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    I got the Navi in my Si, I think it was well worth it. Takes a a day or 2 to get used to all the cool stuff you can do. But its awesome, never ever will get lost again, the hands free voice activated system is awesome. ive got all my addys in the system, so all i have to do is say like "Go Home" and it sets up the way home, and you can choose like if you want to avoid freeways to get away from traffic, or just direct route and a bunch other ways. You can even say like "find chinese restaurant" or "find toy store" and it will find you all the closest chinese restaurants or electronics/toy stores, lol. also you can have displayed on the map all the gas stations/atms/shopping centers/restaurants and some others i cant remember. Anyway, im incredibly happy with my navi system and very glad i got it. I was originally looking for one without navi, but decided otherwise.
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    The EX Coupe has a 350 watt, 7 Speaker "High-Tech" Audio System. However, the EX Sedan has a 160 watt, 6 Speaker Audio System.

    Does anyone know what's the difference between the two? Can the Sedan's Audio be upgraded (Dealer, or Self-Install) to match the Coupe's Audio?

  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    Can the Sedan's Audio be upgraded

    Without a doubt, yes! It just depends on how much you want to spend.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    the EX 350 watt system basically adds a powered subwoofer (speaker #7) on the rear deck. The other 6 speakers appear to be the same as in the other models.

    The sedan does not have space for the sub so it is not available on the sedan. However, almost any aftermarket sub would be just fine.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    "The sedan does not have space for the sub so it is not available on the sedan. However, almost any aftermarket sub would be just fine."

    just an fyi, my Si Sedan has the 350 watt system with the powered sub, so it does fit in the sedan.
  • absconfusedabsconfused Member Posts: 73

    Have you gotten any answers yet? I want to know too!

  • themistoclesthemistocles Member Posts: 95
    you can use the pc card slot for SD-RAM, compact flash and other digital media. so you can get digital sound, not a whole lotta crap has adapters for it though
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    ah, interesting. So the sub is the only difference??

    Is that the same as the "Bass Speaker System" that Honda will sell as an Accessory? Seems available only on Sedan, and not on Coupe.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    yes, the sub is the only difference that I can see. now realize I haven't taken one apart, but crawling in the truck of a few before I bought mine tells me it sure appears to be so.

    I believe the accessory Bass Speaker System differs in how it mounts (determined from pics, i've never seen one in person). That would explain the availability of the same in the Si Sedan mentioned earlier, meaning that the Si sedan evidently uses the accessory unit instead of the regular deck-mounted sub for the same end-results. I had totally forgotten about that accessory.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    if it uses a PC card slot, there are adapters that will allow you to use compact flash et al in a pc card slot. Fry's etc sell them for about $20 or less.
  • themistoclesthemistocles Member Posts: 95
    i thot the Si's was like a 350 watt and the standard was a 160 watt
  • jessica_sehsjessica_sehs Member Posts: 13
    Ok thanks :)
  • oranoran Member Posts: 9
    Are there ways to test one's car audio, to get a valid measure of how good or not it is?
    I know there is software to do such a thing but not certain the procedures or if it is even worth the trouble.

    O. STewart
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Has anyone heard of why the IPod music link was discontinued? I read on that it was. Furthermore, when I look at the accessories on the honda web-site I do not see the item listed anymore.

    It seems kind of weird that they would discontinue it unless it wasn't working properly.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    my understanding was that the interface firmware (ipod's)was changing so much that it became impossible to keep up with for Honda.
  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    It all depends on what you want to test. My friend has a car audio shop and they regularly test sound pressure level (SPL). SPL basically measures how much air a speaker moves and it's mainly for testing bass output.

    There are also many other tests pros can do, but the main thing is sound quality and with that "beauty is in the ear of the beholder." ;)
  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    I'll bet for what the genuine Honda accessory costs you could purchase a better amp, sub, and box from a car audio dealer and have it installed. Additionally it will probably outperform the Honda accessory.

    I'll also go way out on a limb and say that just replacing the two rear deck speakers with a good pair of 6x9s or even smaller replacement speakers would probably outperform the addition of the Bass Speaker System that Honda offers. The factory rear deck speakers are IMO a joke.
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    I recently uninstalled the factory stereo (worked fine) and installed an after market Alpine stereo that I took out of my old car (stereo worked fine).

    After uninstalling the factory stereo and installing an after market wiring harness and installing the Alpine I get no juice. I checked all the fuses, I think it was #28 under the dash and fuse #10 under the hood, and the fuses are fine, but still no power.

    I have even reinstalled the factory stereo and it isn't getting juice.

    I rechecked the factory harness and the after market harness for bad wire connections and they are fine.

  • riceburner1riceburner1 Member Posts: 5
    did I miss the boat on this thread or what...Do people reply in another thread or are the replies in another section???
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    If someone can help you, they'll reply here. Meanwhile you might want to use the Search This Discussion feature to see if what you need has already been posted. You can also search all the Civic discussions by going to the Civic group level. That's a really good way to see if what you are looking for has been posted previously in any Civic discussion.
  • hicky20hicky20 Member Posts: 1
    so by getting the bass many watts would it add???

    thanks in advance! hicky20
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    I've never read where Honda claims that the bass system adds any watts.

    The system has what they call a "bass unit" and you can see how it's installed here: m.pdf

    But it may not add any watts---just supposedly improves the bass sound.
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    Hey: question regarding MP3 player. The Honda 2007 LX that I bought has an MP3 input jack. My question is, Can I use either a flash drive or hardrive type MP3 player. i read somewhere, maybe on Cnet that it needs to be hardrive based. Also do I just plug in the MP3 and my audio system recognizes it ? thanks in advance.
  • kork13kork13 Member Posts: 90
    Richy, my Si has the same input jack. All you need is one of those female-female cables that hooks into the headphone jack on the MP3 player (hard drive, flash drive, whatever), then it connects into the input jack. Just switch the radio system to 'Aux' then hit 'Play' on your MP3 player, and off you go. You can get the cable at most electronics stores, it's very common. Works great, though at least with mine, I can always hear a little bit of static -- probably from the cable...
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    kork13, what you may be hearing is the mp3 encoding if done at a low quality compression. I use my mp3 player daily, and even with classical music and the car not moving, the quality is excellent. but they are ripped at the highest possible setting (not vbr) which does eat up space in the player.

    however, some of my "borrowed" files are a bit flakey in quality and don't sound as good. I've used a disk-based player (Creative Zen) as well as IPod varieties with equally excellent results.

    You many need to turn down the volume on the player as some players can overdrive and distort their output. My Creative Zen seems to sound best at about 70-80 of max volume (as shown on the player).

    and yes, you can use any audio source. A computer's audio/headphone output, a TV, whatever. Heck, even an ancient cassette player's headphone jack will let you listen to those wonderful tapes in all their stretched and distorted glory.....

  • richy6richy6 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the information.The reason I asked was that I read that article at Cnet. It might have been a bit dated. I know what you mean though, The button on my audio , is cd/aux. Hey another question. LOL I have noticed that most of the mp3 brands such as Zen, require a monthly membership. But Ipod does not, ie: Itunes. I know I can rip music through limewire etec, but I also like to buy by the song, without the whole membership shtick. Thanks :D
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    the Zen player is just a player, it comes with no strings like membership. I download from itunes, Walmart, Target, Sony, ....anyplace. no memberships whatsoever.

    And unlike Apple products, you don't have to use i-tunes.
  • mcaimlessmcaimless Member Posts: 3
    I am not an audiophile so reading this has me confused. I have some very basic questions: I am purchasing an 06 Civic LX which does not appear to have an auxillary jack to plug my iPod into. I want to plug my player in directly to the stereo since the wireless thingie we use now sucks IMHO. How do I go about getting an AUX jack installed... I do not want to do it myself... do I go to Honda, BestBuy or some other place to have it done-- which one is best? Also I am assuming that a simple AUX will not allow me to control my iPod through the stereo... will it? Thanks!
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    I believe that the 2006 LX has an aux jack because the 2007 LX had one as a standard feature.

    The people over at could confirm that for sure, since they are the experts.

    If it does have an aux jack it should be right under the power outlet on the dash.

    All you would need is a cable from Radio Shack or Wal-Mart to plug it in. And no, you would not be able to control the songs through the car, you'd have to control everything from the IPOD.

    Honda had an Ilink they were selling which would allow one to do this. However, it had problems so they discontinued it.
  • mcaimlessmcaimless Member Posts: 3
    I haven't actually seen the car but looking at the standard specs there is no aux jack mentioned (and yes there is in the 07) so I'm assuming I need to install one.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Ok, well if there is no aux jack, a few companies make devices which connect into the port on the back of the factory stereo that Honda uses to connect a cassette player or a 8 disc CD changer.

    However, they are expensive, like $150 before install. I see one on

    I think you're better off just going to a place like Best Buy or Circuit City and getting the factory unit replaced altogether with one that has it's own aux jack so you can plug in your Ipod. I see one on Circuit City for $99 with free install for example.

    Pioneer DEH-1900MP In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA Player

    Plus you should get better sound than the factory system that comes with the LX. In my opinion it's silly to spend a lot of money just to add an aux jack to a factory system.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    even if you can't plug in an MP3 players, you can make a bunch of mp3 CDs since the dsk player will play them. A single MP3 disk can hold a lot of tunes.
  • mcaimlessmcaimless Member Posts: 3
    Thank you, this is exactly the information I needed!
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    The '06 LX's have no aux jack that is standard on the '07 LX's, a big faux pas by Honda. Very surprising oversight by Honda.

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • ajayhereajayhere Member Posts: 1
    I tried to plug in my Sandisk mp3 player through a cable into the Aux jack. This does not work for me.
    Is the Aux jack only for Ipod's???
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    It should work with anything that outputs into a mini plug.

    Here's a couple of troubleshoots:

    Select aux on your car receiver.
    Plug in your patch cord to the aux jack and to your mp3 player.
    Turn the volume up as loud as possible on your car receiver to make sure you are not hearing anything.
    If no sound through the car, immediately unplug the patch cord from the mp3 player and plug in a headphone and listen to make sure the mp3 player is playing properly.

    If you get through these steps, either your patch cord is bad or the aux jack on your car is broken. If the aux jack is broken, you'll need to take it in for service.

    Good luck.
  • kyotekyote Member Posts: 28
    ">link titleI have my little Sirius plug and play unit in the 08 and it works good. But I found this and wondering if it may also work. Jet1000 or others that know alot about radios, do you think it may work in the Civic? Here is the link. nbr=2640&siId=2482698&catParentID=24750&scId=24750

    If you click on User Manual under support, if give lots of information but I can not understand it.

    Thank much.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    I found this and wondering if it may also work.

    This wouldn't work with any standard Honda stereo, because Honda stereo's aren't compatible with Sirius tuners at all. They are exclusive to XM.

    So if you keep your Honda factory stereo, you'll just have to use the aux jack with your plug and play unit.
  • allcarsrcoolallcarsrcool Member Posts: 113
    I heard that on the civic you can enter a custom message on the radio display? Is that just a rumor or can you actually do that? I have an 07 civic hybrid and cannot figure out how to do it!
    Please Help
  • error438error438 Member Posts: 17
    I have CD's that are brand new (from a store) that randomly skip, even if my civic isn't moving. they don't skip in any other cd player at my house, so it is my cd player. i can't make it happen, so i know it won't happen at the dealer if i bring it in. is there any know problem for this? It seems like it's the CD's with the song info, but i don't know if that makes a difference.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    i can't make it happen, so i know it won't happen at the dealer if i bring it in.

    If you Civic is still under warranty just bring it in and explain the problem. Chances are they'll replace the CD player because Honda will pay them even if you can't duplicate the problem while they are there.

    If they give you any trouble, just go to another Honda dealer---somebody will do the work because it's more money for their service department.

    Chances are they'll trust what you're saying because one really wouldn't have any reason to make such a story if they were only going to get the same unit replaced.
  • ottomationottomation Member Posts: 2
    We have just purchased a Civic Ex Coupe and we would like to have XM radio capabilities. The XM radio from Honda is over $500. I'm guessing the advantage is that it installs seamlessly with the factory stereo. If you purchase a third party head unit, will you lose the audio controls on the steering wheel? Will it make a mess of your dashboard? Anyone have any ideas on this? I'm wondering if it is just worth it to spend the bucks and get the Honda unit. Thanks in advance.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    No it will make it look more like a navigation equipped model. There is a device that can integrate the aftermarket stereo with the steering wheel controls. Some people use the Navigation model dash panel to fit an aftermarket unit but other companies make a similar model. Brackets and other stuff is needed. Also you will need 2 harnesses. The 2nd metra harness needs to be soldered on to a Stereo composite cable to work with the amp. Then you add XM. If you just want the XM then the factory unit isn't such a bad idea.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    The XM radio from Honda is over $500. I'm guessing the advantage is that it installs seamlessly with the factory stereo. If you purchase a third party head unit, will you lose the audio controls on the steering wheel? Will it make a mess of your dashboard?

    First of all, you can probably do the Honda unit for less than $500. College Hills Honda sells it for $227: nics.htm

    You could buy it from them and call around and find whichever local dealer would install it for the lowest price.

    The other option is to leave your Honda head unit installed and get an XM add on unit such as the ones listed here:

    The most expensive one is only $170 and it has things the honda unit wouldn't do, such as allowing you to pause and rewind up to one hour of music (like a TiVo). Also it has a much nicer display for showing the song titles and artists. The Honda Head Unit has to scroll through song titles and artists where as these displays show everything on one screen at one time.

    You can talk to a local stereo installer about where it could be placed so it won't mess up your dash. I've seen some people mount them behind the gear shifter in that cubby area.

    The third option as you mentioned is to replace the whole head unit with an aftermarket that is XM Ready. You could do that if you don't like the sound you're getting from your Honda head unit currently. I've heard they can still get the steering wheel controls to work with an aftermarket. One way is to wire an infrared transmitter to the center console and the steering wheel controls can send signals to your aftermarket deck through that. Again check with your installer who knows his stuff about that.

    Good luck.
  • kyotekyote Member Posts: 28
    Hey Jet. Please check out this link and the posts by Webman12 dated 11/16 to 11/24. I have seen Webman posts on other forums and he seems to know his stuff. Perhaps we may yet get a Sirius option other than Plug and Play. And the price is great. Would be interested in your thoughts, thanks.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Hi Kyote,

    Thanks for the link. Having had both XM and Sirius, I prefer Sirius. There's been rumors of an adapter for Sirius to work with Hondas for over two years. I had sort of given up as the release dates have been pushed back numerous times.

    It looks like this could be finally released. The item just won an award, so it must have been in operation enough to be tested:

    Total price appears to be around $150. Here's a link to The Sirius Store which is not selling them yet, but has an alert you can sign up to: 08.html

    Part one is the tuner box which connects to a rooftop antenna (which is included in the package) and connects to the adapter.

    Part two is the adapter which connects to the tuner and to the back of the Honda head unit.

    It's definitely a better price than the $227 I found for the Honda XM unit.
  • kyotekyote Member Posts: 28
    Hey Jet,
    Thanks for the reply and the links. I added myself to the TSS alert list. This is a great option!! I also like SIRIUS better than XM. Right now I have a SIRIUS plug and play unit. On the antenna, I just mounted it under the rear speaker shelf and it works really well. I like this option better than putting it on the car roof. On other cars I have mounted the antenna on the roof and end up with just a lttle scratching and paint discoloration after a few years. Just wanted to mention that.

    I sure know what Iam asking Santa for this year!
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Yes, the antenna mount on the speaker shelf works pretty good. They still haven't figured out how to get those antennas on the roof to stop sliding around during a car wash and scratching the paint.

    Since you've already got it mounted, you should be able to keep your same antenna with the new Sirius tuner. Sirius uses pretty much the same antenna connector for all of their radios.

    Here's the link to a PDF file for the Honda XM add on. You can follow part of it to install the Sirius unit. It shows how to take apart the dash properly to get to the jack in the back of the Honda head unit. I'm sure that's the same jack that the XM add-on plugs into.

    Good luck. If you get it up and running, please post your results here!
  • mrchasehughesmrchasehughes Member Posts: 1
    hello there, new to the form and liking it. i was about replace all of my speakers in the vehicle and was wondering what sizes they were. i looked in the manual, and all my books i have even searched alittle online with no success. if anyone knows what the speaker specs are it would be awesome for a reply. Thanks a lot!
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    i was about replace all of my speakers in the vehicle and was wondering what sizes they were. i looked in the manual, and all my books i have even searched alittle online with no success. if anyone knows what the speaker specs are it would be awesome for a reply.

    You didn't mention what model or trim of your car you have. But I went to and for my 2008 Civid Sedan it says, 6 1/2" round speakers are the largest that will fit in both the front and the rear. Go there and check your model and then click on the car name and it will tell you the speaker dimensions.
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