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  • danielrdanielr Member Posts: 8

    My PocketDock came over the holidays. It is a solidly made, compact device. It works exactly as advertised and the sound is great. I experienced no noise or interference. You control the volume with the Civic's controls - either the regular knob or the volume control on the steering wheel. To control the other iPod functions (skip, menu, etc.) you must use the iPod itself. One quirk, while your iPod is connected to the car, it remains powered on at all times even when the car is off.

    This solution works perfectly for me - a good mix of function and cost.

  • nicholc2nicholc2 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a Civic w/Navi. It is XM ready, but I am a Sirius lover and won't change companies. I use a portable unit. I would love to be able to use the antenna that is already run to the navi with my Sirius unit.


    1) Can I unhook the XM sat antenna from the back of the navi? If so, how do I get to it?
    2) If answer to 1 is yes, will the antenna connector work on my Sirius unit? (ie, is it a standard connector?)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • boolittlekboolittlek Member Posts: 1
    I'd like to know this as well. Most of the sites I've checked list aftermarket CD receivers as not fitting my 2007 LX sedan. Crutchfield lists them as fitting, but they've designated installation kits as 2006-up. Is there any difference in the audio portion of the dash between a 2006 LX and a 2007 (i.e., can I install an aftermarket stereo in an 07 using an 06 kit?)? If so, when do stores generally update their fit requirements? If not, when do manufacturers generally release updated kits? Thanks very much for the help.
  • hashdoghashdog Member Posts: 4
    I have just purchased an '07 Civic with the Musiclink option. I have found that level 1.3 of the TTS software is not fully compatible with the iTunes level that I have, but was able to work around this problem by manually sync'ing all of the playlists that the TTS software creates. My biggest problem now is the fact that my system does not always play the songs I expect.
    example - If I have the following artists loaded on my iPod -
    The Beatles
    Bona Fide
    Buddy Guy

    The iPod puts them in that order. The TTS software from Honda counts 'The Beatles' as a 'T' artist, instead of a 'B'. So, when the system lists off the 'B' artists, if I select 'Bona Fide', I get 'The Beatles'.

    The same applies to album names (for instance, 'The City' is under 'C' for the iPod, but under 'T' for the Honda TTS software).
    Definitely needs some work. :(
  • brw115brw115 Member Posts: 13
    Okay, I just purchased this 2007 Civic EX w/o Navigation and I am clueless as to what audio options I am supposed to have. I would like to use my wife's IPOD in the car and possibly add a portable XM Radio but have no idea what accessories I need to add or how to add them. Honda dealership is not an option. Can anyone tell me what is needed to hook an IPOD into the audio connection in the Civic EX and what I should do to install a Delphi Roady XT radio I was given. Any other options for improving the stereo in the Civic EX? :)
  • hashdoghashdog Member Posts: 4
    There are two ways to hook up an iPod that I know of. The first, and simplest is to simply get a cable to connect to the jack in the front (just below the cigarette lighter/power). This cable connects to the headphone out on the iPod. This will allow you to play the iPod thru the radio, but you have to control the music playing by changing it on the iPod.
    The second method is to buy the musiclink cable from Honda. This costs around $399. It routes the cable from the back of the stereo to the glove box. You put the iPod in the glove box, and the cable connects to the port on the iPod (not the headphone jack). When you use this method you can control the music being played by a combination of the controls on the radio, and on the steering wheel.
    More information is available about this at link title. There are some problems with this setup, mainly due to bugs in the software controlling the iPod. This software is called 'Honda TTS'.
  • brw115brw115 Member Posts: 13
    Thanks hashdog- sounds like the cable makes more sense if one is intending on carrying the iPod frequently in and out of the car.
  • hashdoghashdog Member Posts: 4
    My take on the musiclink is this -
    On the plus side, the iPod charges itself and you can select the music without taking your eyes off the road. On the negative side is the cost (obviously), and the bugs that still are in the software.
    I should have mentioned that the musiclink also works only with 4th generation iPods, iPod mini, and iPod nano.
  • jayneocjayneoc Member Posts: 5
    How do I use the mp3/auxillary jack? I have one and I have absolutely no clue how to use it.
  • vvileyvviley Member Posts: 46
    If you're talking about the 06+ Civic w/ the available Aux jack, here's what you'll need:

    -1/8" male-to-male audio cable (available at Radio Shack or the like)
    -An MP3 player or some other device w/ a headphone jack

    Plug one end of the audio cable into the the headphone jack on your player and plug the other end into the Aux jack next to your cigarette adapter. Play your music, choose Aux from your car's radio, and away you go.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    Be aware that you can use anything that has a headphone jack with the cable mentioned above: DVD players, pocket TVs, scanners, etc.
  • jayneocjayneoc Member Posts: 5
    Thanks! I knew I had to buy stuff to use it but I had no clue what.
  • buffdizzlebuffdizzle Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 civic LX, when i play an mp3 cd the tracks always skip!!! It's really frustating and i don't know whats causing this. I used to put the mp3's in folders and i thought that might be the problem, so then i just burn an mp3 cd using itunes. The only folder in the cd would be the root folder, but the cd still skips!!! I'm thinking of taking the car in to the dealer this weekend but i think they're going to say that there is nothing wrong with it, i guess we'll see what they say! :confuse:
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    My 2007 plays them just fine. verify that the songs will play OK on your computer. If they do, then it is the car player, see the dealer.

    You might also try burning them at a lower speed.
  • backroadfanbackroadfan Member Posts: 22
    I have a 2006 Civic coupe and seem to get very low volume from the Aux jack. I have tried 2 source devices (Ipod and Samsung MP3 player) and 2 different audio cables with the same results. To get the volume up to normal listening levels, I have to turn the input device and the Civic unit almost to max levels. This doesn't seem right and I have not seen others mention a problem like this.

    What volume levels to others use for playback ?


  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    Mine seems to work ok. I keep the input device at full volume and the car volume has a good range altho it does need to be turned higher than for CDs and radio.

    The input device has a dropping resistor inside the headphone jack to drop the volume somewhat when using headphones. This is common and gives you a bit more adjustment range when using headphones with the device. However it does give you the problem you describe.

    There really isn't anything you can do about it, unless your device has a "line out" jack (which does not have the dropping resistor).

    Make sure your cord is not an "attenuating" cord, as these have their own resistor in them, which would double the drop in volume.
  • backroadfanbackroadfan Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for the reply.

    I will check to make sure the cable has no attenuation. I was thinking maybe there was a setting on the Civic radio that could adjust the sensitivity. Sounds like it is working as designed.

    Thanks again.
  • redbennyredbenny Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2007. I have found that the best solution that can have the least distraction on your driving and the least damage on your speakers, is if you have an ipod (maybe other mp3 players), is to adjust the volume level for your music in Itunes. Go to Itunes>select your album or song>right click or go to the File menu>select Get Info and at the bottom of the musics info is "Volume Adjustment", adjust the level one notch. This should be plenty loud, and setting the car volume to 14 should be a good level.

    Hope this helps!!! Love my Civic, my personal spaceship!!!! :D
  • tommcstommcs Member Posts: 3
    I recently bought a Honda Certified used 2006 Civic. Great car, except the FM stations all have this fuzzy ticking noise. There was a post in the Civic Sedan 2006 forum about this:

    tomjogden, "Honda Civic Sedan 2006" #3965, 18 May 2006 9:25 am#3964

    Someone replied that this was a known problem, and the dealers would know how to fix it. I'm at the dealer now, and they seem baffled. Has anyone else hit this problem? If so, and you had it fixed at a dealer, what did they list as the fix (on the repair order)?
  • tommcstommcs Member Posts: 3
    Fixed! The tech found a bulletin describing the problem and the fix. They even gave me a printout of the bulletin:

    Noticeable Ticking Through Audio System Speakers

    The intake manifold tuning valve (IMT) in a '06 Civic can cause a noticeable ticking through the audio system speakers. You'll hear it with the ignition switch turned to ON (II) whether or not the engine is running. And you'll really hear it if you're tuned to lower-frequency FM stations. To fix this problem, use the HDS with 2.004.004 or later software to update the ECM/PCM.

    The fix was covered under warranty, and took about an hour. I got a free bagel and coffee for my trouble.
  • vvileyvviley Member Posts: 46
    For people using iPods or anything else plugged into your aux jack - have you noticed that the frequency response of the speakers is different than what you get out of the radio/CD?

    For example, when I use my iPod, my bass sounds weak and the highs sound slightly more prominent. I didn't notice it until I turned back to the FM radio and the music was booming from where I had to set the audio settings for my iPod.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    the reason for this is that your IPod has an amplifier and has internal settings for bass, treble, etc. that you have set to sound best thru your headphones. Running this "adjusted" signal into the car system uses these adjustments and adds the ones you set on the car system.

    If your player has a "Line out" jack, this gives you an unadjusted signal.

    or....If you can preset a particular environment on your iPod that is suitable for when plugged into your car it will help you fix it quickly without having to manually readjust all the setting each time you switch between using the IPod with headphones and in the car.

    I have a Creative MP3 player and I have a different preset environment for in the car vs headphones.
  • rgc1265rgc1265 Member Posts: 10
    Anyone know if this is possible? Have an '06 Civic DX radio (no steering wheel audio control on the car)...want the mp3 capabilities of the Civic radio, but want to make sure that the controls will still line up, and that I can still use the steering wheel controls on the Ody to control the Civic radio...
  • barrnonebarrnone Member Posts: 21
    Does anyone know how the stereo system (I have a 2006 Civic EX) determines the track order for a CD with MP3/WMA files on it? I created a CD with a folder for each album, and the individual files are named with the track number as follows:

    Artist-Album Name-Track #-Song Name.mp3

    So for, let's say Rush's new Snakes & Arrows first song Far Cry, it would be:

    Rush-Snakes & Arrows-01-Far Cry.mp3 (this file is saved in Folder Snakes & Arrows)

    The files each have the proper information in their properties on the PC as well (i.e. Artist, Album Title, Track Number, Title).

    When I put the disc into the stereo, it seems to put the tracks in a random order and I have no idea what the logic is. In my example, Far Cry is being listed as track 04 instead of 01. This makes it impossible to play an album or song list in proper order, which is especially frustrating for live albums.

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows how this works and/or how to get everything in the desired order.

  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    the owners manual goes into some detail on this, I haven't read it well enough to answer you question but I have noticed similar "mixing". It's one of those things i need to read up on.
  • barrnonebarrnone Member Posts: 21
    I just read the manual carefully and it states that it will play the tracks in the order they were "compressed." To me that means the order in which they were ripped, and when I rip music, it does it in track order (I use Windows Media Player).

    So I still don't get it. I really which there was an in-depth explanation somewhere.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    I think it means in the order in which they were burned, or the order that they are listed when you xfer them to a CDR. Look at the order carefully in the burner and let's see how that compares. I may be doing some this weekend, whoever gets to it 1st, post here.
  • barrnonebarrnone Member Posts: 21
    As far as I'm aware, the files are burned in the proper order. I'm using Roxio (old version, 5) and making a Data CD. As I said, I named all of my files so that they'd be in proper order and put them in folders by album. Here's a screen print from the Roxio program right before burning the CD:

  • barrnonebarrnone Member Posts: 21
    I guess this will remain a great mystery question of life. :D
  • scott06239scott06239 Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if the auxiliary jack that everyone is talking about works for an aftermarket xm radio? i just installed the roady & hate all the wires everywhere. I have the Ex w/ navi and also cant't justifiy dropping the coin that the dealership wants to hardwire a honda xm receiver.
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    the aux jack will work for ANY type of audio input: computer headphone, MP3 player, TV, CB, whatever.

    If your XM unit has a headphone (or line out) stereo jack, it will work.
  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    Yes it will work and I would recommend it. I use the AUX input for a Sirius radio and it works great. I tried using the FM Modulator just to cut down on the number of wires but it is hard to find a clear channel. What's worse is every time I'd travel out of our local area, I was having to adjust the channel.

    One thing that has been mentioned is about the volume setting. The Sirius radio has a volume control in the menu. I'm guessing the Roady does as well. Make sure you turn it all the way up.
  • scott06239scott06239 Member Posts: 2
    thanks. will i have to tear the car appart to find the cable or is pretty easy?
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    waht cable are you looking for?

    if you have an EX or Si, all you need is a cable with a 1/8" stereo mini plug (male) on both ends. Radio Shack has them (and best buy, etc).
  • lbkoollbkool Member Posts: 7
    I am installing a hardwire sirius in my 99 civic and i disconected the wires to the radio then when i finished installing the radio the radio nor the sirius will turn on, but the wierd thing is there is still power going to it i also blew the radio fuse about 4 times dues to backwards connection from the sirius could this have affected it and maybe blown the radio? please help. thanks, lb.
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Member Posts: 215
    As the title says, I have talked to a couple of Honda dealers that say they can put xm in a 07 civic lx sedan. They say its not offered as installed at the factory in an lx but the dealer does install them.

    Parts and Installation is a little over 500.00.

    Does anyone know if this is true as the parts places are closed now at the moment and maybe they are installing aftermarket or maybe just wrong or lying.

    Integrated xm would be easier and safer to use.

    I need help soon as I was hoping to buy this weekend.

  • joecarnutjoecarnut Member Posts: 215
    I got this back from the saleman I was asking:

    Unfortunately my parts and service dept are closed so I cannot give you their opinions on installing XM on an Civic LX. The sales managers I have asked all agree it can be installed on any vehicle you like.

    "XM ready" means that the wiring harness attachment is pre-installed. All you have to add is the tuner and antenna to an XM ready vehicle to receive XM.

    For the LX you have to buy the attachment seperately.

    It sounds like it could be true.
  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    I'm sure XM can be installed on your LX as the dealer says, but I just don't know if it's worth $500.

    I checked on installing the Honda version XM brain on my 07 EX. It just seemed like too many dimes and not enough sugar. I downloaded the installation instructions and basically the entire dash had to come out of the car. Also, the antenna was to be mounted on the windshield next to the right A-pillar - not acceptable.

    I opted to install a Sirius plug and play in my car. I got the antenna professionally installed (mounted it on the trunk lid), the rest was elementary. I use the AUX input and it works great. Best of all I got it all done for a fraction of the cost.

    Right now you can get a Roady XT (XM) for under $40 after rebate. Sirius has comparable prices. Even if you pay someone to install it you will still have less than $100 tied up in a satellite radio, AND you can move it from vehicle to vehicle or get a home kit and use it inside.
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Member Posts: 215
    Thanks for replying jefferyg,

    I looked at the instructions too and I definitely value the integrity of my dash or to say it simpler, I hate rattles. And installing it may cause some. I wasn't to bothered by the antenna placement though.
    Also after listening now to my cars stereo, I'm not to impressed with it on the LX.
    But I already have a skyfiII and will try that as some of the places to hold things should hold the skyfiII pretty well and neatly without wires showing.

    It was more of a safety issue for me as the portable units are not that easy (at least for me) to operate and drive safely at the same time.

    I'm 47 now and have to admit my reaction times aren't what they used to be. :(

    Thanks for the info. :)
  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    Many plug and play units come with a small remote, But I prefer to mount the unit within easy reach and use the presets. Most people are going to listen to the same three or four stations almost all the time, so just memorize the presets.

    I didn't want to buy multiple car kits, so I mounted the Sirius Stratus radio using self sticking heavy duty velcro on the mounting bracket and attached it to the underside of the dash right above the power outlet. When I take it out of the car you cannot even see the velcro strip. One other word of advice: If you decide to use velcro or even the self-sticking tape on many of the mounting brackets, be sure you let the glue set up for the recommended 24 hours before you attach the radio. Otherwise it will pull away from the dash and/or mounting bracket, especially in hot weather.

    Good luck!
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Member Posts: 215
    Thanks for the good advice.
  • barrnonebarrnone Member Posts: 21
    If anyone cares, I've at least somewhat figured this out. For the playback order, it appears to only read a certain number of characters in the file name, but I'm not sure how many. I'd guess it might be 8 like the old DOS file naming convention. So if I shorten the file names, it will read in the correct order. For example:

    Rush-Snakes & Arrows-01-Far Cry.mp3 will not necessarily be read before Rush-Snakes & Arrows-02-Armor and Sword.mp3.

    But if I name the files as follows, it will work:

    01-Rush-Snakes & Arrows-Far Cry.mp3
    02-Rush-Snakes & Arrows-Armor and Sword.mp3

    So you could do a folder for each album to keep it organized. Or you could make any playlist and start the file names with the order you want the tracks listed.

    It's a bit of a pain at times, but at least I can make it work now. Time to re-burn that Rush archive. :)
  • kenlwkenlw Member Posts: 190
    this is fabulous info. Thanx for taking the time and energy to figure it out!
  • jessica_sehsjessica_sehs Member Posts: 13
    Can someone please tell me what I need to purchase to be able to listen to music through the card adapter? thanks in advance, Jessica :)
  • zeonstarzeonstar Member Posts: 4
    Hey everyone.

    Looking into buying a new car, my FIRST NEW Car and currently a Honda Civic is my top choice, followed by a Corolla. If I go with a Civic, I'm going to get an EX Model for sure, with possibly the Navigation. I'm not quite sure it's worth it though, as it seems to add over $2000.

    What I am curious about is with the Navigation option, and also for the option without it and just a standard CD player, where is the AUX jack for an iPod or MP3 player located? I really want to find this out. Is the plug durable? I ask because I wore out a plug on an aftermarket radio from daily plug/unplugging and just want to make sure it's going to last, as replacing the stock Honda radio seems like it will be very difficult.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    Just go buy a portable Nuvi for navigation, keep the delta substantial change in the bank.
  • jefferygjefferyg Member Posts: 418
    The AUX jack is right under the power outlet - very easy access - and uses as standard stereo plug.
  • vvileyvviley Member Posts: 46
    I agree. The new Garmin Nuvi 650 is less than 1/2 the cost of a factory navi unit and is one of the best road-faring GPS units out there (in my opinion.) I played around w/ the factory unit and just wasn't very impressed. It's novel having all the controls consolidated into the dash, but things like a bland, old-feeling interface were a big turn-off for me.
  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    I've got my vehicles set up as mobile offices, so I travel with my laptop in the center console area. I personally have used Microsoft Streets and Trips for years, and it comes packaged with a little GPS sensor that plugs into USB port. Cost less than $100 on sale. Really nice package, everything you'd want in a navigation system. Can easily move from car to car, personal to rental cars (and works in planes as well).

    If I didn't have the streets/trips...I'd have a Nuvi as my cousin travels with one all the time. Just pops it in her purse.
  • jessica_sehsjessica_sehs Member Posts: 13
    Ok I know this question has been answered somewhere but I can't find it so please excuse the duplicate question. Can someone please tell me what they have used in the pc card slot. Thanks in advance, Jessica
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