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2007+ Infiniti G35



  • I purchased an 07 Sport Auto/Premium back in Dec. right before X-mas. Traded in my G35 04 coupe. Here are my personal thoughts having driven the car now for 2 months+.

    Handling: While the steering started off somewhat stiff at the time I drove off the dealership, it has improved. I still don't think however it matches that of the BMW or the G35 coupe. It takes the twisties fairly tight and composed. On an off ramp from the highway where I could do only about 40-43mph on my old coupe (the tail would start to break out but correct itself),I can do close to 50 on the sedan without breaking a sweat. At high speeds, it's not as straight and true as my old coupe-it tends to feel like it's drifting a bit which can be unnerving. While I felt perfectly fine and confident taking the coupe to the top speed possible, I'm not sure I'd do this with the sedan and haven't tried.

    Speed: Definitely a fast car. I think I broke the car in really nice in the first 0-700 miles. By no means a dyno test, I've had my son clocked the 0-60 several times to as close as we can get it by using a stopwatch. Not very technical but the average has been about 5.2 sec. With grippier tires, it may be further reduced since I had a little bit of wheelspin taking off the line. The shift from 1st to 2nd in auto mode is a bit abrupt but perfectly fine with the paddle shift.

    Interior: A huge improvement over the old sedan, the coupe having had a similar design. The black interior that I have however scuffs very easily (on the doors) so I have to keep cleaning it/buffing it out. The seats are fine but I still, after 2 months, haven't found that perfect driving position even with all of the adjust options. Storage space is limited-I wish it had the middle dash flip-up storage compartment the coupe had. The sound system is great. The push button start is cool, but 4 yrs/60k mi. after the warranty has expired, how difficult and costly will it be to fix, especially if one's stranded in the middle of nowhere? Interior night lighting is really cool and sets a nice mood for driving (although I prefer both the dash and screen dimmed).

    Problems: Through the car wash only, I've felt just the slightest very small spray of water filtrate in at the sunroof which I need to have looked at. For a car that also has a 20 gallon tank, if the console reads I have about 30 miles and I fill up, I only fill up to about 16 gallons. Seems the range should be longer or it's not reading capacity correctly. Lastly, the car sometimes seems to stay in gear on the auto mode whereby with the paddles, I can shift down easily and avoid it.

    Looks: Some compliments but most I don't think will see the difference between the old and the new G35 unless they're looking at the front and recognize the difference in headlght design. On the road, I've confused many a time the M-35 with the new G-35 since the front designs are somewhat similar. Wish the sedan had the same throaty sound as the coupe with the exhaust.
  • jmannixjmannix Posts: 12
    Purchasing the 2007 5At Sport.. and now that spring is approaching, the tire issue is abetted. But for next winter are the any recommendations regarding the snow tires for this model... also should I just get a whole wheel package [rims , et al] for next winter?
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I'm in same situation, I have the summers on my G35S and didn't bother with snows since I just took deliver of the car 2 weeks ago. But My plan is to try and find good enough wheels at a reasonable price and if I can find them, then I'll go with the whole package.

    Also check with you dealer on the cost to swap out the tires only. See there's the tire pressure monitors on the car that run between $250-$400 that you will need to get if you keep seperate wheels, but if your just going to switch out the tires and keep the wheels, you won't need that added costs. so here's what you have

    Keep Wheels:
    Cost to mount tires 2X a year ($150), balance tires 2X a year ($50) = $200 year to swap tires, but your tires actually cost more because you have 18" and wide wheels and you are subjecting wheels to harsh winter conditions aging them faster.

    New wheels:
    Cost of wheels ($600), Cost of TPS sensors ($300), original mounting costs (free-$80), swap out costs 2X a year ($50). Tires can be cheaper because you'll probably get 17" standard width tires and wear and tear on cheaper winder wheels.

    In the end I think it's close to a wash over the course of $5-6 years. New wheels have much bigger upfront cost, but each year it's minimal swap out costs and you avoid winter damage to rims.

    I havn't decided yet what to do next season, I'll see if my dealer has a good rate and what the best deals are at the time, currently I don't like mos the aftermarket rims, so I might see if I can locate an extra set of OEM's..

    Hope this helps.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    Thank You all who have posted here. I have actually been spying this form for a few months now, since Dec. when I began my new car search. and the biggest help have been those who have posted the tech. shortcommings of the car. none of which have actually been big enough to persuade me not to like the car.I am planning to buy this summer. so of course one question I have for those out there, What other problems or annoyances have you experienced? how well does the a/c work. some have spoken about the limited trunk space. how has it affected lifes daily functions, such as placing golf clubs or even a stroller in there. these are the questions i still have. none of which i think will be deal breakers but good to know from those that have had the car a few months after the honeymoon period. the consumer car reviews are always great in any car since the owner is still excited about their new purchase. also considering other cars but have found myself almost obsessed about the G.
    In other words, keep them POST comming. they very useful.
  • jdw3jdw3 Posts: 1
    I took a test drive on a brand new car (13 miles) and a demo car which has 1300 miles on it. I can see the difference. I think i like the demo car better.
  • Here are my gripes/annoyances/problems:
    The seal around the sunroof which apparently isn't sealed tight enough for a carwash.
    Not enough storage in the front. The center bin is hard to get to while driving.
    Haven't really tried the A/C since I bought the car in Dec. and it's been fairly cold ever since but I think there's something wrong with the heating. I have to set up fairly high (80) to actually feel warm air. Likely a trip to the dealer shortly.
    Trunk space is more than adequate for the average user but the fender wheels do intrude on the left/right quite a bit so you're not getting the whole width the entire depth of the trunk. You may have some trouble getting a large stroller in there.
    Cup holders in the rear are rather small.
    Black interior-scuffs easily.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The seal around the sunroof which apparently isn't sealed tight enough for a carwash.

    Please don't take this as a knock or insult, but why would anyone drop $40k on a car and then drive it through one of those car eating machines anyway?

    Give your G the respect it deserves.
    Self serve spray booth in the winter (Above 30 degree days) using the wand only, no brush, and wash by hand at home during the warmer months.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    You know, there are touchless car washes. Why do you assume it's a "car eating" wash with brushes? I actually like these better than the self-spray in the winter because most of them have an underbody spray that washes te salt off.
  • jmannixjmannix Posts: 12
    Thnx for the info....not sure of the future change but this gives more to the equation
  • Lets be honest smokey...its an Infiniti not a Ferrari. I am all for hand washing cars but in my opinion the moon roof seal needs to be able to withstand a high pressure wash without water getting in the car.

    My only gripe about the car so far is the trunk. I think Nissan needs to start over on the trunk mechanism. Its too difficult to open and close and is not very smooth. Not a big deal for me since the car drives so well.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I absolutely agree... If you have to drive through an automatic wash, make it a touchless one, but they all use harsh chemicals, and even worse, recycled water. :sick:

    The spray booth uses fresh water, and is not recycled.
    At least, this is the case at the touchless wash near me.

    The only thing the auto offers is a dryer.
    I wish self-serve booths could incorporate this.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    I didn't say anything about the sunroof leaking or handwashing. That was somebody else. But if it's leaking take it in. They have to fix it. Hopefully it's a random bad one but i it starts happening to a lot of them they'll probably put out a TSB.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I had a 94 Ford SHO and when I brought that through a carwash, the moonroof was able to withstand the pressure of the water, but as I entered the dryers, the moonroof would lift, causing water to drip in.

    I guess if it keeps the rain out, I'm happy ;)
  • None taken but it is the touchless car wash I use usually after a rainy day when I can't wait for the weekend to handwash it myself. I learned my lesson a long time ago using one of those carwashe with the brushes on a Honda I used to own: it left streaks all over it.
    As for the leak, I have to add that this is extremely minimal but it does leave the seal feeling wet so it is a problem. It's not like the water is gushing in and it's not an issue at all when it rains heavily.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    Thanks for the response, went in for my second test drive today and got to see for myself the issue of the trunk space. I see what you mean. I dont think its the space as it appears large enough to accomadate average use. the issue is more of the opening and being able to get things of average size inside.
    the salesman was cool, said he had only been working there three weeks( how many times have we all heard that) but allowed me to take the car on a somewhat extended drive. I asked about wind noise and he suggested we jump on the freeway here only a 1 1/2 but was enough for me to really punch the car up the on ramp and see its passing capabilities.

    I had noticed this at my first drive but the drive was not long enough to really evaluate. The switch from 1st gear to 2nd on the auto trans seems a bit harsh. might just be me as the takeoff power does take some getting used to. Im coming from a "93" J30 model and although it can hold its own on takeoff,it does not pack 306 ponies inside. But still something I might ask here if it is something that anyone else has experienced.
  • neveroldneverold Posts: 4
    About the leaking sunroof - there is a service bulletin on the 07 sedan at the link below:

  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I am planning on buying an 07 G35 Sport Sedan but don't want the staggered 18" tire setup. The dealer is willing to swap the 17s from the journey sedan for the staggered 18s. They said it will fit on the larger rotors and calipers. Has anyone tried this on their sport sedan with either a winter set up or just to have tires that can be rotated? Is there enough clearance? Thanks all.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    Looking at other sites one day last month and read that they were going to include the 07 G sedan as a long term review model. However, have not heard anything since and cant seem to remember what car site it came from. I have searched C.D, M.T, Road and Track,Inside Line, ect... and have found nothing. Was I Dreaming or did anyone else catch that blog last month.???? :confuse:
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501 shows that 225/55-17 wheels and tires will fit on the G35s (Winter Tire/Wheel setup)
    So yes, they will fit.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Just yesterday, I commented in a post about how much I wanted the Lakeshore Slate but when I got to the dealer... hated it.
    Just this morning, I saw an 07 G in Lakeshore Slate and it looked really nice. Very eye catching.
    It was too quick for my brain to compute whether or not it was too feminine... but it looked great when I saw it.

    I'm about 2 weeks away from ordering and I am completely stuck on color.
    I lock up in the store from a simple question like "Paper or Plastic?"
    How am I supposed to pick a color?
    This stinks :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I wish I could get the Infiniti factory workers to swing my G into a Lexus plant for paint.
    I like the IS color options better (LOL)
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Triple 7, I think it's Motor Trend that just got a G35 sedan in the Lakeshore Slate color for a long-term test. I remember seeing it
    the other day, as I subscribe to Motor Trend.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Anyone heard when the factory chrome wheels will be available?
  • newcarmannewcarman Posts: 55
    Hey people

    I just bought a G 35 AWD 2007 back in november and i have a few questions to any owners of the same car.

    Is anyone getting crummy gas mileage?? Im getting abvout 13 and i have now about 2500 miles on the car. the sticker says 19 city and 29 highway and im getting 13 for a combination of highway and city.Is there any chance that it will get better?

    Also, it had 19 city and 25 highway listed on yahoo. So im no wheres near that.

    Im really considering getting rid of the car in the summer because im disappointed with it.
    When i hit the accelerator getting on the highway and then let my foot off the gas it seems like the tranny is winding.
    I told them to check it and said they could find nothing.

    Re adding power steering fluid the manual says add power steering fluid or equivlalent.But next to the equivalent it says canada add dextron III ATF. Then the power steering cap says add dextron III ATF so what is it power steering fluid or Dextron III ATF?

    Also, im disappointed that they put good years GSA's on it should of at least put Michelins.

    The thing is there arent many good alternative cars out there, maybe the acura TL?? or VW passat??

    Thank you for your time.
  • Only other concern I've seen on low mileage like yours was from Dallas - see 2007 G35 Poor 14 MPG in City in this forum


    I picked up my 2007 G35X Dec 28 and now have about 2000 mi on it, but I am seeing about 18 to 19 MPG city, 21 to 22 Hwy. I do live in NC, so it hasn't run through any snow or icec yet, and there may not be as many additives in the fuel here considering the temperature differences. I run premium in the car and have noticed that the mileage improved by about 4 MPG as I clicked off the 1st 1200 miles or so. I suspect that if you've run in "Snow" mode you probably also took a hit on mileage with the forced AWD.

    Not sure ecxactly what you mean by "tranny winding," but I've found that there's a very different nature to this AT than most others I have driven in the past. Used to be you took your foot off the gas and the torque converter disengaged, allowing the car to free wheel. The G35X and my wife's 2006 Honda Odyssey don't behave the same way - letting up on the gas results in honest-to-goodness engine braking. In the Odyssey, I noticed this when lifting off the gas while going downhill - there seemed to be a little drag which the dealer said was normal for the vehicle. In the G35X it's more noticeable and really kicks in if you punch the gas then let up abruptly. This is in keeping with the sporting nature of the car holding a lower gear longer when you drive it harder.

    As for trading off against a TL or Passat, it depends on what you're seeking.
    I only briefly considered VW. I was more than a little concerned about German irk-onomics (has anyone complimented a BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or VW nav system other than to say it doesn't suck as much as the last version?!) Add in VW's lackluster quality over the past 5 years and the door closed quickly on fine German engineering. I wanted a car that was engaging and driveable whenever I wanted to drive it, not when the car felt like it.

    After considering Lexus IS and BMW 3 series (which both lost out on value and interior space) it came down to TL vs G35. The G owned the Acura in power, handling, styling and user-friendliness. The Acura took expected reliability and where's the nearest dealer. In the end I went for performance, looks, and a UI that beats everything else I've seen. Come the restyled TL (2008 or 2009?) and purported Acura SHAWD things may be different, but right now, I am ecstatic with my G.

    Maybe once the weather clears and you get a chance to enjoy more of the G's open-road appeal, you may see a different side and better mileage.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Okay.. I'm in the process of trying to settle on a price for an 07 G35x with Prem/Nav/Tech, 3M Film, Wheel Locks, Cargo Net and Splash Guards.

    While I wait to hear back, I'm seeing a lot of posts in other forums from G owners who now have 2-3K miles on them, and all of these have horrible pitting on the grill.

    Does anyone know if Infiniti is working on addressing this problem?
    I know there are after-market grills, but their butt-ugly.
    I'd like a "real" metal grill which looks OEM.

    I hate the idea of the car looking like crap after just a few months.
  • sprinkler13sprinkler13 Posts: 446
    I have an 07 G35s with about 2k miles on it and I am not really sure what pitting people are talking about. I think that it's really going to come down to the type of roads you are driving on. Granted, I'm in CA so I don't have to deal with snow or salt or bad asphalt (for the most part) so that might be an issue. However, given those type of conditions, I doubt that any front grill is going to be immune to it.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I have an Acura MDX with a "chrome looking" plastic front grill and it's spotless after 27,000 miles.

    The G, from what I have seen in posts and pics, is subject to road debris and pebbles at highway speed.
    It's a chrome coated black plastic.
    When it's hit, the metal flakes off leaving the horrible plastic beneath.
    (Don't suggest the 3M film... it's been tried with less than stellar results)

    I do 85% highway driving on the dreaded Mass Pike.
    None of my other cars have suffered from pitted grills, so I don't expect it to occur in my $40,000 G either.

    I haven't seen it mentioned here too much, but in other forums... it's everywhere.
    Being that much of an issue, I surprised I dont hear of it more here, and I'm dying to know if Infiniti has plans for correcting the problem.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    It's foolish to base your car purchase on a the eventual pitting of a $90.00 grill. It will either be resolved via OEM replacments via TSB, or Aftermarket or you'll need to either live with it or have it replaced
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Okay... let me clarify.
    I'm not basing my purchase on the grill. :surprise:
    In fact, I think I'm dropping a deposit this weekend.
    (btw, my post in the "price paid" thread is asking if my 'deal' is any good)

    I'm just asking if anyone here in the G forum has experienced it, asked the dealer about it, and/or heard of any possible move on Infiniti's part to correct the problem. (Which does exist!)

    I asked my salesman, and of course, he hasn't heard of it either. ;)
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    I have about 2K miles on my car now. I had 1 on my front grill , less than 1/10 of an inch. BTW, I'm in Philly.
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