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Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    Sounds like you might be a candidate for a software flash for the PCM. The last two digits of the PCM part number should be AI, if it isn't, it needs to be updated.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    What you are talking about would make perfect sense if in fact it was what you were saying...the problem is that when you take your Jeep in, they can't duplicate the problem and the records data doesn't show the problem. Apparently the Grand Cherokee had a similar problem; they have taken mine apart and tried that fix. I am happy to say it has not stalled anymore, however it recently starting acting very, very sluggish and driving rough. Why is it that these vehicles have not be recalled????
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    Just an FYI...I contacted the National Highway Safety people today to see what has to be done to get this care recalled...apparently, it is being investigated. There are currently 179 complaints regarding the 06 Jeep Commander with them right now - but I guess they need more. She said it's not how many, but I can't believe they would have that many and not recall. Make sure you log on our call and report your problem. Just google the National Highway Safety Commission and it will pull up the site.
  • We've had our 06 Commander for 2 months (used not new). It has been in the shop 5 times now. We've had the windshield replaced 2x, gas tank replaced, new starter, air vent fixed 2x and that is on top of the stalling issues. It has stalled 7 times in these two months. The worse was rush hour, middle lane... it completely died on me and lost all power... I only got over to the shoulder by God's grace. We have filed twice with the National Highway Safety Commission. Does anyone have any new information on this unfortunate issue we all share i.e. recall info?
  • e741e741 Posts: 3
    Is there a way to tell myslef what the part number is for the PCM flash, or do I have to trust (which I don't) my dealer to get it for me?

    I did get the car back from the dealership. He had indicated that they have seen this a few times. But just like everyone else there were no codes and of course it could not be reproduced. They did swap out the ignition switch, which he said seems to have been successful in the past.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    I do not have any new info about a recall. What does the person investigating your claim say? There are almost 200 people that have files a report with the NHS people. Mine is going back into the shop on Monday for various problems..airbag light is on, right window is bouncing back again, sluggish driving, brakes rubbing, etc. I know that Chrysler does not put out an "official bulletin" until they have a fix to the problem. Sadly, they don't know how to fix it. My dealership says that they have had a good amount of luck with what they did to may want to have your service/dealer call mine. (Ed Voyles Chry/Jeep in Marietta, GA.) to see if that would work. It is definately a very scarey problem. My issue is that when you buy a $30K plus car, you really should not have this type of situation. We still owe $24K, and I am afraid we are stuck with it until we owe under $20 - and ever then, we'll take a beating on the depreciation. Oh well, live and learn...I'm going back to Toyota after Siena went into the shop once and it was a recall issue. Other than that, it ran like a dream for 7+ years!
  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    There might be a sticker on the outside of the PCM module case that the dealer should put there after the flash, but not all dealers consistently do it. Without that, you would have to use a STAR scan to get the part number. Depending on when your car was built, it may have an AG suffix PCM. What you want is an AI. The dealer knows how to check and perform any updates. If you don't like the dealer you've been going to, choose another in your area. You don't have to go to the selling dealer for service.
  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    That is almost certainly an ESP event, the way you describe it happening. If you don't understand how ESP works, have the dealer explain it to you or read up on it in your owner's manual. It is designed to prevent wheel spin, it reduces engine power which may feel like a hesitation but it's really keeping the vehicle under control.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    Okay fellow Jeep owners...I have a new tip for you. Call your state Governer's Office of Consumer Affairs. They will clarify what your rights turns out that even though my car is over a year old, I still qualify for the Lemon Law in Georgia. It also turns out, that my dealership was not completely honest with what things qualify. It turns out that one stall/fix attemt with a second stall is enough to qualify. It is a simple (3) step process in our state. I will keep everyone posted. The first step is to get a copy of your vehicles history and get a clear vision of how many attempts were given to fix each problem. Good Luck!
    P.S. There were too other organizations with my state that I was told to call, I am sure they are in each state, so let me know if you need more info.
  • in my state it works very different but also the same fact will be true in your can bring it in a million times in less than a year if i dont replace any parts or put on the repair order no problem found unable to duplicate customers concern at this time. those repair attempts dont count.and when you go to court with repair orders that state that they promptly throw them out of the case and 99.9 percent chrysler wins lemon law cases.i was involed in one buy back of the commander and it was because the left window quit working three times and we put three different parts in.its very tough to get them to recall something like this because in their eyes they dont know why it stalls just like everybody else.good luck all
  • jbeck22jbeck22 Posts: 1
    I too live in GA and I have a 2006 Jeep Commander with 25000 miles on it. It stalled on me on my way to work one afternoon and all of the lights on the dash came on, the A/C turned off, the RPMs dropped to 0 and started to stutter very badly. I had it towed back to the dealership and the next day they called and said that they updated the software. 3 days later my wife was driving and it stalled twice in the same trip...once she was turning a curve and had to run off the road!! The car is back at the dealership again now. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to qualify my car for the Lemon Law? I will NOT let my wife drive that car again and to be honest...I don't want to drive it anymore either! For you other GA residents...imagine driving down 400 (or any other freeway) going about 75 -85 MPH (which is the norm here) and have this car stall...could you imagine what could many people have to die before Jeep will recall this piece of crap?

    Please any help would be much appreciated. I'm looking to dump my Commander ASAP!

    Thanks and good luck!
  • teelfamteelfam Posts: 3
    As of May 1, 2007 The National Highway Safety Administration has opened a preliminary investigation that could lead to the recall of 136,444 Jeep Commanders because the engine stalls unexpectedly.

    I have a 2006 Commander which I am leasing, in the past 4 months it has stalled 4 times-all of which were different driving scenarios. I have taken it to my dealership like many of you before and of course they can't duplicate it. I have called around to numerous dealerships like Chrysler suggested and none of them can help me....surprise!!! I am 9 months pregnant with a 2 year old and I am scared to death to drive this car. I contacted Chrysler and they are more than willing to blame the dealership than take responsibility for a dangerous car. I lodged a complaint with the NHTSA and I am waiting on paperwork to start an investigation.

    I, like the rest of you are at a loss, until Chrysler admits a problem none of us are going to get a resolve. :mad:
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    I called the Governer's Office of Consumer Affairs and spoke with the nicest guy. Here is a link:,2094,5426814_39105738,00.html

    Print out the Additional Lemon Law Forms. It is very simple and easy to understand. We just got a copy of our vehicle history printed out from Ed Voyles and are getting ready to start compiling the information. (How many times it was in for each thing.) I spoke with a really nice guy names Eric and the office of consumer affairs. I will keep everyone posted. Hope that helps. I can't believe that the national highway safety people still haven't recalled it with that many people calling and complaining.
  • rbyersrbyers Posts: 4
    I have had the same issue with my Jeep. The Jeep just shuts down. Like you, I take the Jeep in to the dealership only to be told they have been unable to duplicate the problem. The last few times I have been able to predict when it is subject to shut down. A couple of days before the shut down, the Jeep will get a little skip/sluggish while traveling in slow traffic once this starts it is just a matter of time before the shut down
  • lrookslrooks Posts: 2
    I love the look of my Commander, but I am having many problems with it that seem minor until I get killed!
    My problems:

    -Car stalls when turning or slowing down - turning left in front of traffic is a gamble!
    -There is a high-pitched noise that comes from the right passenger side when on the interstate.
    -The gas tank does not let me fill up past 3/4 of a tank - it kicks off and won't let anything else in. This means that I am filling up all of the time.

    I had the car in for the stalling a couple of weeks ago, any my dealership said that this is a problem they are having. I was told it needed a software update, but it stalled again after the update.
  • lrookslrooks Posts: 2
    The same thing happens to me. I didn't think about it until you said it. I have noticed that mine will jump for a little while and then it shuts down after this starts. I originally thought I had a loose spark plug or something. I try to do the right thing and buy an American car, but I have never had problems with my Mazdas or Nissans!
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    The noise you are talking about is what we call the "whistle" - Jeep knows about has to do with how the window is/isn't sealed and a firewall thing I think. My windshield was replaced twice, but after the second time, it doesn't seem to happen as often and when it does it's barely there. The stalling is not a software update. Have your dealer call Krissy at Ed Voyles Chrysler/Jeep in Marietta, GA. Whatever they did to mine seems to helped the has become sluggish again, but it has not cut off since they did whatever it was that they did.
  • lemon06lemon06 Posts: 14
    Hello. I purchased my Jeep Commander 4x4 in 06 new. Just before the first maintenace was scheduled it shut off on me from the parking lot to the stop sign. I now have 16,000 miles and it has shut off on me a total of 5 times. The factory radio was defective (cd player didn't play) and I waited 7 weeks for a new one. Last week the truck shut off again after five hours from me picking it up from the dealer. Heritage Jeep Chrylser in Northern, Va. horrible service reps and GM for new car sales. Rude rude rude. They replaced some software that was supposed to do the trick.

    Wrong answer. I took it back that same day dropped it off and it took an act of congress to get it back. They let it sit while they serviced paying customers. They told my fuel injectors were clogged and to take care of that for 163.00 because that could be the problem. This vehicle is a world class lemon. Chrylser doesn't even provide a arbitrator in the state of Va. Thank god Va. has a lemon law that entends to 18 months. I was told by a mechanic at another dealer that Chrslyer is aware of this problem and that he replaced every computer chip in one truck and it still kept shutting off.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    I through some of other other posts. I would call the National Highway Safety People - apparently they are the only chance we have to getting the things recalled. There are all ready several opened investigations (I believe 197). I also called my state Governors Office of Consumer Affairs. Anyone we can educated about this cars the better.
  • If your waiting for a recall that will not happen anytime soon i promise you that.The reason being is there has to be a deffective part.We (dealers) dont have any idea what the defective part is there for no recall.What i would do if i were you guys would be call chrysler first will get nowhere with that call you might get a cair #/file number which is only good for documentation.Documentation is very important to you guys at this point.the next step is to call the BBB.they come down very hard on dealerships and the Genral manager has 30 days to respond.When they get those BBB letters they will pretty much kiss your butts.And off the record i have been told by chrysler to start replaceing ignition switchs if people come in with this concern i fail to see the logic in this but its something to try. Iwill keep you posted on the results and any new info that come to me .
  • kjones2kjones2 Posts: 6
    I filed under the lemon law several months ago and am still waiting to hear from Chrysler. In the meantime, I continue to be saddled with a vehicle that I consider a threat to personal safety. I have been borrowing a vehicle for several months out of fear of driving the commander and it stalling on me in traffic - again. However, I've exhausted the kindness of others and have to start driving the commander again. My biggest concern was getting it stopped and restarted if it went dead on the interstate or other high traffic area. But, the other day my husband and I "practiced" on back roads. We made it turn off and it was pretty simple just to put it into neutral and restart without fighting to get it stopped and out of traffic (which is difficult when you lose power steering and brakes). We also discovered that mine would restart while still in drive (without ever putting it into neutral). From what I understand, this shouldn't happen - but nothing else can surprise me about this pathetic vehicle. It is a shame that I've had to resort to such measures with a new vehicle, but it looks as if getting rid of it will not be easy and we're stuck. Good Luck to you all and do file with the National Transportation and Safety Board if you haven't yet.
  • e741e741 Posts: 3
    That is exactly what my dealer did- replaced the ignition switch. No issues thus far after that (about 1k miles later). I have to say it was really comical when I contacted Chrysler. They emailed me and said it looks like your dealer replaced your ignition switch- It is great to know they can confirm that, but I knew that already.

    I was looking for a little more in the area of we recognize this is an issue and can confirm this will fix it.
  • teelfamteelfam Posts: 3
    How did you get your car to stall? What seems to be the problem is that the dealerships can't "duplicate" the stall therefore can't fix the problem. If you say that you were able to get it to stall on your own we may have a glimmer of hope in getting this problem resolved. Now as far as Chrysler, they are a waste-even after two complaints all they can say is sorry. Sorry isn't going to help when either myself or my family is killed. I did file with the NHTSA and I am waiting on paperwork to start an official investigation on my car and after reading the other report will file with the Better Business Bureau. Good Luck All!
  • kjones2kjones2 Posts: 6
    sorry if my wording was confusing - we made the Jeep go dead by turning the key to the left (just not all the way off); my husband was just trying to show me that instead of freaking out when it stalled, I should just put it into neutral and restart - I had thought I had to get it completely stopped, etc. before I could restart
  • Is this stalling problem only on the 2006's or is it rpesent in 2007's as well. I Ask because I am considering buying one for my wife and 15 mo old daughter. However, if this is wide spread in the 2007 model year, I don't want to take the chance.

  • teelfamteelfam Posts: 3
    I believe it is on both the 2006 and 2007 from what I am reading. If I were you I would NOT consider buying this vehicle, especially with a little one in the back seat. Although pretty this car is not worth the risk.
  • My 2006 Jeep Commander has been giving me nothing but SCARRY situations. It dies when I'm driving it. I've had the vehicle for 2 years and I've taken it in almost every month since I leased it. My hearing with Chrysler and the Texas Department of Transportation is tomorrow. Have any of you had your hearings? If so, how did it go?
  • I had my jeep commander stall on me yesterday. I had just returned to Houston on a long trip and was driving on a about 45 miles an hour when the engine shut down on me. I lost my power steering, power brakes, etc. I only have 3200 miles on my brand new 2007 Jeep Commander. It would not restart and I had to have it towed back to the Helfman River Oaks dealership where I bought it. They looked it over today and said that it was a bad fuel pump. I am not sure how a fuel pump can go bad after 3200 miles. I am concerned about this and, after reading some of these posts, I am worried that it is something else. Has anyone else had a bad fuel pump with a new Commander? It seems as if Jeep has put quality on the back burner for now.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    I have not gotten to that point yet - mine is going back in the shop and then we will actually file. Please keep us posted and let us know how it turns out. From what I'm reading on the Lemon Law papers, even if it's a favorable outcome, you still lose. If you do the math, based on the miledge, whether you trade in for another or have them repurchase it, you still get screwed. I'll say this...I will NEVER again purchase another American made car. I hate to be unpatriotic, but I this is a HUGE pain in the neck. I am about 30 minutes from the Jeep dealership and have two kids. They won't give us a loaner anymore, so I am just out of a car when they have to fix it. I have always had Toyotas or Hondas and never had this type of situation. Again, please keep up posted! I would have them extend your warranty through the life of the loan and have it written in that you get a loaner anytime they have - financially, that is your best bet if you were in a loan agreement. I'm not sure what the best option is for a lease...
  • We recently purchased a used 06 Jeep Commander about six weeks ago. While driving the car completely stalled, I lost all breaks and power steering. I almost drove straight into the front of a house before quicly through the car into neutral and restarted. I could have been killed if driven on the highway at speeds of 70mph. Thank God i was on a side street going about 30mph. The car is currently at the dealership. They have put on a recording device to recapture the stall as no codes were saved when the car stalled out while I was driving it...Basically I have been told that Chrysler had a multidiciplinary taskforce working on the stalling problem, but there is no fix. So now I am sitting on a car which we owe a ton of money on and afraid to drive my family in it.....Any other stories of this same problem and if you found a solution! :lemon:
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