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Jeep Commander Start Stall and Idle Problems



  • Sorry to say that what you describe could not possibly have happened. You never lose brakes and steering, they may be harder to push or steer but they're never gone. If you had time to throw the car in neutral and restart it before crashing through the front of a house, you certainly had time to push on the brakes! Stalling doesn't cause a vehicle to go out of control. Maybe you should consider giving up your license and going to mass transit.
  • The dealership where I purchased my 2006 Commander gave up on trying to duplicate/fix the stalling problem. They called the service center at Benchmark Chrysler Jeep in Birmingham. From what I understand, when Benchmark ran my VIN through their computer system it was noted as needing a software upgrade. I took the Jeep in on August 13, 2007 for the upgrade. Good news....knock on wood..the jeep has not stalled yet. I am not sure how this works but here is the number to Benchmark 205-957-1313.
    By the way, The dealership in which had purchased the Jeep had indicated that they had loaded the software upgrade. My guess is that their upgrade did not work.
  • Have owned this vehicle for alomost two months. It only has 2,145 miles on it.

    First time it shut down did not think much of it. It also happened when my wife was driving the car and she did not think anything of it and we never made the connection. Yesterday it happened again, twice, both on my way to a soccer game with my wife and two children and then on my way back. On the way there I was turning left after stopping at a stop light in front of oncoming traffic. The engine shutdown and all power steering and power brakes were lost. The car coasted into the turn and down a slight incline. I was able to muscle the car to the side of the road and slowly stop as I pulled over to the curb. Put the car into park and was able to restart. On the way back from the soccer game I was accelerating after stopping at a traffic light and the vehicle shut down completely. This time as the car was coasting to a stop, and cars behind me were honking, I shifted into neutral and was able to restart the car.

    Called a Jeep delaership today and took the car in tonight. When I explained the problem to them, they did not acknowledge that this is an issue with these vehicles. Will see what they say tomorrow but the postings on this board have certainly confirmed that there is a problem with this vehicle. I also called NHTSA and reported the problem as a potential tragedy waiting to happen.

    It is incredulous to me that these vehicles are even being allowed to be sold. The good news is that the more people speak up about this problem the greater the likelihood that the word will get out and hopefully sales of this car will come to a halt. In the meantime, it is completely irresponsible on the part of Chrysler/Jeep to be selling them.
  • I wish i had known all this...
    My husband is currently about halfway through an 18 month deployment with the US army to the middle east. He was home for two weeks in september and we purchased an '06 Commander, used, for a great price and were first. we hadn't had the car for a week before the first stall...we thought it was something WE did, like bump it out of drive or hit the keys and didn't think anything of it. Less than a week later, driving 65mph down the highway it turned off again!! and the transmission light came on...hubby put it in neutral and got it started again but i was flipping out! i made him pull of and take it to the nearest dealer which was less than two miles from where we were. it was hooked up to the diagnostics and the guy told us the computer said it was some freak accident where our onboard system read a weird barometric pressure and shut the car off because of it...whatever the heck that meant. I was skeptical, but the car seemed fine after that.
    last week i was driving home late at night from about 3 hours out of town...after about 2 hours of driving my headlights started increased in frequency and duration the whole last hour and became increasingly difficult to keep on...thankfully i made it home before the completely died. i haven't driven in the dark since.
    two days ago i was on the last few minutes of a six hour drive to see relatives and i was sitting in traffic and just starting to move and THE CAR DIED AGAIN!! i had NO STEERING and NO BRAKES and i almost got rear ended. I was TERRIFIED!!! i couldnn't get it to resart for about a minute. this time i knew it wasn't anything i did or some stupid "barometric pressure freak incident" and started doing my research...
    how the hell can they sell this car to people?!?!?! i have two toddlers and i'm TERRIFIED to put them back in this car.! We are a military family, we have limited funds, and we sunk all our savings in to buying this car! My husband is overseas and the car just rolled over 36,000 so is oout of warranty.
    i don't know what to do. i've lodged a complaint with the NHTSA and Chrysler and as soon as i get enough money to take it to the dealer, I'm going to do that too, but it doesn't seem like anyone really knows how to fix the problem, so i feel like its pointless.
    I'm also planning on contacting some of my lawyer friends and see what i can get done.
    i'm angry, i'm so angry that i put so much of my husbands hard earned $$$ into this vehicle and i'm scared to drive it. My husband thought he was buying us a SAFER car and its worse than what we had (which is VERY hard to do). I don't even want to tell himm because i don't want him to have to worry about that while he's getting shot at everyday.
    this whole situation makes me LIVID
    sorry, i just had to vent. does anyone know if this problem is only with the 06 models or are the 07's just as bad? which "fix" is the most effective? what the heck should i do with this thing?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    the car just rolled over 36,000 so is oout of warranty.

    Not necessarily! You brought the problem to the attention of a dealer while the car was still under warranty. They failed to fix the problem and the problem continues. You may still be covered by that warranty.

    Good luck!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • erin22erin22 Posts: 2
    I am so sorry you went through this!!!!I truly believe Chrysler needs to take all the 06 Jeep Commanders off the road. There is a design flaw in this car and somebody is going to get very hurt or worse. My husband and I bought a used 06 Jeep Commander in July of this year. Just as you and your husband did, we found a great deal on a used one. We were so excited! However, that quickly turned to anger and disgust with a flawed car that we were sold. We now have a car that I am afraid to put my children in and won't drive. While driving at 40mph the car just stalled/died and I lost my breaks and steering capability. I had my children in the car and I was TERRIFIED, just as you were!!!!! It happened again a few weeks later. The jeep dealership had a Chrysler engineer come down and run a diagnostic test and they replaced the ignition switch, but I was told that they can't guarentee the stalling will stop. The dealership acted like I was this ignorant woman, they kept telling me they are going to keep the car and put a recording device on it to recreate the stall. Of course it never happened during the two weeks they had my car. I will tell you my husband and I have come to find out their is an ongoing investigation called an Engineering Analysis on all 06 Jeep Commanders. We found this out after we filed a complaint with the NHTSA. Also filed one with Chrysler, but they neglected to tell me they have an investigation ongoing regarding the stalling issue.. Real nice Chrysler! Go to the NHTSA website and you can find the monthly defect investigations reports... The jeep Commanders investigation is EA07-007 for you guessed it ENGINE STALL the investigation was opened on April 27,2007 and is still ongoing.....and of course Chrysler is still selling these cars to innocent people. Here is what the investigation reads. The office of Department of Investigations ODI has received 76 vehicle owner complaints alleging incidents of engine stall while driving in model year 2006 through 2007 jeep commanders. Some of the complaints reported one or more incidents of engine stall with a simultaneous loss of some or all lightining systems, including headlamps. Two engine stalls resulted in vehicle crash. In its response to a request for information, Daimlerchyrsler indicated that it has NOT determined the cause of engine stalling in the subject vehicles and that it has formed a multi-discplinary task force to investigate the issue. An engineering analysis has been opened to further assess the frequency, scop and potential safety consequences of the alledged defect.}}}}}}} Ok so with that Chrysler has no idea how to fix this prblem yet these dealerships are coming up with these off the wall excuseds just as you said "barometric pressure freak incident". I was told what happened was an "onamally". Then we were told the stall happened because of carbon build up on the engine, then we were told my knee probably hit the keys and caused and electrical circuit...finally they brought in the engineer and they switched out the ignition switch, but all in all the car is not fixed and yet even though Chrysler knows this horrible problem exists which they currently have no fix for....they are still selling these cars used!!!! This has been one of the worst experiences of our lives. I hope that you are able to find resolution to the problem and I thank your husband for his service to our country! My brother in law just got back six months ago from Iraq. He was there for 18 months.
  • Its not just the '06s. I bought my '07 towards the end of July '07. Its truly is irresponsible and incomprehensible that Chrysler is still selling these vehicles or that there has not been a recall. My guess is that the actuaries have calculated that it will be cheaper to defend a lawsuit than it would be to stop selling and/or recall the cars. They realy don't care whether someone dies.
  • We have a 2006 commander 5.7 Hemi that started stalling..we almost got in a couple of accidents...we printed off stories from this message board and took it to our dealership in Riverside, CA. They replaced the MAP sensor and we haven't had any stalling problems like that since.
  • My '07 is a Jeep Commander Sport 4X4 with a 3.7L engine. The dealer I took it to told me they were not aware of any problems with the Commanders and that they do not know what is causing it. Once I explained to them that the NHTSA was investigating the problem they offered to look into it further but said they would need the car for a couple of days. Didn't help.
  • Well, I was pulling out of the dealership after picking my Commander up from having them work on my stalling issue. The dealership could not duplicate the problem (for the second time). And sure enough, as i drove out into traffic and attempted to make a left hand u-turn, the thing stalled on me. Absolutely uncanny. Me and my service rep (who has been excellent throughout the process) even joked that as soon as I drove off, the vehicle would stall. I love the Jeep, but it replaced an Acura MDX which had no problems during the 4 years we owned it. I dont want these kinds of issues in a brand new car.
  • swingoswingo Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what is causing the jeep to stall. mine is doing the same thing and its going to the shop on MOnday .
  • lemon06lemon06 Posts: 14
    Hello. I have since passed what your currently starting. I sent Chrysler a formal complaint with copies of my engine stalls ( five to be exact) in the state of Va. you only need three. I gave Chrysler 30 days to respond to my request of a buy back. They never responded. I know they received my package because it was sent certified mail. I have since put the Agricultural Consumer Affairs on this case. I was sent a letter from Consumer Affairs that was a copy that they sent to Chrysler giving them seven business days in which to respond. Its been 8 business days and I haven't heard a thing. I think its time for a class action law suit against Chrysler. Please all consider this option. Chrysler is dumping this garbage off to consumers at alarming low prices. Consumers are getting all kinds of discounts and think they're getting a deal. I never thought to report this to the National Highway Commission. I was told by a mechanic for Chrysler that Chrysler is aware of the problem with the engine stalls but have no idea what's causing it. He further stated that he replaced the entire computer board in a truck and that didn't do the trick. He also added that a woman took Chrysler to court for this problem and she lost because she couldn't afford to appeal the case. She lost because the lawyers for Chrysler convinced the judge and or jury that she was bumping the key causing the truck to shut off. This is what we're dealing with people. Chrysler does not partake in the BBB Auto line. Chrysler does not provide a mediator to help you the consumer to negotiate a mutual agreement with their company. I was also told by this mechanic that Mopar made Chrysler do an investigation on their parts. Everything the service department does it at a guess. And the dealers will tell you that they never heard of this problem. B.S. I will keep you all posted as to what happens with my case. One last thing. I was listening to a local all news/weather station a week ago and they reported Chrysler is going through financial hardship. Go figure.
  • I replied in message 131 that when our dealership replaced our MAP sensor and reflashed the computer in our 06 Jeep Commander the stalling, and I'm talking about complete freezing of everything...couldn't turn the steering wheel, brakes wouldn't work, etc., was fixed....this has been over a year and it hasn't happened again....has anybody asked their dealership about this?? Our dealership is in Riverside, CA....Has anyone tried this fix??? :confuse:
  • Good luck with it - but don't expect Chrysler to respond with any integrity. Mine, too, had met the requirements for lemon law (stalled and went to shop 6 separate times; the first 7 months, it was in the shop almost 2 months total; 3 out of 7 seatbelts replaced, etc.) I went through a consumer protection lawyer in Atlanta (I live in MS) and after a 4 month delay (Chrysler legal dept couldn't locate my file), we settled with a measly cash payment and kept the vehicle. They would not buy it back although I had over 30 pages of documentation. I think their loophole was the dealer "couldn't duplicate the problem on demand". I did file with the NTSB and they and Chrysler have launched an investigation but I haven't seen anything else about it. We took a significant financial loss, but I couldn't keep putting my kids in that vehicle and worrying about it stalling. Hard lesson learned. Wish you all the best with your case.
  • lemon06lemon06 Posts: 14
    Thanks for that information. I to have retained an attorney to help with this issue. I did question about the can't duplicate the problem. That is on one of my papers from the dealer. I see this is what Chrysler is using to get around how many times you sent the car in for repairs. They don't consider that a repair because nothing was done. Wonder how they see it that way. Obviously, they tried to do something. I can't state enough about a class action lawsuit or call your local television stations and put them on air. They can't get away with selling crap to consumers. You mentioned a measly settlement. What did that consist of? Not asking for dollar amounts just wondering if they paid you back for repairs.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    Would you mind sharing the name of the Atlanta attorney who dealt with them for you? I live in Atlanta (my husbands family is all from MS) - We are getting ready to try and trade it in because this has been such a mess. The Lemon Law really does not protect the consumer - especially when the consumer continues to drive the car in good faith hoping the dealership will fix it. We figured it would cost us about $8000 to get out with the L.L. What did you end up doing with your car? You can e-mail me directly at Thanks!
  • Mine was still under warranty and I didn't incur any repair fees - just kept taking it back to the dealer. The payment was about 1/6 of the MSRP
  • You live in VA, correct? I do and was wondering what lawyer you went with. I can't believe Chrysler pulled a 4 month delay and still wouldnt buy the vehicle back. I have read that inability to duplicate the problem does not absolve them from a potential lemon issue. Does anyone know if this is true?
  • I have an 06 commander 3.7 liter, and although I have had the issue with the leaks in the sunroof, took it in twice to be fixed.(they say debris gets in the drain hoses) not problems at all outside that.. I have never had a stalling issue, although now I am afraid I might. I have 17000 miles on the vehicle. Is is a problem with the V6's or the v9's and the hemis. Should I be worried thatt the problem will start?
    I hate the gas milage on the car but it really drives nicely. I hope I am the exception.
  • On three random occasions during the month of October, I experienced power loss while driving my 2006 Jeep Commander, 4x4 Hemi.

    The first time this occurred, I had taken a trip to the grocery store -- I turned the ignition to start the Jeep and it didn't kick over right away, all the warning lights lit up simultaneously, then randomly and at varying lengths of time went out. I thought "oh, no my battery's going!" but realized that some of the dash lights and the radio were turning on and off. So, I turned the ignition off and waited about 2 minutes, then I started the Jeep again. It started and everything seemed OK (except the airbag light remained on) so I decided to drive home. As I was pulling out of the parking lot onto the main road, the dashboard lit up again, flashing on and off as before, and then a clunk-jerk -- no power steering, no power brakes, lights still going crazy. Luckily I was going quite slow and there wasn't much traffic, so I was able to coast into a parking lot on the other side of the road and stop in a parking spot, where I turned off the ignition. This time, I waited 5 minutes, it started and I made it home without incident (airbag light still lingered for a while). While this experience was a bit unnerving, I'd hoped it was a "computer hiccup" that wouldn't occur again.

    Sadly, I was wrong, about two and a half weeks later, as I was leaving my house (so I was going slow) the dashboard started the same flashing routine as before. I shut the Jeep off immediately, waited about 2 minutes and re-started. No further problems but the airbag light lingered a few minutes as before.

    The third incident was the day I brought it in for service (October 29th). I was driving along the main road about 40 mhp on a straight smooth section when all the warning lights began flashing on/off (oh, no!). Only a third mile from my home, at the first opportunity I turned off the main road and kept driving slowly to my garage. I made it there without losing the steering/brakes, lights flashing the whole way.

    I no longer feel safe driving this vehicle. The whole idea of possibly losing my power steering/brakes while driving fast is very dangerous and puts my family and others on the road in harms way.

    The vehicle was purchased from Desert Jeep in Las Vegas. It has been there 3 times for service (list of inconveniences) and the service has been lousy at best.
    This being an important safety issue, I decided to take it to a family run dealership - Jim Marsh Jeep. The service staff were much more helpful and genuinely seem to care - nevertheless unable to resolve my problem. These incidents did not leave a "code" in the computer and they are unable to re-create the problem, so they don't know what to fix. They called the manufacturer, who took two days to return the call, only to suggest that I remove the other three keys from my keyring because their weight must be causing the highly-sensitive ignition tumbler to toggle to accessory mode.

    Uuuuugggghhhhhh. I am not comfortable with this explanation. I am still afraid to drive this vehicle. What should I do? I already sent a complaint to NHTSA. I plan to call Chrysler on Monday.
  • After a lot of searching around I found the Center for Auto Safety, a Washington DC Consumer Advocate group that appears to work closely with the NHTSA and file a lot of class action lawsuits. I just registered my complaint with them and they ONLY HAVE 5 OTHER Jeep Commander Complaints (unbelievable after reading this forum).

    Please, everyone take the time to file a complaint with them and let them know if you're interested in class action:
  • Can any of you get back to me. This has just happened to my husband and me. The dealership has had it for a week and is giving us the same thing. Acting as if this is a new problem, they also had the tech come look at it. Did anyone start a law suit? This is a 2006 Jeep Commander too by the way.
  • Please see message # 131 and 136...our stalling problem is fixed....
  • I am an attorney in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I, too, drive a 2006 Commander. I have not yet experienced the stalling issue, although my Jeep has come close on several occasions (sputtering, etc.). It seems that many of you have been getting the "could not duplicate" answer and the "if no codes have been stored, there is nothing we can do" response. From a legal perspective, this is completely unacceptable. If you speak with the service manager of the dealership where you purchased the vehicle, I would be sure to tell them that having been informed of the problem, and knowing that it potentially poses an extreme safety issue, the dealership must be very concerned that should an accident result, the dealership will be held liable for giving you the vehicle back without solving the problem. This should get their attention. If you don't receive resolution from the service manager, start heading up the chain of command. Also, document every instance that the stalling occurs (date, time of day, driving situation, etc.) and provide this information to the dealership IN WRITING. Send the letter via certified mail so that in no event can the dealership claim they were unaware of the problem or the safety issues it presents. These steps will help to start building the case against the dealership and Chrysler.

    Also, consult the lemon law of your state and determine whether your vehicle qualifies. Dealerships (and Chrysler) hate to have vehicles lemon lawed because it becomes part of the vehicle's title history and will substantially affect its value. Also, be aware when purchasing a vehicle, and consider whether signing an arbitration agreement as part of the purchase contract is in your best interest.

    I understand that none of these steps help to resolve the actual problem with the vehicle, but they will start to lay the foundation for further action, if necessary. Also, it may be enough to get the attention of the dealership and they may be willing to take extra steps to resolve the problem. All of this is informational, and not intended to be legal advice as every situation and jurisdiction is very different. I hope this is of some help.
  • sos4sos4 Posts: 1
    I am replying from New York, we attempted this same fix and had a new map sensor put in. It did not fix the problem. My wife experienced the problem again at a red light 2 days ago, and immediately drove it to the dealership. Fortunately, for the first time, it actually nearly stalled while it was there so they hooked it up to the computer and found no codes coming up. But they did finally acknowledge the fact that it was nearly stalling. Yesterday they drove a loaner vehicle out to our house and informed my wife that this vehicle is hers until they resolve this problem. Unfortunately, we are still paying a Commander size payment and driving a caravan. I filed a complaint a couple of months ago with the NTHSA (sp?) and they sent an email back to me explaining that Chrysler has repurchased about 60 vehicles from owners who had numberous stalling problems, and are currently investigating this problem. (not that this helps any of us now) One good thing I have going for me is the fact that the dealerships Head service representatives wife is having the same problem with her commander.
  • jenh1jenh1 Posts: 21
    Okay, I finally have been speaking to someone who seems serious about what is going on with our Jeeps. It could be because I spent nearly 4 hours on the phone fighting my way to a supervisor who basically offered me no help. Remarkably, about a week later I started getting phone call from the " Impartial Service Groups Chrysler Motors Investigation to Resolution Response Team" - I am not sure exactly what they do or who they are, but the woman I am speaking with seems serious about helping. I was very frank about my thoughts on Chrysler/Jeep and how they treat their consumers. She seems to be willing to do anything to try and get the vehicle working properly. I will tell you, her words were well chosen - as though she knew that this may eventually end up in court. However, she is willing to help and get a resolution to repair. (That is all she is interested in) She is arranging a rental vehicle for us and says she will be in contact with the dealership to find out how things are progressing. I will keep everyone posted.
  • Happy for you if someone appears that they wish to help you. If you read any of my post you will see that Chrysler never responded to my formal complaint to them requesting a buy back. That has been since Aug. 17, 2007. I have since contacted Consumer Affairs who in turned contacted Chrysler who also has not responded to their letter. That was Oct. 11, 2007. I have taking the advice of others on the boards to notify NHTSA. Now I had to seek out an attorney to take Chrysler to court. Lets see if they try to blow off the courts. I'm done playing with Chrysler. The don't have any respect for their consumers. They play the part and that's it. I once called the consumer relations department after they sent me a card requesting to know how my service was. I told them I was having problems with my vehicle shutting off and who could I notify about the problem? The lady on the phone said hold on. She came back on and took my phone number and she whispered on the phone 'They have a lot of problems with that truck'. And I never recieved a call from anyone. June 2007.
  • My wife enjoys driving the Commander and I felt safe with her and my daughter in it. But it stalls when she drives it - never when I have. Also, the dealer doesn't seem to know about this - but his demeanor changed when the wife (who is a foreign national) mentioned lemon law and Congressman. I have seen all these complaints that get no where and you know what - write your Congressman, you can email them through a web page - forgot the name - but will post it once I did it up. I am sending my complaint and a digest from all these complaints to at least twnety Congressmen -- saying Chrysler and NTSB does not seem to care about this and other issues. I have complained on different issues to my Congressman and have had success each time. Someone may want to write the Pres and others as well. Seriously - enough complaints this way and something will egt done - believe me - it will work - federal employee that I am, and I have faith.
  • adssadss Posts: 1
    We live in the UK and purchased the first Commander in Norfolk (big mistake), we have had nothing but trouble since. First an oil leak which after 2 months of backwards and forwards to the dealer they fitted a new engine, since then we have been experiencing the stalling problem I forget how many times this has happened but it happened again last night, our dealer seems to be very concerned and trying to be helpful, but each time they tell us that there are no error codes and they have never herd of this problem before. I am very concerned for the safety of my wife who mostly drives the thing. There have been many minor problems which seem to have been fixed. Has anyone else in the UK had similar problems.

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