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Chevrolet Blazer GMC Jimmy Transmission Problems



  • hoomiehoomie Posts: 1
  • malutowmalutow Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my wife's Jimmy. I found the problem to be with the catalytic convertor. It would start to rattle when it warmed up causing too much back pressure. I changed it... no more tranny problem. However, that was last year sometime & I thougth i doged the bullet but I spent most of the day looking for a new tranny because reverse wnt out. Another common problem I guess. Good luck.
    Her truck is 1996 4wd Jimmy 4.3L.
  • bmpgbhbmpgbh Posts: 4
    About a month ago i swamped my truck so it was off the road for a few weeks while i was doing repairs, any ways i didn't think to check the ATF and sure enough water had gotten into the trani. So about 2 weeks ago I was drivin up this really steep hill and when i stoped at a light and tried to go the trani would not go into gear. I waited about a 1/2 hour for the trani to cool then tried to go and it went just fine. so continued to go up the hill the trani got hot again and slipped. So i went home and change the ATF and filter the next day. Ran fine and shited the same for about a week, but just last week i went to put it in reverse and it wouldn't go. Any body have any ideas, solonoide or am i gonna need a complete rebuild.
  • blazeherblazeher Posts: 1
    Please Help my 1995 blazer with no warning just started acting like it was in neutral, in all gears it wont move but the engine revs up, tried messing with 4wd to no avail. Turn it off and let it sit and it will drive about a block and do the same thing. Any ideas, is the tranny junk?
  • heyvern78heyvern78 Posts: 1
    Hi repairdog I think I have the same problem jetteman had it shifts hard into 2nd and 3rd then seems to drive fine but I have no reverse my question for you is the fix a DIY or do I need to take it to a pro? We have already dump alot of $$ into this thing finally got all the little problems worked out now this. If I can fix it myself is there some repair guide you could direct me to your help on this would be much appreciated.
  • colink82colink82 Posts: 1
    Hey everyone, I have a 95 4WD blazer with transmission isssue's.

    Shifts great up and down in every gear, but when doing freeway speeds in
    overdrive, if I give it a little gas it'll drop a gear easy, but give it a little to much
    gas and it goes into neutral and revs up.
    Remove my foot from the gas and it slams hard back into gear and everything
    seems fine afterwards.
    Tranny Fluid is fresh and is topped up, and was rebuilt about 50,000miles ago
    i'm thinkin maybe eletrical issue maybe?
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    I have a 93 Blazer with a similar problem that only happens in four wheel drive, it will go into a nodrive in any gear until I take it out of four wheel drive then I can put it back in four wheel and it will be fine again until the next time it happens, usually after a long downhill section or on a straight section when the engine isn't pushing it or a coast situation. The trans was just rebuilt the third time in two years and has less than 500 miles on it.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    On an '02 Blazer, 68K, 2wd

    Transmission is downshifting too quick, and holding gear a bit long before shifting. No other problems, just acts like it is mis-reading the speed and load. All shifts are good, drops right into gear, both forward and reverse, no weird noises. Tranny was serviced about 5K ago, no trash in the pan, no burned fluid, all looks good.

    I guess the best way to describe what it is doing is it acts like it is in tow-haul mode, even though that isn't an option on this vehicle.

    Now, I should point out that this is a Blazer xTreme, and has had the ECM flashed to factory specs. I am told that the xTreme does have different operating parameters than a standard Blazer since it has a lowered suspension, handling package, and high speed rated tires. We also have a '99 standard Blazer, and the drive train definitely behaves more sedately. xTreme editions are very rare in the part of the country, so I cannot find one to compare it to.

  • bdp68bdp68 Posts: 3
    i have an 86 k5 blazer with newer goodwrench 350 and i believe a 700r4 trans wont shift past 2nd gear and was told after they looked at it it needs rebuild wich i dont have money for.. i can get a used one that came from a suburban and want to know if #1 if it will fit and #2 if anything i need to worry about with changing it i been fixing cars over 20 years but never changed an automatic trans any help is very grateful ty
  • jmccannjmccann Posts: 11
    I had an 87 Camaro with the 700r4 transmission that had a similar problem that turned out to be the governor that is under a cover on the rear side of the transmission, I grabbed another one out of a junk yard transmission and it went back to working normally, pulling the governor is simple, remove the cover and pull out the governor, push the new one in, replace the cover and get in and drive, very simple job.
  • kruzkruz Posts: 3
    I recently bought a 1998 Blazer that hadn't been run in 2.5 years. I got it running quite easily and checked the tranny fluid level when the engine was cold and it registered way above full/hot. I took it for a test ride to get the fluid hot and rechecked the fluid. It didn't even register on the dip stick. I added almost 3 quarts of tranny fluid and got the level up to where it should be with a hot engine. I ran it for a couple of weeks and started noticing tranny fluid puddles after everytime I drove it. The leak isn't coming from the transmission area but from somewhere in the front of the engine compartment. There's a plastic shroud under the front of the engine/radiator that restricts me from seeing the source of the leak. I recently rechecked the tranny fluid while hot and it's barely registering at all on the dip stick but when the engine is cold the fluid level shows over full. Where do I start?
  • bethradbethrad Posts: 1
    i have a 97 blazer LT. the 2-3 solenoid has been replaced,the vehicle speed sensor is new also.i was driving the other day the service engine soon light came on then the transmission quit pulling all together. it wont go into any runs and starts just fine but will not move. the trans filter was changed a year ago. it was shifting funny when it got warmed long as it was cool it was also had some trans fluid come out of the pressure line next to the transmission fluid stick not to long ago. please help. :sick:
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Only check the fluid when the engine is running and warmed up.

    And there is a supply line and a return line that go from the transmission to the radiator and back to provide cooling for the tranny. If you are seeing fluid up near the radiator, one of those lines or the connection to the radiator is bad. Follow the lines all the way to where they connect to the radiator (passengers side, near but below the battery) and you should see the leak.
  • mchnhd2mchnhd2 Posts: 2
    My sister has a 97 GMC Jimmy and has been having the "stuck in third gear" issue. Tried replacing the ignition switch and it didn't help. Resetting computer didn't help. Was thinking about digging in and just replacing all the solenoids in the transmission along with the filter and fluid. But then I found the TSB for this exact issue so now my thinking has shifted in a completely different direction. She lives over an hour away but as soon as I get a chance will be checking fuses and the wiring and voltage to transmission. TSB mentions cause being aftermarket remote starter installed which my sister had until I replaced ignition switch. Hopefully I get this fixed soon and maybe this will help some of you out too. Key Switch TSB
  • they are having the same problems. they don't have 1st or 4th and the only way i get second is if i shift it manually. if i just put it in drive its stuck in 3rd gear. replace all the solenoids on the valve body on the 97 didn't fix. throwing p753, p785 codes any help would be appreciated
  • Hello all...I am the new owner of a 97 blazer.....with a bad transmission.I have learned that people who already own these trucks will be the best to help.History : she said one day it started out from 1st gear,banged into 3rd(skipping second) and never shifted to overdrive (no reverse either).She parked it.I have acquired it for my 15 yr old daughter.I drove it home and yes it is exactly as described.Before I left I checked the trans didn't register on the dipstick while running.Two qts topped it off.I drove it home with 1st & 3rd seemingly working fine.I am not familiar with Chevy so I am looking for 2-3 starting points for diagnosis.Usually when I help others I start with the best scenarios first getting to the worst.I am not really in a hurry but certainly curious as to what kind of deal I got for $300 in trade.Thanks in advance to anyone who can get me started. Dave
  • kruzkruz Posts: 3
    I recently bought a 1998 Blazer (automatic). The transmission "surges" while cruising at just above 40 mph with the tach jumping between 1000 and 1500 rpms. I can feel the "surges" that are in rapid succession while at that speed. Other than that issue, the transmission seems fine. Any ideas what's causing this?
  • About 2 months ago, I had a spring replaced in my tranny. The problem was it was shifting hard between 1st and 2nd. That seemed to fix it. However, Just today it started doing it again. I was wondering if I should take it back to the shop that fixed it and ask them to replace the control valve body this time ??
  • May sound stupid and simple but check the Trans fuse. That's what my sister's turned out to be. If the fuse is ok maybe check inside the wiring connectors for corrosion or check wiring harness for damage?
  • I have been asked to work on this unit. When it was droped off with me the unit was very hard starting. I did get it started and got it in the driveway but it sounded like there was something broke in the engine. It has sat for the summer in the drive way. I went to move it to the garage last week and it will not move. The noise is a knocking hammering noise by the bellhousing. The engine will run good and smooth at mid throttle niosy but smooth it will stall at idle and shack the whole car when in gear. In park the unit will idle and the noise is not as pronounced. I have removed the engine belt to make sure it was not a bearing out on a pulley. What would you say to look at first engine or transmission.

    Thanks Greg
  • pocitypocity Posts: 7
    Sounds to me like it is either the Torque Convertor or the TCC Solenoid if it only does this when in gear.
  • Thanks, I will pull the trans this week end, oh joy.
  • pocitypocity Posts: 7
    Before you drop the tranny disconnect the electrical harness going to it and see if it still shudders. If it sounds normal than it is the TCC Solenoid. No need to drop the trans just drop the pan and change the internal harness and TCC Solenoid. If it didn't change than it is the torque convertor. Either way I would replace the solenoids and harness.
  • I will do that.

    Thanks Greg
  • There is a major problem in the electronic controlled transmissions in the blazer. A simple way to get results is to pull the positive battery cable for 5 mins and then reattach it. That seems to reset the computer and fix the problem, but usually for only about 6 months.
  • My grandfather had the same problem with his. Try cutting and old milk carton and puttting it over the distributor to keep moisture out. That seemed to work for him.
  • Hi, I'm a girl and know nothing about cars. So, that said, my 98 blazer just started lurching when I need to go forward after a stop sign, etc. It bucks and is uncomfortable to me and the kids. Plus, it won't get up to highway speed anymore. It's an automatic that feels like the gears haven't shifted and it's runnign too low. I just had the oil changed at the dealership, and they topped the fluids. Could they have overfilled something? Is it a transmission problem? (It idles fine when not actually moving.) I've also been told it could be a clogged fuel filter. What do y'all think? As I said, I'm a total girl about this: I knwo nothing! I nee dto have some idea before I take it somewhere so I don't get reamed by a shop. Any help is MOST appreciated! THANKS!
  • It sounds to me like it is your transmission valve body. There are a couple of solenoid valves that wear out on these tranny's and causes your type of problem. Do you have a check engine light? If so have the codes read at an auto parts store. If you have a 1860 code then it is more than likely these solenoids. If that is your problem have the valve body replaced along with the wiring harness inside the trans.
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    If this problem began immediately after you had the car serviced, take it back and have them carefully look for displaced hoses, electrical connections, that sort of thing. There are numerous sensors that are feeding information to the drivetrain computer, and a bad connection can really cause havoc.

    Based on your description of the symptoms, the first place I would look would be on the MAF connection in the air intake. They would have pulled this apart to check the air filter and may have dislodged the connector.
  • I have a 1998 Chevy Blazer (LS?), 4 door, 4x4, automatic, rear wheel drive

    i read this page of posts, and my car sounds like a combo of everything. I should start from the begining.

    i recieved my car as a gift from my father, when he handed it over everything was all right with it i think. he got a 30,000 mile (tuneup?) like thing.

    Last year I was driving on the highway. I pulled over to a rest station. When I was leaving I was curious of my 0-60 time. I was rolling at about 10mph and i firmly pedeled to the metal. Ended up blowing up my radiator. Im not sure if it blew up or if it was pierced. Thats all the mechanic said. (This garage was not my regular one) because i had to drive at least 8 miles to this garage. By the time I arrived steam was spewing from the engine. That was a $650 repair. I had to go back because they didnt tighten the new radiator cap, I believe. The total repair time took about a week.

    Feb 08 my odometer died. No big deal, just thought id let you know.

    The pedal ebrake is also funked up, mainly the release. Everytime I go to the shop it needs to be realligned or something, cuz it always feels different when it leaves. is this normal for an ebrake? this is still happening so any word on that would be great.

    also every once and a while i hear this sound which started in fall 08 and happens now and then to this day. i can best describethe sound as the fan it hitting or rubbing on something. this only happens when i accelerate. ive checked and there never seems to be anything in the way of the fan. hmm....

    Last March I was driving around on a road about 30 MPH and all of a sudden my dash board lights go crazy, air bag then engine and so on and so forth. my ligghts were dim, i had not lights anywhere but it was during the day so nothing bad happened. I didnt know if i were to stop, i wouldnt be able to go again. so luckily the last stop which was about 3.5 miles away, i parked in. unfortunately it was on, id say, a 45 degree angle with the nose of the car pointing up. My alternator died and i drained the battery dry. It sat for at least a month and a half before the battery and alternator were replaced.

    when it was fixed my father picked it up so i didnt talk to the machanic. but my dad informed me of something needing some type of repair, i forget if i was told that the car wouldnt run too much longer before it needs to be repaired. ive kind of dismissed that and didnt recall it until i was writing this.

    few weeks ago i purchased some new break pads and rotors for all 4 tires. they were last replaced 3 years prior to this. i also needed a new rear caliper. ebrake felt realligned but expected for this.

    now, today i noticed the bulb in the middle of the rear axel seems to be leaking something. im not a 100% sure, but thats the transmission box right? so the sounds im hearing are pinging usually from stopped to 1st gear, and 1st to 2nd sometimes. when i drive i hear a weird squeling that reminds me of driving a manual, and releasing too quickly on the clutch, but you guy the gas not to stall, you feel a jerky and load noise that really doesnt sound good. i get that sound sometimes. tonight as i pulled in to park, it like squeled when i came to a stop. kinda like the subway brakes but not as loud and high pitched.

    just to throw out there:

    *when i park in my driveway, its usually backed in (so the nose facing down) on a 45 degree angle
    *i almost always "back in"
    *i dont throw the shift into drive, i go one at a time.
    *i usually drive according to the speed limit and im not a bad driver.
    when i first got the car i used it a couple of times for off roading.
    *i did a figure 8 in a field once, didnt use 4 wheel drive, but it was wet. i skid the whole way so it was good. i dont remember ne thing happening that was bad
    *one time when i first started to drive (little more than a yr ago) on accident i took a corner too quickly, i went over like a small yard bolder. 200lbs or so. i drove over it, i forget what weel hit it, but i dont think any prolems began yet.

    so wow, thats a lot. i know. but i really want to figure out whats going on here. how have the previous posts' repairs worked out. are things working? anyone tell me anything. i want to know it all haha. explore my possibilties, ya know?
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