.... so thats my next project!! I appreciate the advice to stay with the OEM part.... and I did find an illustrated guide on line thru the official kia site on how to do everything and where everything is located!! Maybe something I should post for everyone? again thank you!
    you have to sign up, but it costs nothing!!
    once you are at the site, in the left column, click on ETM
    it takes you to another screen. On the header of the main screen you need to select your model, year, control unit, and option. Once you have done that, use the column on the left to type in what you are looking for, such as brakes, spark plugs, etc, Good Luck .... its been a life saver for me!!
  • Thanks for the web site. It looks like a lot of help.
  • I have a new yakama rack system and load warrior for sale if anyone is interested. Sold new for $700.00 asking $500.00. E me at [email protected] This system is fitted for a kia sportage.
  • Your welcome! For the amount of time I spent before I found this site, I hope it helps you and many others. I am truely a beginner at doing my own repairs, but have the confidence with the guided illustrations provided. Any questions, just email me.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Any questions, just email me.

    If you do the Q&A here then you get to help out others as well! :)

    tidester, host
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    "thank you!" I most definitely will show the questions and answers. The questions I would answer and was not clear with, is if anyone is having a problem with the web site and how to perform a search.
  • Loss of power and top end speed.Any suggestions...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Try an Advanced Search (on the left sidebar) for "loss of power." You may want to limit the search to the Maintenance & Repair board. Maybe you'll get some ideas to try while waiting for responses in here.

    Most of the results I found focused on fuel system issues, but there are lots of other causes including tranny problems, bad ECUs, etc. I didn't make a search pass using "top end speed."

    You may want to try posting over in Got a Quick, Technical Question? too. Good luck!
  • have you checked the veichle speed sensor at all? I remember you had already changed the 02 sensor so that maybe not be the problem now. +
  • Good idea. Didnt think of that thanks.
  • Could the problems ive been having with the speed and rpm be the catalitic converter?
  • thank you much cwoodard. that website you posted definately helped me out a lot.
  • my 98 died while driving down the didn't shut just didn't recognize me pressing the throttle. i got it to the side of the road, then it died. it now won't restart. i changed the fuel pump in it, still nothing. i checked the fuel pump relay and fuse, both are good. i'm very confused... any ideas would be greatly appreciated. please e-mail me. [email protected]
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    please e-mail me

    If you keep the conversation here then we can all learn. :)

    tidester, host
  • both headlights to the kia went out at exactly the same this possible or could there be another explanation? we heard a clicking from the steering colum before they went out. please help!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    went out at exactly the same moment

    It's entirely possible but very unlikely. The sound you heard was probably a fuse being blown. Have you lost power to anything else?

    In any case, I'd have my dealer look for a root cause.

    tidester, host
  • Any ideas on the catilitic converter limiting my speed and rpm. Im sure if it clogs its just as bad as the intake air cloging. :sick:
  • your right, it would be more beneficial to everyone to have the info left right here on the page rather than in my personal e-mail.
  • i'm beginning to think my problem might be something electrical, with the fact that the the fuel pump isn't pressurizing. i'm going to check it out today. i'll try to let y'all know as soon as i do. Not looking forward to trying to follow the electrical lines in this crowded pos. it's like they took a 6 foot engine compartment and tried to put 12 feet of stuff in it.
  • I test-drove a new 2006 V6 Sportage automatic with AWD yesterday. I really liked the look and feel of it. However, as I was turning up the first hill, the steering wheel seemed to lock (lost its power, I guess). I said nothing to the saleman. But as I completed the turn and started up the steep hill, the car just stopped. I had never experienced something like this while driving, and my current car is rather old (97 Explorer). The salesguy put the emergency brake on, I restarted, and all was fine. But that did not leave a good impression. The guy said this had never happened/he could not explain it.

    Has anyone ever experienced something like this? Fortunately, my timetable to get a new car is anywhere from 2 to 12 months, so I am not pressed. But I really wanted to like the car, which I did besides what seems to be a major issue.
  • found the prob was not the o2 sens. clogged cat converter
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