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Honda Civic Audio Questions

patpat Posts: 10,421
Let's talk about Civic audio issues here.


  • Can anyone help me?? I have an 06 Civic LX. It came factory with a nice radio, but I needed RCA outputs. I bought the factory DX dash pieces as suggested to fit the Alpine that I bought and it fits like a glove...BUT... I NEED A WIRING HARNESS!! I really and truly hate to splice the wiring. Can anyone help me?
  • Try Crutchfield's. They ususally have wireing harnesses that will interface with the orginal connectors.
  • redexredex Posts: 1
    just wondering if anyone knows if a 2006 civic EX coupe come with a ipod adaptor that goes in the glove compartment?

  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    It should be the standard with all EX vehicle. ;)
  • mrcavemanmrcaveman Posts: 17
    Hi everyone. I have a 2006 LX and noticed the cd player does not read the folders I created for my mp3 music correctly. Exam: I created six folders named 01,02,03,04,05 and 06. Each have their on songs. When I put in the cd and it reads the data it thinks I have folders named 04,05,06,07,08 etc. It never shows folder 01, or 02 etc. I have made six different cd's now changing the folder names to 001,002 etc as computers like the number system. Although it never reads the folders correctly, it plays each folder and every song just fine. What's up. Anyone having this problem. I didn't want to complain to the dealer if there is a solution to this problem. Thanks all

  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Find car stereo store, 90% of the time they have the harness. Due to the rule of this forum. :( I know a good website that have step by step into installation of it. Sorry, do a google search. ;)
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Another review blasts it as junk:
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    After a week of ownership, I really love the car. The only complaint would be the radio. My '03 Sentra's was much better, but it also had tweeters placed in the A pillars, a much better place for them. Already swaped out the door speakers with a tweeter within the speaker and though it does sound somewhat better, I wish it had more power. Will talk to my stereo guy to see how we can get better sound & power in the upper part of the cabin.
    The window tint looks great with the Galaxy Gray color, and I even got the lightest tint available. It does cut the heat down dramatically. Now to find a sunshade that fits the windshield.

    The Sandman :)
  • kero1kero1 Posts: 154

    How hard was it to replace the door speakers. I saw some instructions, it did not look that hard but kind of a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]?

    How long did it take to do one door? Did you need anything special other than normal tools?

  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Curious, have you play with your right radio control nob. It control the balance and beat of the sound systems. It took me a week to figure it out :P Funny thing, I just notice my arm rest could move in and out when I enhance more gadget into my car. :P
  • frank209frank209 Posts: 5
    What kind of cable do I need to hook up a 30gb video Ipod to a 2006 Civic EX? I have tried Bestbuy and Compusa and no one could help. Thanks.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    So I like the Coupe Sound System, but prefer the Sedan. I want Navi and XM, but want more power. Is there any third party AMP and speaker options I can do while retaining the factory head unit so I can get more umph, power and bass in the car?
  • perezrperezr Posts: 7
    It's a 1/8" mini-stereo plug (male) to a 1/8" mini-stereo plug (male).

    If you look at your iPod's headphone plug, it will be a cable with the same plug on both ends.
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Sorry, No to the head unit. Yes, there is third party AMP and speaker. You have to splice the wire for the third party system. The reason is, because Honda want you to buy there products. :P

    P.S. Don't make it too powerful. I found out someone crack his trunk hood other day.If you do it. Make sure you sound proof the area where the speaker is. ;)
  • buffylxbuffylx Posts: 2

    You might interested to know that the speakers in the new Civic are cheap plastic and the mounting holes are horseshoe shaped so that aftermarket speakers do not fit. I discovered a method to install good quality speakers without modifying the Honda. Plus addition of a powered subwoofer. Details are here:- Part 1. Part3 shows the subwoofer design.
  • nostrom0nostrom0 Posts: 44
    go to
    There is an adapter box which is installed under the dash. One side has an ipod dock connector and the other side connects to the cd-changer input of the head unit. I installed it myself, but you can just as easily take the whole unit to a car stereo shop for installation.

  • hangaralf1hangaralf1 Posts: 107
    i, like all of you, can't stand the sound..
    so i went to my autosound guy and he's hooked me up with DLS speakers (anybody know anything about them?) a kicker amp, kicker 10" bass, a speaker to RCA adapter (Since at this point i'm keeping the stock head unit), a remote power adapter and a befuddling diagram to install it all. (befuddling more because i'm not sure of what i'm doing but too cheap to pay anyone else).

    the present plan is to amp the rear deck speakers and the woofer in the trunk, replace the stock ones in the front and just run them off the head unit for now.

    i installed the rear speakers using a wooden ring that i cut out of 5/8" plywood. (The DLS magnets were bigger than those pioneers in that link and as such would not have worked with his method - at least not based on rough observation) i screwed the speakers to the wood and the wood to the deck. i got three solid screws through the deck into the wood (get your mind out of the gutter).

    i don't know why but the sound i'm getting out of the unamplified DLS speakers has no where near the volume of the stock- good but not loud. i checked the leads and the positive and the negatives are where they are supposed to be according to the service manual. is the magnet too big and needs to be amped?

    something else that you should know - the front door speakers are exposed to the "elements" - that is, they get wet when it rains. i believed it was designed to do that since there are rubber gaskets on the stock speaker frames - it's actually part of the seal for the inner part of the door. i found this out after i took the door apart after a rain. the drivers were all wet. any ideas for getting around that (without cutting sheet metal)?
  • Most aftermarket speakers (I've never heard of DLS) will need more power than your OEM radio can deliver. You will either need to amp it or get a new aftermarket head unit with more power.

  • mammy7mammy7 Posts: 9
    hello nostrom0 (or anyone),
    i just bought an ipod adapter for the honda civic radio aux port ( i'm going to install it myself but i'm having trouble getting info on how to remove the panel to get to the radio. can you share how you did it? preferably with photos but anyway you like.

  • What year of Civic? If you go to this link over on College Hills Honda's website, they have the instructions for installing the Honda MusicLink on a 2006 Civic Sedan, which includes the steps needed to take apart the dash.

    If yours is a different model or year, you can probably find some other electronic accessory on their website, which includes the dash disassembly instructions.
  • mammy7mammy7 Posts: 9
    sorry, 2006. these college hills pdfs seem a bit more involved than what i need since they're explaning the installation of something more involved. all i need is to pull the radio out and plug in an adapter and put it back. i might be able to figure it out based on these diagrams but i'm hoping for simpler instruction and hopefully photos to make the visual more explicit. this might work if photos don't exists. thanks.
  • You essentially need to remove the two bolts from the under side of the dash, and pry off the front faceplate, which has 10 clips around the perimeter (4 top, 4 bottom, and one on each side, about 1/3 of the way up), and nothing really good to grab onto for help with doing that. Some rather resourceful people have used hemostats to hold the clips compressed, as they work their way around the faceplate. Once that's off, there's somewhere around 8 wiring connectors that you'll have to maneuver around, until you figure out where your new harness plugs in.
  • mammy7mammy7 Posts: 9
    seems like the cassette player instructions on the college hills site seems most direct to my needs. i assume it's necessary to remove the dashboard lower cover in order to remove the front faceplate which will expose the radio. then i'll probably be able to unscrew the radio, plug in the adapter in the back of the radio, position the ipod adapter, snake through the ipod cable somewhere, then put back the front faceplate, then dashboard lower cover.

    does this sound right? if so, your info and the college hills site schematics should be enough to get me through.

  • Yep, sounds right. Stinks that you have to take most of the dashboard apart, just to snake one cable to a plug in the back of the radio.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could just remove the glovebox, and reach around to the back of the unit, and plug the stinker in?
  • mammy7mammy7 Posts: 9
    thanks a lot for your help, dewaltdakota.
  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    Wooow! I think I'm a bit too late to help. First, DX,LX don't have MP3 Jack. The EX do have a auxilary jack. But the the 6-pin connector (blue) for the auxilary jack is located behind the center console. That 6-pin connector connected to your radio system. It control your auxilary (second, third source gadget.) All you do is pull the center console and used that 6-pin connector.

    Don't waste your time pulling all other console part, because you don't need it. :P

    The cable you could purchase at dealership. Some of the people at dealership don't know much, just beware of it :D

    The other option is spice to the 6-pin connector (blue)

    Feel free to asked for detail explanation or pic. :shades:
  • mammy7mammy7 Posts: 9
    thanks. not too late. please do provide a detailed explanation and picts. what do i have to do to get access to this connector? what do i have to remove to get to it? do you know if there is an aftermarket adapter from 6-pin to ipod or do i have to go to the dealer?

  • doan4udoan4u Posts: 105
    I will have a detail explanation and pic. by this Sat. I sworn I have post a some ideas of removing it and aux. jack setup on this forum somwhere :confuse:

    Honesty, I don't know the aftermarket adapter is avaliable for market. I seen peoples more splicing and T-tap the harnest. I think you could purchase a single 6-pin from dealership. Because I purchase extra radio harnest last month. :P
  • mammy7mammy7 Posts: 9
    thanks a lot for your help. this is the first i've heard of an existing adapter that's more accessible than the back of the radio. look forward to your post on saturday.
  • Sorry mammy7, I thought you were wanting to use the adapter which gives you control of the iPod through your vehicle's stereo. I guess I got distracted by someone else's mention of the aftermarket dock connector.

    If you're simply looking to add the aux jack, then you can order it directly from College Hills Honda, or buy it from your dealer. The part number is 08A60-SNA-100, and you can check out the installation instructions here.
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