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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • i have a 2000 gmc jimmy with the floor console trans linkage. the gmc will go forward but i have no reverse. i had no problems this came on suddenly. the street was wet and the trans seemed to slip but the gmc shifted and contineud on upon arriving home 15minutes later i went to back up and no reverse but i could still drive forward. 97000 miles any suggestions. thanks larry
  • my 95 blazer will only go up to 20 miles an hour soon as it trys to shift loses all power
  • I bought this blazer 4x4 cut in and out when engaged then wife drives it to work it breaks down on her i go pick it up drive it home it would only stay in fist gear soon as it tried to shift no pwer turn it off turn it on it would go again till it treid to shift so drove it home slow any help would be great
  • We had a bad tranny so we replaced it with a used one but the throttle valve cable does not fit so we put the old one back on and it won't adjust properly is there some how or way to fix this problem? We have even bought new ones but they all were either too short or to long. The attempt that has been made to adjust the cable was opening the throttle wide open and pressing the adjustment release button and then pulling the cable harness as far back as it will go then releaseing the adjustment button locking the cable harness in that possition.If i put my foot in it on level road it runs through the gears fine 1,2,3,then into overdrive.If i do not it drops into 3rd way to soon approx 30 mph overdive follows at 40mph.At 55 mph it shifts out of overdive down into 3rd at random and back up to overdrive at random. Going up hills is a nightmare,it want's 3rd real bad and then runs a ping pong between kick down and 3rd. I do understand that the tv cable is a throttle valve cable,meaning it adjusts the amount of oil that is transfered in the transmition corresponding to the rpm's and load on the vehicle. I am feeling i am not adjusting this cable properly, Its in my opinion someone took some LSD and packed down a bottle of whiskey and came up with the idea of an overdrive automatic transmition, drew it up and sent it to the number crunchers and rolled with it. Lucky me.
  • 97 blazer. 2 door 4 wheel drive. 146000 miles. it ran fine all day. parked it for a hour. took off again. ran fine then as i came to a stop it took off as if it was in a high gear & didnt want to shift. no signs all day. ran fine. fluid full. i let it sit for a couple hours. looked under the truck. i noticed the read differental was leaking some green looking fluid where the drive shaft goes in. not sure if that has to do anything with it not wanting to shift. i took it for a 20 min drive. it ran fine. shifted fine. as i was headed home it started not wantin to shift again. now it seems to only do this after the truck is warmed up. runs fine shifts fine till warmed up. what can my problem be? is the tranny going out?
  • i have a 97 gmc blazer which has had the selenoids replaced once. it fixed the problem for about 6 months then the key started sticking in the ignition, problem comes back plus the battery keeps draining. i can start it cold and it will go for about 100 yds then the radiator gets hot and it shuts of however my electrical keeps working and the check engine light comes on, diagnostics said selenoid problem but i cant help but believe the faulty ignition switch has a big part to play any suggestions?
  • Truck: 2002 Blazer 4WD, 111k miles (put on almost 20k miles in last 4.5 months, obviously almost all highway miles)

    About 2 months ago (SE Minnesota, so when cold started) my truck started to lurch steadily between about 1400 and 1800 rpms. It actually 'jumps' about 200rpm whenever in that range and not accelerating. It happens in all gears as far as I can tell (not sure 'all' but I know it happens in upper gears around 45, 55 and 62 mph). Other than this 'lurching' the thing seems to work perfectly. Goes smoothly into every gear, no 'pause' when in drive and getting action to the wheels when I press the gas. Moves in and out of 4wd Hi/Lo and 2wd easily (since I changed out the neutral safety switch a couple years ago). No clunking, hissing, wheezing or anything and I don't smell anything when getting out.

    Last weekend I dropped the transmission pan and changed the fluid and filter. The fluid looked in very good condition and didn't see any shavings in the pan. No leakage afterwards (i put a large white piece of construction paper under it for the first three days whenever I parked it after driving it). The lurching was at the same point and the to the same level before and after changing the ATF. I noticed the issue about a week before the SES light came on. I forget the code, but it was something like 'transmission slip' (with two entries). The SES light has NOT come back on since the ATF replacement. It did come on almost immediately (about 30 miles) when I reset it the first time. I've put in about 250 miles since replacing the ATF.

    Any other ideas? Is this beast in need of a rebuild or is there something else I should check? Someone on ChevyTalk mentioned that it might be the MAP sensor. I will look to find that this weekend (I'm NOT anywhere close to being a car tech, but I don't mind trying). I read somewhere that it might be a solenoid of some type. Anyone know what it might be called so I can do some more research?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  • my truck put me through the ringe, thought that the transmission was bad but it was my cat conv had stopped up crazy isnt it? :shades:
  • hey repair dog try spraying some contact cleaner down into your shift interlock (under the rubber boot). i thought i would never get my key out of the ign switch . also check you catalytic converter 97 s are notorious for cat stop ups. this causes the 97 to lose power sgnifigantly and will not allow the tranny to shift because of torque loss. last ditch effort check your fuel pump should have at least 58 lbs starting pressure :shades:
  • I realize that you can't reply to all posting but if any one has any idea about my husbands issues with his blazer we would like to here from you, please help us....
    he is posted on page 10 it says it is from trackerlady THANK YOU
  • my 99 chevy blazer was driving fine.we put it into reverse and backed it out of the car port. heard a clinking noise but drove it a few miles put it into park. now it will not reverse but drives ok. fluid level is fine and it does not shift to overdrive. does anyone know what the problem could be? i'm going to have it serviced but i don't want to be burned by a transmission shop, if you know what i mean. our budget is tight right now. thanks for the help
  • check the fuse 10 amp marked tran in your fuse box but it sounds like either a selnoid problem or you have spun a gear. hopfully its a shiftr problem
  • also check your ign temp to ignition for fuel inj function. some times tthe selenoid gets stuck :shades:
  • Thanks. I checked the fuse (its ok). How do I check the other? And what do I do if the selenoid is stuck?
  • fatboy7fatboy7 Posts: 1
    can anyone tell me what a vacuum switch for differential does? I have a 98 chevy blazer. when its in 2wd i'm hearing a louder noise coming from the passenger side. and when i put it in 4wd it stop can anyone tell me what could be going on here. :(
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    can anyone tell me what a vacuum switch for differential does?

    Are you referring to a differential pressure sensor? Those are used to detect pressure differences between one part of a system and another as in oil or transmission filtration systems.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I'm having the same exact problem with a 94 Jimmy. Tried the battery disconnect trick with no luck. Is my tranny toast?
  • hdtommyghdtommyg Posts: 1
    I had a bearing go in my 4L60E trans and am in the process of pulling it out to put in a rebuilt unit. Question: How do you get to the torque converter to flex plate bolts?
  • I had an 98 two door and now I have an 02 four door.
    One of the issues they both have is with the trans.
    While shifting, mostly between second and third or third and fourth, I here an audible bump . I can't feel it, I just hear it. The 98 did it and the 02 does it now. It annoying at times,
    Does anyone else expierience this.

    Also when shifting from drive to reverse, I feel theres a longer than normal delay. This is also the case in both Blazers.
    Hope someone can help!
  • my truck stalls when i take off and it gos and stops and wont go then it goes and then it reves to 4000 or higher rpm and wont go any faster than 40 mph then it finally goes and acts normal what do u think
  • nyenexnyenex Posts: 3
    Please let me know what the cause/cost of this repair was. I just experienced the same problem and I am about to park my 98 Blazer with 99k miles in the lake.
    Any input/reply is greatly appreciated.
  • nyenexnyenex Posts: 3
    the previous message posted was in regard to louie1999's post about a Blazer which lost reverse without warning. The only additional note is that I can hear clunking in neutral too...
  • mrdimuziomrdimuzio Posts: 1
    pull the starter motor and sheet metal cover. Using a breaker bar on the harmonic balancer bolt turn the motor to the next bolt. There will be 3 of them in there. Be sure to disconnect the battery before you do this as not to accidentally start the engine.
    You will need to unbolt the tranny from the engine to get the torque converter out. Hope this helps
  • I own a 2000 chevy blazer and it will not change into 3rd gear. It just started this issue yesterday. I did recently replace the battery. I drove it this morning and it changed into the gears fine. Does anyone have any idea what my problem might be?
  • nyenexnyenex Posts: 3
    It is probably a shift selenoid within your transmission. We just had a similar problem with a 98 blazer. Make sure to hook it up to a code scanner to find out if that is in fact one of the errors.

    The bad news is (in our case anyway) that not long after having that repair done, we started to lose reverse as well. So after years of dumping $$$ into that vehicle, we got rid of it 2 weeks ago. What a relief! :shades:
  • jbnurse43jbnurse43 Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Chevy Blazer with 90,000 miles on it. I have been telling the mechanic I felt the Transmission was going on it for over a year. I took my car in again today and requested another checkup for the vehicle as it seems to be running rougher. the upshot is, they say the Transmission needs to be replaced and it will cost me.?? or purchase another vehicle.
  • duntovduntov Posts: 133
    A rebuilt transmission will cost about $1600 including labor. Can you get another car that is dependable for that much? I will never buy a new car again because they are too expensive and depreciate too fast. Three years after you buy a new car all you have is another used car but you still have new car payments.
  • bigd23bigd23 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 GMC Jimmy,auto,4x4. I have changed the filter and fluids but nothing has changed. I can put it in reverse and drive and has no slippage but when it is in drive it will not change out of first. I can go 20 mph and let off the gas and it seems like it is in neutral. Does anyone know what it could be?
  • The same thing is happening with my 98 blazer, has almost 90,000 miles. We took the truck to a shop and they rebuilt the transmission. It was shifting harder than before and when we took it back they replaced the computer. bare with me as I do not know that much about cars. It is still shifting hard when it is hot and we took it back for a third time. They rebuilt the transmission again (no charge) wich took four days instead of two days the first time we took it. The blazer is STILL shifting hard feels like the tranny is going to fall out! I called the shop and told them we are taking it to the dealer for a second opinion the guy at the shop got mad and told me there is nothing wrong with the transmission there has to be something else wrong with the truck. I am taking it to the dealer today, any idea what it could be?
  • my truck would not go in reverse, it was ok in drive, but slipped at times. Tried to add tranny fluid, now it wont go anywhere in drive or reverse. Is the transmission blown or could there be another answer? If tranny most likely is blown, is it a very expensive fix? Just happened today. :sick: help!!
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