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Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • adman518adman518 Posts: 3
    Thanks so much. Tomorrow we were about to buy a "new" 06 loaded Commander. It has a Sticker of $45,000, but they are asking $33,995 but I sure done need all of the hassels that you have all had.

    We have owned German cars for years any have not bought american because of lacking quality. (currently looking to trade an ML320 that now has just turned 100,000 miles. Until just recently it has been very trouble free and a nice car all around. We were thinking of just getting something different and the Jeep looked nice. We are also looking at the Lexus GX470, the X5, the Hummer and the LR3 does anyone have any feedback on any of them?

  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    What exactly are you doing when the car stalls? What is the ambient temp? How fast are you going etc? What indicator lights are on? Does the dash go out as well? Have you read about the possibility of your knee hitting the ignition switch or key?

  • staycstayc Posts: 2
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
    Honestly, I have a loaded 06 Commander it has been in for service countless times for stalling!!! They send it back to me EVERYTIME with NOTHING done!
    Midway Jeep is no help and I think they are bunch of buffoons , not to mention SO clueless.
    There are times when it happens I think I will be rear ended! This is a car I will not ever buy again or any car from that for that matter .
    I just got it from Midway Friday and it stalled again on Sunday.... just called the service manager (7am Monday)he said there is nothing he can do!!! Are you kidding me???

    Does anyone out there have any ideas for me. He claimed that I was the only one that has had this problem.... sure---I told him to read this link his reply was he doesn't have time for that. Sure I guess when you are busy doing nothing!!
    Anyway..... any ideas!????? :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    If you think they are a bunch of buffoons, go to a different dealer. Any Chrysler dealer can service your car, not just the one that sold it to you. Second, ask them to put a data recorder in the car and you can push a button when it stalls. That way, the dealer can look at what was happening when it did stall.

  • staycstayc Posts: 2
    I will suggest what you said thanks---has this happened to you as well with the Commander???
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    Hi everyone! Just an update on my 06 Commander that was stalling. I am happy to say that mine has not stalled since the last fix. Please tell your dealership to call Ed Voyles Jeep in Marietta, Georgia and ask to speak to Krissy in service. Her phone number 770-429-1100. I am not sure what she will think of me giving out their dealerships number, but I have to say they have taken FANTASTIC care of us. They have trusted us, believed us and done everything in their power to fix fact, I sent them the link to this site so that they could see what had been done to other cars to try and fix the problem so that they wouldn't waste time retrying something that didn't work. I may still dislike my car, but their willingness to admit there is a problem and work to correct it has made it a little better. They were never able to duplicate it, but I guess there was enough of us on the blog and enough other weird stuff with my car, that they moved forward. Apparently, the Grand Cherokee has a stall problem. So, whatever they did to fix that is what they did to fix mine. I know at one point, they took my transmission out - they really OVERHAULED, LOOKED AND RESEARCHED to find this fix. I still think that we all need to tell the National Highway Safety people about our problems, but in the meantime, have your dealership call the dealership I have been dealing with and maybe they can get it fixed. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it really works - it's been about a month!
  • tori2tori2 Posts: 3
    Once again my 2006 Jeep Commander Limited stalled on me. This time I was in heavy traffic in NY with a huge truck behind me!!! I went to the dealer and they cannot get the truck to stall so they think I am crazy. I was told the computer never registered a problem and they cannot duplicate it so there is nothing that can be done. How am I suppose to travel to work and not worry about my safety? I have done some research and have found that the NHTSA is conducting their own investigation. It was really simple. It takes about 10 minutes on the phone (888-327-4236) or you can email a complaint. They have quite a few people who have already complained.
    Unfortunately my service company will not call another state to figure out how other dealers are trying to fix this problem like the one blog suggested.
  • tori2tori2 Posts: 3
    I found on the consumers affairs website that two stalls have resulted in accidents. Though you might want to know since I am just as frustrated as you.
  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    Take your car back to the dealer and insist that they install a Star Mobile Data recorder in your vehicle and show you how to trigger it. It's very simple, just push a button when it happens. If you are able to reproduce the event yourself it will save the dealer time in trying to fix it. You might also suggest that they call STAR center and ask to speak with someone who knows about the stalling issue. There is a questionnaire that can be faxed to the dealer to get some specifics about the incident.
  • obiepatobiepat Posts: 1
  • tori2tori2 Posts: 3
    I would be careful!!!! my commander has been in the shop for almost a month with no way to fix the stalling problem. its almost time for my lawyer to pursue the lemon law because i do not want an unsafe vehicle.
  • tardifftardiff Posts: 2
    My 2006 Commander started the same patter of stalling. Took it to the dealer and they stated that it needed a new software drop in the computer. They did a download and I have not had any issues for the past 8 months. So go for the software download.
  • rudakorudako Posts: 3
    I had my commander stall at only 600 miles. I took it to the dealership and they found no problems, no codes were registered on the computer, they said. I took it home and the next day I had more problems with it. The AC did not work, the temp gauge was not working, the front differential is making a weird sound, the cooling fan goes on full blast for 5 minutes before I can leave my drive way. As if that was not enough, Yesterday while driving home from work, it started making a loud hissing sound from under the hood. I noticed that it only happened at certain speeds against the wind. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help, thanks
  • hjayhjay Posts: 5
    I have experienced the same things that most of you all have experienced. When it sits overnight or for more than 8 hours my truck starts rough. But every now and then when I started it up in the morning it runs smoothier than the rough start. Don't have a clue to that. If its a hot day and I am in traffic with stop and start it starts stalling and bucking. When I put my foot on the brake the oil guage goes down close to zero. Then if I take off slow it will go back to the middle of my oil guage. When my truck buck it give a poot noise in the back. Sometimes smell fumes. I think Chrysler should recall these trucks. I will take some of the information that I have read in other post. But I think we need to let Chrysler know that need to recall our Jeeps. So if theres a website to go to report them let me know. I'm in for signing it.
  • bassman8bassman8 Posts: 14
    This particular forum is for 2006 XK Commanders, not 1995 Laredos. Your issues are completely different from most reported here. Your car is 12 years old and has technology from that era. It shouldn't be hard to diagnose your bucking concerns if you take it to a competent tech. Smelling fumes may mean there are other things that need to be looked at. Has it been in the shop recently to be checked over?

  • nostymosnostymos Posts: 1
    My 06 Commander has hesitated numerous times on left turns. From a complete stop, if I punch the gas 3/4 of the way to make the left before oncoming traffic, that's when it happens. The dealer stated that they cannot duplicate it, that if there is no code, they cannot figure out the problem. On the whistling, they can fix it. I believe they replace the windshield strip from a smooth strip to one with a groove on it to eliminate the whistling. When I mentioned the noise, they had a smug look on their face like they knew about the problem, but they didn't want to fix it unless you complained about it, twice. By the way, the gas milage on this thing stinks.
  • rozlynkrozlynk Posts: 1
    Do not buy a jeep if you value your life or anyone else's The Jeep Commander is numerous fatalities waiting to happen, and Daimler Chrysler doesn't seem to care. We bought a 4x4 Feb. 15, and it has completely turned itself off 5 times. The last time was two weeks ago, at 45 mph, down a steep grade in traffic. No brakes or steering whatsoever, no electricity-it literally turns itself off, and you have to come to a complete stop, put it in park, and turn it on again. The service department can't find a thing wrong (no codes on their diagnostics); the regional service manager won't do a thing, and the dealer will generously offer is an $11,000 loss on a trade in! Their solution:just keep driving it! Chrysler sucks and read the blogs, folks, they don't care if people die either. This car is a death trap and they could care less. I'm ready for an attorney. Don't buy one if you want peace and to stay alive.
  • hjayhjay Posts: 5
    Excuse me. I thought that this was a forum for Jeeps. I didn't know that your vehicle had to be a 06 and a commander. But I have had stalling problems too. No need to ask if I have taken it to the shop because you just told me that my car is too old to be on this forum. So I assuming you can't really tell me anything. I glad to know that mine is 12 yrs old and doing this than to have a 06 commander doing this and payin car notes. Thanks I will go to the forum where we have 1995 Jeeps.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    I know how frustrated everyone is... to be honest, we have had our Jeep for a year now and it's amazing how much it has been in the shop - we are currently dealing with an airbag issue - the light comes on and apparently it is something in the seatbelt that has to be fixed. I blows my mind that Jeep has not recalled these cars...unfortunetly, I do believe someone will have to die (or be seriously injured and sue) for that to happen. We did finally get some resolution to our stalling - I am not sure what they did, but it involved taking out our entire transmission. Apparently the Grand Cherokee had the problem and they tried that fix on my Commander. It has been acting a bit sluggish lately, so I don't know if the problem is coming back, but for now, I have not been stalling.

    The only option that I know we can try is to report the problems to the National Highway Safety Patrol/Commission. I think if they get enough complaints, the have to recall the Jeep. Either way, we are all out the money, because all a recall will do is mean they have to fix the problem. We are currently in the same bad financial situation with our car - we still owe $27,000 and it's a year old. We talked about trying to sell it ourselves, but why would people do that when they can buy a new one for 0% financing at a dealership. I am definitely going back to foreign made cars after I get rid of this...I had a Sienna before and it had one problem in 7 was a recall regarding oil sludge, they fixed it and that was it....Good Luck everyone!
  • bostonu93bostonu93 Posts: 1
    Wow I've gone through exactly the same thing with my 2006 Commander. Initially it would stall while slowing after a warm start. They replaced a few components in the transmission and it was fine for a few weeks but now it is sluggish again. Yesterday I was almost hit pulling out of a parking lot because it would not accelerate. I went through the entire FL lemon process when it was stalling and they used up their final repair attempt. Arbitration is next.
  • carguy42carguy42 Posts: 6
    I am a service guy at a chrysler dealer this isnt as common at it sounds i do have one in my shop at this time doing what your all talking about.the issue we have is per chrysler we cant replace anything unless we find a problem.i know the owner of this jeep and believe it does stall i just cant get that to happen and we have put 100 miles on her (star center) will call me back with what to do next i will let you all know
  • carguy42carguy42 Posts: 6
    Flash: 4.7L - Vehicle Driveability Enhancements And DTC P0068 Or P2074 this is what were attempting at this time will let you know
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    Please let us know how that works...Mine has stopped stalling, but is definitely sluggish and not driving well. Any fixes for the windows? My passenger window bounces back - it's been fixed three times - it just did it again last weekend. Thanks for the info.
  • kjones2kjones2 Posts: 6
    With my jeep a year old, it has spent almost 2 months in the shop and has had multiple problems. By far, the stalling has been the most frustrating. After the last incidence of it shutting off as I was driving, I filed Lemon Law (it's been in enough for the same thing to qualify). Working with Chrylser's legal dept. has been no better than trying to deal with customer service. My file was "misplaced" for 4 months by Chrysler. So, we continue to wait for them to do the right thing by consumers.
  • docmac25docmac25 Posts: 1
    06 Commander another with the same problems, all the lights on the dash light up and the car starts to stall. It never stalls, but you can tell it is close. My dealer is unable to duplicate and says they haven't had this problem before. I am going to direct them too this site.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    I am sooo- beyond frustrated with my car. Mine was a year old in June, so I am passed the Lemon Law. My passenger window is messed up for the 5th airbag light won't go off, it's riding really rough, it feels/sounds like I need new brakes. If anyone has any additional thoughts, please let me know...we still owe $23,000 on the car, so a trade in is really not an option and I am not sure we could sell it for that...any thoughts???
  • carguy42carguy42 Posts: 6
    jen put window and hold drivers switch in up poistion for 10 sec.then roll it down and hold down window switch for 10 sec that will reset computer.when you go to dealer ask them to check for tsb"s that apply to your jeep (techinal service bulletin)they will see the previous flash (update)
  • carguy42carguy42 Posts: 6
    sounds like there is a wiring problem poss going to pcm that is grounding out on metal when car turns or the computer has a bad pin in the has things called copilots if anybody wants to know how this works just drop me a line i will explain how it records data and all that other tech fun stuff
  • e741e741 Posts: 3
    My wife called me yesterday terrified because her 06 with the 4.7 pulled the stalling scenario on this forum. Two things on this-
    First - She was turning into a parking lot doing off of a busy street and nearly hit another vehicle when she lost PS & PB - The car is at the dealership now. I can tell you if anything happens to my family due to Jeep ignoring this issue, I will spend my life letting people know how negligent they are.

    Secondly - Has anyone heard that this may be an electrical issue? We have also had the AC working intermittenly and "Service 4x4" light come on.

    The irony is that I really do like the car- but I will not endanger my family's life.
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