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Hyundai Azera 2007

patpat Posts: 10,421
What have you heard about the 2007 Azera?


  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    The 2007 Azera will be a carried over, for the most part - this is normal for a second year vehicle model. Most new model year occur in the fall, and that's where you would hear most of the 07 models (of course you are allowed to introduce 07 models as early as Jan 06 - ex. Tahoe)
  • ricwhitericwhite Posts: 292

    The 2007 Azera will be a carried over, for the most part


    Yes, I see many places that list 2006-07 Azera. So, I can believe it is a carryover with some tweaks. I'm hoping they get the seat tracking fixed for better frontal crash results and maybe a navigation system and bluetooth. Nothing major, I would believe.
  • deeperbluedeeperblue Posts: 11
    Been around in this board for 6+ months, finally went & bought an Azera.
    When I was at the dealership, saw brochures of 2007 Azeras. I looked throught it and found the only differences were the up-coming ultimate will have turning signals in the side mirrors, making it more up-scale look. Other than that, the new azeras will be basically a carry-over, at least in the brochures. And the sales have no ideals when they are coming(yup of course). I think it may come soon, coz there have been no 06 azera brochures for weeks and I think Hyundai stop making them for 06 models and make brochures only for 07 model.
    My buying experiences will be posted in the buying board.
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    One other thing that will be on 2007 models: Tire Pressure Monitoring System. I noticed that it is already shown on the '07 Santa Fe, and to the best of my memory it is required on all cars sold in the US starting with the '07 model year...

    Now - let's see - blinkers in the side mirrors, TPMS - anyone else have anything they know will be on the '07 Azera?
  • Hyundai announced a 2007 model today called the Veracruz. It is a crossover with the same 3.8 liter engine which the Azera has. But get this, it has a 6 speed transmission. Anybody heard about the 2007 Azeras coming with this transmission?
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Haven't seen anything specific, but certainly wouldn't suprise anyone because it would help a little with the gas mileage... ;)
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    2007 Azeras would most likely be carried over, although with some minor adjustments. It is rare for automakers to revise entering the 2nd year of production but has been done before so never say never :)
  • It'll be a 5-speed, per their 2007 brochure
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Where did you get a 2007 brochure, Joe? Even on their web-site, I don't find anything in reference to the
    "next year" model yet... :confuse:
  • The hard copy at deals'. There should be tons of them.
  • vjk6666vjk6666 Posts: 29
    The 2007 Azera is unchanged with the exception of the following... Turn signals added to the mirrors as part of the ultimate package... the audio controls on the steering wheel upgraded so you can change stations .. tracks etc and the trip computer no longer has the orange tint otherwise it is identical to the 06..
    Has anyone found a headlight harness to use with 100 watt low beam bulbs without having to cut the existing harness.. Please advise source if you have...
  • ratledgeratledge Charleston county, South CarolinaPosts: 233
    Do you live in the US? If so, 100 watt bulbs in low beams (or high beams for that matter) are illegal. They are approved for off-road use only, and not USDOT approved for street use.

    Max is 65 watts for both... :confuse:
  • mbhollambholla Posts: 37
    The 2007 Azera is unchanged with the exception of the following... Turn signals added to the mirrors as part of the ultimate package... the audio controls on the steering wheel upgraded so you can change stations .. tracks etc and the trip computer no longer has the orange tint otherwise it is identical to the 06..

    Where did you get this info from? Do you know what color the trip comp. will be in the '07??
  • floridabob1floridabob1 Posts: 1,190
    My local dealership has 2007 brochure, confirming above mentioned changes.
    No changes to powertrain or suspension
  • people keep saying that hyundai is going to bring navigation to some of the models soon but does anyone know when or if its coming to the azeera
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    That navigation will come to the Azera and Sonata is a dead certainty. The exact timing will require a crystal ball, but the short answer is that you'll see it when you see it. I remember the notion being discussed excitedly ad nausem two-plus years ago when all the armchair experts on this site were prognosticating about the then upcoming 2006 Sonata. It was considered a virtual certainty that U.S. buyers would be treated to navigation systems at the introduction of the upcoming new Sonata with a thousand and one reasons why Hyundai couldn't possibly be so shortsighted as to allow this plumb to continue to remain in the exclusive domain of Japanese, European, and domestic makes. Guess what.
  • well put, thank you
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Yeah, well said.

    Nav units have been available in the domestic (Korean) market for years now (and for most of the lineup). Given the 07 Azera (NA) would be carried over (for the most part), there will not be NAV option available...yet (vehicles entering their 2nd year are generally carried over anyway).

    If you really can't wait, there are aftermarket options available, and dealer-option (inquire with your local Hyudai dealers).

    When both the Sonata and the Azera receive its facelift (Sonata first, then Azera), I will take a stab here and say NAV will be included as factory be continued...
  • bowgarbowgar Posts: 2
    I have had the nav system as a major criteria for a new car. But recently bought a $388 Lowrance portable that works like a charm. You can bring it inside to program it, and it allows the sweet lady given directions to play through the FM radio. Also, I use it in both cars. So -- took it off of my must list, which makes the Azeri just right!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Korean model (new updates):




  • jveneziajvenezia Posts: 85
    ...which makes the Azeri just right!

    Azeri is plural for Azera, right?

    Here's a little imagery...The horde of Azeri rode over the hill and decimated their Japanese rivals.

    Sweet! :D
  • I do believe that the Tire Pressure Monitoring Systen is required on All 2007 autos in the USA. Does anyone know if the push button start system will be on the 2007 Azera? If I am not mistaken the 2007 brochure pictures this Start Button on the dashboard, and says "push" & "start" on the button. has anyone else noticed this?
  • I was told that the 2007 US Azera will NOT have smart key feature/
  • Oooh I think that is bad for the 2007 model year. People are going to come to the dealership, get a brochure and come back home to read it. When they retutn to the dealership this is going to be a negative.
  • I don't know about around the country, but in Illinois the 2007 Azeras have arrived at several dealerships.
  • Have you been able to see the 2007 model?
    If so, how does the tire pressure monitor display? Is it a mode setting on the computer display?
  • I have not seen the inside of the 2007 models. I only saw them sitting outside the dealership. The new turn signals on the mirrors look "Mercedes-like" and the gray stitching for the Black interior is a nice touch.
  • I think its just a warning light bro azera is no audi
  • Has anyone been able to determine the actual date on which the 2007 Azera will be released?
  • 2007 Azeras are already at most dealerships
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