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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • gmcrichgmcrich Posts: 6
    Is there a way of checking this through the computer codes? Does Autozone or Advanced Auto have a diagnostic machine for transmissions? How many solenoids are there and what do they look like? I just need to regain all of my forward gears and hope reverse lasts for awhile.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Auto stores don't scan transmissions. Each gear shift has a solenoid. Most trans shops will hook up their scanner and give an estimate for free or low cost to get the business.
  • r8r_n8shnr8r_n8shn Posts: 1
    Hi all...I am a complete idiot when it comes to cars so PLEASE be easy on me. wife has a 2000 blazer. The tranny is shifting hard from 1st to second. It only does it when it is hot outside. My first thought was that the tranny is overheating. Is this possible and how would I go about fixing it. We had it in the dealership last year and the put in a new part that I can't remember what it I said...I am a car idiot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also she just told me that the light on her push button 4x4 switch also goes out and seems to do so at about the same time the tranny acts up. :mad:
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    The part may have been the TCC in the trans as it effects the hard shift. Usually a new filter helps as any crap in the trans gets in the valve body and the computer adjusts the pressure to compensate. But if the 4wd is acting up the PCM/omputer adjusts shifts and pressures in 4wd so that would be a reason - see if the dash switch is fully connected or plugged in, and as you said you are not a car person so take it to the dealer to determine which other of the many sensors etc for 4wd is bad.
  • shantel1shantel1 Posts: 3
    Can someone tell me what code P1870 is for a 99 Jimmy? :confuse:
  • lauchonlauchon Posts: 1

    Hi, my blazer almost got burned twice, first time in summer in a long trip, oil came out of the transfer case, leak over the exhaust system and burned all the electrical wires. The mechanical said that a malfunction of a seal between the automatic transmission case and the transfer case, allow the oil from the transmission filled up the transfer case. The seal was replace.
    Two days ago, again oil came out from the automatic transmission and almost burn the car again, but I saw the smoke come out of my car and stop the engine on time. Now the mechanical can't figure out what happened, they said that a a little device call "Quick Down" present a failure that's making lose oil again. truly I don't believe them anymore...

    Any ideas (besides selling my car)?

    Thanks, just for reading my rusty english. :sick:
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    That seal could have been bad and the transfer case will then fill up and overflow out the top at the 3 port vac switch for the 4wd. Transmission has a vent on top also so check the fluid level and make sure its not over full (when hot at idle in park check dipstick. Then is the cooling system OK as the trans fluid goes thru the pass side of teh radiator and if it overheats will expand - are you towing something in D which is really overdrive?
  • ddealddeal Posts: 1
    I have recently noticed a exciting new noise coming from down below. I believe it is coming from the right front and my wife said she could feel it in the floor of the passenger's side. Let me give you a history. In April it had the front end bushings and CV axles replaced. I took it to a reputable 4x4 shop, so I trust the work. Now, three months later this. If I had to describe it, it is kinda like someone is taking a hammer to the floor. Not constant. It's not too loud and doesn't seem to be linked to the tranny. 4WD works with no change in noise. Anyone's help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ldtdldtd Posts: 4
    this sounds like something I'm having issues with and could use some advice/help. My 4wd 98 Jimmy (just over 200k mi)has had 4 transmissions in it since July 2006 - I have a 2yr warrent. on it. Needless to say I'm a bit miffed at the shop for all this hassle. I never tow anything, but they seemed to the the tranny was overheating so with the last transmission they added a tranny cooler to it. Well that was this spring.
    This past week I noticed that when I was re-accelerating between 40 and 50mph, and typically when going uphill, the Jimmy seemed to hesitate almost like a couple before it settled down. So I took it to a shop I trust - they put it on a reader and got nothing, we drove it on the reader - it acted up just like always - but no reading. So he sent me to another transmission shop. They found the tranny stick 1 1/4 low, fill it, and then test drove it with me. No hesitation on this short drive. When we get back to the shop they check the dipstick again - and it's low. So he fills it again and schedules me for a better inspection the next day. I took it in the next day - they tell me I have a leak in the transfer case and that I should take it back to the tranny shop where I have a warranty. So when I take it back to the original transmission shop the mechanic takes me out while its up on the lift and shows me the gasket between the transfer case and the tranny - there's not a trace of oil..or anywhere else on the transmission. The only transmission oil is under the plug on the back of the transmission case where he tells me the previous shop let the extra transmission fluid out of the transfer case. He then tells me it's a seal on the inside of the transfer case that's allowing the transmission fluid to fillthe transfer case and that's not covered under a transmission warranty. He'd fix it for $175 - the first transmission shop said they'd fix it for $275. So finally I take it to Tuffys - and tell them the whole bloody story, they put it up on the rack, check the radiator fluid for foreign fluid, look at the underside, check the transmission fluid on the stick and in the transfer case - and find NOTHING WRONG! However, since the fluid had recently been topped off they suggested I drive it for 50 miles or so and bring it back for a 2nd look-see. I've been told by 2 shops that the fluid in the transfer case can come out the vent if it overfills and shoot onto the exhaust and start a fire. So now I'm confused, and frustrated and do not know where to turn.
    Does anyone have a similar story, or suggestions? PLEASE? I'm a girl who's just now learning about her car, so any information about this would be very very helpful. thnx
  • My 1995 blazer with 100K miles only shifts from 1st to 2nd and back. Reverse works fine. It shifted into 4hi when I tried that but still only 1st, 2nd and reverse. Just had flush and fluid done by general repair shop. Didn't solve problem. They say needs $2500 rebuild. Does anyone have thoughts on what the problem is and if that quote is reasonable? Thanks.
  • gmcrichgmcrich Posts: 6
    I have a tranny from a 1994 Jimmy that I want to have installed into my 1995. The tranny is out of the '94 and I found a few model numbers on a paper barcode and a metal tag on the tranfer case. It was a body style change between those two years but is it the same transmission? Both are 4.3L 4x4 4 door Jimmy's. How can I be certain it it will be a direct replacement for the '95?
    Anything to look for?
  • hi, i got a jimmy and manualy shifting it into 1st, and 2nd works fine. but when useing auto. it wont shift into third or fourth. what could be wrong. ive replaced the shift solonoids. bowth of them to be sure.... drawing a blank here

  • My son had to replace the engine in his 97 Chevy Blazer (4 wheel drive, 4.3 Liter V-6 Vortec) and the tranny was working fine until the motor blew. We have replaced the motor but now the transmission will not go into reverse, drive or anything. There is a loud clicking noise in the steering column when he moves from park and it was not there before. Also, the transmission worked just fine before the motor blew. Does anyone have any ideas? He is running very low on funds now after replacing the motor and really can't afford to replace the tranny too. All we know is that this is an "electronic" transmission. Thank you for all your assistance in trying to get this fixed. With 4 kids and no way to work, he is having a really hard time.
  • I know how he feels. I just pulled the motor and tranny from a Jimmy and I almost forgot to unhook the linkage arm. Could it be possible that they fogot to hook it back up? It is a short "L" shaped rod on the drivers side of the tranny. I am no mechanic but it maybe a place to look.
    Good Luck.
  • Do you have any updates on this problem? I'm having the same problem with my 1995 Jimmy, 1st to 2nd and I have reverse. Have you figured out what was causing it? I have not tried the filter change because my fluid looks fine. I have heard that the TPS could or a non-working solenoid.
  • ajaksajaks Posts: 11
    I have a 93 GMC Jimmy 4WD. It has a vortec V6 (not sure what year) and a 4L60 trans. Anyway, it runs and shifts good but when I’m going about 40mph or more and let off the accelerator and coast after a few seconds it will make a grinding sound. If I depress or punch the accelerator a little it stops. However, I can shift it to neutral (after the noise has started) and it will still make the noise. It sounds like it is coming from the transmission. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I imagine I will have to fix this myself. Thanks, Jack
  • ajaksajaks Posts: 11
    I have a 93 GMC Jimmy 4WD. It has a vortec V6 (not sure what year) and a 4L60 trans. Anyway, it runs and shifts good but when I’m going over 40mph and let off the accelerator after it coast a few seconds it will make a grinding/whining sound. If I depress or punch the accelerator a little it stops but will start again if I keep coasting. I can shift it to neutral (after the noise has started) and it will still make the noise but not as much. It sounds like it is coming from the transmission. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as I imagine I will have to fix this myself. Thanks, Jack
  • mitch16mitch16 Posts: 11

    Can you tell me how to get the Trans pan off? I got the darn thing unbolted and spilled fluid everywhere. However, I could not wiggle the pan out. It appears to be blocked by the two-into-one exhaust run and the tranmission cross member (mount). What do I do, unbolt the trans and jack it up off the mount? I'm trying to change the fluid and filter in hops of getting my trans to shift from 2-3. Also, should I swap out the TPS? Will this really help my shift issue or is it a waist of hard-earned cash?

    You help is appreciated.


  • My rescue squad just got a 1995 4WD Blazer donated to us, which is wonderful, however, it has a transmission problem or so it would seem.

    If I start out with it the shift selector on overdrive, it will shift from 1st to 2nd with no problem at all. When it is time to shift from 2nd to 3rd the engine revs real high, but if I take my foot off the accelerator and then place it back on the accelerator, it will shift to 3rd, but it will not shift any higher (which I assume would be into overdrive). Then when I slow down it will not downshift to 2nd without me doing it manually or coming to a complete stop. Reverse works fine.

    2nd problem is with the 4WD system itself, I can push the button for 4-Lo and it will shift into 4-Lo, but pushing the button for 4-Hi results in the lights flashing and it remaining in 2-Hi.

    When we first got it, it was low on transmission fluid, so I added a bottle of Lucas Oil Transmission Fix, and finished topping it off with regular Dexon III transmission fluid. This has taken care of the low transmission fluid, and it does not seem to be losing any more fluid, but it still has the shifting problems.

    Anyone got any ideas? We are a small rescue squad and have very little in the area of cash, so I need to try to resolve this if at all possible myself with the least amount of money spent possible.
  • I have only 1st & 2nd. Found a transmission out of a 97 s10 blazer. My question is will it work in a 93 blazer full size?
  • in my 97 jimmy i have 2nd gear and third plus reverse when it is super cold it shifts normally but when it warms up it stops shifting a trans man said to pull the trans fuse and see what the voltage is there it should be 12.5 to 13 with the thing running
    mine reads approx 5 volts i have replaced the ignition switch . any ideas where to look for the low voltage would the ignition switch cause this or is the computer causing it
  • I have had a major ordeal with my Blazer. I was having issues putting it into reverse & drive. If I would shift back to nuetral and then try again it would go in gear. Then all of a sudden the second gear band burnt out. We took it to a transmission specialist and he rebuilt it. It has been back to him three times now. To be honest, it seems to have the same problems. After the third overhaul (at least that is what he has told me) the blazer seems to be having the same problems. Intermittently, it ot shift into reverse or drive unless you go back to nuetral and try again. It also seems to have issues pulling hills. The tack will read about 3000 RPM then shoot up to about 4500 RPM before finallyl shifting. Sometimes the tack will shoot way up like that and not shift at all. The mechanic swears he's replaced the value body and all the components in the transmission. Could he have missed anything? I just was hoping to find out somethings that I could ask about.

    One other thing, I've noticed that after driving it, I can smell that the transmission fluid is getting hot. At least that is what I think it is. Is there a pump or something that he may not be checking or replacing??? He says the valve body has been replaced too. I'm wondering if he's putting the same parts back in it or if he's getting junk yard parts or something.

    I'm getting ready to take it back to him for the 4th time. Every time he's worked on it, the transmission has only made it a couple hundred miles. This time I think I may have been able to make it 1,000 before the problems started getting so bad.

    Any advice is appricated. I really need to get this sorted out, because I can't afford a new vehicle right now and I've spent so much I really need to get it fixed right.

    Thank you.
  • This problem sounds like it could be the torque converter. Everything in the Automatic tranny relies on pressure and the Torque converter provides this pressure with the fins inside of it spinning and pushing the fluid to each valve and port, acting as a Pump (the only pump for the Tranny fluid). If the fins wear out, break or get weak, it could cause a "Slipping" effect. It would have a harder time on hills, less power and need to spin faster to create the same pressures to finally shift and in some cases, never get enough pressure to get into top gears such as OverDrive. As for not going into Reverse or Drive unless going to Neutral, Again this can let the Tranny build more pressure sitting in Neutral to shift to drive or Reverse. This problem is usually found on vehicles that have done a lot of Pulling (trailers, campers) or heavy acceleration (Going up hills, first off the line at the stoplight) and/or do not get scheduled Tranny flush and filters. This May or May Not be the answer, but might be one more thing to check. I hope it helps.
  • Thanks for the info., I'm really beginning to think I'm never going to get my blazer back. The mechanic is still working on it. He let it slip yesterday evening that he was taking parts from a 02 Tahoe and mixing and matching with my transmission. I've suspected all along that he's been using salavage yard parts but now I know for sure. He told me yesterday that he got a GMC transmission (from another salavage yard) and it would be fixed today. I'm just so frustrated. I haven't had my vehicle for almost 2 weeks again. When we took it to him we told him we didn't want salavage parts, but evidently he's been using them anyway.

    If its not fixed this time, I'm going to give up and get a Jasper transmission. I don't know what else to do, I'm getting desperate.
  • I have a 2000 Blazer with a 4.3 4wd.It revs up to almost 3000 rpm's before it will shift into 2nd gear.Third and fourth seem ok,but it doesnt seem to shift into those gears properly either and it also has no reverse.The 4wd works fine.If any of the sensors were bad,wouldn't the service engine light come on?I have no dash lights on.I'm going to try resetting the computer and checking the fuses.I see i have kinda the same upshifting problem as a lot of the other folks here have but no one mentions not having reverse.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I own a 91 chev silverado (350ci., 5 spd. man trans). I recently had the trans rebuilt at a trans repair shop and when I got the truck back the trans is still making noise in 3 of the 5 gears. I took it back to the shop and the man tells me that this trans in particular makes noise from the factory. now my warranty is nearing expiration , I would like some advice from anyone who can help me with this. Is this man telling me the truth or is he being dishonest. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    Thanx Dan123
  • I have the identical set of symptoms on my 1997 4.3 4WD Jimmy. The problems just started on the weekend - no fix yet. :sick:
  • p8ntp8nt Posts: 1
    Looking for a quick fix instead of dumping another 1,000.00 in it. My Jimmy had a rebuilt just over 2 and1/2 years ago. Only put 20,000 on it since and out of the blue reverse just went with no signs of any issues. All other gears and 4wd work fine. Checked fuses and Im gonna drop the pan and check for a blocked screen and any chunks of metal in the pan also. Anyone have any other ideas for a fix please help me. lol thanks all.
  • genozgenoz Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Chevy Blazer 4x4. In 2 wheel drive, when going on the expressway, it starts to make a noise like a "router" (high pitch grinding, that varies with speed) As I slow down, the noise lowers in pitch and I can feel a vibration that seems to be located in front of the passenger side. The noise stops after a slight "click" when I finally get down to about 3 miles per hour. It doesn't start again until I am doing at least 50 mph. There is no noise in 4 wheel drive. I am also having a vacuum problem because the vents don't work as well as they used to. I found a short (about 8 in. long) rubber vacuum line that was not connected to anything that was tucked under the ABS manifold, but I couldn't find where it came from. (I had a new engine put in in June) could this be a simple vacuum problem? Is there a vacuum connection to the transfer case, that is, the 2 to 4 wheel drive actuator? Any idea where that short rubber hose goes to?
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