Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems

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A few owners have experienced stalling while driving their Commanders. Please relate your experience (and any fixes) here.


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    I have 3500 miles on my Commander. Its the 4.7 V8 Limited (Silver). Three times in the last few days it has shut off while driving at speed . . .twice on the freeway (once at night) and once on side streets . . .I damn near lost control. I had to shift to neutral turn the key off and then re-start the vehicle and the shift back to drive. Has anyone else had this problem . . .it sounds similar to the Commanders that die and wont start. I will definitely be heading to the dealership for a chat with the service manager. Is this just a software gliche or something more? I have also noticed that the Sirius radio doesnt always read the proper channel when I first turn the car on . . .it list one channel, but plays another
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    Follow up:

    After 5 days at the dealership, they were unlable to locate any error codes in the computer, after driving, unable to duplicate . . .after calling the Chrysler/Jeep Factory trouble center, they told me that my Commander is the only one in the Nation that has had that problem . . .sounds like BS to me. I can't wait until it happens again on the Freeway @ 70 MPH . . .40k for a car thats gonna get me killed!!! Now thats a bonus they don't show on the commercials :mad:
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    Did you ever get a fix to your issue? My commander has something similar - though not quite as radical. The engine will hesitate and almost stall when in traffic. Today the issue got worse, as the engine died while my wife was slowing down for a light. This takes the issue from being inconvenient to dangerous.

    Has anybody had this ?

    My Commander is 4.7L Limited, 5000 miles on it, and it is Silver. Maybe it's the paint color? :-)
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    I posted a note about bad tranny. My car is now in the hands of JEEP. After 300 miles it has a new tranny. The car rapidly slows down from about 35 mph to 10. I injured my collar bone from the seat belt. It went back into drive when I put on the brake. It is the HEMI 5.7 Green. It isn't the color it's the JEEP electrical. I am now in a rental I drive with my boys and JEEP has the Commander trying to get it to "reproduce" the problem. I guess I am out $46,000 for a while, until they buy it back. :lemon: :sick:
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    I am in Puerto Rico and I am having the same problems,
    I got mine in November it has been at the dealer twice, 1st they change the transmission filter and this last week they found nothing I got it back 2 days ago and it is doing the same thing again.
    Do you know what it is?

    I also have the whistling on the front mirror and problems with the air condition they had to replace a couple of rings from the fitting and put gas.
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    I have a similar problem with my 4.7 L commander. I took it also to the dealear and told me they did not find anything wrong with it, and because the computer was not picking up any error they could not do anything to it and I told them that that is BS. And I send jeep an email telling them my problem and they replied back to me to take it to another dealer and I did and they told me the same thing. I am really dissapointed, is not like my Commander was any cheap :mad:, that is why "we decided to get a brand new SUV" to avoid any mechanical problems. Next time I will just stick with Chevys :cry:
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    Okay, now I am getting nervous about ordering a Commander...your car shut off when you were driving 40 mph? What? Has this happened to anyone else? Has it happened again gug? I have previously owned a Grand Cher. and did not have many problems with it...could this possibly be related to the MDS (I think that is what it is called) - the mileage computer system? It sounds like it may be defective. Could it be related to the (I don't know what it is called!)the part of the AWD that switches to 2WD automatically to save on gas? My mom asked me if it can switch to 2WD during bad weather when you need would want the 4WD - I told her I didn't know but now I wonder about that too - that is with the Quadra Drive II advanced...any comments on any of this?

    I have also heard a very faint chime 3 different times when I was test driving - then I found someone else on here who has heard the exact same thing - some type of a software glitch? Could it all be related? I certainly don't want a car that shuts off when I am driving!!! :(

    Please update gug - did no codes come up on it indicating a problem?...I don't know what I wouls do, maybe keep a video camera in your car (most importantly, if it happens again, hopefully you will be safe)and video tape it if it happens again - email the tape to Chrysler and demand that the Chrysler service rep in your area come and give you a diagnosis...that is ridiculous to have happen in any car. I had a major problem with my Toyota Camry once and the dealership was giving me the run around so I called the Toyota and Lexus headquarters and somehow Lexus took care of it for me quite promptly too -

    I wish there was a way to get dealerships that actually care and are knowledgeable - I am coming from a Cadillac SRX and I will say that the service with Cadillac has been better than incredible which I had heard prior to buying my car (it was one reason I chose the SRX. If I needed a car, there were no questions asked, etc. Anyway, I am nervous about this! Do you have the extended warranty? I usually buy one so I don't have any problems getting a loaner car if mine is in the shop.

    From what I have heard, Cadillac (my experience with them has been ideal) and Lexus are wonderful regarding service - maybe I should just buy an Escalade or Sequoyia(which I actually don't like as well plus they're more money!).

    Oh my.
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    We could not and would not drive this vehicle again. This weekend we traded it in on a different vehicle. It also had several other anoying problems. The Gas mileage was horrible 7 to 8 city 13 to 15 highway. The A/C did not work like our other vehicles (Ford 150 pickup and a Porsche Carrera S). Our dealership bent over backwards to accomodate the change in vehicle.

    Houston TX - River Oaks Jeep
  • rgugrgug Member Posts: 1
    Back for an update

    Its been four months almost to the day since my Commander went into the dealership to find the problem. They had it a week and found NOTHING . . .no ERROR codes, unable to reproduce . . .they told me there was nothing wrong. Well . . .it was fine for a few weeks and then it would do it every once and a while. Last night it happened while drive 75 on the freeway at night and I damn near died. Luckily I was able to restart in time to avoid a really major accident.

    Needless to say, its at the dealership today .. .Im sure they'll have it for another week and tell me there is nothing wrong. Also, my Sirius radio has a ghost in it . ..often times it displays the wrong channel name when listening.

    The A/C is getting fixed too . . .started sounding like a freight train . . .shaking the entire dash.

    And lets not forget the recall on the third row seatbelt that may become fraid and break in an accident.

    I'll keep you posted if they actually ind anything
  • ngilbertsonngilbertson Member Posts: 5
    Our Jeep is still undiagnosed. But the dealership we bought it from was very helpful in getting us out of the vehicle. When mine shut off I had my 9 year old and 3 year son in the vehicle. My husband has the gift of gab and is very composed, which I think helped us in getting rid of this "death-trap".

    Good Luck
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    I have a 2006 4.7 L 4WD Jeep Commander and with 4200 miles and it just started stalling. Once while I was trying to make a turn. Dealer cannot diagnose the problem and I am very concerned about the safety of my family in this vehicle. :confuse:
  • ngilbertsonngilbertson Member Posts: 5
    Ditto here...that is why I could not put my family back in this vehicle. If they could say "Yes we know what the problem is and then fixed it", that would of been different. Good Luck
  • jeepcreeperjeepcreeper Member Posts: 18
    Have you read some of the earlier post where owners mentioned they accidently hit the ignition switch with their knee? Not that this is definetly the cause of the problem, however I have not noticed them reporting continued episodes of this situation. I am 5'10 and my knee doesn't come close to the switch, but I did somehow contact it with my hand on one occasion,so perhaps this is feasible. I can't recall ever hitting the ignition switch in any other vihicle I've driven.GOOD LUCK. Regards, jeepcreeper.
  • dwyandtdwyandt Member Posts: 5
    The Dealer also could not diagnose the problem and suggested the problem might be contact with ignition key. It has stalled out three additional times since. Twice while in slow moving traffic and once while I was going approx 35 mph. I removed all other keys from key chain and am certain there was no contact with ignition key....back to the dealer.... :(
  • fgjeepfgjeep Member Posts: 2
    Same thing with mine. 3 times now and two trips to the dealer. No codes, "could not duplicate". Any luck with your dealer yet?
  • dwyandtdwyandt Member Posts: 5
    Sorry no luck with my dealer. I called the service manager to advise that it had recently stalled 3 more times. Twice while going slowly in heavy traffic and once while going 35 mph. Prior to that trip, at the manager's suggestion, I removed the ignition key from my key chain to minimize contact. Obviously that wasn't the problem. Service manager was going to research further and see if something related to Air Conditioning being on each time it stalled may be a factor. Haven't heard anything yet, but I do intend to schedule another service appt.
  • jthomaslambertjthomaslambert Member Posts: 3
    I had that happen twice (1300 kms) both time on the freeway, both times travelling approx 70 mph. Not fun--but did the same as you (Neutral, key off, on) and it came back. Took it to my dealer and they found a "loss of ignition" error in the engine computer. They just finished replacing the ignition today although they won't claim 100% that it will fix it, they're 90% sure. Appparently the ignition is the main power feed for all systems so they feel a fault there would explain the complete shut-down of the truck. We'll see...
  • jthomaslambertjthomaslambert Member Posts: 3
    WOW--I can't believe I just read that post about somebody hitting their knee on the ignition and then it stalled. I keep a little flashlight on my key and the last time I stalled (70 mph on the 401!!) I had just turned on the cruise and while lifting my leg out of the way, gave the key a good whack (well, the flashlight thing which hit the key). I told the service guys about this and they kind of lauged but it happened immediately after doing so. You could be on to something there.
  • fgjeepfgjeep Member Posts: 2
    Latest with me -- Some reports of bad A/T filter (either bad install or bad manufacture) which causes air to be drawn into the trans while decelerating or turning which in turns causes commander to stall. Both trans filters replaced 3 days ago. Will check back to see if problem solved.
  • hilowehilowe Member Posts: 2
    My 06 jeep commander does the stall trick. Latest was going down an incline onto a major highway. Had to slam it in park to avoid the 18 wheeler coming my way. Dealer can't replicate nor does the computer register the stall. Has anyone found a fix?
  • jthomaslambertjthomaslambert Member Posts: 3
    The last trip to the garage seems to have done it for me. They replaced the ignition and I've put 3000 km on it since without incident. I guess the difference is that my computer actually read "ignition failure" the last time it stalled so maybe there are a variety of reasons for this. Still, I do not have (nor likely ever will have) 100% faith that the problem is truly gone. Such a shame because I don't even enjoy driving this vehicle anymore because I'm afraid it will happen again (and I loved it to death when I first bought it).
  • hilowehilowe Member Posts: 2
    I'm going to suggest this possibility to them. Last time in the garage they put lots of miles on my jeep but of course it never stalled. I feel the same way. It doesn't seem to show any consistency in stalling. Different situations each time as far as speed, but I did have the A/C on each time. Does seem to be on the acceleration or de-acceleration when it occurs. Just gives me the creeps that it'll happen again. Putting it in again with the dealer next week. I'll report more them.
  • commandertcommandert Member Posts: 2
    Jeep is telling you a big load of BS. I have been bitching about my 4.7l 4x4 stalling since last year. They realize that they have a potential recallable problem and trying to pretend like it doesnt exist... Mine was most recently blamed on a dirty air knee hitting the key and blah blah blah
  • 2jeepfamily2jeepfamily Member Posts: 4
    :( I wanted to post my experience to share with others. We puchased a Jeep Commander Limited 4X4 4.7L 8/2/06. We love the car, but have experienced the stalling problem 4 times so far- 2 times while the vehicle was stopped waiting to turn and 2 times while the vehicle was in motion. After the 2 occurrence, we took it to the dealership. The car had only 1900 miles on it. The dealership tested and found a bad MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure). They replaced and we were happy to have it back 1 day later. 4 days go by and the stall happens again on my way to work. I immediately call the dealership who tells me to bring it back in. When I drop it off, it appears that they at their dealership have had the stalling problem on at least 5 commanders and the MAP sensor has fixed 2 or 3. The other ones continue to stall. They told me they could reproduce the problem. They hooked up some sort of diagnostic recording device to the vehicle and at least one technician was able to reproduce the stalling. They did mention that the regular on board diagnostics don't capture the stalling. Which doesn't surprise me since there is no dashboard indication when it stalls either. I am now in a rental car on Chryslers dime and the dealership has had my commander since 8/15/06. We are awaiting the return of the district manager from vacation. I was told by the service manager that he has been dealing with this problem on the Grand Cherokee's for about a year and a couple of months ago it cropped up in the commanders (same engines). He told me that Chrysler knows how to fix it by making a change to the emissions software on the car, but in order to do that, they need EPA approval which from what I can tell is the hold up.... I am not sure if I will be getting my car back or if Chrysler will be buying it back from me at this point we have not even owned it 2 months.....
  • clopezclopez Member Posts: 3
    I was planning on buying a Commander this week. When I saw the posts on the stalling problems that everyone is having I decided not to by one. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! The only question I have is has anyone experianced the stalling on the 3.7 Liter V6's? The dealership I was talking to said he has not heard of this happening to the 3.7 's. What do you think?
  • clopezclopez Member Posts: 3
    The Jeep dealer said there was a "Jeep Technical Service Bulletin" issued on the Hemi's. (He only told me this because I told him I was no longer interested in purchasing a commander due to this problem.) He said there hasen't been any problems with the 3.7 Liter. Is this true or have you heard of the stalling on the 3.7L V6's?
  • 2jeepfamily2jeepfamily Member Posts: 4
    What my dealership service manager has told me is that the stalling has been a problem he has been dealing with specifically in the 4.7L engines- not only the Commanders, but also Grand Cherokees have this same engine and stalling problems.
  • wussieboywussieboy Member Posts: 1
    I have a 3.7l V-6 commander and my transmission has been acting funny sometimes does not want to go when you shift into drive (hesitates for a sec) then just yesterday my wife called me because the Commander shut off while sitting in traffic. This led me to do some internet investigation and now I have more information.
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Member Posts: 133
    Well, it happened yesterday, for the first time. I'm on the highway, cruising at about 75mph, and the Commander shuts off. I got it stopped, and it restarted immediately. When it shut off, I had just bumped the keys with my knee because someone was sitting behind me and I was much further forward than usual. The key had actually turned to the Acc. position and was no longer in the On position. Is this what others are referring to? Is this stalling issue only related to the key accidentally being turned to the Acc. position while driving? Is this driver error (like mine was) or is there something with the ignition switch that makes it prone to shutting off if bumped? Maybe I'm way off here, but do most cars have an Acc., On, and Start position on the ignition? It seems like in most other cars I've driven, the "On" and "Acc" position were one and the same. Anyway, I'll just be more careful about getting my knee close to the ignition, but I'm curious if this is what others are experiencing.
  • susanw6susanw6 Member Posts: 32
    We were thinking of leasing a 2007 Jeep Commander Limited in Feb, when my current lease is up. All these stalling postings have me concerned, though.

    I've noticed that they all deal with 2006s. Has anyone experienced these problems with the 2007? Has Jeep corrected the problem for the new ones?
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Member Posts: 133
    If you look at the actual number of different owners posting about the stalling problem it is actually not very significant. Also, based on my own experience, I believe driver error (as was in my case) is responsible for the engine shutting off. I love my Commander, and for the money (current lease deals especially), I think you would be hard pressed to find a better all around vehicle for about 200 a month. I really have nothing but good things to say.....
  • susanw6susanw6 Member Posts: 32
    Did you say $200/month??? That low???

    I am coming off a Lexus ES 300 lease at $425/month and want a midsize SUV with a 3rd row. The Commander just looks so good. I never thought it's actually that inexpensive.

    I am interested in leasing for 3 years with only inceptions out of pocket. What should I expect to pay?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Check out Jeep Commander: Lease Questions - unless you are stalling about leasing one. :shades:
  • tpartaintpartain Member Posts: 5
    I have an '06 Commander and I have been having the stalling problem since JUNE. It has happened sitting in traffic, turning into a parking lot, driving down the highway, and yesterday driving in to work and I almost got rear ended. I do not believe this is DRIVER ERROR!!! I was told today when I took my car in that Chrysler is AWARE of the problem and trying to figure out what to do to correct it. I am concerned for my safety and the safety of my child who just got his driver's license!!! I hope they can fix the problem before someone is hurt badly or even killed.
  • tpartaintpartain Member Posts: 5
    I have had nothing but problems with my Commander since I bought it. I had an awful whistling noise coming from the windshield that took three visits to the shop before they replaced the windshield. I have had the stalling problem since June. They had to order a window regulator today. The temperature gauge on the dash is 10 to 12 degrees off. I would love to have my money back.
  • chamba1chamba1 Member Posts: 2
    I bought a 2006 jeep commander on the 1st or 2nd of October for 24k out the door with the V8 4.7 litre engine and basically everything standard. I paid cash but they are trying to sell as many of these 2006's ASAP. Forget gas efficiency if your saving 6k on the price. The Dealers are trying to free up inventory. I dont know your options or situation but if you show them a fair offer its hard for them to say no
  • neumie2000neumie2000 Member Posts: 133
    Yep, that low. I leased a 2006 with the 4.7 V8, 15000 miles per year, 2000 down (total), for 250 a month. Right now they are advertising a base model with 2500 down, 10,500 miles per year for under 200 a month before taxes. With no money down and 15000 miles per year you are probably talking about 300 per month, taxes included. In my opinion, it is the most vehicle for the money available right now.
  • slenheslenhe Member Posts: 1
    The shutdown issue is not from bumping the key....
    I've had the problem happen so many times I've actually been able to pay attention to it a couple of the times it happened...
    Basically, I feel like Im waiting to crash and burn when driving the vehicle.

    I've monitered the issue on the internet, and the problem seems to be growing with the Jeep Commander.

    My Jeep Commander is in the dealership 'again' and I've already been told they have no clues on the issue.

    This needs to BE fixed before someone dies from driving the Jeep Commander.
  • notcooljeep1notcooljeep1 Member Posts: 2
    bought my commander last january, nothing but problems. two different dealers made me feel crazy. Started a month after i bought the jeep and was exiting the freeway and it went dead and almost went through an intersection because the brakes werent working fully, luckily it came on at the last minute. brought it in and they couldnt "duplicate" i almost lost 6k on a tradein cuz my family was scared to drive in. then decided to give another try, and worked for a couple months, then a/c stopped working and sensor lite. they couldnt duplicate, so one day when it was on i drove into the dealership and they were surprised and apologetic and fixed a sensor. Now i was driving it out of town last week, and it stalled three times on the freeway up to our vacation home. brought it to a dealer on the way, and they couldnt duplicate it, kept it overnight and put 80 miles on it, and still couldnt duplicate. now im seeking legal advise. i have drove jeeps for 2o years, and am pissed that i have to deal with this crap on a new car.
  • tpartaintpartain Member Posts: 5
    I have been having this problem since June. You need to e-mail Chrysler and they will respond with an 800-number. I called that number on Monday and the girl told me I had never called them before. So you need to call them and register your complaint. She then told me to take my Commander to the dealership, call the 800-number and they gave me a reference number. Then I guess the dealership was authorized to install the new software for the computer. I have no idea if this fixed the problem or not. I really feel for you because this is enough to drive you crazy, especially if you are a woman, like I am, and the service advisors all look at you like you're crazy. I know the "cannot duplicate the customer's complaint" phrase very well. GOOD LUCK
  • apnea00apnea00 Member Posts: 1
    I am also experienceing this shutting off while driving issue. My Commander is in service as we speak. The dealership outlined this was the first time they had experienced the issue. I've done quite a bit of background research online and it appears to be common. I contacted the Jeep dealership you outlined in your original post to determine if there was a fix that I could share with my dealership. The service department stated that they have never heard of that issue. Hmmm.
  • jenh1jenh1 Member Posts: 21
    I hate my Jeep - Isn't there something we can all do? Can we sue them? Mine had the whistle, then (and still) it has the problem with the right window bouncing back,(it won't automatically go up) and we have had it stall 3 times. HELP!!!

  • schittycommndrschittycommndr Member Posts: 3
    Shouldn't we all call the National Transportation Safety Board? My husband has called to let them know the problem. We've had a stall twice in one day. Only had the vehicle for a month. We are putting it up for sale this weekend. It's been twice in for check engine lights. The brakes chatter. The AC stinks. There is a hiccup in the transmission. This car sucks so bad. I can't believe we passed up a deal on an Acura MDX for just $5000 more than we paid for the Jeep! Ack! I will NEVER buy a Chrysler product again! :mad:
  • wantingtruthwantingtruth Member Posts: 1

    Has this been fixed with the reflash or is it still a problem on the commander 06 models?
    Can anyone tell me if all dealers have the fix? :D
  • notcooljeep1notcooljeep1 Member Posts: 2
    Have 2006 Commander. Been in the shop several times for multiple issues. Yesterday was driving to UCLA with my Mom and it stalled twice on the busy 405 freeway. No notice no lights. My jeep has 20k miles on it, so lemon law is out. Has anyone had any resolution with this problem? Please let me know! [email protected].
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Please let me know! [email protected]

    If you keep the conversation here then everyone will learn and benefit. :)

    tidester, host
  • jenh1jenh1 Member Posts: 21
    Okay yesterday I was at the end of my rope. You shouldn't pay $40K for a car and have these problems. I have two new pieces of info...

    1. I have called my cousin who is a high profile attorney here in Atl. about the possibility of a class action law suit. I will keep you posted. I am not sure if this is an option since, (thank God) nobody has been injured yet. (That we know of)

    2. I called the dealership back where I bought my jeep because my window is still bouncing back when I use the automatic "up" control. However, the GM of our dealership had some interesting advice. He said, "Spread the word and get everyone to call the 1-800 number for Jeep and open a complaint about their car. By doing this Jeep will have to take notice and it will "eventually" (that was the scarey word!) become a Federal problem for Jeep and they will have to recall them."

    I am not sure if this will work, but let's be heard - call and call often!
  • tpartaintpartain Member Posts: 5
    Yes, I have had this problem since last June. I had to get Chrysler involved (go on-line and send them an e-mail. They will send you an e-mail back with an 800 number to call. Call it!!!) I called the 800 number and she told me to immediately go to the dealership and Chrysler AUTHORIZED them to put new electronic software (I think that's what it's called) anyway, new software in my car and I have not had this problem since. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck (my car also has 20,000 miles on it - been happening since I bought it!)
  • tpartaintpartain Member Posts: 5
    I've had the same problem with my window!!! Has anyone had the whistling noise from the windshield that sounds like a harmonica? This car is enough to make anyone crazy!!! Yes, call the 800 number. This is how I got Chrysler involved in getting my stalling problem fixed. I hope it is fixed or I, too, will be getting an attorney
  • schittycommndrschittycommndr Member Posts: 3
    We had the flash done about 1,000miles ago. No stalling since. Also, we had the cadiletic (sp?) converter replaced.

    Strange thing though. When coming to a stop it idles at 600. If I pull up a few feet and stop again, it dips to 400. If I hold down the brake and rev the engine again, it goes back up to 600 and stays there until I move again.

    There is definately something wrong here.
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