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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • bhumesbhumes Posts: 1
    My check engine light recently came on and i had it put on machine. It said it was my shift solenoid A in my transmission. Do you know what this is? My blazer seems to shift back and forth on its own and my tac. says about 2000 rpm when usually reads about 1500 when traveling about 50 mph. The mechanic said i need to take it to a transmission person. I got scared..This could be expensive. My question is what is a Solenoid A and is it difficult to fix?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.. :confuse:
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    The transmission in my Blazer was just rebuilt and the vacuum shifter on the front axle was also replaced. The problem I am having happened after a long 2 1/2 mile downhill in 4 wheel drive using high 4 wheel drive and second gear, when I reached the bottom of the downhill and applied power to start going up the hill I was approaching the transmission acted like it was in neutral and wouldn't drive in any gear. I stopped the car and checked the transmission fluid and it was full so I got back in and tried the gears again but still no drive, I was about to lock it up and walk when I pushed the button to get out of 4 wheel drive and the transmission immediately started working again and seemed normal so I shifted into 4 wheel drive again and everything seemed normal. The transmission worked fine getting out of the canyon later that night but did it again while going on a straight road with some moderate hills, after going down one I had to shift out of 4 wheel to get my transmission back.
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    I have a 96 Jimmy with180,000 miles have always had a bad vibration/shake felt through out vehicle after 65pmh wich comes and goes. Usually just driven in town until recent (driving 160 miles daily on freeway). I have tried changing tires,wheels,several rebalancing,new shocks, new transmision mount. The jimmy has been lowered 2", but did used angeled blocks. Mechanic has told me that I have two bad motor mounts and that could be the problem. They want $400 to replace mounts. Please some one help advise on this matter. Vibration starting to get to me. :(
  • I'm having the same problem,what did you have to do to fix your problem? Thanks in advance.(this is about to drive me nuts,I've had to replace the ignition switch 3 times in the last 2 years,plus the ignition solenoid once). Now this is going on.
  • I haven't fixed the prob yet it is driving me nuts also i have to find out if i can rewire the wire from the fuse to incerase the voltage but it has been so cold here and i have to work outside will post when i find out what the fix is
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    This may help you, I had a problem with it not shifting and setting a check engine code. A friend of mine works for chevrolet we ended up replacing the wireharness from the fuse block or the connection block on the firewall, (sorry can not remember exactlly which one) to the transmission. The Dealer will know.This solved my problem. Hope this helps.
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    Check out my reply to psycodad, Not sure if it would be the same problem being that yours is a 2000 model. The 96 and 97's did have a problem with a bad transmission wireharness, It may be worth checking into.
  • Hello gents, tranny in my 97 GMC Jimmy finally went after 187,000 miles. It lived a good life. I've already ordered a rebuilt tranny and it's on it's way. My question is, do I need to lift up the engine to get it out? On some past tranny swaps like my Buick, I need to loosen and lift up the engine to drop the tranny. Just wondering if I need to borrow an engine hoist. Thanks for your help, Keith.
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    Hello Kieth,
    Sorry to hear your tranny finally gave up on you, anyway no you do not need to borrow an engine hoist. You should be able to unbolt and pull back and drop it down. when I changed mine out on my 96 thats all I had to do, although the top bolt on the driver side was a chore.
  • Thanks gkite, I figured there would be a bolt or two that would be hard to get at. Engineers design them that way on purpose just to make it interesting. A friend mentioned that there might be a star keyed bolt that would require a special socket. Did you find that to be the case? Thanks, Keith
  • gkitegkite Posts: 11
    Hello Again,
    Hey don't worry about any special sockets, should all be your standard metric at least mine where. Have you read my post on vibration problem? Any thoughts? Well good luck with your Tranny Install, Gerry
  • gkite, I had an 89 jimmy and the vibration was horrible at 60 and above. So bad that I bought my 97 and used the 89 for off-road only. While going mudbogging one day I fell into a rut and busted the right front CV halfshaft. Since I had to replace it I decided to do both. Low and behold, no more vibration problem. Someone told me that their only good for about 150,000 miles anyway and I had 190 on it. I don't know if that's what's causing your vibration problem, but it solved mine. Keith
  • psycodad and bandgreen, This may sound to simple for you guys, but I had a similar yet maybe the same problem. I could shift manually through the gears and it worked fine, but if I put it in drive it wouldn't shift right. I went to Napa to get some tranny treatment fluid hoping I wouldn't need to replace the tranny. I explained my problem to a mechanic who was standing there waiting for a part. He said, "Oh, sounds like your computer has forgot how to shift the tranny." I said, "Huh!" He said, "Jimmys and Blaisers are known for that. All you have to do is disonnect the battery for 10 minutes to reset the computer. Then reconnect it and take it for a drive" Believe it or not, I didn't have a problem with the tranny for another 2 years. Until third gear went out just last week. Keith
  • hi my name is brian i have a 2000 gmc jimmy 4wd would u know what kind of Torque Converter, i have or what kind of stall it has theres three kinds low med hard i think mines a low because it use to pick up at 8to1000 rpms but i cant find what size i need and were i can get one i looked at auto zone but they have 2 kinds but couldnt help me it tells me to call some 1800 # and i did and no one ever picks up i was not sure if u could tell me what kind of Torque Converter, i could use thank you for ur help
  • I have a 1998 chevy blazer with 130000 miles, a while back (15000 miles ago)I changed my trans pan fluid and filter due to the same problem, and this fixed the problem until now, I was reading the earlier entries, do you think I should replace my converter fluid, will this help the problem, or should I replace the Tcc solenoid.

    The problem occurs between 25-35 mph when it shifts into second, it gets all gutless acting like a slip, then when it does shift, it shifts fairly hard, 10 times harder than it used to even under hard acceleration, and if i stay in the 30-45 mph range it acts like it wants to upshift into third creating a lack of power problem cause the rpms are too low.

    Does anyone have any Idea what this could possibly be?

    Thank you
  • Well depends on the engine size and a few other factors. Typically a full size v-8 trucks will have a lower stall converter, around 14 to 1700. rule of thumb is the smaller the engine the higher the stall. if you have a 6 cyl then the typical stall is from 18 to round 2000...4 cyl are a little higher..2 to 2300. If you put a converter that is only a 100-200 stall difference you probably wounldn't notice much difference. 5- 600..yea you could tell...but it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    How about this one? Transmission shifts great. Not too harsh, no slippage, shifts up, shifts down, no problem. Engages as soon as shifted into drive or reverse. No weird noises, no warning lights.

    But wind it up in first or second gear and around 4500rpm ... Goes complete slip, as in shifted to neutral. Let off the gas, transmission hooks up and all is normal. The one clue I see is the fluid looks like it foamed.

    Now, I just bought this car, and it does have a 12/12K warranty that covers the tranny if it is toast. But someone has recently service the fluid, and I am thinking:

    1. Wrong fluid. Should be Dexron III, but no way of knowing what is in there.

    2. Wrong filter/dirty filter

    3. (and I am leaning toward this one) Whoever put the filter in didn't notice the o-ring missing. Under high suction this would really pick up air and foam the fluid.

    Opinions are welcome!


    Forgot to add, records show regular service, Blazer has 62K miles.
  • Mine was leaking too. Is it the actual transmission or the pan. If its the pan check the gasket it might be worn down.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Update -

    Dealer checked for codes, nothing there. So, dumped the programming from the PCM and did a fresh upload with all the current updates from GM. Shifting is much crisper, but the engine went into rev limit just as the tranny shifts out of first under WOT. I think I will go ahead and do the fluid and filter change this weekend and go from there. The dealer checked the extended warranty and says if the tranny needs a rebuild, it is covered. Nice to have that safety net!
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    All is happy with the tranny. Dropped the pan and found only the typical fine residue. The pan had not been off before, and the original filter was still there. One thing I found interesting was I expected to only need five quarts to refill. I know not to over fill, so I checked, rechecked, and checked again with the transmission warmed up and idling in park, and it took an extra 1/2 quart to put the level in the hash marks.

    The only thing I could think of was that when I was under it, I had it way up on jack stands and may have gotten some of the fluid from the TC. Whatever, it shifts smooth as butter, with no slipping.
  • Well glad it worked out for were probably right..a partially restricted filter, low fluid, missing seals...could have been any of them.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Ah, but with the transmission holding in gear, a new problem was uncovered, and resolved this morning. I will post symptom and solution in another thread. Engine related.
  • Keith, Your message was very useful and timely for me. My 99 Blazer had been experiencing shifting irregularities for several weeks, and today the problem became severe... when starting in 'Drive' position, the car would start out in 3rd or 4th gear, and continued to do so after repeated stops/starts. I assumed the worst, but did a Google search, found your message (first on the list), disconnected the battery, and 15 minutes later the transmission was operating perfectly.

    Thanks for the tip
  • Motoroller,
    Glad it helped you with your transmission problem. It's amazing that it was that simple, wasn't it?
  • gmc94gmc94 Posts: 4
    Hi i recently purchased a 1994 GMC JImmy and have some Tranny problems with it, when i am excelerating up to highway speeds or trying to pass someone my engine will down shift into a lower gear trying to go faster then it will slip out of gear my father told me the guy i purchased it from had the transmission replaced 2 and rebuilt the 2 replaced tranny should i just buy a new one for 4 grand, get it rebuilt, or see if the previous owner has the warranty?
  • i have tried disconnecting the battery when it first cated up and i have done it 6 or 7 times since then with mine it didn't make a difference
    thanks for the tip
  • To bad it didn't work for you. It worked for me for about 2 years but with 180K it's time to replace the tranny. If you are mechanically inclined, you can get a rebuilt tranny (with 3 year warranty) for around $1200 and put it in yourself. That's what I did. If not, I would find a mechanic that will replace the tranny for you. I wouldn't recommend having a tranny shop repair it. Just read all the horror stories here about repaired trannys. Good luck, Keith
  • my jimmy has 168000 and sometimes the trans will shift perfectly and others it wont a trans repair shop said that it is an electrical prob. low voltage and i checked that out when it was acting up and i was definately under the 12 volts i was supposed to have i would like to try putting a jumper wire with 12 volts into the trans system and see what happens but i also hate to burn something out
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    A fresh battery and or a new altenator usually takes care of that problem. if its still there...replace the cables and make sure you have a good ground.
  • pocitypocity Posts: 7
    1997 4L60E tied to a 4.3 liter engine. My problem is when tranny is cool it shifts fine from 2nd to 3rd. However after driving for a few miles it sometimes will not shift out of 2nd to 3rd. New valve body fluids and filter. Any ideas?
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