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Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • eric02910eric02910 Posts: 1
    ** HELP **

    I am an owner of a 2008 Jeep Commander Overland and we've been experiencing a few issues with it lately.

    FIRST - Stalled on my wife while she was driving our daughter back from a Pediatricians appointment. (The Dealership stated that they fixed the stalling issue with a TSB software update)

    SECOND - Sometimes it will just not start! This issue has happened to both me and my wife. Insert the Key FOB into the slot, turn, and nothing.. nadda! Usually after the 2nd or 3rd attempt the truck will start. (The truck is currently at the dealership and has been there for a week for them to try and fix the issue. They can't reproduce the problem so they don't know how to fix it.) I know my wife and I aren't crazy... We are not making this up. Sometimes the truck will just not start.

    THIRD - The MyGIG DvD player freezes and locks up. When this happens you can't utilize any of the buttons, can't eject the DVD, and so far the only resolution is to turn the truck off and then back on. The dealership has replaced the MyGIG system 3 times and we still experience this issue.

    Any other Commander or JGC owners experiencing the same issues? Has your dealership fixed your problem and if so what did they do?

    Unfortunately its gotten to the point where this 6 month old truck with just over 5000 miles has been in for "service" more times then all of my prior Jeep Grand Cherokees combined. According to Rhode Island State Law the truck is now classified as a "Lemon" but we are hoping to not go down that path.


    -Eric in Rhode Island
  • ginav1ginav1 Posts: 2
    HI there i found your post very helpful!

    i have some questions for you if you you will?

    what does BBB stand for and how od i contact them?

    i have has so many problems with my commander.

    the stalling, the window whistle, wet floors in the morining when i get into my car and it didn't rain the night before!!!! you name it! the list is so long.

    how do i get in touch with the BBB?
  • ginav1ginav1 Posts: 2 my commander is a piece of junk i am having all of the problems listed on this forum. they scariest of all has to be the stalling though while driving though. who knows what will happen when i make that left hand turn across traffic?????

    the even more frustrating thing is....
    EVERYTIME i take it into the dealer to get fixed, they call to tell me my car is ready, i go to get it and attempt to drive it off the lot and something new is wrong with it. for example, i took it in to have my back up sensor lights fixed. when i picked it up they said nothing was wrong with it. i drove off the lot and my AC was going on and off and all my warning lights were going on and off too.

    turned right around and told them what happened.

    when i picked my jeep up AGAIN they told me my a.c. was not working correctly because it was my ignition switch and they had to replace it.
    i attempted to drive it off the lot and my front (power) windows wouldn't roll down!

    does anybody know what the ignition switch powers????? does it have anything to do with powering my windows and other non engine things in my car???? my problems sound electrical and every time someone works on my car some new problem happens!

    i am going to pick my jeep up tomorrow and i want to be prepared!!!!!!


    FYI- my jeep is a 2006 only has 15,000 miles on it.
  • This post is not to defend the Jeep Commander, but simply to state that my 2006 Commander is fine. None of the issues that I see on this board. Mine is a 3.7 liter with 4x4. Great looking. Ride is near perfect. Fun to drive.

    Not to belittle anyone on the board, but if you are having problems your Commander within the warranty period, your remedy is to have Jeep (Chrysler) fix it. If your dealer can't or won't fix it, then you really need to get a new dealer. Chrysler rates their dealers and 5 Star dealers have to work to keep their good rating. So you should only go to a 5 star dealer IMHO.

    Also, when the dealer says he fixed something (and this applies to all car repair work, whether under warranty or not) you should insist on seeing the old parts and inspecting them to assure that work was actually done. Now, if you don't know a fan blade from a wiper blade you're not going to be able to discover a possible fraud (yes dealers do sometimes say they fixed a part and don't - and still bill the warranty work out to Chrysler), but merely asking to see the parts is a good practice and if they don't have them, you know something is really not right.

    Very important is that you keep all of your receipts and that your receipts have a clear description of the problems that you are encountering. If they are not fixed properly within the Original Warranty period, you have recourse against Chrysler. You have to notify them in writing, usually within 60 days of the failed repair, and the warranty will not expire as to the problem being repaired.

    And just to be clear, Chrysler is not the Dealer. Dealers are independent franchises and not under the control of Chrysler at all. So if your dealer is a bum and can't or won't fix your problem, it's not Chrysler or Jeep that you should hate....But repeatedly going to a dealer that doesn't fix your car is YOUR fault. Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

    For some reason, I get good service from my dealer and they actually fix anything that is not working. The Commander has some issues - but all car makes and models do - just go to the NHTSA site and see the list of recalls. It will blow your mind. Japanese, German, American, no one is immune.

    But that is why there are warranties. And while frustrating, unnerving and even scary, the bargain made by any new car buyer with the manufacturer is that the company will pay for the repairs during the warranty period. And generally they do...unless you have a bad dealer.

    Unfortunately with new models of cars such as the Commander (new in 2006), there are inevitable production problems that don't manifest themselves until thousands of vehicles are already on the road. Again...common to all car makers and models.

    I see a lot of "talk" of class action suits and lemon law suits from some owners. While sometimes successful, that is no easy route to satisfaction. I've seen it many times and it compounds frustration. You think Car Dealers are frustrating?? Now you want to hire a lawyer? Wow...that's like adding salt to a wound. And by hire...I mean you enter into a contingency haven't really paid them anything until and if you win and they get their fees. So don't expect them to jump when you want them to jump. It's just another case of many...and it's a long don't expect a quick resolution.

    I like my Commander. It's a great looking SUV. The fit and finish are very good, though not perfect. The ride is superlative and quiet compared to my prior Suburban. It has good power for a V6. Mileage is acceptable for the size, but is certainly not a strong point.

    I would recommend the Commander. I believe I am in the vast "silent majority" here. You just don't hear from us because we aren't surfing the web searching for answers to our car problems or posting them on forums. Not to say that your problems are not legitimate, but 191 posts and there are thousands of Commanders on the road....any many of the owners are happy.

    In short, take these Forums with a grain of salt. Don't be afraid to test drive a Commander. You might like it. Rent one for a weekend and see for yourself.
  • I own a 2006 commander. I love it! It has 46k miles on it. I drive everywhere for my job. I recently started driving to NH. I am from Texas. Is it normal for the engine to be so hard to start when the temperature drops below 30? I have the 3.7L and can you suggest anything that will keep my engine perfect?
  • Our jeep was recently at a animal farm, it was a dirt/dusty parking area and ever since then when we turn on the air conditioning we get this fresh from the farm odor that is not so pleasant, I don't think it ever goes away just gets more bearable.
    I understand there is is cabin air filter. Is this the source of the recurring odor? and I can't find a repair manual showing the location of this item.
    Does anyone have a diagram showing the location.
  • rain5rain5 Posts: 1
    I actually had this same problem i was on a hill one day and my Commander just cut off. It really caught me by surprise i couldnt figure out what happened so i drove straight to the dealership and told them that i was at the light and it just cut off and they asked me if i hit the key with my knee we asked him if he was joking but he wasnt my keys never touch my knee. They claimed a lot of people hit their keys and this causes the problem.
  • I have a 2006 4.7ltr commander.. The problem started as stalling, And eventually led into transmission issues. I never recieved notice of a possible recall and now I am having to pay for a new tranmission at 40,000 miles. My warrenty was up at 36,000. Im just wondering if any one else never recieved recall info? This is crazy. Is this because my warranty was up? And they were looking to make a few bucks? Im looking into my options, Any comments would be great! Lisa
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Read, and then haven't been able to recover, a posting that reiterates my experience, i.e., my Commander, twice now, has just refused to start. It takes about 3 attemps and then the engine starts. And, these two times are separated by months, different weather conditions, etc. the only common denominator is that i went to a different gas station than usual, called Mercury. Some people have suggested that poor gas may have been the problem.

    I also noticed that when driving it in town (Westport, CT,i.e., slow going here because everyone takes great pride in driving no more than 30mph when they're not driving 25) it feels like it needs me (I'm a game theorist/international relations and not an engineer so i apologize with errors in vernacular) to put more pressure on the gas pedal, once i do that it runs more smoothly.

    I spoke with local dealer where it was purchased and their mechanic who has been there for one year said that he's never seen this problem; but, now i see that there's an entire forum on the issue.

    Has anyone had experiene of receiving the remedying diagnosis for this? Because it happens so infrequently, I don't want to drop off at dealer (they'll say that they can't replicate it).

  • bell3bell3 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problem. I own a 2007 and have had trasmission problem and know when I try to start my car nothing. I have had to turn the key up to thirty times to get the engine started. I have know Idea what is wrong with it. My warranty is up I have 44,000 miles. I'm not every happy with this car. When I did have a warrranty the dealer never could find what was wrong. I don't know what to do. :cry: :mad:
  • Just bought a 2008 jeep commander. No problems yet. However, the blue tooth buttons above the radio, for U-Connect, says "U-connect" unavailable when pushed. What do I have to buy/install to activate my hands free device? I have bluetooth for my cell in my other vehicle which is great. This one is for my wife and she really needs blue tooth as much as she talks?
  • There is a recall notice on this issue. You can look it up at I have posted the recall summary below:

    Recalls Summary

    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 08V203000
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    THANK YOU!!!

    Georgetown Jeep in Westport, CT and even Chrysler headquarters when they went through list of recalls - go figure - didn't find the one that pertained to my car!

    I am looking forward to my refund and towards the car being repaired finally...

    so thankful to you and so sick of Chrysler and Georgetown Jeep...i never thought that i would say this but unless they admit their error and apologize, this will be the last Jeep I purchase.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Again, thank you!
    After dealing with Chrysler India and Chrysler Michigan from July - August and giving up all hope in September, I am now, because I could cite Recall Number H19 dealing with Chrysler in Salt Lake City and they are - go figure - actually interested in reimbursing me for the starter that I was told would solve the problem as well as getting me to a local Jeep Dealer (that is actually proud to be part of Chrysler and respectful of the taxpayer funded government bailout that is enabling Chrysler to survive and hopefully, soon to, to thrive) who will inspect my Commander and do the necessary recall repairs.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    just an update on what i thought was going to be progress regarding my Jeep Commander stall issue: with this new information about the H19 recall in hand chrysler had me begin anew, i.e., a separate complaint under a new complaint number not because anything had changed but because a few weeks had passed since i spoke with them about the complaint in the first place; also different, they had me write and mail my complaint in, and then yesterday i was told that though my complaints about the stall issue mimic'ed the H19 recall problem, because the recall was on 4.6L engines and mine is a 6.0 i was not entitled to the recall - EVEN THOUGH MY COMMANDER IS HAVING THE SAME PROBLEMS!

    What's more, I asked them to put this denial into writing and send it to me for my records, and I was told in no uncertain terms by Gus (Customer Service ID: GD637)Chrysler Customer Service (telephone: 800.992.1997) that Chrystler does not have to and will not put this denial into writing.

    More: i just put over $3k into this car that has less than 36k miles on it; as of a week ago, i have only owned this car for one year. It seems that - and remember, i have purchased 2 brand new jeeps from jeep since i was 16 - in order to enable these Commanders to be 'Jeeps' you have to purchcase parts from outside of jeep, i.e., i purchased the TOYO all terrain country tires and also had new brakes installed by my old Jaguar dealer, i.e., seems that Ford knows how to 'make a jeep a jeep' better than Chrysler can ;-) Of course, while i think that new brakes at this point is intolerable, I understand that the tires are something that - buyer beware - I should have seen were the cheapest 4 wheel drive tires available on the market in the US today.

    Especially given the taxpayer funded government bailout of chrysler, we deserve better than this, right?
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Given the US Taxpayer Funded Government Bailout of Chrysler, our expectations of Chrysler and its affiliates is greater than if we were just customers; of course, based on our customer status alone, we are entitled to the expectation of safe and reliable cars, right?

    That said, when my Commander isn't stalling, when the dashboard lights aren't blinking, and now that I have had Ford-Jaguar specialists install new Toyo tires and top line brakes, I too enjoy the ride and look of my Jeep Commander.

    That said, that inorder to enable my Jeep to drive like a Jeep I have to go outside of Jeep Dealers for parts and servicing, is a sign that Chrysler is ruining the Jeep brand name, i.e., how good (not!) of an investment then is this US Taxpayer Funded Government Bailout of The Chrysler Company?
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    does anyone have any idea of how to go about finding a repair shop that is not affiliated with chrysler that can repair this problem; I would think that the software issue gives chrysler a monopoly on repairing this problem, however, because of Chrysler's reluctance to address the problem inspite of a related recall, it needs to be fixed by a shop not affiliated with them.

    as mentioned in another post, i have now spent over $3k at a dealer service center not affiliated with Chrysler (Ford Jaguar) on this car since the stall issue surfaced to the point of Chrysler putting in a new starter (which temporarily fixed the problem but now it is stalling again). The $3k i just spent was on toyo tires and new brake pads, and other brake repairs, i.e., i know, i know buyer beware regarding the tires but regarding the brakes, the dealer should have told me what i was getting. That said, now that the ford jaguar dealer is servicing the car, it is really becoming more and more like a real, to fix this stall problem.

    between yesterday and today it has stalled when i was turning into traffic; in CT we can make rights on red, but i won't be doing that until this problem is fixed, because i can't be sure the car will keep going once i have made the right hand turn and have to speed up because traffic is coming up from behind me...
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    far from an idiot (Oxford U; NYU; Columbia U), and 'street smart' enough to know that yes, there are others out there who can fix this problem, it's just a matter of research.

    and, at this point, it's not a matter of $$$ (though it would be nice to avoid paying for this) it is a matter of this Commander being safe for me and the other drivers on the road; unfortunately, for my checking account that means I am going to have to pay to make sure that it is so because Chrysler won't do so.

    essentially I am rebuilding the car on the inside to be as fabulous as it looks on the outside. Let's just hope that between now and then it doesn't stall at the wrong time, right?
  • But if I missed it, (which I'm sure I have) at the site (for owners) there is a "recall" check list which on would type in the last four digits of your Vin Number.. In turn the vin would search jeeps records of any issues that maybe with your vehicle. Assuming that whom ever had the vehicle to began with maintain it properly and registered the vin with jeep.

    I ran the test earlier today and found no issue with Our Commander. This doesn't mean it wont happen just means Jeep is unaware of any issue with my 07 Commander One reason companies give you warranty cards to fill out just to cover your butts and a way for the dealer to contact you in case of a recall or safety issue.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    chrysler in michigan ran the VIN and first off realized that the vin the dealer provided was wrong, then we got the right one into the system (off by one digit) and found that my particular vin was not part of the recall...even though my commander is having problems that are just what those vins that are included in the recall are having.

    what's more, my commander stalled getting onto I-95 in rush hour last week and again this week getting onto the meritt parkway also during rush hour...terrifying.

    but, still they will not admit that the problem was never the starter but this other cause; i have had two other technicians check out the car, and both said that there is nothing wrong with the car so it must be the software. and, mind you, these other technicians would have made money telling me it was anything else because anything else other than the proprietary software they could fix.

    chrysler should be ashamed of itself.
  • I have a 2006 Commander 5.7 Limited that occassionally will not start. We took it in to the dealer and they could not replicate the issue....imagine that. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and might know what the problem is? Please help. thanks
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i would bet it is the starter that needs to be replaced. i was charged $345 by the dealer i purchased it from less than a year before replacing the starter became necessary. it had the same problem of not starting sometimes. it wasn't until it refused to start (it used to be i would try to do so two or three times and on the fourth it would, but this time it wouldn't after several tries) and i had to get it towed (another $90 on top of the $345) that I had the starter replaced. that kept the starting problem from recurring but the car still has a lagging stall problem until I stopped going to the Jeep Chrysler dealers instead bringing it to independent repair shops in Connecticut and Mount Kisco, NY who made the right changes so that now the stall is less acute. and, your dealer, if it is a jeep dealer that you purchased this from knows about this problem...don't let them get away with not replacing it for you at this stage because it may just stop working all together after your warranty is up (or, as in my case, they simply will not honour the warranty)
  • You don't provide enough details. No starting can mean the engine cranks but does not fire, or it can mean that it doesn't crank. The poster that responded assumed that it needs a starter, which may not be true if the starter cranks the engine but the engine doesn't catch. If it doesn't crank, it could be as simple as a starter relay, it could be the starter, it may even be the engine computer. If it cranks but starts and dies, it could be the key fob or the receiver in the steering column, also known as the SKIM module or smart key immobilizer, part of the anti theft system. There have been some known issues with connections on the underside of the PDC (power distribution center) that have either not been seated or the retention tabs on the terminals were broken. The most difficult thing about an intermittent issue, is getting it to reproduce. Detail as much as you can, write it down when it happens to you, so you can provide accurate information to the dealer to help him track down the problem. Good Luck.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    sorry about that, mine would not 'crank' not even one 'crank'.

    and, you are also right that the solution that i was charged for, nobody is sure that it actually required a new starter.

    all that said: fundamentally the Jeep Commander has electricical problems that on a driving level = problems starting The Commander, problems with The Commander stalling when merging onto a highway, problems with The Commander dashboard flickering more often than not, and, too, problems getting the Chrysler Jeep dealers to fix problems before the warranty is up.

    short of long: before your warranty runs out and before The Commander totally refuses to start contact Chrysler, Michigan. you will have to go through Chrysler, India first, but once you do get to michigan they might encourage The Jeep Dealer to replace the parts they know the symptoms you are describing are an inidication of.
  • Thanks for the info. When I say that it won't start, it does exactly as another individual described. All electrical components work - radio, lights, etc., but the vehicle will not even click when you turn the key. When it last happened, I unhooked the battery cables for a short period and once reconnected, the vehicle started and has been starting fine now for a few days.
  • Boy oh boy, I have never read so much misinformation and confusion. Bassman8 is the only person here who knows what he's talking about. While most customers are very nice to deal with, I shudder at the thought of trying to work with some people here.

    First of all, an engine stalling problem should never be a "terrifying" situation. If you can't handle this common emergency, sell your car and walk or hire a taxi. Panicking on the highway is the safety issue. People run out of gas, get flat tires, and get cut off all the time, and they don't whine about the terrifying situation. Regardless of the cause of the problem, it is your responsibility to know how to control the vehicle in a safe manner. It's up to the people behind you to worry about themselves. Part of their driving experience includes watching out for you. Pilots learn how to land a plane safely with dead engines. A stalled engine in a car is a relatively harmless inconvenience.

    A lot of people can't jump fast enough to find someone else to blame. Look at the type of car you bought. Manufacturers have gone WAY overboard incorporating unnecessary, unreliable, complicated computers for every aspect of modern cars, and you can't wait to buy them because of all the silly gimmicks. I shake my head in disbelief every time I replace a $700.00 heater computer that does what a simple lever and cable used to do. If you don't know how cars are built today, put the blame for high repair bills squarely where it belongs; on the shoulders of the person who bought it, not who built it.

    Next, how on earth can anyone develop the faulty logic that a starter motor can cause a stalling problem? This proves you are not knowledgeable about cars and have no business complaining about the repair shops. They ARE educated about your complicated car, but you're going to second guess them? The starter only spins the engine to start it running. After that, you can remove it, stomp on it, drive over it, scream at it, and throw it at someone; it will not cause your engine to stall. It's job is done and it just sits there after the engine is running. Now, some people have mentioned a different problem of intermittently failing to crank the engine. Again that has nothing to do with stalling once it's running. Intermittent failure to crank is caused by worn contacts in the starter solenoid. The contacts can be replaced separately but to insure reliability of the repair, almost everyone replaces the entire starter motor. This is an EXTREMELY common problem, but no respectable mechanic would ever replace it without witnessing the problem, especially if they recognize that they can't rely on your confusing descriptions of the problem. Very few owners can provide all the details and clues that a mechanic will pick up, but at least they understand the mechanic is trying to get as much information as possible so they can find the cause in as little time as possible. You seem to think the mechanic is the enemy, so you can expect to be treated as such. Try treating them as your partner in solving this problem, not your adversary. I once had a customer come back nine times before I finally found the problem. I was more frustrated at letting him down than he was at having to keep coming back. Thank goodness he understood how complicated his car was.

    As for recall issues, these are generally reserved for safety or emissions problems. When the cause of a problem is identified, it is pretty easy to figure out which vehicles are affected according to the date of manufacture. If your vehicle isn't on the list, it means the problem was corrected by the time your car was built. Some people seem to think their problem is so special, the manufacturer should cover it under some special warranty program. If that were true, GM would be busy fixing all their expensive, common problems.

    Other known problems that might be hard to diagnose will generate a service bulletin to save time for other mechanics, but you won't find a bulletin for easy-to-diagnose things like starter solenoids.

    Finally, every customer has to learn how to present helpful information to their mechanic. I answer questions on another web site, and the lack of information is amazing. "Does not start", "won't run right", "my heater doesn't work; what's wrong?" If this is an example of what you would tell your mechanic in a face-to-face meeting, don't be surprised if you get a "could not duplicate the problem". If all I tell my doctor is "I'm in pain", would you expect him to treat me for a hang nail, a stomach ache, or I cut my foot off with a chain saw? He's going to ask a lot of questions, perform a few simple preliminary tests, and make some observations, but he won't do any of those over the phone or internet. There are exceptions, but most people are better at describing their pets' ailments than what their car is doing.

    And what kind of derogatory names would you call a doctor who doesn't cure you on the first visit? Can anyone explain to me why mechanics are held to much higher standards than doctors? Doctors bury their mistakes. Mechanics are all called crooks when a few don't find the cause of a problem right away. A big part of diagnosing a problem is listening to the owner. If you provide limited or confusing information, as you have here, you can't possibly expect an efficient, economical repair.

    Itabot seems to have the most unrealistic expectations I've read in a long time. What in the world does the brand of tire or brake pad have to do with "keeping a Jeep a Jeep"? Tires, brakes, exhaust, spark plugs, fenders, . . . are all offered by a number of manufacturers and can be installed by thousands of different shops, a tiny few of which are Jeep dealers. Chrysler only makes 20 percent of their own parts. The other 80 percent come from independent suppliers who also supply the same parts to the Napas, Carquests, and Auto Zones.

    It's common for a Ford / Jaguar dealer to fix a Jeep, . . . and the other way around. Who do you think does the safety inspections and repairs on trade-in vehicles. As for the comment about the mechanic who said he was only at the dealership for a year, that gives him one year more of factory training than the mechanics at the independent repair shops or other new car dealers. Tough problems will be handled by experienced mechanics, and many of them may have gotten their experience working somewhere else before they came to that dealership.

    One final note, even though it doesn't really apply here. I answer questions from a lot of do-it-yourselfers who don't have a clue how complicated newer cars are. The days of the backyard mechanic are long gone, and all manufacturers have designed their products to only be serviceable by the dealer. When people don't understand how the systems work, they end up troubleshooting the wrong thing, or they blindly replace a bunch of parts hoping one w
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i think that with your reply you just did Jeep more harm than good because nobody at chrysler jeep would say that a recurring stall is normal they are however ignoring the magnitude of the problem. at least while trying to find and share solutions to this probloem i am still holding jeep to it's historically high standards. if you think that it is normal for a jeep to have recurring stall problem then you have never had the pleasure of driving a real jeep.

    and, i can assure you that as for driving skills, i drive automatic and standard, in this country and country's that require we drive on 'the wrong side of the road', off road and on the highway as well as suburban streets and even, though not in the past year, across frozen lakes in siberia...with brand new cars and old clunkers and never have i experienced the recurring stall issues that i do with this commander. it is not safe and it is not normal.

    please do not apply your lower standards to jeep discussions, that isn't the point of the thread.
  • Well said man! I get sick of seeing posts on this site with little or no relevant information. I have tried for years to get people to respect the techs that work on their cars. The general public has no concept of how much you need to know about mechanics, electronics and hydraulics to be able to service today's cars.
    It will only get more complex. I worked in the Safety Office at Chrysler and personally investigated the Commander stalling issue for over a year. Prior to working at Chrysler I spent 15 years in dealerships working as a line tech.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i do not know where you got the impression that the techs were considered responsible for the stall; at this point, it is Jeep Chrysler corporate's reluctance to assume culpability and replace all necessary parts in all vehicles experiencing the problem. the tech's are not allowed to fix the problem totally, i.e., they are only allowed to 'bandaid' it. corporate has also lost - over the last year - whatever weight of influence it had over it's dealerships...who, at least in my case, are emphatic about their independence from Chrysler Jeep (the government bailout of Chrysler went all wrong when it came to Jeep from a customer's standpoint).

    that said, why don't you share with us what you found to be the problem during your year working on the commander stall, and let us know: if you were allowed to repair the problem the way you wanted to, how would you do it, what parts, what manufacturers of parts, etc.

    I think that would be awesome information for us all to have, and I really hope your share it with us because when it comes to stalls at these speeds you are savign people's lives/quality of lives, etc.
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