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    I just bought my baby and I love her but I am tearing my hair out because I want so very much to take advantage of the XM Ready feature. I have read and been told that to access this it will be "as easy as installing a module and antenna" to "it'll be about $800-$900 because Honda has to do it. Now I know Honda doesn't "have to" do the instal but who can I call to get the proper kit to install into my civic to change it from "XM Ready" to full-on "XM"???? I have tried to price, been to Fry's, Best Buy, Circut City, every little stereo shop I can find and like I said, I'm tearing my hair out in frustration... I really dont want to have to use my portable XM when my car is "supposedly" XM ready (whatever that means!) HELP!!
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    who can I call to get the proper kit to install into my civic to change it from "XM Ready" to full-on "XM"????

    Just order it from College Hills Honda for a mere $231. You can also download the instruction manual from their website. When reading the manual, you can see if it's something you can install on your own or if you want to pay a local stereo shop for labor.

    Here's the link: - - nics.htm

    Installation manual:
  • qtpietruittqtpietruitt Member Posts: 3
    thank you sooooooo much!! looks like it's pretty easy to install. now i dont have to go bald!!! qt
  • qtpietruittqtpietruitt Member Posts: 3
    one other question.... i have noticed that the antenna is to be applied to the INSIDE of the windshield???? is there another antenna I can buy to use instead?? I really dont wanna put anything permanent on the windshield I dont have to.... I know the antenna that I had for my integra was magnetized to the roof of the car.... is there something available like that??
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    I know the antenna that I had for my integra was magnetized to the roof of the car....

    They sell XM antennas that are magnetized that go on the roof of the car for plug and play units. It's possible that those would plug into the antenna slot on the tuner box in this kit. If you can't find someone who knows for sure, you may just have to order this unit and test it with a plug and play antenna when it arrives. Otherwise, you'll just have to mount the standard antenna on the windshield.
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    My son has an '07 Si. I am concerned that he spends too much time fiddling with his IPOD. Is the $375 Honda upgrade to link to the audio system worth it? Are there other better alternatives?
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    Is the $375 Honda upgrade to link to the audio system worth it? Are there other altenratives?

    I think Honda discontinued their civic IPOD link last year when they were having trouble with the software.

    The alternative is to get an aftermarket deck at a place like circuit city. They have decks with accessories for attaching into the Ipod dock. You plug the ipod in once you get into the car. Then he can control the ipod through the in dash controls and not have to try to control the Ipod through it's little screen.
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    After changing the battery on my 2000 civic, I need the radio code to reset the audio system. I did not get the code when I bought the car used. Dealer wants $100 to remove the stereo from the dash to get the serial #, which seems ridiculous. Said they could not get it from the VIN. Any suggestions?
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    The Sandman :)
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    Have you registered your Honda yet on the owner-link site?

    After I registered, on my car it gave me a link to get my radio code. However, along with the VIN number it did require the serial number from the unit as well.

    Here's what it says on that:

    "For certain models, the dealer may have placed a label with the device serial number on the glove box.

    For year 2001 and later models, you may obtain the serial number from the device display. This procedure is detailed in the device’s manual.

    For models earlier than 2001, the serial number is located on the back of the device. This will require a trip to the dealer to obtain the number. "

    So it does confirm what the dealer is saying about removing the unit on your 2000 to get the serial number. I'd open the glove box and double check the outside panels and interior panels of the glove box to make sure there is no label giving the serial number.

    If not, then if you take your vehicle to a local stereo shop, I'm sure they'd remove it for you and get the serial number for a lot less than $100.
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    I've had my civic for a few months now, and I've noticed that the bass on the stereo is really quite good on my regular CDs, MP3 CDs, and Auxiliary input, and the Radio at low volume levels (lower than 15 volume level). However, above 15 it seems that the bass is locked and does not increase with the level of the volume. It seems very much akin to sound-leveling that's used on TVs, so as not to blow the speakers. On TV's it can be disabled, but the stereo doesn't have an option to disable it.

    1. Has anyone else here noticed this issue? It's been posted upon here:
    2. Is there a workaround that doesn't involve me buying a separate subwoofer that takes up unnecessary trunk space?
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    2. Is there a workaround that doesn't involve me buying a separate subwoofer that takes up unnecessary trunk space?

    Have you considered the Bass System kit that Honda sells for the Civic: nics.htm

    (Scroll down to see it.)

    It replaces your existing speakers and thus you don't lose any trunk room to a subwoofer.
  • tiger72tiger72 Member Posts: 21
    I've thought about it fairly seriously, and a couple days ago I asked my cousin with an EX to test the radio on their system. Seems that this Bass System Kit does help, but it still doesn't explain why the bass is just fine on the existing speakers when playing a CD, but sounds bad with the radio. I feel pretty short-changed on that.
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    I found 6 digit code in glove compartment but some of the digits are higher then 6 on the radio the digits go up to 6.
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    Just got a 2008 Civic LX for my son. (Though I'm finding it difficult to get my wife out of it since we got the LX, she loves the car. :-) )

    We live in an area where radio reception can be marginal....we're not remote, but have mountains in the area that cause the problems. The Civic appears to handle it a bit worse than our other two cars.

    Is there a simple way to improve radio reception in the Civic?

    Thanks in advance....
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    Is there a simple way to improve radio reception in the Civic?

    It's not really an answer to your question, but I use Sirius satellite radio when I'm driving in areas like that and get perfect reception. The satellite radio plugs into the aux jack of the Civic.

    I can get far more stations and don't have to worry about static interference from the mountains.
  • redflearedflea Member Posts: 25
    Thanks.... :-) Not planning on going to Sirius or XM as we don't spend enough time in the car to make it worthwhile, and radio reception at home is fine.

    Appreciate it if anyone else has any ideas on this. Thanks.
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    My daughter has the LX which doesn't have allow for the XM upgrade. Is there way to replace the entire head to get this built in look. Does someone make an after market unit that would have XM built in to the head unit? :confuse:
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    Is there way to replace the entire head to get this built in look. Does someone make an after market unit that would have XM built in to the head unit?

    Sure. Because most after market head units are the standard rectangular shape, they make a dash adapter for the Honda Civic. It is color matched to the Civic dashboard and it allows a regular rectangular after-market unit to be installed in it's opening.

    Here's a picture, so you can visualize how it would fit onto the Civic dashboard.

    As you can see, it's got openings to fit around the climate control knobs and buttons and one of the vents.

    Unless, you get a really large after-market deck, generally, it will only take up half of the stereo opening, so the "pocket" that you see in the picture can be installed underneath the deck, so that there's added storage space for CD's or whatever.

    Now as far as the head unit itself goes, they make plenty of head units that are satellite radio ready such as this one at circuit city: m/oid/203022/catOid/-13089/rpem/ccd/

    The actual satellite tuner is sold separately, but when they install it, they install it in a hidden place and plug it into the head unit. All of the satellite stations are controlled through the head unit and the titles will be displayed on the head unit display.

    Hopefully that answers your questions.
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    My 2008 Civic gets horrible AM radio reception when the car is running. (FM isn't exactly great, either.) The AM reception is fine once the engine is turned off. Is this normal? The dealer seemed stumped when I inquired.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    My 2008 Civic gets horrible AM radio reception when the car is running. (FM isn't exactly great, either.) The AM reception is fine once the engine is turned off. Is this normal?

    I have a 2008 with the Navigation stereo and I get both AM and FM bands really well. I do live in a metropolitan area, so I don't know if you're trying to pick up some stations at a distance. But I haven't encountered anything such as the issue you have described.
  • civictorycivictory Member Posts: 73

    I also live in a large metropolitan area, so it's not the distance. My other car gets great reception, as did my previous Civic.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Well, if that's the case, I'd definitely take it back to the dealer, turn the engine on have them listen and tell them to fix it or replace it.
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    I purchased a 2008 Civic on June 30 and am running into the exact same problem. Does your car have any tinting? I've read where metalized tinting could cause problems. I wish I had listened to the radio more before I had the tinting installed to know for sure. I'm afraid I'm going to get caught between the dealership and my tinting guy pointing fingers.
  • civictorycivictory Member Posts: 73
    Yes, that's one of the things the dealer mentioned as a possible explanation. However, my tint was installed by the dealer; and according to them, they don't use metalized tint.

    If your tint was installed somewhere else, that might explain it. You might ask them if their tint is metalized or not. (I'm not even sure what that really means.)

    Does your AM reception get better if you turn your car off? My AM reception is great as long as the engine isn't running. That makes me think it's something other than the tint.

    One thing I intend to do, but haven't yet, is go to the dealer and check out radio reception on the lot, to see how mine compares to other Civics. I suppose it's possible that the factory-installed stereo is just inferior.

    Please post anything you find out. Thanks!
  • bluecivicbluecivic Member Posts: 3
    Yes, the interference disappears completely when the engine is off. That's good to know that you have dealer installed tint and have the same problem. I can accept weak reception because of a cheap factory radio but interference has to be a problem.

    So, who's going to be the first to try to get the dealer to fix it? :D
  • bluecivicbluecivic Member Posts: 3
    In my case it was definitely the tint. I had the dealer look into it when I went to pick up my tags and they said it was definitely the tint. The service guy pointed out the entry points for the antennae on the back window. Next I went to my tinting guy who was disbelieving. A bit awkward at first but it had to be checked out. First I had him only remove the top section of tint that was over the antennae to see if it was because the tint was in contact with the antennae. The interference changed slightly but it didn't go away. When he removed the rest of it, it went away completely. I go back Wednesday to have him put non-metallized tint. Hopefully, the interference won't return.

    Hope this helps. Good luck on your situation.
  • civictorycivictory Member Posts: 73
    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you corrected your problem.

    I haven't made it in to the dealer, yet; but your experience definitely gives me somewhere to start. I can't imagine that the dealer would put metalized tint on, but who knows?
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    "I can't imagine that the dealer would put metalized tint on, but who knows?"

    most dealers subcontract this out, and probably have no clue as to what is applied.

    My dealer has had to pay for over a dozen new rear windshields due to their (at that time) tint installer cutting the lines for the rear defroster.....
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    I purchased my 2008 Civic Coupe EX-L-Nav one month ago and the AM reception is so poor that it is not tolerable to listen to. I took it to my dealership with other issues besides the radio, the service advisor said others have been complaining about AM reception. They said they would pull the head unit and check all connections, they found nothing. It seems to me to be a combination of things, the first is either an insufficient AM antenna or poor placement. The bigger source of the problem seems to be in the electrical system, each additional electrical component turned on generates even more static on AM stations. For example, put on an AM station then turn on the rear-window defogger, it introduces more static. Seems like Honda needs to provide a filter on the power feed to the radio.
    For most people I realize this isn't a problem, but this Civic was purchase for one reason, a gas-miser commute vehicle for my two hour daily commute. The AM talk radio for two hours is my daily dump of the news. If Honda is unwilling to provide a fix, they should offer to provide free XM subscription so we can at least tune into the syndicated talk shows.
  • civictorycivictory Member Posts: 73
    Thanks for continuing to post on this topic. I've been unable to find a solution, so far, to the AM reception problem. If anyone finds a solution, please post it here. (Metallic window tint does not seem to be the source of my problem.)
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    Hi, everybody I just bought a car a 2005 Honda CIVIC EX COUPE the battery died. As a security precaution the radio is shut off and you have to enter a 5 digit code in order to get the radio working again. I cannot find the code, and the dealer wants to charge me $45.00 to take out the radio. Any other alternatives or code info?? COULD anybody help me find the code please?????? serial# U2607L4138 and VIN# 1GHEM22975L075724
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    hi everyone,
    I have a 2003 honda civic and last summer my a/c was blowing cold air for just 20 minutes and after the car being sitting for a while the a/c will work again. Now my a/c don't work at all, the compressor clutch doesn't engage, it will engage if I jump wire it at the relay in the hood fuse box, this is as far I went troubleshooting it.
    Can somone tell me what else is going on with the car, or at least give in idea what else can be wrong with it.
    thank you
  • jonesbb630jonesbb630 Member Posts: 31
    Same thing happened to me and dealer wanted $80 for same. The only thing they do I believe is check the serial # of the radio, call Honda and get the code for you. I believe the only way is going through a dealer. This is to protect you. You should have the credit card size card with the code on it. If you can do a trace on who the original owner of the car was, he may still have the card. If not, 45$ sounds cheap to me coming from a dealer.

    Good luck
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    I have a 2001 Civic with basic radio/tape/CD. The alternator and voltage regulator failed and caused several code, including the SRS fault. When this happened the radio reception became very bad. Now the alternator and voltage regulator have been replace, all error lights are off but the radio still stinks. There are no error codes on the radio either. CD and tape player work fine.
    Is there some sort of reset code needed?
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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone tried the Apple ipod nano 4th generation and is it supported and does it charge through the USB port in the 2009 Civic EX+navigation?

    Also, I have a Sony Ericsson phone W595 and when I plug it into the USB port, it charges but the audio/navigation system says that it's not supported, any idea? The phone does connect through bluetooth for phone-calls.

    What other solutions are there to connect those devices into the already existing audio/navigation system? I would prefer solutions that will not require me to use the ipod/phone to play music.

  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076

    The USB iPod feature does support your iPod. Just plug in your iPod using the the USB cable and enjoy the music. You can use USB thumb drives. Those work great. You can get a 4 GB model for real cheap. The USB port fully integrates the iPod so it works just like an iPod. Hope this helps.;
  • shalevyshalevy Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply.

    I was wondering specifically about the 4th generation ipod nano. The reason is that it is not listed as one of the supported ipods (only 1st, 2nd, 3rd and listed).
    I tried the new ipod shuffle and it doesn't work - says unsupported. And my phone doesn't work as well. Which means that not all USB thumbs, or ipods works.

    So if anyone has an ipod nano 4th generation and can test it on the USB interface of the 2009 EX+navigation and can confirm that it charge and plays, please reply.

    Thanks again.
  • rv65rv65 Member Posts: 1,076
    All I can say is that it should work just fine. Honda and their supplier made sure it works just fine. All the other USB ports work with the 4th gen nano. Shuffles aren't compatible with the system. Only 5th gen and up iPods. All nanos should work just fine. It should charge and play since it uses USB. Also make sure your nano's firmware is up to date. That might help.
  • biffbannikbiffbannik Member Posts: 1
    Thought I'd bump this.

    Having the same issue myself with my new 2009 Civic. Very poor AM reception (FM is fine), particularly once I get out of the urban area I work in and out into the rural area where I live. Unlistenable. The AM is fine in my 2001 Civic.

    The receptions get even worse if I turn on my side mirror defrosters. I haven't tried the recepetion with the engine off yet, which some people have suggested I try.

    I do have a rear tint, but it is a non-metallic tint according to the dealer.

    Very frustrating, as they are working with Honda Canada to resolve it, but HC doesn't seem to think there is a problem.

    I've seem a suggested solution that it is caused by a poor grounding of the antenna cable, either at the point of contact with the antenna or along one of the 4(?) sections of antenna wire which are individually grounded.

    Anyone successful in getting this resolved?

  • civictorycivictory Member Posts: 73

    I never did resolve my reception problem. My local Honda dealer is dumbfounded and/or in denial (depending on who you talk to). Like you, I've been told my tint is non-metallic.

    I haven't pushed the issue at all with Honda. It seems like more trouble than it's really worth to me. My wife drives our Civic, and she generally doesn't listen to AM stations.

    If you ever find a solution to this problem, please post it. I'll do the same.

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    i have a 2006 honda civic (4 doors). I purchased a jvc portable hd radio receiver (KT-HDp1) that can be connected to the car's aux port. it came with a car kit (KV-K1017). i need to install the connector unit to the car's radio antenna. does anyone know how i can get to the the area where the car's antenna connector is?
    thanks in advance.
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    does anyone know how i can get to the the area where the car's antenna connector is?

    These are Honda instructions for installing the XM Radio kit. It contains more info than you need but it should give you the directions to get to the antenna connector.
  • farchfarch Member Posts: 2
    thanks for the info!
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    pop up after battery changeout????
  • trav6trav6 Member Posts: 18
    and radio will not play or cd,help would be grateful
  • trav6trav6 Member Posts: 18
  • trav6trav6 Member Posts: 18
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    Ok i was putting in a new stereo in my GF's car and i did all the wiring write but it wont turn on. i know that the constant 12v+ is working cause i made it spark but for some reason the switched 12v+ isnt energized in any position even when the car is on which is wierd. we heard a sound from the head unit so we put a disc in and it inserted it but the face plate will not turn on and i checked to see if the switched wire would spark and nothing at all so i am not really sure wear to start looking to fix this problem. Could it be the ignition switch or a blown fuse maybe i am not sure. And if i cant find out what is wrong with it is there a way i can rig it to stay on all the time. Thanks for any help on this topic
  • jet10000jet10000 Member Posts: 656
    Yes, get a fuse tester and check the fuses. If you look at the diagram on the fuse box door it usually says which fuse is connected to the stereo power.
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