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Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Problems



  • I found your blogs by googling recalls for toyota power doors for Siennas. I figured if I was having problems that maybe there was a forum or some information of how to get this problem resolved. I have a 2002 Sienna and had not really had a problem until about two or three years ago. It has apprx. 76,000 miles. The power door becomes stubborn and will not open or close. You can hear it trying to work, but I have to push it all the way back so it can reset itself. Sometimes it does not want to budge. This problem occurs and then it just goes away and all seems fine. Until today, I am just fed up with it. I am the original owner and have taken it to Toyota at least 2 to 3 times with this door problem. But, it will either work fine for them or they would say they tuned it up and it seems to work fine and act up again and again. After reading these blogs and knowing your vehicles are having the same issues and your vehicles are much younger than mine, it is time to report this and have toyota fix this problem with a recall. Thank you for posting your comments, I thought I was the only one with this possessed power door.
  • I fixed my door cable on my 1999 Sienna. Some of you have had this problem so I thought I would post a link to the details of the repair.

    link title
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I have the exact same problem as familymandan.

    The door opens fine, but neither the roof button or b pillar button will close the door as the hold open latch will not release. The manual handle has a cable the goes directly to the latch so this works still.

    Anybody had any luck with this yet?
  • I cannot get the link to work, can you post the link?

    I have this problem and they want $1700 for the repair!!

  • Sorry I can't seem to post a direct link

    and scroll to the Sept 4 entry.

    Or cut and paste the link below without the quotes to your address bar for a direct link.

  • My previous link was broken and I can't seem to post a direct link.

    Try this:

    and scroll down to the Sep. 4 entry.

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  • ytnytn Posts: 1
    We had a similar problem with our 2008 XLE.

    I suspect the problem is that sometimes the sliding doors don't go all the way back and lock / engage. When I disable the automatic doors and manually slide the doors back, they sometimes "click" into place. Other times they seem to just hit some barrier and stop (and can slide forward without engaging the handle).

    With the automatic doors enabled, it seems the motor is still trying to completely slide the door back even though it stopped prior to clicking into place.

    Anyone else have similar issues?
  • My 2005 Toyota Sienna driver's side rear latch has had two bottom screws pull though the sheet metal. Leaving only one still attached. Causing my door not to close properly and becoming a clear safety issue for my family and friends. Has anyone gotten any kind of response from Toyota regarding this clearly a defect in the sheet metal and safety issue?
  • Precisely the same problem. Door motor works fine, and the door opens and closes automatically using the interior or exterior handle. However whenever a button is used the door "hangs" and won't open or close.

    Any solution? Would definitely like to try a "shadetree" mechanic approach if it is just swapping out a couple of actuators. Part #'s and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • My 04 Sienna's passenger side door is stuck wide open with a forcast of 1' of rain tonight! The cable is frayed and I took it off auto and it still won't close. I read where some folks cut the cable and used it as a manuel door.

    A year ago our auto lock stopped working on the driver's side sliding door. The dealer wanted $600 to fix it so it has stayed a manuel lock.

    I was shocked to see so many folks are having these problems I will be calling NHTSA. Does anyone know if a recall is in the works?

    Hoping it does not rain......... :mad:
  • I cut the passenger side sliding door cable. Now I have a mauel door that works and I still have $1200 in my pocket.
  • sljbfamsljbfam Posts: 15
    My 2004 Sienna power sliding door cable snapped today. Its a good thing I came here and read all these post with the same problems for I will and cannot afford to pay $1500-$2000 to fix it. I did however read that you can cut the cable and use it as a manually door. So I cut the rest of the cable on one end that was snapped. And then cut the other end which was holding the door back from opening all the way. And there is a manual overide button underneath to the left of the steering wheel. And now the door operates like a manual door. No expensive fix, just have to take the hit on resale value when I eventually resell it. Although I don't think that will cost me $2000. The wire was pretty strong though my little wire cutters did not cut it, needed my big cable cutters. I too will send a complaint to NHST, for there is to many cable/door problems I have read here and it should be recalled for safety reasons. I will think twice next time I buy a van/truck that has a electric door opener for eventually that wire will break and most often it will be a expensive fix.
  • Just to give a quick update. I did successfully diagnose and fix the problem that a few of us described. To briefly restate the problem for anyone searching, the interior and exterior handles do usually succesfull engage the automatic sliding door, but the door would not open using the key fob, pillar button or front button. The problem as familymandan surmized was related to the door latches not releasing.

    Comparing my working door to my non-working door, it was easy to see that there was a small motor that was not activating. Normally, it activates when any button is pushed and even when the interior and exterior handles are pulled. (When the handles are pulled it's actually redundant, because the handles also manually release the latches.)

    I found an interior door diagram over at and identified the part by name as the "Door Lock Release Motor Assembly". Toyota sold me the part for $103.09, which seemed better than scouring the junkyards for me. The Toyota part number is 85620-08061. It's basically just below the window motor, and it's pretty obvious from the cables that it actuates the door latches.

    Before ordering the part, I unplugged the motor and stuck my multimeter into the feed to make sure it was getting power. Sure enough it was getting juice, but was dead as a doornail.

    Got the part plugged it (just while holding it) to test if the new motor would solve the problem, and was pleased to see that it was a clean fix. The last step, obviously was getting it installed. It's a bit of a pain to replace because the motor screws into the sliding door atachment control panel from the back side. The only way to remove that panel is to disconnect the window. This made me slightly nervous, but it really wasn't that bad. Working slowly and carefully to pay attention to how all the trim goes back it probably took a little under 2 hours to replace the motor.

    All is working great now.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Kudos for figuring that one out. :shades:
  • My 2004 Sienna XLE power sliding door cable snapped yesterday. I turned off the automatic switch but still could not open it. Now only the left one is working and it is so inconvenient and dangerous. My kids have to exit the van on the inside driving lane of the road. I talked to a service rep. at a TOYOTA dealer in Houston, TX and he said it is out of warranty. I couldn't believe that when you buy a TOYOTA car you should buy extra or extended warranty service for the door, any door. It's a nightmare I dare not to imagine the remaining sliding door cable would snap ... WOW! It's a shock to me. Just wondering NISSAN, HONDA, HUYNDAI, GM, FORD, etc. mini van with power sliding door needs extra or extended warranty.
  • I am in the shoes there, all have to say that congratulations TOYOTA you have 323+ broken sliding door Sienna vans in United States of America.
  • Yes!!!!!! I just bought my 2004 Sienna a month ago and was shocked when I made a near escape with my life when my toddler accidentally pushed the button. I pushed back with all my strength thinking it would go back when it sensed the resistence and it didn't even slow down. If that had been my daughters hand I don't know what would have happened!

    Does anybody have a solution or know what it going on with this issue?
  • I have sienna 2004 about 55K miles. We had issue with power door cable getting rusted. We didn't paid attention (our bad). I think problem started years ago, but we learned just now when cable snapped. I have registered problem with Toyota, they didn't help at all. I am using door as manual for now.
  • My mechanic told me I needed a new module for one of my sliding doors on my 02 Sienna ($1200). A few weeks later I bought a new car battery and both doors started to work but in an erratic manner. One door will close automatically but, after latching, it opens immediately. My question is: Does this mean that the module Ok and that I can probably correct the problem by following the steps for a "reset" described in the Sienna manual?
  • I have an '04 Sienna XLE AWD with about 68k miles on it. I will admit that i drive it hard, but i am having problems that i dont think should happen to a car that is only five years old.
    First, similar to above it takes about three seconds of turning the key for the car to turn on. Is this a problem or just something i have to live with?

    Second. I live in Virginia, and it has been on and off cold here the last few days. Today it snowed. Tonight and in the past cold days when i have gone out to the car to open the doors (rear sliding) they have been unable to open. Whether the electric is on or off, the door will what seems like unhitch, and then it will not open or close. The problem is that i can not lock the car because the car thinks the door is open - or if it thinks it closed, lets me lock the car and eventually the alarm goes off when it thinks the door is open. I would think this is a problem caused by the cold, but i have taken the car to vermont on many occasions during the winter (in colder conditions) and never had this problem, even when the car has sat for longer.

    I am looking for a suggestion on how to go about handling this. I believe the car is under extended warranty until 70k miles.
  • Both of the sliding doors on my 2002 sienna are giving me problems.

    The manual door is locked from inside. I can open it from outside but not from inside (tho sometimes the lock switch mysteriously falls down on its own and it takes several tries over a period of hours to get it to unlock from outside also). The dealers tell me they need to take the door off at a cost of $100 to diagnose the problem, and then who knows what they'll come up with once they have me there. Has anyone had experience with this problem -- how was it fixed?

    I know there are 3 other doors (no inside release from the rear lift door) but I'm giving this one to my daughter and want it to be extra safe.

    I also have problems with the automatic door -- occasionally it will balk at closing, whether I use any button or pull on it; if I disable the auto button, it won't close manually either. I've been reading suggestions here and am kind of overwhelmed by the options.

    We're looking for a new car and it's not going to be a Toyota!
  • have same van in Ontario same problem. Tried all sorts of lubricants no resolve. Toyota dosn't want to help. This is very annoying and a safety issue. Very unhappy with Toyota. There are just like Ford I am always the only one that has that problem
    Anyone have any luck with Toyota or magic potion !
  • My doors are froozen for 4 months out of the year. None of my neighbours vans have that problem not Sienna vans.Our van is in a garage but we have to drive it and at our destination it sits outside....... If Toyota replaced some weather stripping they know they have a problem. We have fullsize chev vans at work no doors freeze unless there is an ice storm. It is ridicoulus that they freeze up and we cannot use them all winter.
    Bought Toyota for a reason reliability not to impressed with them so far

  • I have a 2004 Sienna XLE. Today its sliding door cable snapped...

    Contacted Dealer and approximate cost to fix is about $600.00

    After reviewing this website i feel like it could be a manufactures defect.
  • Hi carol.

    Saw your blog but not much there. Sold my 04 Sienna to my daughter and now they have this problem with the doors freezing in Winter. They refuse to drive the van in winter as it is a safety problem. Have you had any further success or failure and what is your status with the dealer??

    ps I live in Tillsonburg too. :(
  • The same happened to our 2004 Sienna XLE today! I will be contacting Toyota and I hope you will do the same! I also have a problem with the alloy wheels pitting......Toyota would not do anything about that. This was my first Toyota purchase. It has been a bad experience from the beginning........never again.
  • Our doors have frozen shut as well on our 2004 Sienna XLE. I have had to replace both door cables as they have both snapped. This cost me approximately $3,400.00. I blame part of the failure of the cables to the fact that the doors have frozen and the excessive force that has been put on the cables trying to open frozen doors. I also have excessive pitting on the allow wheels. I have contacted Toyota several times without success. Have you had any luck?
  • riccicriccic Posts: 1
    mine is a 2004 sienna. the doors have frozen up every winter. today my daughter (120lbs)
    pulled on a stuck frozen door. it was minus 15C. the cable snapped. the dealer said 1700 dollars plus and no help from toyota. THIS IS A KNOWN PROBLEM WITH THE DOOR DESIGN AND TOYOTA CHOOSES TO HIDE>

    Make my next minivan a CHRYSLER> I had far fewer problems with my Caravan ES.
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